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Jun 04 2013

Obama Regime Has Been Giving Away Nuclear Secrets

Appalling as it was, Obama’s willingness to give away Britain’s nuclear secrets was not an isolated incident. He doesn’t like Israel either, which may be why we read this:

Israel’s military fumed Monday over the discovery that the U.S. government had revealed details of a top-secret Israeli military installation in published bid requests.

The Obama administration had promised to build Israel a state-of-the-art facility to house a new ballistic-missile defense system, the Arrow 3. As with all Defense Department projects, detailed specifications were made public so that contractors could bid on the $25 million project. The specifications included more than 1,000 pages of details on the facility, ranging from the heating and cooling systems to the thickness of the walls.

“If an enemy of Israel wanted to launch an attack against a facility, this would give him an easy how-to guide. This type of information is closely guarded and its release can jeopardize the entire facility,” said an Israeli military official…

“This is more than worrying, it is shocking,” he said.

Why stop at giving away our allies’ military secrets? Why not really level the playing field and give away America’s?

The Pentagon held internal talks on declassifying sensitive missile defense technology that it plans to share with Russia as part of the Obama administration’s efforts to assuage Moscow’s opposition to European defenses.

Congress has actually approved legislation intended to prevent Obama from giving our nuclear secrets to Russia, which has for decades stood ready to vaporize every major city in the USA.

Considering his background, associations, and ideology, there was never any reason to consider Obama to be trustworthy, or to think he wants to advance the strategic interests of America or our allies, so no one who voted for him should be surprised by these revelations. But then, few people who voted for him are likely even to hear about them, nestled snuggly in the liberal media’s cocoon of smug ignorance.

On tips from Sammy and Kronstadt Sailors Soviet.

26 Responses to “Obama Regime Has Been Giving Away Nuclear Secrets”

  1. be afraid! says:

    Pointing out that the odds of an actual nuclear war are essentially zero will have no effect on you people, I assume?

    MAD has been around awhile now, people. It just ain’t happening. Won’t stop you from freaking out (we have established that it is more or less all you are capable of) but to the rest of us (‘normal people’) it is just another post form the crazies with the overt message “be afraid at all times!”

    Be afraid of 1950s Russia. Be afraid of the UN. Be afraid of Obama. Be afraid of gay people. Be afraid of liberals. BE AFRAID!!!

    Does it ever get tiring having to fear literally everything you interact with in day to day life???

  2. be afraid of the lefty mongtard trolls says:

    GTFO Lefty rat troll mongo POS. You are not wanted here and there is no invite or welcome.

  3. KHarn says:

    “be afraid! says:June 4, 2013 at 2:15 pm”

    MAD was designed for people who WERE afraid to die. The muslims are not afraid of mass MUSLIM deaths. Amadinajad has said that he DOESN’T CARE if a third of Iran is vaporized as log as Israel is destroyed. The muslims believe that ARMAGEDAN will usher in the reign of “the twelfth imam” who will rule of “the world caliphate”.

    Good ol’ Jong Un has repeatedly said that he IS GOING TO LAUNCH nukes against the United States.

    Back in 1963, your “hero” Che wanted to launch the nukes supplied by the Soviets into the southern states. Fortunately, he was over-ruled by Castro.

    You’re either a blind idiot, or you’re covering up for the threat because you hate CIVILAZATION.

  4. YANKEE says:

    Hey, “be afraid,” for a woman who rants about Rush, Second Amendment advocates and Tea Party extremists trying to destroy the environment and your incompetent President, you’re pretty calm about nuclear weapons.

    Hiding in Rachel Maddow’s jock strap will not shield you from the effects of radioactive fallout.

    Now go, kooky girl, it’s time for Mommy to administer your meds.

  5. Lefty Mongtard says:

    The glow from dear leader messiah’s halo will deflect any weapons and besides the world loves us now since we got rid of the evil Bushitler and Darth Cheney

  6. Lefty Mongtard says:

    P.S. the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson stole my teddybear when I was a child but Saint Warren Buffet gave me a blue ribbon so everything is all right.

  7. duct tape and cover says:

    If you wrap your house in duct tape it will stop the radiation almost as good as dear leader messiah’s halo!

    *not really*

  8. Vic Kelley says:

    Israel’s Mossad should do something permanent to protect their country from those who would sell it out or give away its secrets. I guess they’re busy trying to anticipate what Syria and Turkey are going to do.

  9. MicahStone says:

    OBOZO regime:
    – giving away Israel’s defense secrets.
    – giving away (to dingy-harry and others) Romney’s tax returns
    – giving away (to LGBTQ freazoids) info about anti-gay/pro-normal groups applying for tax exempt status
    …and on, and on, and on.

