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Aug 25 2011

Obama Rips Off the Scabs

In Dreams From My Father, Barack Hussein Obama sprays spittle on the topic of how much he hates Caucasians, even suggesting that he wishes he could get the white blood out of his veins “by an act of violence.” Whether from ignorance, stupidity, or sheer self-loathing, Caucasians voted him into office anyway.

Maybe he’s gotten over his resentments, now that Whitey has turned the country over to him. After all, support for Obama’s presidential candidacy was enough to make his wife proud of America for the first time in her adult lifetime. Then again, maybe he continues to wallow in leftist race warfare ideology, just as he does in its class warfare equivalent. Look what he sees fit to hang on the wall just outside the Oval Office:


From Politico:

Norman Rockwell’s “The Problem We All Live With,” installed in the White House last month, shows U.S. marshals escorting Ruby Bridges, a 6-year-old African-American girl, into a New Orleans elementary school in 1960 as court-ordered integration met with an angry and defiant response from the white community.

The thrust of the painting is not subtle. America’s vilest racial epithet appears in letters several inches high at the top of the canvas. To the left side, the letters “KKK” are plainly visible. The crowds, mostly women who gathered daily to taunt Bridges as she went to a largely empty school, are not shown in the picture. But the racist graffiti and a splattered tomato convey the hostile atmosphere.

It would be hard to imagine a more senselessly inflammatory and divisive picture to display. Yet aides confirmed that Obama personally approved of hanging it in the West Wing. The promise that this hard left ideologue would unite America becomes more preposterous with every passing day.

On tips from Leslie, Carmen, and J. Hat tip: Weasel Zippers.

56 Responses to “Obama Rips Off the Scabs”

  1. forest says:

    “It would be hard to imagine a more senselessly inflammatory and divisive picture to display.”

    I think Obama’s pal Christiane Amanpour has managed to one-up him.

  2. StanInTexas says:

    So schoolchildren can’t play Hangman because it reminds some spineless Liberals of a period we need to forget, but Obama can hang a picture in the White House to throw the same time period in our face.

    In the South, we call that IRONY!

  3. Brian_Boru says:

    The first president to hang the word ‘nigger’ on a White House wall. Johnny Rebel would be proud.

    What a jackass!

  4. ThatDorkEricDraven says:

    Here’s a video of lao learning to speak Finnish.

  5. Carmen says:

    Okay – another query – what makes people hate themselves and who coined this baloney “self loathing”. What is white guilt? I have NONE. Why should I?

    I am damn proud to be white; my lineage is of poor white farmers who could not read or write on one side and a truck driver & fish scaler on the other – grow up & move forward. gheesh

    Get OVER it already.

  6. Mickey Shea says:

    I’ve got a painting of thuggish black kids flash mob
    beating whitey. I can let him have it for real cheap,
    hang it next to it for some balance.

  7. DiaperStain LaFlatulence says:

    Mickey, you do not have sufficient self-loathing levels.

    You are hereby undesirable and should report to the nearest Michael Moore Stormtrooper office for relocation and reeducation instructions.

    What do you know about the Tea Baggers?

  8. shukov says:

    No worries, it will be gone in 2012 right after they fumigate and count the silver.

  9. Jodie says:

    White guilt is a lefty thing that seems to come from misplaced guilt. For example, they feel no guilt over having an abortion, yet they feel terrible that some of our forefathers had slaves. There is not guilt over cheating or homosexual activities, but, “Oh, the poor cow that was slaughtered to feed humans!”

    The cure for their white guilt is to call for higher taxes to benefits minorities and illegals, run lots of marathons that benefit gays and Planned Parenthood, and cry over the poor animals that are slaughtered to provide food for humans.

  10. Hail The Amberlamps! says:


    The sound of the DNC ratcheting up racial division.

  11. DiaperStain LaFlatulence says:

    Oh I forgot to ask lao:

    Do you like Skipper’s Pipes?

  12. Carmen says:

    Thanks Jodie – I am so thankful there are ppl out there that think the way I do.

