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Jul 25 2012

Olympic Athlete Voula Papachristou Expelled Over Mild Joke

Greece, the moribund canary in the coalmine of moonbattery, will tolerate massive entitlement fraud, crippling tax rates, economic collapse, and riots in the streets, but holding politically incorrect opinions goes too far:

Triple jumper Voula Papachristou was expelled from Greece’s Olympic team Wednesday for her comments on Twitter mocking African immigrants and expressing support for a far-right party.

The Hellenic Olympic Committee said Wednesday that Papachristou is “placed outside the Olympic team for statements contrary to the values and ideas of the Olympic movement.”

That is to say, the values of the international establishment of elitist moonbats.

Papachristou stands accused of saying something nice about Golden Dawn, a party that is represented in the Greek Parliament, having received nearly 7% of the vote earlier this year.

Her actual crime is having told the following innocuous joke:

“With so many Africans in Greece, the West Nile mosquitoes will be getting home food.”

In a climate of hysterical totalitarianism, a remark that harmless can end a career.

When she was first denounced as a thought criminal, Papachristou held her chin up:

“That’s how I am. I laugh. I am not a CD to get stuck!!! And if I make mistakes, I don’t press the replay! I press Play and move on!!!”

However, this free spirit was soon reduced to groveling and pointless apologies by the liberal thought police.

Appallingly, Greece once served as the cradle of liberty. As Greeks now are, so we will soon be if we don’t start putting up resistance to political correctness.

Betrayed by her crumbling country.

On tips from Mickey Shea and Wingmann.

60 Responses to “Olympic Athlete Voula Papachristou Expelled Over Mild Joke”

  1. Jackel says:

    If it’s racist, you guys got to defend it.

  2. Larry the Cable Guy says:

    That’s funny, I don’t care who ya are!

  3. AC says:

    Well, if she doesn’t like living under the crushing boot of PC moonbattery, um, she’s welcome to stay at my place.

  4. Louisiana Steve says:

    With so many beautiful white women like this in Greece, the suntan lotion suppliers will be getting home sales. Works both ways, doesn’t it?

  5. metprof says:

    AC….I was thinking the same thing.

    And a great sense of humor as well.

  6. WhereIsOurPinochet says:

    She can triple-jump on ol’ WhereIsOurPinochet’s lap anytime she wants.

  7. Mickey Shea says:

    Just once I’d love to see someone tell the PC morons to go fuck themselves and get a life…

  8. FrankW says:

    idk the joke seems less racist and more geographicist.
    West Nile mosquitoes, no mention of race there. She simply joked that mosquitoes named for a region of the world would get the opportunity to bite people from that region.
    Racism definition:
    1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
    2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
    3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.
    Exactly which part did her statement violate?

  9. son of a preacher man says:

    Trolls please explain how that joke is racist. I need a good laugh.

  10. Geeknerd says:

    FrankW, since when does the Left care about logic? Consider the controversy over the word “niggardly,” or the outrage a leftist had over seeing a picture of an athlete from Niger with the name of his country on his shirt.

    By the way, if it’s racist to criticize an African-American, or even to accuse him of a crime, then being an African-American gives one carte blanche, and a license to kill.

  11. WhereIsOurPinochet says:

    In all seriousness, Ms. Papachristou’s comment is greatly encouraging because it confirms that while political correctness IS able to alter people’s PUBLIC choice of speech, it is NOT able to alter their base thoughts. All the Marxist edu-indoctrination in the world cannot reprogram the evolved white hindbrain into believing that Africans are not a decidedly less evolved race. This was common knowledge up until the Cultural Marxists took over and made it unspeakable. But of course, deep down, even the leftists know it.

    One day, probably in response to some kind of shock, the truth that exists in Ms. Papachristou’s mind, and every other white AND black mind (whose abject hated of whites is driven purely by a deep-seated inferiority complex), will return to the surface. On that day, you will want to have ammo, and lots of it.

  12. Mickey Shea says:

    Jackel if you actually believe that mild joke is racist,
    than you are truly brain damaged and I almost feel sorry for you. Brainwashed twat.

  13. IslandLifer says:

    I’m in love

  14. modd kenwood says:

    too bad she’s not a lesbian…the committee would’ve guffawed mightily at the harmless poke in the ribs remark and made her captain of the team

  15. Restless says:

    Is there a panel somewhere that gets to determine which thoughts are acceptable and which are not?

