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Feb 23 2020

Officer Specter, Disney’s First LGBT Animated Character

Disney originally established itself by providing wholesome entertainment for children. Now, it provides depraved propaganda for leftist social engineering purposes. The healthy content from the olden days is defaced with warning labels as Disney excretes edgy agitprop that strives to push the envelope. Its latest milestone on the road to perdition is its first LGBT animated character — a one-eyed lesbian Cop of Color with a horn coming out of her head named Officer Specter.

Enthuses Yahoo Entertainment:

It’s been a long wait, but a Disney heroine finally has a girlfriend… and it’s not Elsa. Months after The Rise of Skywalker featured the first same-sex kiss in the Star Wars galaxy, the new animated film Onward introduces the first self-identified lesbian character into the Disney-Pixar universe. Her name is Officer Specter, and she’s a Cyclops cop voiced by openly gay screenwriter and actress Lena Waithe. While Specter’s inclusion in Onward is a major first for Disney, it’s treated almost matter-of-factly in the movie itself, which the filmmakers say is by design.

The better to subvert children, which is the apparent purpose of Disney products. Properly indoctrinated kids think that sexual perversion is normal, and that anyone who finds anything objectionable or even remarkable about it is weird.

In the movie, Officer Specter refers to her “girlfriend’s daughter.” Parents can have fun explaining that to their curious kids.

As usual with corporate pandering to political correctness, not even moonbats are pleased — since nothing could never placate the woke:

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