    As far as genocide, which is my number 1 issue, I cannot fathom murdering a baby for convenience or for ANY reason. It’s not even a religious thing, it’s a common sense thing – killing babies is INHUMANE. Cows & chix are for food; that is why they are so dumb!!

    Yet, millions yelp about stray dogs and cats, but not brutally butchered, tiny US citizens. I guess me not being able to understand the awesomely selfish & hate filled mindset of regressives is actually a blessing?

    If we did fully understand the insectile mind of such a “person” we would probably go insane from the evil that emanates from them. They SHOULD loathe themselves, they are wicked & evil and murderers.

  13. Fanny says:

    You think that’s bad. They be eaten fried chicken and watermelon in da White House now.

  14. Jeff R31 says:

    I had that same picture hanging in my office as an example for my young staff who need to learn first about real racism, not the politically correct definition, and about how there were many of us white folk who believed in the rule of law and would put our safety on the line to protect it and finally the incredible courage of that little girl I am a white, conservative Republican and I think Rockwell captured a true moment of American courage.

  15. DiaperStain LaFlatulence says:

    And I am a ‘Moby’ too.

  16. Chris says:

    The irony apparently completely lost on liberal democrats, is that the political party responsible for slavery, Jim Crow laws, the KKK and racial segregation, was none other than those compassionate Democrats. You know, the president’s party. And with the likes of Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, Charlie Rangel, Al Sharpton, John and Monica Conyers,Keith Ellison, the Congessionial Black Caucus, etc. etc. etc., ‘looking out for black folks’, then why is the black community such a mess? Rockwell’s picture would be more accurate if it showed a glaring George Wallace(D)and a smiling Jesse Jackson (D). The picture would show the Democratic party going full circle, from tormenting blacks pre-1960s, to exploiting them for votes and money ever since.

  17. KHarn says:

    Alow me to talk about another painting that has caused a “racist” stir.

    A painting of life old Florida c1920s once hung in the St. Pete courthouse for many years. Durring a protest in the “radical era” of the late 1960s, a few young “colored men” (At the time insisting on being addressed with the old racist term “black”) rushed into the reception area, stole the painting, tore it and dragged it through the mud.

    This act was praised for many years because of the “black-faced” musicians depicted in the background of the painting’s park scene. A few years ago, the local paper commemorated the event with a short artical and a close-up of the offending musicians.

    HOWEVER, a follow-up artical showed a picture of the ENTIRE painting. In the foreground, the focus of the scene, were two groups of people sitting down to lunch at picnic tables. One of the subjects, a middle-aged white man, is seen turning to smile at the BLACK FAMILY SITTING NEXT TO THE WHITE FAMILY, just a few feet away.

    How very odd.

    How could it be that a white and a black family can be depicted in that “racist era” as? When I hear today’s black leaders rail against “whitey” and condemning any attempt at living without racial conflict and remember that I heard much the same thing back then, I have to wonder what REALLY pissed off that young buck back in the siXtys; was it the “minstral show” in the background as we were told, or was it the main focus of whites and blacks seeming to getting along?

  18. KHarn says:

    “How could it be that a white and a black family can be depicted in that “racist era” as GETTING ALONG?”

    (Sigh) Such thiings happen when you make corrections.

  19. KHarn says:


    Segregation was NOT JUST a southern law, the north had it too. In fact, they tended to segregate people not just by race, but by nationality and religion as well. The latter two instances were almost unknown in the south.

  20. FrankW says:

    Actually I am not appalled, upset, or even mildly annoyed at this one. I have long ceased expecting decorum or proper protocol from the WH during this administration. Perhaps Bammy should drop the fiction and read some classics:
    “Few have strength of reason to overrule the perceptions of sense, and yet fewer have curiosity or benevolence to struggle long against the first impression: he who therefore fails to please in his salutation and address is at once rejected, and never obtains an opportunity of showing his latest excellences or essential qualities.” Samuel Johnson: (October 19, 1751)
    Translated (for libs) you never fail to make a first impression, and first impressions are everything. Every foreign (or domestic) dignitary will see the decorative choices Obama has displayed. They will note his preference for reliving the U.S. failures of the past, not the successes.

