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Aug 23 2013

Oberlin College Hate Hoax Exposed

Even liberals know their ideology is a lie, or they wouldn’t expend so much energy fabricating evidence to support it. Yet another example:

One of the two students removed from Oberlin College earlier this year for allegedly circulating virulently racist, anti-Jewish and anti-gay messages around campus is an ardent leftist and committed supporter of President Obama, The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned.

Dylan Bleier, one of the two students, hosted a voter registration drive in a Walmart parking lot sponsored by Organizing for Action, the community organizing project that advances the agenda of President Obama.

The Oberlin Police Department identified Bleier and his partner in the spree, Matt Alden, as two of the principal architects of a month-long spate of racist, anti-Jewish and anti-gay messages at the small, private campus.

Like most perpetrators of hoaxes intended to create the impression that heterosexuals of European descent are the Boogeyman, Bleier is a moonbat’s moonbat.

On his now-defunct LinkedIn page, Bleier noted that he was the founder and president of the Ithaca High School for Obama club. He also identified himself as a member of the Oberlin College Democrats.

Bleier also listed his participation in a group called Ithaca White Allies Against Structural Racism. …

On his Twitter account, which he protected after TheDCNF reached him on Tuesday, Bleier hailed Obama’s comments on George Zimmerman, tweeting: “Zimmerman is just the tip of the iceberg, a single highly visible symptom of the racist system that is ‘succeeding’ in the US.”

There you have it: a left-wing kook. Chances are good that Dylan is the offspring of moonbat parents who named him after their favorite singer.

Time to add Dylan Bleier and Matt Alden to the hate hoaxer dishonor role, along with:

Meg Lanker-Simons
Olander Cuthrell
Charlie Rogers
Sharmeka Moffitt
Joseph Baken
Alexandra Pennell
Aimee Whitchurch and Christel Conklin
Quinn Matney
Aubriana Banks
Sarah Marshak
Tawana Brawley
Crystal Gail Mangum
Kerri Dunn
Leah Miller
Ahmad Saad Nasim

…and no doubt plenty more.

On a tip from The Watcher.

16 Responses to “Oberlin College Hate Hoax Exposed”

  1. Flu-Bird says:

    More and more faked hate crimes those who commit them should get their pants fined off

  2. Keith in Seattle says:

    This whole OFA movement is illegal as hell. They’re the ones running Obama’s twitter account. This should be investigated. This among MANY other things are impeachable offenses but nobody in Congress OR the Senate have the stones to do anything about it.

  3. Bo Jangles says:

    “Bosson said the Christian photographers are now (compelled by law to compromise the very religious beliefs that inspire their lives).

    Really? There’s no war on Christianity?

  4. TED says:

    The Manson Family started race hoaxing.

  5. ThisObamaNation says:

    99 times of 100 these alleged hate crimes turn out be have been staged by liberals.

  6. Jester says:

    The phrase “Nigger, Please!” is a dead giveaway — it was coined 10 years ago by black comedian Chris Rock. I severely doubt that any anti-black graffiti artist is familiar with his quips or a fan of his.

  7. Mike O'the Lake says:

    I don’t see how this can be called a hate crime hoax – it was a real hate crime, it’s just that the targets were white conservatives not minorities.

    If I spread faked evidence intended to make people believe you are a racist and a nazi, I’m committing a hate crime against you, and that was what these dirtbags were doing – stirring up hatred against whites and conservatives.

  8. Flu-Bird says:

    They should have sent Manson to the gas chamber and Jerry Brown as well

  9. oldguy says:

    I am George Washington and I cannot tell a lie: A cherry tree was chopped down.

  10. | says:

    Malkin has more on the hate hoax dishonor role:

  11. Alxandro says:

    Ha. I wonder how people have actually noticed that is the wrong swastika?
    That’s not the Nazi flavor, it’s backwards, the same one used by Buddha.

  12. dwstick says:

    Thought ACORN was dead and buried? It is VERY MUCH ALIVE and is now called OFA!

  13. | says:

    What I would like to know, is when are hate crime hoaxes themselves are going to be considered a hate crime, and their perpetrators, aiders, and abettors charged?

  14. nigga jones says:

    why you dropping the hard R, jester?

  15. […] Oberlin College Hate Hoax Exposed – Uh, if there is so much real racism like this why do these spoiled Obama supporters have to make things up?  These things are more common than you’d think.  Click the link to see a long list of them.  And consider how malicious and hypocritical the perpetrators are.  They make minorities think the situation is much worse than it is. And for what gain? […]

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