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Aug 29 2018

Obama’s Legacy Unfolds: Iranian Spies in USA

Obama’s legacy is just beginning to unfold, with help from a country he consistently favored — America’s most devoted enemy, Iran:

Following the arrest of two Iranian individuals charged with spying on Jewish and Israeli facilities in the California area, Rep. Peter Roskam (R., Ill.) told the Free Beacon it is likely Iran has stationed multiple regime-tied agents in the United States to conduct intelligence operations.

The accused spies’ names are Ahmadreza Mohammadi-Doostdar and Majid Ghorbani.

“This is the tip of the iceberg,” Roskam said in an interview. “This is not a surprise and this is a result of the Iran regime getting financial support from the Obama administration in the Iran deal.”

Obama’s deal, which purportedly stalled but actually greenlighted Iran’s terrifying nuclear ambitions, released as much as $150 billion to a terror-supporting regime that has in effect been at war with the USA since 1979. This staggering sum tops the Marshall Plan. This time the money won’t be used to rebuild cities, but to destroy them.

Roskam notes that Iran spending the money on hostile activities was inevitable:

“Give a malevolent regime huge amounts of cash with no restraining influence and this is what happens.”

It is believed that Iran has seeded the USA with sleeper cell agents.

These agents are believed to operate with impunity and could lay the groundwork for a large-scale terror attack on American soil. … Iran, through terrorists affiliated with Hezbollah, could easily launch strikes in America.

Readers will recall that to curry favor with Iran, Obama allowed its cat’s paw Hezbollah to smuggle cocaine into the USA. It may have smuggled more than drugs.

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