    So, how about Michael Johnson claiming recently that blacks are superior in sprints? (I happen to agree with Johnson, but I’m a white guy, so I’d better keep quiet.) Would the same people who support the punishment for Papachristou support a similar punishment for Johnson? How about stripping him of some of his medals? His thoughts are clearly “racist,” aren’t they – saying one race is superior to another?

  16. Coastal Eddie says:

    The Fun and Games of the Olympiad have embraced the 1932 German games. Everybody is in lock step, keep your head and eyes straight to the front, say nothing.
    Athletes who think they are individuals will be absorbed into the Olympic collective.
    Resistance is futile.

  17. TJG says:

    I had no intention of watching the boring, elitist Olympics…now I can say I am not watching in protest of the treatment of this woman.

  18. Jodie says:

    AC says:
    July 25, 2012 at 9:43 am

    “Well, if she doesn’t like living under the crushing boot of PC moonbattery, um, she’s welcome to stay at my place”


    If she knew about your great arms and all of your power, she would not be able to resist. I’m referring to your weapons and solar equipment of course. 🙂

    PS: God bless her!

  19. Geeknerd says:


    Races are not superior or inferior; Cultures are. A culture that believes that persons of every nation can become valued members (Matt. 28:16-20) is vastly superior to those that do not.

    And a culture that hold “that all men are created equal, and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights” is also superior to any culture that does not.

  20. FrankW says:

    Oh jacka$$ where for art thou? What part of the definition did she violate?

  21. Louie says:

    Had the beautiful Greek athlete been black, we’d have heard not a peep.

    And would somebody please explain to me how the joke is racist. I don’t see it, at all. Seriously. Not at all. Africa is a continent. Those who live there are Africans, regardless of skin color, just as we are North Americans, regardless of skin color. The mosquitoes are from the African continent, as are the people. I don’t get it.

    And the racist black bitch needs to take a good look in the mirror. There she will find a racist.

    I guess this name callin’ is all they got. . . .

  22. WhereIsOurPinochet says:

    Geeknerd, you are wrong. There are MAJOR differences between the races, including a persistent 15-point IQ differential between blacks and whites on top of numerous psychological and physiological differences. This “we are all one people and must respect our diversity” etc. crap originates from Marxist academics in the 1930s, and it appears that you have acquired your particular perspective from Marxist infiltrators into the Church. For tens of thousands of years prior to this, “multiculturalism” was unheard of. I doubt God changed his mind on this all of a sudden. It is a bizarre, unnatural arrangement.

    Your Christianity-cloaked Marxist position is leading the west straight to Hell. Your “welcoming Christian culture” is in the process of being destroyed by legions of primitives who hold an allegiance to their own race first and foremost and have no intention of even respecting it, let alone integrating into it. In short, you are too nice, and your grace and charity are not reciprocated. Did God really intend for us to commit civilizational suicide?

  23. anti-racist says:

    She just needs to get with a black man!

    People of Color have many children

    White people do not have children

    white women are increasoingly having the children of Men of Color

    soon wvery white county will be a country a Color

    So long white people!

  24. WhereIsOurPinochet says:

    So what if it’s racist, Lou?

    Moulies, jigs, coons, groids.


    There, I said it. I’m a racist. So what?

    Maybe I would respect them more if there were anything more to respect.

  25. WhereIsOurPinochet says:

    The term “racist” was invented by Leon Trotsky. It is a tool used by communists (and useful idiot progressives) to delegitimize traditional western culture, i.e. the culture that made all of us and our traditional civilization (what’s left of it).

    Unfortunately, so-called conservatives have been so brainwashed and terrified by decades of encroaching Marxism that they have taken to actually opposing “racism,” thinking that it’s the smart thing to do.

    The reason the left always calls us racist is that, by having sense, WE ARE. “Racism” is a perfectly natural response to innate human differences. What we need to be doing is celebrating our racism, for God’s sake not shunning it! When the left attacks with racism allegations, COUNTERATTACK! Call them willfully blind, show them,,,,,


  26. WhereIsOurPinochet says:

    Everything anti-racist just said is the truth. How do you feel about that, white people? Knowing your entire race and the wonderful civilizations it spawned over centuries are destined to be destroyed?

