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Jun 30 2012

Obama, the Supremes, and Obama’s Tax Lie

Spin this, Obamunist media:

On a tip from David Stein.

11 Responses to “Obama, the Supremes, and Obama’s Tax Lie”

  1. Zeek says:

    Lying sack of shit,

  2. Patchman123 says:

    Supreme Court has repealed Stolen Valor act. An act where dishonoring veterans by falsely claiming to be a veteran or winning awards is a crime. Now, they’ve repealed it because the people in the supreme court hate the military and the left considers it to be a free speech victory because it enables them to dishonor the military and only selectively use free speech to dishonor our military and remove the honor system in our country. The selfish bratty far-left has decided to repeal this law, saying it violates free speech.

  3. Jester says:

    Somebody please tell me who on earth actually BELIEVED this BS back in ’08? I mean, c’mon! Who doesn’t know that all Dems are tax & spend liberals? Oh, wait…. nevermind.

  4. TeaPartyNation says:

    White House: ObamaCare Not a Tax
    Which is the same as saying…
    White House: Roberts is a FOOL.

    …now, who couldn’t agree with that !

  5. RKae says:


    I can’t believe no one’s talking about this! It infuriated me!

    How is fraud “free speech”?

  6. SNuss says:

    As I read the decision, lying about your military accomplishments is only fraudulent, IF you profit from it in some way. Otherwise, it is considered the same as any other line of B.S. that liars spew.

  7. Jan Penner says:

    Somehow, they got to Roberts. Or maybe Roberts actually felt sorry for this inept POS and found a way to make it work for our affirmative action POTUS. In any case, Roberts just gave BO four more years. Hate to say it, but both SC rulings make BO seem like the Magic Negro who can do no wrong. It’s rather stunning when you consider the fact that BO couldn’t sell ice water in hell.

  8. Sam Adams says:

    “Your taxes won’t increase; not one thin dime”

    Of course that assumes you don’t smoke. If you do, you already know taxes have increased and Obama broke his promise.

    Then there’s ObamaTax. All the great things of government run health care and the bill isn’t even due until 2014. Yes indeed; you can drive that baby around, show it off to your friends, brag about all the free things you are getting like having your kids stay on your policy until they are 26; get rid of the whole “precondition” thing. Yes, indeed, no payments on this baby until 2014….that’s like forever in the future.

    Guess what…ObamaTax will not hit the rich; they can already afford health insurance. ObamaTax won’t hit the poor; their medical care is already subsidized (and yes they have fewer choices in doctors and may have to wait in longer lines). ObamaTax is going to hit you; members of the middle class.

    Say you work for a guy with 25 employees and it is a small business that can’t afford health insurance now. With ObamaTax, they still can’t afford health insurance, but now they have a new tax to pay. They get to pay about $750 for each employee. That’s a total of $18750. that won’t be available for salaries or bonuses. Even worse, your employer may decide that the easiest way to adapt to ObamaTax is to make do with one less employee.

    Sorry; its either you or Obama….one of you has to go.

  9. LMMA says:

    Never Trust anyone from Chicago

  10. southernsue says:

    roberts sucks.

    the supremes were supposed to judge on the way the law was written, not re-write the law so it was constitutional.

    one thing that puzzles me about this sorbid affair, is it not ok to force the citizens to buy insurance thru the commerce clause, however, it is ok to force us to buy insurance if it is a tax?wtf?

    wake me up i am in the twilight zone!

  11. Marian says:

    I’m guessing that the mostly white people in the audience of his lying speeches won’t vote for him again.

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