    The pattern of despicable corruption is clear.

  10. bears shit in the woods the sun rises in the East says:

    What did people expect from the best the Shitcago machine could come up with? Transparency? Why the most transparentest administration evar, yes we can.

  11. the hate makes you stronger says:

    For all those oh how great India is groupie ballwashers:

  12. Panzerschreck says:

    Dingle Barry wants the money for welfare checks for illegal aliens:

  13. Flu-Bird says:

    Obama is your typical anti-american lowlife reptile and stinkhole

  14. Fiberal says:


    I’ll debate myself since liberal sh*t-for-brains be afraid up there is too “afraid” to stick around and take it like a man.

    Let’s see now:

    1. Liberals Rosenbergs give away nuclear secrets to Soviet Union.

    2. Soviet Union builds up comparable nuclear arms to U.S.

    3. Cold war ensues.

    4. Balance of power prevents all-out nuclear war between superpowers for decades.

    5. Reagan bitch-slaps Gorbachev around and Soviet Union collapses–but they keep their nukes. (As well as a few tubes of small pox virus — whereabouts unknown).

    6. Liberal BO gives away more nuclear secrets to Russia.

    7. Next step… uh, right.. –we don’t know.

    So we don’t actually know what Russia will do, or whether there still is a balance of nuclear power, but that’s okay since we’re supposed to trust sh*t-for-brains liberals and Putin and his successors.


    Wait a minute. I see the plan. And its actually brilliant!

    There is no nuclear threat from Russia no matter how many nuclear secrets or nuclear armaments they have.

    That’s all bc in a few years, this will all be the Soviet Union!

    Wow. And all this time I thought Comrade Obama had sh*t for brains.

  15. sunglasses at night says:

    The bestest sec-of-state gave us the reset button Fiberal. We are good comrades now and the world loves dear leader messiah unlike that Bushitler.

  16. IslandLifer says:

    Why do our representatives (what a joke) waste our time introducing legislation to prevent treasonous acts from occurring by this administration? Can somebody please grow some balls already and put these assholes in front of a grand jury?! Standing idly by or choosing not to get involved is aiding and abetting. It’s apparent who’s side our leaderless Congress has taken.

  17. Sven says:

    Jonathan Pollard, USS Liberty anyone?

  18. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Moonbat troll
    So Israel has no reason to fear a nuclear Iran ?
    Now go back to huffing paint

  19. KHarn says:

    “Sven says:June 4, 2013 at 4:29 pm”

    Oh well, that’s different! Let’s just give Israel’s enemy’s ALL the information we have on them. Let’s give them a few ARMED Minuteman missiles too, while we’re at it. They sure will LOVE us and bestow the “blessings” of islam on us.


    Do you suggest bombing NEW YORK for the burning of Atlanta, Ga.? How about bombing LONDON for the burning of Washington DC? Maybe we should nuke JAPAN again, just to make sure, right?

  20. Ivan says:

    Obama gives away Israeli and British nuclear secrets. Clinton gave away ballistic missile technology to the Chicoms. FDR and Harry Hopkins gave away atomic secrets to the Soviets. It seems that dhimmicrats are wired to leak secrets.

  21. sth_txs says:

    Israel is no friend of the US either. They have spied on us and sold our secrets to others over the years. Frankly, I could care less whether Israel exist.

  22. Stephen E Dalton says:

    sth_txs, right on!

  23. Sam Adams says:

    sth_txs says:
    June 5, 2013 at 7:39 am Israel is no friend of the US either. They have spied on us and sold our secrets to others over the years. Frankly, I could care less whether Israel exist.

    In case you haven’t noticed, Israel is the only island of sanity in the Middle East. They are surrounded by people who want to destroy them. Unlike the surrounding states, Israel believes in a representative government.

    Did they spy on us? Yup. Have they given away our secrets? Not that I’ve noticed. Do they call the US the great Satan and promise our destruction? Again, not that I’ve noticed.

    Let’s say you were flying on an airplane and had to land in one of the Middle Eastern countries. Where would you rather land than Israel?

  24. ent says:

    Wow, the troll really is living in Lalaland. He (and everyone) needs to read up on EMP. All it will take is ONE well-placed nuke to completely decimate our infrastructure and send us back to the stone age. Literally, mass starvation of hundreds of millions, preceded by mass chaos.

    I repeat, all it will take is ONE NUKE in the hands of an insane muzzie, and we’re toast. And we all know how many insane muzzies there are in the world.