  21. Conan says:

    Fuck that race pimp and the camel he rode in on.

  22. Mickey Shea says:

    Diaperstain: I reported to Michael Moore’s office, it was
    horrible, they made me go through the Tunnel of Oppression and lectured me about the evils of white privilege and beat me mercilessly with baby seals….(sob)

  23. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Today, if Ruby Bridges wanted to go to a “christian” school, would she be accused by the ACLU of acting stupidly ?

  24. Garpin says:


    Am I missing something here? Doesn’t anyone else see the bigger picture here?

    A 50 year old work of art depicting something that is a remeberence of the intolerance we as a nation permitted being hung in the White House by our first black President?

    I am not seeing this as slap in the the face to whites, but as an amazing example of how far we have come as a people. Leave the politics out of it.

    Or, am I wrong?

  25. Noelegy says:

    So let’s just all ignore the fact that an old white guy painted that painting, or that white people fought alongside black people to end segregation. Or that white marshalls are flanking that girl to protect her. Or that we’ve come from what was portrayed in that painting to our first African-American President.

    Yes, let’s just ignore all that. There are axes to be ground.

  26. Noelegy says:

    Garpin, it COULD have been presented that way. Barack Obama COULD have made a statement to the effect of, “From the prejudice endured by that brave little girl, to me standing before you as the first African-American President of the United States, see how far we’ve come.” He COULD have done that. But he DID NOT. There are agendas here, and they are not benevolent.

  27. AnalogMan says:

    …he wishes he could get the white blood out of his veins “by an act of violence.”


  28. AnalogMan says:

    I have a different view of the painting. Rockwell did indeed identify the problem we all live with. Illustrated, and labelled. America has indeed come far… downward.

  29. gunnerjones says:

    Which really begs the question, when these clowns throw the race card do we engage in actual debate or just laugh in there face.

  30. James says:

    There is a small tag on the photo that says “On loan from the Nation of Islam – F Whitey”

  31. MassJim says:

    Does Obama even know that President Eisenhower (REPUBLICAN) sent the U.S. Marshalls over the objections of Governor Earl K. Long (DEMOCRAT) and New Orleans Mayor DeLesseps Story Morrison, Sr. (DEMOCRAT)? It is interesting that he highlights a time in our history that DEMOCRATS led the segregation effort. Or is he just ignorant of that bit of United States Histoty. Does he even know who Sheriff Bull Connor (DEMOCRAT) is?

  32. KHarn says:

    “Garpin says: August 25, 2011 at 12:42 pm”

    I would bet money that yu live in the NORTH.

    We in the south have had secession, segregation and slavery thrown in our faces for longer than I have lived. Even conservative leaders and comentators have harpped on this as if to protect themselves from blame.

    Can we BURY this yet? The south is providing conservatives with people with BACKBONES, can you cut us a little slack just for that?

  33. Bill says:

    Professional Victimology whores.

  34. Apuleius says:

    One must simply admire the Yankee genius for propaganda, courtesy of Norman Rockwell, safely ensconced in lilywhite New England.

    How far we have come, indeed, as witnessed by the shining inner city utopias filled with innocent, demure, tidy black schoolgirls forever free from the machinations of evil, mouthbreathing hillbilly trash.

    With a hefty national surplus as a dividend from years of needful social spending to correct past injustice,an education system thriving with astronomical test scores after many years of further wise investment, our proudly diverse nation has indeed overcome the benighted mistakes of our misguided forefathers. We stand on the threshold of a new utopian age.

    With our even better than the old superstitious Messiah, and despite our groveling implicitly white Tea party, we shall march on until we have reached the pinnacle of success and can even rival the great and mighty nations of Congo and Zimbabwe.

    One can only rejoice and remember, “white people are the cancer of human history.” At moments like this one can only feel superior in the knowledge of our progress.
    Thank God for the bravery all the sweet little colored girls and US Deputy Marshalls.

  35. Beef says:

    Obama is a liberal to the core, and to liberals, everything comes down to the simple racial equation of black sainthood and white oppression. It is always 1963, and they are always the rescuing hero.

