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Apr 22 2019

Obama, Hillary Pray for Easter Worshipers

If you are one of those Easter worshipers who worshiped Easter yesterday, I hope you didn’t encounter any Muslim outreach of the type seen in Sri Lanka or even the less deadly variation seen in Munich. At least those who suffered the former have the politically filtered sympathy of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton:

It was not an indiscriminate attack on “humanity”; the day of the attack makes clear that it was primarily another in a 1,400-year-long series of attacks on Christianity. People celebrate Easter because they are Christian, not because Easter takes place during a generic “holy weekend for many faiths.”

But when these moonbats try to type the word “Christian,” it causes their claws to twitch uncontrollably.

On tips from Byron.

4 Responses to “Obama, Hillary Pray for Easter Worshipers”

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  3. […] Don’t feel bad, Hillary; Obama would have made the same mistake. […]

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