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Mar 22 2013

Obama Denounces America to Its Enemies Below Giant Picture of Pedophile Terrorist

Obama wouldn’t give a speech at Catholic Georgetown until a holy Christian symbol had been blacked out. In contrast, he didn’t have a problem speaking under the giant visage of dead-of-AIDS, boy-molesting terrorist Yasser Arafat:

obama arafat

In case background is needed on Obama’s fellow Nobel Peace Prize laureate,

[G]roups under Arafat’s direct or indirect command – including Fatah, Black September, Tanzim and Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade – were responsible for hundreds of bombings, hijackings, assassinations and other attacks, including the 1972 murder of 11 of Israel’s Olympic athletes in Munich, the 1973 murder of the American ambassador to Sudan, Cleo Noel, and the 1985 hijacking of the Achille Lauro cruiseship (resulting in the murder of wheelchair-bound Leon Klinghoffer).

Completing this sick farce, Obama used the opportunity to denounce America’s history to Palestinians — the people who danced and passed out candy in the streets to celebrate 9/11:

“I’m reminded of my own daughters, and I know what hopes and aspirations I have for them. And those of us in the United States understand that change takes time but it is also possible, because there was a time when my daughters could not expect to have the same opportunities in their own country as somebody else’s daughters.”

It seems liberals will never stop rubbing America’s face in the hyperexploited misdeeds of past centuries — not even at the most inappropriate times conceivable. But even having participated in the worldwide institution of slavery will be forgotten before we live down the disgrace of allowing Barack Hussein Obama to represent our country.

On a tip from Clingtomyguns.

24 Responses to “Obama Denounces America to Its Enemies Below Giant Picture of Pedophile Terrorist”

  1. Wilberforce says:

    If one didn’t know better, one would almost think he’s playing for the other team…

  2. words have no meaning, to some says:

    wait… what?

    That quote appears to be celebrating American progress and pointing that the Arab world could learn something about women. Like, kinda a veiled “f- you” to the Arafats of the world.

    How exactly do you turn that into “rubbing America’s face in the hyperexploited misdeeds of past centuries”??? He is rubbing their face in their current position on women’s rights… never mind. You are perhaps too stupid for any of this to be worth the effort.

  3. Ummah Gummah says:


    This “performance” by the Benghazi Fugazi is an apt illustration of what he thinks about America. Many Americans have been MURDERED by PLO thugs and he is quite comfortable speaking under a banner of the PEDOPHILE TERRORIST who is responsible for their murder.

    Yes, and he covers up images of Jesus when he speaks. Could it be the antichrist is *uncooooomfortable* in the Presence of Holiness?



  4. Ummah Gummah says:


    The troll continues to infest..


  5. Mr Evilwrench says:

    Progress. Hmm. So, we’re doing better now that we have affirmative actioned a thoroughly unqualified half groid to the highest position? That a man that could not have qualified for the security clearance to empty the wastebaskets in the White House now as all our security in his hands?

    Man, I must’ve been using the wrong definition of the word progress all these years, glad you set me straight. /sarc

  6. words have no meaning, to some, especiallly moonbats mouthing leftard talking points says:

    Why….I LOVE the homosexual lifestyle.

    Except for Roman Catholic priests.

  7. Comrade J says:

    So he demands words Jesus Christ be covered up on the podium, but gives a speech under the terrorist’s giant portrait.

    If Bambi had a father role model, he’d be a pedophile terrorist.

  8. Dr. 9 says:

    I wonder how many times he bowed to his towel-headed brothers? They should leave him there where he belongs.

  9. IslandLifer says:

    “…never mind. You are perhaps too stupid for any of this to be worth the effort.”

    Good, now STFU already will ya?

  10. IslandLifer says:

    From Abbas:
    The people of Palestine, Mr. President, who receive you today aspire to attain the simplest rights — the right to freedom, independence and peace, and look forward to that day to come in which they exercise normal and natural life over the land of the state of Palestine — the independent state of Palestine — along the borders of the 4th of June, 1967, with Jerusalem, the “Lady of the Cities,” as its capital, alongside the state of Israel.

    Riggghhhttt! Keep shitting in that one hand because the other will always stay your words.

  11. Rotohammer says:

    Don’t forget embezzler.

    “words have no meaning” needs to review the talking points. Race trumps gender every time. That’s why Obama won the nomination over Hillary.