    How would you like all of North America to be a giant Mexico, and all of Europe to be a giant Saudi Arabia? It’s in motion now and it’s only accelerating.

  27. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Being in perfect alignment with Greek culture, it’s racist merely because the PC gods deemed it so.
    And moronic moonbat wagon following drones such as Jackel nod in self righteous approval
    See, being un-PC is considered a disease to the left.
    You can begin to understand it’s desired result as complete control when you witness these zombies proclaim that a vote for anybody but Obama is “raciss”

    Yet the only “cure” known by these throwbacks is bleeding by leeches.
    So the definition of racism must continually be lowered until ALL unapproved actions or words result in a burning at the stake

  28. Mary says:

    WhereIsOurPinochet says:

    Good work sir, I like everything you say 🙂

  29. Jimbo says:

    She HAS TO BE a racist. She’s white, isn’t she?

  30. odoul says:

    I wonder what her monthly peroxide bill is….

  31. kim says:

    It was a comment in poor taste, however it was a fairly innocuous comment. She apologized for it as she should have and that should’ve been that. The punishment was far too extreme. Greece is in a state of collapse, it seems they would have more important issues to deal with than this. No one should be surprised, Greece it seems is trying to ruin all of their citizen’s lives.

  32. hardyharhar says:

    R.E.S.P.E.C.T….wich she has none for africans obviously implied by saying they’ll be devoured by larvae.

  33. kels says:

    Yoy all should just listern to yourselves! Voula Papachristou is as stupid and childish as her statement is. I want to believe that Greeks aren’t rasist but from all these comment here am really shocked. She should only be removed from the Olimpics but also be banned from ever attending one.

  34. Louie says:

    Once again, how was her joke racist?

  35. FrankW says:

    OK kels, which part of the definition did she violate?

  36. kels says:

    FrankW please don’t be an illiterate! Her statement was oviously rasist. When Christine Lagarde made her comment Greeks asked for her resignation. Hope now you get the picture and I don’t have to explain word for word!!

  37. Jimbo West says:

    She’s freaking HOT!

  38. FrankW says:

    Yes you do. I posted a dictionary definition of racism earlier. Which portion was her statement in violation of?
    Greece (like many Euroweenie nations) is liberal out the wazoo. Any commentary concerning a nationality or race (uttered by a non-protected status member) can be considered racist, even if it is not.
    Was her comment in poor taste, maybe, that is subjective. Was it racist, not according to the definition. What objective (not subject to interpretation or opinion) evidence is there to prove her racist?
    BTW, isn’t Christine Lagarde the current manager of the IMF (International Monetary fund, for those with liberal educations, not impossible mission force)?
    You asked if I was illiterate and then inserted a name with no connection perceivable. Also considering the decision making skills of the Greek government (bailout-bankrupt) you really want to use the “because the Greek government said so defense”?
    BTW use spell check before calling someone illiterate.

  39. Brenda Casey says:

    sooo she’s allowed her opinions— if a black person said it—, it would be passed over by the liberal media crap!!

  40. Judith M. says:

    Sorry, was that a racist joke? I thought it was more of nationalist joke.

  41. AC says:

    If she knew about your great arms and all of your power, she would not be able to resist. I’m referring to your weapons and solar equipment of course. 🙂

    Unfortunately, that only seems to attract materialistic moonbats. There are no single women at the range. 🙁

  42. AC says:

    Sorry, was that a racist joke? I thought it was more of nationalist joke.

    That’s racist and they don’t even know it. A recent study out of Liberal University found that 71% of developing fetuses harbor racist thoughts, with a full 91% of racist fetuses being regular listeners of Rush Limbaugh.

    Only a person with a PhD in racial studies can fully understand everything which is racist – after all, that’s why the taxpayers invest so much money into educating such experts, right? /sarc

  43. SlimeDog says:

    She should have been punished by being forced to compete in the original uniform of the Greek Olympics!

  44. M.Wilson says:

    It might be because I’m not Greek, but I don’t see any racism at all in her comment.

    Concerning the people trying to claim other races are inherently “inferior”, and claiming their mere presence will supposedly result in the destruction of civilization as we know it, that is patently false. Historically, we have assimilated many supposedly “inferior” races before to great success. This is because, as has been mentioned, it’s the culture that makes a successful civilization and not the race. The only reason we are having trouble now is that we have abandoned assimilation in favor of cultural segregation, better known as “identity politics”.

