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Sep 18 2012

Obama’s Historic Unemployment Achievement

The media promised us his presidency would be historic. For once, it wasn’t lying:


Oh yeah, it’s Bush’s fault. Despite all the reminders, I almost forgot.

Via Instapundit, on a tip from B1bbet.

14 Responses to “Obama’s Historic Unemployment Achievement”

  1. KHarn says:

    It’s his WHITE HALF that’s causing all the problems!

  2. Geeknerd says:

    Yeah, next time we elect an African American, let’s pick one who’s a descendent of ACTUAL SLAVES

  3. Beef says:

    Thought exercise for a second Obama term:

    If Obama has done such a poor job fixing the mess he inherited from Bush, how good a job do you think he would do fixing the bigger mess he would inherit from himself?”

  4. Judith M. says:

    Why does he have to be such an over achiever in this one, particular area?

  5. Jimbo says:

    The next time I hear a silly little socialist idiot say “He hasn’t had time to fix it yet” I might break something. Hopefully, it will be something that needs (or deserves) breaking. I’d love to break a stupid little communist neck – but the dipshits aren’t worth the subsequent hassle. Yet.

  6. Laurie says:

    Quite a record! I wonder why Mitt “Mittens the Kitten” Romney hasn’t mentioned this at any time on the campaign trail.

    Oh yeah…I almost forgot…Mitt “McCain” has no intention of winning! He’s actively trying to lose the election so he can collect his big payoff from the Democrats!

    And before you start ragging on me…do you have a better explanation of why Mittens is still slightly behind Obama in the polls despite this being the worst economy ever, gas prices are skyrocketing, and there’s record unemployment? No? I can’t think of a better explanation either.

    Years from now 2012 will be taught in history classes as a classic example of how an election was thrown in order to advance socialism in America.

  7. […] fault. Despite all the reminders, I almost forgot. Via Instapundit, on a tip from B1bbet. Moonbattery Tags: Achievement, Historic, Obama’s, Unemployment Posted in Pundits | No Comments […]

  8. anothercommie says:

    It is good that you can, since the collection of this data has only begun in 1948, play it like we weren’t in the greatest depression since the Great Depression and since you aren’t showing a chart, nobody will notice that the current economic crisis began under a Republican President – caused by Republican policies (deregulation).

    It has to be nice to keep reality, math and common sense out of the house – especially out of the White House.

  9. octa bright says:

    Acording to some economic historians FDR took a normal business panic of the type which usually ends in a year or two and with his policies turned it into the Great Depression which lasted until the regulations were ended to prepair for WWII. I do NOT have the expertese to judge the validity of this claim. Does anyone else feel qualified to comment?

  10. Geeknerd says:

    do not feed the trolls

  11. Henry says:

    Geeknerd, that’s a novel idea… 😉

  12. anothercommie says:

    octa bright: You are correct that these economists are out there. Most others just think that is ridiculous. Let me, having an economics background, explain why they think this ridiculous.
    I think we can all agree that investment is a good thing and regulation can lead to rapid growth (with most of the time having devastating aftermaths because branches of the economy are more interconnected than regulated markets).
    What FDR did was that he invested were private investors didn’t or couldn’t invest, putting people that were before jobless back into work. Because they had jobs again, they were able to invest in products again (if you ever were unemployed, imagine there was no welfare to support you and imagine you’d then have a job again – you’d have more money), giving private investors more money and again money to invest in the now recovering economy.
    THIS is called a stimulus – a mixture of invested money by the government and tax breaks.

    Of course the costs of a war, especially such a big one as World War II, represent a gigantic stimulus into an economy – with having the benefit of putting lots of young people into the military and taking them out of the job market (sadly many of them forever).

    What libertarians and American conservatives are saying is that the market is not blind to were the money is coming from, but that it actually cares. They are right and wrong at the same time. The market is made out of people making decisions, if those people believe that government money is bad, they won’t invest, but keep as much for themselves as they can and turn it into savings, but if you have people that believe that a government investment is a good thing, you’ll see them investing again.

    But the main problem remains: it’s economics – we can’t know for certain.
    Imagine having to do a study on an object, every time you try to measure, touch or take a picture of it, the object changes. Whatever you do around it, it changes instantly and you aren’t any to take any reliable readings.
    After a while you might be able to predict how the object reacts to certain events and you might be able to say something about the object, but it changes again when you make a prediction. This means you can’t say anything without your statement immediately becoming false.
    Imagine that object is made out of interests, money and material – and as soon as you say that opinions are also part of it.
    To put it as simply as possible:

    Economics = psychology + math = wild guessing

  13. anothercommie says:

    Of course if you have an interest in this kind of stuff, the best thing you can do is pick up a objective textbook used by universities and start reading. No economist will take offense if you come out a libertarian.

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