    Obama might consider that a LOT of white men died to free those of the same race as his daughters.

  12. Clingtomyguns says:

    Comrade J says: March 22, 2013 at 11:20 am

    If Bambi had a father role model, he’d be a pedophile terrorist.

    Well, he did have a pedophile communist father role model, one Frank Marshall Davis:

    “In the sex novel that Davis claimed was autobiographical, he describes a swinging lifestyle in which he and his wife had sex numerous times with an underage girl named “Anne,” a figure very suggestive of Obama’s mother.”

    In a collection of Davis poems published in a book titled “Black Moods,” compiled by his biographer, University of Kansas English Professor John Edgar Tidwell, are 37 written “portraits” grouped in a section subtitled “Horizontal Cameos.” Each poem is dedicated to a different woman identified only by her first name. The second poem is dedicated to “Anne” and reads as follows:


    In the gangling hours
    Thin, adolescent hours
    Before night runs softly
    Away into the west
    Anne rises wearily From her tired bed
    And sleeps
    Sitting in a chair.

    In the three nude photographs initially discovered on the Internet in 2008, the young naked model is shown in a living room setting. She is posing in or around a chair, with a Christmas tree and a 1950s Hi-Fi with various jazz vinyl record albums in the background. It is unmistakeably Stanley Ann Durham.


    Obama is God’s judgment on a people who have turned away from Him and His ways and from everything for which our founders sacrificed their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor.

    Decent and God-fearing Americans are unfortunately caught up in this sickening drama.


  13. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    because there was a time when my daughters could not expect to have the same opportunities in their own country as somebody else’s daughters.”
    This is said from a place where the only recognition a woman can get is with explosives strapped to her back.

  14. Mepluribus unum says:

    Lest we forget, Muslims, according to their Quran, can lie lo infidels (that would be all Americans) in the name of Allah. I wouldn’t trust these towelheads as far as I could throw ’em.

  15. big-pete says:

    Obama tells Israelis – “Under my peace plan if you like your country you can keep it”.

  16. Marian says:

    When will this sick joke of a president go away?

  17. Flu-Bird says:

    Remmeber when YASIR(THATS MY BABY)ARAFAT died all those UN nations with their flags at half-mast all ecept for USA and ISREAL and that miserble little dweeb JIMMY CARTER wanted america to fly their flag at half-mast luckly no one listened to the brain-dead little jerk

  18. Dr. 9 says:

    Marian says:
    “When will this sick joke of a president go away?”

    Here’s a better question Marian.
    Will the American voters ever regain their commonsense?

  19. Jodie says:

    Oh, what’s the big deal? It’s just the anit-Christ fulfilling his promise to divide Jerusalem. /sarc

    Remember this?

    “The Obama administration told the Palestinian Authority it cannot significantly help advance a Palestinian state until after the 2012 presidential elections, a top PA official told WND.

    The official, however, said the U.S. will press for a Palestinian state quickly if President Obama is re-elected.

    “The main message we received from the U.S. is that nothing will happen in a serious way before the 2012 elections,” said the official.

    The PA official said Obama “will not accept the Palestinian request of a state at the (U.N.) Security Council and cannot help on the ground for now.”

    “We were told to wait for Obama’s reelection, and that before then nothing serious will happen for a state,” the official continued. “But after the reelection, the U.S. said the schedule will be short to reach a Palestinian state.”

  20. JP says:

    When can we start referring to “Little Lord Fontleroy” by his proper title; ‘THE ENEMY’. Everything Little Barry has done and is doing is consistant with that premise. Look how elated, almost orgasmic he appears while standing with Palestinian President Abbas; he’s been a good little jihadist and now he’s home awaiting further instructions. It’s a no-brainer! (Refer to: “Denounce America’s History” highlight)

  21. Jester says:

    The only thing this pic needs is the Messiah’s ubiquitous halo.

  22. Glorious Rainbow Utopia says:

    We don’t have any enemies comrades. Once the chicago jesus messiah was selected a rainbow utopia full of unicorns, chocolate fountains and free checks from the evil rich kapitalist pigs commenced world wide. Now the whole world holds hands and sings under the banner of the chicago jesus messiah and his glowing halo.

  23. Flu-Bird says:

    Arafat headed the terrorist group the PLO he got a standing ovation from these UN reptiles while he was weilding a pistola in front of the UN who want to disarm all law abiding americans

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