    And Obama didn’t write those anti-Caucasian passages in Dreams; Bill Ayers, an advocate of genocide for white people, did.

  36. Jimbo says:

    Liberalism is the most racist ‘ideology’ in the universe. Black liberals are THE most racist people in the universe. Obama is THE most racist person in the universe – even beating out Jesse Mussmouth and Al with the Sparp tongue.

    Obama belongs in prison for spreading hate, being a thief, and destroying a once great nation. Put the worthless bastard in a dungeon with his worthless wife – feed them the diet she recommends for ‘other people’.

  37. TheDarkEricDraven says:

    Daaaamn that Norman Rockwell! That smut painting bastard! At least he didn’t hang this up!

  38. TheDarkEricDraven says:

    So. I agree with Garpin. And KHarn is still an idiot. I’m sure if you were Japanse you would want everyone to forget the Second Sino-Japanese War…and if you were German…

  39. lao says:

    Sure Jimbo. Here’s some posts from some Moonbattery parrots on the thread that just scrolled off the main page:

    Dr. 9 says:
    August 24, 2011 at 9:03 pm
    He’s a typical n$%^&!, most of which he probably gets from his fat-assed, America-hating, White-hater wife.

    Fanny says:
    August 25, 2011 at 5:33 am
    You can take the coon out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the coon.

    Bill says:
    August 25, 2011 at 4:42 pm
    Get your feet off the table you punk ass n*gger!

  40. Republican Memory Hole says:

    Does MassJim not realize that it was John Kennedy (DEMOCRAT) and brother Robert Kennedy (DEMOCRAT) who put the full force of the federal government behind the Civil Rights Movement? LBJ (DEMOCRAT) who pushed through the Civil Rights Act over the objections of politicians like Barry Goldwater (REPUBLICAN), and that all the racist Southern politicians (DEMOCRAT) left the party after Nixon (REPUBLICAN) adopted the “Southern strategy” to provide them a new political home.

    Neocon spin doesn’t change a thing. The blacks know it, that’s why they now vote DEMOCRAT with the same fervor that they used to vote REPUBLICAN. Quick now, go round up some token negroes for the next TEA party rally at the new Communist Chinese made temple to MLK (DEMOCRAT) to show us all how “anti-racist” you are.

  41. trace says:

    Hang on, Robert Byrd wants to have a word with you, RMH
    Who was it that talked about BO’s “Dialect”?
    That’s all right. I wonder if Jessie still wants to rip that n*ggers nuts off?

  42. trace says:

    Oh, and one last thing.

    I was born in Arkansas, raised in the south, and was Shocked when I took a road trip to DC.Once I got into the north eastern states, guess what? All the restrooms of all the gas stations said out of order (professional sings I might add). I asked one attendant why were all the bathrooms out of order and he said “They are not out of order for you” and handed me the key.
    When was this? 1931? NO. 1941? No. 1951? NO. Try 1991 in the North East.

  43. trace says:

    Conservatives beleive in individual rights, for everyone. Not group rights.
    Everyone has their own individual liberty and rights.
    No one, not one race is better then another. Not one person is better then another.
    My rights and my freedoms are no greater or no less then yours, no matter who you are.
    It has been this way for decades.
    I don’t care what kind of sex you have. I dont want to see it. Period.
    I dont want it forced down my throat at work, in a parade, or in an art galary. Have some decency and keep that crap to yourself. I wont run around screaming I am here and I am straight and I dont want you running around screaming I am here and I am gay. I DON’T CARE.
    What I DONT WANT is you parading around about it. What I dont want is to have to see it all the time or talk about it all the time.
    I dont talk about hetero sex all the time do I? I dont have parades proclaiming hetero sex do I? I ask the same respect from you, thank you very much.
    I don’t care what nation your ancestors came from.
    Mine came from 5 or six different, distinct races and nations. While I enjoy eating their food (mexican, german, italian, etc) I really don’t care want country they came from, I only care that I am American. I expect the same of every fellow citizen. That is what makes us a melting pot. You leave your crap hole countries and embrace this one. That is all I ask. That is all any of us ask. And don’t take more money from me because I am white and work hard, that is racist.

