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Aug 27 2012

Occupy Wall Street Responds to Occupy Unmasked

You know you’re over the target when the flak gets as heavy as this email received by the producers of Occupy Unmasked:


Breitbart explains this combination of deception and intimidation by Occupy/Anonymous:

• By using the email address “Occupy Unmasked” , they are attempting to mislead recipients of their emails that they are associated with the film.

• They clearly state that they intend to “takeover” all social media for the film. All of the links at the bottom of the email appear to be associated with “Occupy Unmasked” but are in fact controlled by Occupy sympathizers.

• Then, of course, the kicker: “We’ll be busy legitimately raping Brandon Darby and Lee Stranahan for the next several days while they are tied up with the movie premier at the RNC.” They threaten sexual violence against Darby and Stranahan, two of the co-stars of the film. They also copied Darby and Stranahan on the email (redacted), to make sure that they felt the full effect of the threat.

In the context of the Occupy movement, rape is no joke.

The point of Occupy Unmasked is to reveal the nature of the Occupy Wall Street movement. By using such vile tactics in an attempt to suppress it, the Occucommies are helping it attain its objective.

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6 Responses to “Occupy Wall Street Responds to Occupy Unmasked”

  1. johnnosk says:

    I wish that Occupy would try something in my area… They might last to the end of the day!

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  3. Max & Eric says:

    if they wanna Rape something, Rape my .45

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  5. AvatarOfThey says:

    Uh, you do know that was a joke, right? Based on the accusations of rape against the Occupy movement and Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” comments?

  6. mojo says:

    In the context of the occupod “movement”, I’m willing to bet a good 99% of them can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.

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