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Dec 18 2018

Of Mice and Moonbats

The nihilists at the New York Times will be delighted to learn that experiments conducted with mice in the 1950s indicate a possible end to the human race. No, human extinction will not be caused by global warming.

Scientist John B. Calhoun created mouse utopias in which the rodents had all the food, water and bedding they required.

But after several generations, the booming population descended into chaos with male mice becoming savagely violent and females failing to nurture their young.

The welfare state has had an identical effect on certain urban populations.

Here’s what comes next:

The subsequent generation became known as the “beautiful ones” – non-violent but interested in little else other than grooming themselves.

These mice were unable to interact socially with one another and had no interest in sex, leading to the extinction of the population.

Too bad the last mice didn’t have smart phones. They could have taken some great selfies.

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