  44. Garpin says:

    In my commentary, I wasn’t intending any analysis aside from the the obvious comparison of what was and what is. That’s all.

    For the record: I do not agree with just about everything this administration or this president has done, militarily, politically, economically or socially.

    This particular juxtaposition however, struck me as extrordinary, prompting my comment.

    I try not to read the motivations of democrats in general as I do not understand them when they speak directly to me. As such there is no way possible I could discern what they really mean when they are not speaking. They are a confusing bunch that neither understand normal people nor do they appear to want to.

    I just wish they would get their government off my business, as it’s too costly and it doesn’t help me, my customers or my employees.

    ABO ’12.

  45. AnalogMan says:

    Trace @8:44 “They are not out of order for you”

    Was there a point to that story?

  46. trace says:

    blacks were not allowed to use the restroom

  47. Joek Loth says:

    Carmen says: @
    August 25, 2011 at 10:46am:
    Spot on, Right on beutifuly said carmen.

    The only white guilt that I have is that I hate that I generalize black people. I respect and have even admired hard working, helpful, cognative, pretty(women, my piano teacher Jessica Rankins was a beautiful (inside and out)black woman who was married by MLKing,Jr.), just good, decent black folk. But then I refer to a the PROBLEMS OF SOCIETY as niggars. I would be torn up if one of the black guys I like at work over heard me using (like I sometimes do when talking to other co-workers)words like COLOREDS, BOOTHEADS, NIGGARS, NEGROS, NIGGERDLY(!!!) And by the way (this is another long story), the father of my (white)sister’s two daughters is a KNUCKLE DRAGGING NIGGER. PLAIN AND SIMPLE AS THAT.(He used to beat her badly…).

    I AM PERPLEXED. /Where oh where is Dr.Kildare?!!!

  48. Dr. 9 says:

    The first step in America’s decline was the abolition of slavery, an act that has cost us tens-of-Trillions in govt. hand-outs over the years, and tens-of-thousands of White lives lost to violent crimes by blacks.

    The second was being so weak, stupid, and gullible, as to elect an avowed liar and Marxist to lead our nation, or what used to be “our” nation.

    George Wallace was right back in ’68. We were too stupid to listen.

  49. FreedomFox says:

    Pardon my language, but bullshit, Dr.9. Slavery was an outdated and failed economic system. You can argue all you want about whether slavery was an issue in the Civil War, but I guarantee you it’s why the South lost. Slavery was, is, and always will be incapable of competing with a free wage-based economy. That’s the cold hard truth of it, and let me tell you that black folks are perfectly capable of functioning on par with whites in a genuinely free market.

    The problem is not that they were freed, but that affirmative action and the bloated welfare system have forged them a new set of chains. These chains of ignorance and degradation, the soft tyranny of low expectations, are the slavery you claim to long for and are being forged ever longer to encompass us as well.

    Blacks do not need slavery, they need to be freed again; this time from the tyranny of the nanny state. If we fail to bring freedom to them and the others who have been bound by velvet chains, then soon we may all be traveling the road to serfdom.

    It is time to do away with the “safety net”. The freedom to fail is a most unusual and uncomfortable liberty, but without it you cannot be certain that you truly have any of the others.

  50. Noelegy says:

    “The freedom to fail is a most unusual and uncomfortable liberty, but without it you cannot be certain that you truly have any of the others.”

    Beautifully said, FreedomFox.

  51. KHarn says:

    “TheDarkEricDraven says: August 25, 2011 at 7:07 pm”

    I know more history than you ever will. I’ve survived race riots, beatings for being WHITE and SOUTHERN, propaganda in schools, movies, television, books and political speaches.

    By the way, my ancestors came from Ireland as a SLAVE by order of the the English courts.

  52. Mufasa says:

    Let’s face it. Negroes are most well suited to Africa, including Obama. That’s where he belongs. People voted for Shaka Zulu, all they got for their vote was the illegitimate offspring of Hilary Clinton and Idi Amin.
    What a leftist retard!

    Perry ftw in 2012!

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