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Jun 29 2012

Obama Fundraising Gets Still More Desperate

In light of the public rage ignited by the upholding of ObamaCare, the Moonbat Messiah is going to need more support than he is likely to rake in by hijacking wedding registries. Fortunately for BHO, fresh ideas are popping up all over:


Obama-Organ Registry

…and for any remaining Jewish supporters who have not yet been driven off by his slavish support for Palestinian terrorists and sneering hostility toward Israel:

obama bris registry

However, not everyone is on board with the fundraising efforts:


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4 Responses to “Obama Fundraising Gets Still More Desperate”

  1. Doug says:

    What, Obummer is asking to send him little babies foreskins now too? What a sicko! Does he sell them on the black market to the Japanese as an aphrodisiac?

    I bet Jon Stewart will yuck it up over this and think it’s just so hip and cool.

  2. Alxandro says:

    “Drink TEA my friends!”

  3. dapenguin says:

    why not give money after all, all of my dead relatives voted for him didn’t they?

  4. dirtydog1776 says:

    You said black market……tee hee!

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