    I try not to think about it. I try to live my life as if it won’t happen. But in the back of my mind, I’ve pretty much concluded that it’s inevitable. The only question is when. Our only hope of preventing this calamity would be for our politicians to become extremely proactive in dealing with the threat. But our clueless, spineless, self-absorbed ruling class will never get it done, thanks in no small part to the likes of Lalaland trolls like the one who started this comment thread.

  25. Questionman says:

    I am always right when it comes to things like this. You scumbags keep proving my point! Whoever wrote this IS a disgusting, inhumane, sick, demented racist bigot asshole!

    No, he’s not a communist.

    He’s no more of a fraud than any other politician.
    He’s no more of a pathological liar than any other politician.
    Barack Obama is NOT a Muslim,He is Christian, oh and By the way, Plenty of Christians think abortion should be legal, even some who consider it immoral.
    he does not hate America , If Obama hates America, why he became a President ?

    And YES! Obama IS black, you losers ONLY mention his “White half” to deny your obvious racism!
    The Racist Right has done more damage to our country than UBL could have ever dreamed.

    Obama’s SSN is well documented since he applied for it in 1977. Other SSNs have been alleged, but there is ZERO evidence Obama ever used them, or even had them.

    – Hawaii has his real birth certificate. They said so, legally and officially, and they also say officially he was born there.

    – There is actually NO evidence Obama was ever a practicing muslim. His attendance at a public school in Indonesia as well as a Catholic School there is documented.

    – Obama, like all Presidents, chooses not to release his college records. Bush’s were leaked, he didn’t want to release them. Perhaps you are now accusing all other 43 Presidents of hiding something too?

    Get this threw your thick head: Neither election was stolen. He won by too big a margin in both cases for that to be feasible!

    I don’t have a problem with you opposing his policies, I don’t agree with all of them, the problems are the name calling, the false accusations about heritage and debunked information that continue to be posted or written about. Horrible racist images that is disseminated around the web or in emails.

    your succinct summary of the most current insane Obama conspiracy theories based on misrepresentation of reality spewed daily by right-wing liars on Fox News and right-wing hate radio like calling Obama un-American and anti-American As a scare tactic

    Should have expected no less that from the party that is being proven as deranged liars and hypocrites all the time!

    Just because people are unhappy doesn’t mean they should impeach the President. Is he the best president we’ve ever had? No. Absolutely not. However, he is also far, far from the worst president we’ve ever had. The sheer fact that in his first term, Obama had to deal with and clean up Bush’s mess is evidence enough that Obama and his admin have actually done a decent job of not running us into the ground.

    y’all better look up “high crimes and misdemeanors” right now – as well as the meaning of “impeachment” – before you start throwing these specious words around in regard to the current president.

    “Judge not lest ye be judged”

    Too often I hear from even the most blatant racists “I don’t hate the President because he’s black, I hate his policies.” Yet, I’ve never had one actually explain a policy of his with which they differ or offer an articulate explanation of why they differ. To the contrary, very few of these folks are aware that, due to obstructionism, the President has not been able to implement an agenda of his own on any occasion in which the Democrats could not use reconciliation. For these racists to have credibility in their assertions of policy differences, they have to know more than they actually do know. And we know enough to know exactly why they do hate him, even when they won’t cop to it.

    But you hateful monsters depict the President as a gorilla, pray for his death, insult his wife and children and concoct lies about him you’re a racist. Many White people actually, I know it’s hard to believe, are racists. There’s no other logical reason for this heightened criticism. But guess what Black people are just as American as you, we were here from the very beginning.

    President Obama is a white supremacist’s worst nightmare because despite Republicans’ best efforts, he has been extraordinarily successful at every juncture in saving this nation’s economy and reputation around the world. What this President’s success has done, unfortunately, is bringing to light the fact that conservative America is still plagued with racial bigotry that many Americans are certain is non-existent because there is an African American President. However, when conservatives charge that the President devastated the economy, eviscerated the Constitution, and destroyed America without a modicum of proof to back up their claims, they are racists.

  26. James Taylor says:

    The policies I hate about this President are his policies of bypassing the Constitution and acting as if his Executive Orders are the law of the land, while at the same time using his Executive Priviledge to cover all the unlawful acts his administration has been and is commiting. And Thank God there is obstructionism to his agenda or the America most of us are loyal to and love would’ve already ceased to exist in his first four years in office. The only people that bring up racism for the dislike of Obama are people who can’t possibly defend hi partisan croniship and his willfull destruction of everything American. I don’t wish any sort of harm to him or his family, I just want him OUT OF OFFICE.

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