    Affirmative action, political correctness, “hate crimes”, hyping up “First whatever”, grouping voting blocs by race, and the whole of multiculturalism, all these things are used to *segregate* us and prevent assimilation. It’s Divide and Conquer.

  45. Bath House Barry says:

    son of a preacher man says: July 25, 2012 at 11:07 am- “Trolls please explain how that joke is racist. I need a good laugh.”

    When Honkeys say “African”, they mean “boy”. “Mosquito” is racist code for “spearchucker”. “Home food” is a racist dog whistle for “fried chicken”.

  46. Proud cracker says:

    God bless her and fuck all you lib nigger loving trash and fuck yea im proud to be white and ill never apologies for being white

  47. kels says:

    FrankW guess if I where to call you a goat that wouldn’t be an insult cause if we look at the def of a ‘goat’ it has to do with a domesticated animal with horns. From my guess you don’t have a horn! But still its still an insult and its ment figuratively.
    Did you even read her statement, ‘“With so many Africans in Greece, the West Nile mosquitoes will be getting home food’, she basically insulted Africans. You do know what an insult means or do u have to check your small Dick! Joke or no joke it was expensive and uncalled for.
    You don’t see anybody making jokes at Greeks brokeness or how much of a lier they are or how lazy and racist they are (unless for the IMF leader!!!

  48. kels says:

    Proud cracker you not just white but you white trash! If we had less white people like you the world would be a much better place cause you give white a grimm colour. Fuckin gringo

  49. Proud cracker says:

    Fuck you kels you dirty mud lover if you love africa or africans mayby you should move over there then they can chop you up with their machettes then youll be one less piece of shit the world will have to put up with

  50. kels says:

    You stupid piece of white trash. Africa is a more moral and respectul than what ever jungle you might be from. Africans have more values and that why I admire her!!!

  51. FrankW says:

    Nah, goat is cool. Greatest of all time. Nope I do not have a protrusion (or two) growing from the head.
    BTW, she was also insulting the white Africans with her comment. Quit looking for racism where it does not exist.
    I would love to hear Greek bankruptcy jopkes, know any?

    Here is a simple joke, find the racism.
    Two guys walk into a bar, third one ducked.

    If you love Africa so much, go there, stay there. It would simultaneously raise the IQ of both continents. Ditto for Europe, Antarctica, or any other continent.

  52. FrankW says:

    When liberals cannot defend a position they will deflect the argument. kels went from accusations of racism to kindergarten name calling.
    I wish he would make up his mind though, either I have small genitalia or none. I don’t get the expensive part. Did she purchase her comment?
    As far as lazy goes, the Greek government (ran by fiscal liberals) is stupid and lazy for getting them in this mess.
    kels, Hawa mavi ya punda. Swahili, look it up. I love insults in a different language, they sound important even when they are not.

  53. octa bright says:

    Do you consider the fact that most of the world’s failed satates are in Africa a sign of morality? Do you consider the fact that most of the world’s most bloody civil wars are in Africaa sign of respect? Rhodesia may have been lousy for the Black Africans but at least they were not starving.
    By adopting socialism and communism the Africans accepted the most poisonious of western idiologies and have doomed themselves to generations of misery.

  54. M.Wilson says:

    That split personality troll arguing with himself in broken English is kind of amusing, but I do say he needs to clean up his language. *sips tea*

  55. Wednesday says:

    Her comment was deemed “racist” because it drew attention to the Multikultur plot to ethnically cleanse the Caucasian people of Greece. Plus she had publicly supported the Golden Dawn Party, sworn enemies of the Multikult. The Olympian was therefore an enemy. The Multikult saw their chance to strike, and did so.

  56. czuch says:

    I have a white friend from South Africa.
    He IS an African American. He got his citizenship of which he is very proud. Its hilarious to watch a self rightious sanctimonious entitled black guy get in a conversation with my American friend.

  57. Proud cracker says:

    Kels with your last comment you showed just how much of a douchecanoe you are the fact that you think africans have morals or values amazes me and shows everyone what a dumb liberal toerag sniffing tit you are

  58. Mike (LANMaster) says:

    Poor form, Greece. It was a little racist joke.
    Hey … doing it Greek is f-ing in the ass, right?
    Well, you all just did that to this lady.


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