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Oct 17 2012

Obama’s Political Relationships With Wright, Pfleger, and Ayers Go Back a Quarter of a Century

It isn’t too late to give Obama the vetting he never received in 2008. Now we learn that his political relationships with rabidly anti-American radicals Jeremiah Wright, Michael Pfleger, and Bill Ayers go all the way back to the 80s:

Letters signed by Barack Obama 25 years ago and obtained by The Daily Caller, show the future president approaching Chicago’s then-mayor Harold Washington in 1987 about a community organizing project whose advisory board would include his pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright; the controversial leftist Catholic priest Father Michael Pfleger; and the brother of Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers.

Evidently Obama was a power broker among the ultra-left in Chicago even before he was packed off to Harvard Law to receive the proper credentials. The people running the media didn’t just pick his name out of a hat before deciding to make him president — much as his name must have appealed to them.

The effort was an early example of the sort of community organizing that helped Obama build his power base in Chicago’s liberal political machine. More than a decade later, that base would produce what Obama came to describe as a “majority coalition” voting bloc of the “working poor” and welfare recipients, organized by groups like Obama’s to put liberals in office. …

In March 2008 Obama told then-MSNBC host Keith Olbermann that he and Wright had “a relationship — he’s like an uncle who has talked to me, not about political things and not about social views, as much as about faith and God and family.”

But as Obama’s letters to Mayor Harold Washington’s office show, Obama trusted Wright enough politically to include him in what may have been his earliest social justice coalition-building exercise.

That Obama had to disown his closest and most longstanding political allies to get elected tells you all you need to know about his trustworthiness.

These people never meant American well.

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15 Responses to “Obama’s Political Relationships With Wright, Pfleger, and Ayers Go Back a Quarter of a Century”

  1. Alexamenos says:

    Yup, at J. Wright’s Church, which adopted the ‘Black Value System’ which includes the “disavowal of middleclassness”.

  2. Anon-Y-Mouse says:

    At least Wright, Ayers and Pfleger stand up for what they believe in, and say it right out loud.

    The Kenyan Punk is the personification of the worst in all of us.

    By the by, one of Barack’s Muslim brothers was busted trying to blow up a NY Fed Reserve building. Anyone want odds on how or if the MSM will point out it was a Muslim terrorist plot?

    I didn’t think so.

  3. 762x51 says:

    Jeremiah Wright, Michael Pfleger, Bill Ayers and Barack Obama.

    An enemies list if ever there was one.

  4. Gunny G says:

    I left the Catholic Church because they refuse to defrock a scumbag like Pfleger.

    I pray Pfleger dies very slowly and in great pain.

  5. Sam Adams says:

    Those on the left who still support Obama are convinced that guys like Bill Ayers and company, have it right; that the US is an evil country. Obama will lose absolutely no votes over further revelations of his terrorist connections.

  6. Anon-Y-Mouse says:

    Sam, Obama will lose no more votes from his hypnotized base. But the Luntz group last night pointed out that he is bleeding like a stuck pig when it comes to independents and Dems who didn’t drink the KoolAid.

    For the first time, I’m convinced that Obama will be trounced harder than Jimmy Carter in ’80. As of right now, I think Obama might pull CA, NY and maybe three other states. That’s it.

    I want to see him humiliated. That will then set the stage for the dismantling of progressivism in America…and woe to them when we do!

  7. Sam Adams says:


    From your mouth to God’s ears.

    My prayer for some time is that God would allow people to see Obama for what he really is. My prayers I believe are being answered.

  8. 762x51 says:

    Gunny G says:
    October 17, 2012 at 3:17 pm

    I left the Catholic Church because they refuse to defrock a scumbag like Pfleger.

    I pray Pfleger dies very slowly and in great pain.

    Gunny – and in the dark.

    For a priest to advocate Marxism and work to enslave free people he needs to burn.

  9. George Mason says:

    When he threw Wright under the bus, it was a clear indication of poor character. Wright was by all accounts a dear and good friend. Wright spoke out then against the messiah. I think that Dem operatives even tried to bribe Wright to get lost and STFU. This single segment tells you all you need to know about Obama. He’s a despicable scumbag.

  10. Alphamail says:

    Now the paper trail says Obama and Ayers met in 1987.

    Getting closer.

    I stick to my 2007 assessment that they met in 1979-80 at Occidental College – an SDS hotspot and meeting ground where Obama gave his first public speech on apartheid, at the behest of David Peck and the on-campus version of the SDS.

    Peck would become Obama’s 2008 Spain campaign manager.

    Ayers, whose passion was apartheid and who knew Peck, had yet to surrender to the FBI, and he would have been uniquely aware of any apartheid/SDS activity at Oxy.

    Somehow the following year, 1981, Ayers, Dohrn, and Obama were all magically in New York City during the violent anti-apartheid riots, with Dohrn making phony ID’s for the Brink’s robbery/killers, and Obama and Ayers living in close proximity to one another, while Obama began at Columbia and Ayers began at Bank Street College – the campuses of which are basically conjoined.

    They all moved to Chicago in the mid-80’s, and living just three blocks apart, by 1987 became infamous community organizers together, and in the span of a few overlapping years, all worked at the same Chicago law firm (Sidley and Austin, where Obama met Moose.

    Their progressive plotting is decades old.

  11. St. Gilbert says:

    Obama says his daughters were baptized by Rev. Wright. But was Obama ever baptized? Evidently, Trinity church is a magnet for moslems, because there they can pose as Christians (while infiltrating society for stealth jihad) and avoid baptism. I haven’t verified this personally, but apparently church staff will admit to this if you call them, (might help to brush up on your koran to pass the screening).

  12. Bloodless Coup says:

    Must Watch Video Now Going Viral

    The Obama Phone Re-Mix

  13. czuch says:

    Cantcha lie and say anything to further the cause?
    Isnt that in the koran?

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