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Feb 19 2012

One Goofy Metrosexual

The latest from Gaylife I mean Daylife:


He should come with a key you can wind up to make the teeth chatter.

The Secret Service is still chasing the patriotic bird that got his shoulder.

On a tip from Granny Jan.

12 Responses to “One Goofy Metrosexual”

  1. Jay B. says:

    But he looks so presidential! Bush!!!

  2. kmsbc says:

    Would that be the bird in the lower right corner of the pic?

  3. Granny Jan says:

    It looks like his Just for Men got washed off in the rain.

    I see a lot of people like Barry around. They’re usually standing in a corner, muttering to themselves and asking for change.

  4. lao's mom says:

    and with their hands inside their raincoats…….

  5. lao's mom says:

    Hey, that kid in the lower right is giving Obama the finger!!!!
    Look for him to be deported tomorrow.

  6. Airborne says:

    Remember Obama’s boyfriend in Chicago? Of course you don’t, he is dead! Yahoo it, Google whitewashed it.

  7. angryK9 says:

    How do we get rid of this queer?

  8. Jimbo says:

    I bet Tingles has a Fathead wall decal of that on his bedroom wall.

  9. chuck in st paul says:

    “oooo… I just did a doody in my pants. Te he he he.”

  10. wingmann says:

    C’mon peeps,it’s cold outside and he was going commando…………(i just puked)

  11. whosebone says:

    barry just heard they sold another volt

  12. As much as I can’t stand him I am struck by the sheer ecstasy he’s in. Being away from Michelle must be heaven for the bastard.

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