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Sep 07 2016

The $400 Million Was Only a Down Payment on Obama’s $1.7 Billion Gift to Iran

Maybe a lawyer could explain how this is not treason:

The Obama administration followed up a planeload of $400 million in cash sent to Iran in January with two more such shipments in the next 19 days, totaling another $1.3 billion, according to congressional officials briefed by the U.S. State, Treasury and Justice departments.

The cash payments—made in Swiss francs, euros and other currencies—settled a decades-old dispute over a failed arms deal dating back to 1979. U.S. officials have acknowledged the payment of the first $400 million coincided with Iran’s release of American prisoners and was used as leverage to ensure they were flown out of Tehran’s Mehrabad on the morning of Jan. 17.

It is against US policy to pay ransom for hostages, for the excellent reason that it only results in more hostages. In this case it was also against US law. But American laws and policies are not binding on Obama, who conducts his own foreign policy by unilateral decree — and not on our behalf.

Iran has been at war with the United States since 1979. This may be why the attempted revolution in Iran in 2009 received zero support from Obama. In contrast, Obama backed the overthrow of the leaders of Egypt and Libya, both of whom were working with the USA against Islamic terrorism. Obama sees it as his role to reduce the stature of the racist and neocolonialist United States; he is accomplishing this by enabling our most committed enemy.

The $1.7 billion of our money Obama showered down upon the ayatollahs is in addition to the $100 billion in freed assets they received as part of the treaty he rammed through (without constitutionally mandated Senate ratification) that will facilitate Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons. Much if not all of the money will go toward financing Iran’s terror war against the USA.

Many Americans will die as an eventual consequence of Obama’s actions.

On a tip from Torcer.

22 Responses to “The $400 Million Was Only a Down Payment on Obama’s $1.7 Billion Gift to Iran”

  1. Grumpy Cat says:

    It’s also a way to launder payments to lowly DNC trolls like Twister, 7.62 IQ, Occam’s Butthole and Condom Man.

  2. Saxon Warrior says:

    It’s treason but not in the minds of moonbats because they don’t recognize treason. To them treason does not exist, because they live in a fantasy of borderless lands and One-World harmony.
    To a moonbat, nations are just social constructs (a bit like genders) and what ever fantasy a moonbat has, we all have to share that same fantasy. Because moonbats know best,right?
    Obama will never be charged with treason because the illuminati that control him don’t want him to be charged with treason, because Muslims benefit from his treason, and because the moonbats that support him don’t believe in treason!

  3. C. S. P. Schofield says:

    “Many Americans will die as an eventual consequence of Obama’s actions.”

    And even more Iranians, and Islamics in general. The longer the Progressive Transnationalists put off dealing with assorted violent camel-pesterers, the worse the reckoning is going to have to be. The Proggies covered their eyes in horror while Bush waged a limited war by limited means for limited ends. The longer they prevent us from following up on that, the greater the likelihood that what will happen is war to the knife. After which the Arabian Peninsula will be a completely uninhabitable sheet of glass, as opposed to now, when it is a largely uninhabitable pile of sand.

  4. MicahStone says:

    Trust me on this: YES, IT’S TRUE — in OBOZOland there is still a GOPe-RINO-controlled Congress !!!! Of course, this is all they do, while OBOZO destroys the country and commits horrific acts of treason

  5. Torcer says:

    I’m still eagerly awaiting your proving of your FALSE and incendiary charge.

    Grumpy Cat

    I’m calling it out. Torcer is a DNC planted troll. He’s one of her Soros funded “army of trolls” out to plant propaganda that directly influences NTs and unless his daily steaming pile of propaganda isn’t cut off I am lead to believe that Blount is on the DNC take as well. It’s just pathetic.

    IF you are going to make such an incendiary and FALSE accusation you had better be ready to back it up with FACTS to prove your FALSE accusation.

    These facts will be in the form of EXCERPTS and Links from the proper sources in your answer.

    And please note merely repeating the same incendiary and FALSE accusation will still prove nothing.

    Something OTHER than the falsehood perpetrated by KirklesWorth based on the mere data on what articles are recommended here. Clearly we have a case of someone taking data that is correct and twisting into something false on a baseless notion.


    I think the point that Grumpy Cat is making is that both Torcer and Dave Blount are actively trying to get Trump defeated to the benefit of Hillary for some undisclosed reason.

    I could demand that it back up it’s incessant spewing of incendiary accusations but those familiar with ‘KirklesWorth’ tactics will see that is a pointless endeavour sorry endeavor.

    From past experience it will simply respond with a question of the red herring variety or when backed into a corner outright refuse to answer a basic question.

    Bonus question: How many anti-Hillary articles have you or KirklesWorth recommended?

    Can we apply a similar conclusion to this Data?

  6. Grumpy Cat says:

    “I live in your head” –Funkenstein Twister

  7. Torcer says:

    Thank you for illustrating to all that your false charge wasn’t worth the electron it was written in.

  8. Grumpy Cat says:

    I own you.

  9. Jodie says:

    And after giving them all of that money, Obama is serving up the U.S. Navy on a platter to Iran.

  10. roger says:

    Obama’s gifts to Islam

  11. Troll Magnet says:

    and that’s why we should elect thecunt, because trump will destroy the gop.


  12. Troll Magnet says:

    but not to worry, we have 308 Winchester on our side 😛

  13. Troll Magnet says:

    for a guy who spews leftist propaganda as facts of trump’s un electability he sure demands a lot of proof lolz

    what a fairy

  14. Torcer says:

    Really.. If that were the case you wouldn’t need to make things up.

  15. Torcer says:

    So you do feel that you don’t need to abide the commandment:
    “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”?

  16. Troll Magnet says:

    Very Alinsky of you. Try harder!

  17. Torcer says:

    Answer the question Please:

    Do you have to abide the commandment:
    “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”?

  18. Troll Magnet says:

    are you like 12 years old dude?
    answer the question! no, you answer the question. lolz.

    you fairy

  19. Torcer says:

    I abide that rule as should you.

    Or is it a case where the ends justifies the means?

  20. Troll Magnet says:

    RULE #4

    don’t you have some polls showing massive landslide victory for the cunt that you need to splash all over this site?

  21. Torcer says:

    1. Do YOU abide that rule?

    2. Actually the polls have been tightening up, but Comrade Clinton still is ahead.

    Which is why it is supremely important that trump get his ground game organized.

    3. Try acting like an adult and it won’t seem like you are projecting when you make comments such as the previous one.

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