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Mar 27 2013

One Fewer Math Teacher to Hold Back the Progressive Revolution

Degenerate liberalism may be on the cusp of total victory, but Culture War crossfire still rages on, as pockets of resistance are rooted out even deep behind enemy lines in places like moonbatty Portland, Oregon:

Last week, a Portland, Oregon math teacher was led out of his classroom by police and is expected to be fired for his opposition to Planned Parenthood. For years, Benson High School teacher Bill Diss has protested Planned Parenthood of Columbia Willamette (PPCW) building an abortion facility as well as their infiltration into the city’s schools.

This Fall, he refused to allow Planned Parenthood staffers to come into his class to push their agenda, under the auspices of the Teen Outreach Program — why was this interrupting a math class, of all things? — and ever since, the school’s administration (not to mention PPCW) has had it out for him.

With Diss out of commission, the nation’s largest abortion mill was freed up to focus on other local initiatives, such as promoting last night’s Sex Toy Workshop & Soiree. From the PPCW announcement:

In this class, you will learn about the origin of sex toys and their evolution throughout history. She Bop’s very own AJ (aka Amory Jane) will explain the different types of toys, what they are used for, what they are made from, as well as certain ingredients to be aware of when selecting the best product for you. She will also address how to maintain and store your toys so that you can enjoy them for as long as possible.

The stated purpose was to raise funds for “health center services and education and programs.” That would include the Teen Outreach Program Diss is getting canned for keeping out of his math class.

Now a school where only 51% of students are judged to be proficient in math is down one math teacher.

But at least Planned Parenthood’s future customers will learn that the authorities approve of them getting an early start on casual, meaningless sex.

For those who missed it, similar classes are held at Yale.

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30 Responses to “One Fewer Math Teacher to Hold Back the Progressive Revolution”

  1. Flu-Bird says:

    Living under a dictator this is what its like living under a dictator

  2. Skyfall says:

    …and when they came for me, there was no one left to speak up.

  3. StanInTexas says:

    To understand who rules you, look only to see who you are not allowed to criticize!

  4. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Well they will now learn to count, one STD and/or abortion at a time

  5. yourmotherwaswrong says:

    Flu-Bird says:

    “Living under a dictator this is what its like living under a dictator.”

    Stop your day drinking…Moron.

  6. Flu-Bird says:


  7. Flu-Bird says:

    YOURMOTHER WASWRONG.I dont drink you moron

  8. christopher swift says:

    Even worse, there is usually a shortage of qualified math/science teachers. But why would a board of ed care about that?

  9. Mack Hall, HSG says:

    Yes, yes, but only half of you voted last November and none of you voted in your last school board election. You type, you fuss, you complain, but you don’t vote.

  10. Notalib says:

    Who needs math? Learning about abortion is much more conducive to the future happiness and well-being of these kiddies. Do you really imagine that any of them will be in a position to balance a checkbook or something?

  11. KHarn says:

    “yourmotherwaswrong says:March 27, 2013 at 1:01 pm”

    So you think that SEX TOY HSTORY is a vital subject?

    “Mack Hall, HSG says:March 27, 2013 at 1:32 pm”

    I voted dipshit; and I made sure that my vote was recorded. Folks like us followed the voting laws; the neo-commies violated them.

  12. Skyfall says:

    Mack, I’d say the percentage of voters here at MB is pretty high. There is one thing, though…the left, empowered by Satan, is now in control. Votes matter less and less, as do actions. The progressives are getting everything they want. They can say one thing, do another, cheat, lie, steal…no matter what the destructive behavior, they still enjoy support and control.

    This will not change in any meaningful way until their power is turned off. That has yet to happen.

  13. Doug says:

    yourmotherwaswrong says:
    March 27, 2013 at 1:01 pm

    Troll disguised as a Moby.

    Please apply the Ban Hammer.

  14. yourmotherwaswrong says:

    Flu-Bird says:

    YOURMOTHER WASWRONG.I dont drink you moron

    I stand corrected.

    Whatever the Bird says.

    So then…just what is your excuse for being brain dead and lacking critical thinking skills?

    Oh I know!

    You’re a Government Boot Licker. A Republican Boot Licker.

    The government has quotas for that too. 🙂

  15. yourmotherwaswrong says:

    Doug says:

    yourmotherwaswrong says:
    March 27, 2013 at 1:01 pm

    “Troll disguised as a Moby.

    Please apply the Ban Hammer”

    Why would you attempt to deny free speech?

    What are you afraid of??

    Only Nazis “Ban Hammer.”


  16. Doug says:


  17. Skyfall says:

    LOL, I love it. Prog troll Yo’Mama is lecturing us about free speech!

    No, Mom…no ‘free speech’ here. We have drunk the Kool-Aid and taken a page from every university, mainstream news program, Dem politician and left-wing activist group: free speech means “We get to talk, and if you dis-agree, you’re gone”. (…and we STILL give you guys more latitude to spew your bile than any of the above mentioned thug-organizations give a conservative.)

    Now, care to discuss why we’re right, or do you want to get hit with the thousand-pound ban-hammer? (SEE? I’m pro-choice!)

  18. Sam Adams says:

    In case anyone has checked, the US isn’t gaining ground on other countries in the area of math education. Of course Planned Parenthood approves of killing babies. Why shouldn’t they approve of killing the chances for children who happen to be a bit older?

    Planned Parenthood has no business being anywhere near a public school.

  19. Jimbo says:

    I’ve said a million times, and I’ll say a million MORE times – THE most important think to a stinking liberal is sex – the nastier the better. That’s how liberals judge everything and everybody – if it isn’t about sex it’s not worth worrying about.

    I hate stinking liberalism. Liberalism is a world cancer that kills millions every year. That’s why I buy lots and lots and lots of ammo.

  20. KHarn says:

    “yourmotherwaswrong says:March 27, 2013 at 2:13 pm”

    Bite me. “national SOCIALIST german workers’ party”.

  21. KHarn says:

    Q: why are “liberals” always merling about “nazis” but never about COMMUNISTS?

    A: they protect their own.

    I remember back durring the civil rights movement when the COMMUNISTS started calling themselves “liberals”; everbody else called them “PHONY liberals”. By the late sixties, aided by the socialist-leaning media, “liberal” became another word for “COMMUNIST”. By the ninties, that word became too obviousm so they became “progressives”m which was what COMMUNISTS called themselves after World War 2.

    Bite me.

  22. Sam Adams says:

    Let’s be honest…the NAZI party is just another flavor of socialist party. National Socialist versus International Socialist…..both hate free markets; both hate freedom, both love Karl Marx. Both talk about killing their enemies.

    Jimbo…I’m wondering…..more 5.56, 12 gauge OO buckshot, or 40 cal S&W?

  23. Comrade J says:

    @Sam Adams

    You are absolutely correct. See Soviet Story for more details.

    Interesting fact. The nazis didn’t invent concentration camps – they actually sent people to Communists to learn how to built and run those. Communists called them Gulags.

  24. Dr.9 says:

    These are the kinds of things that happen when a nation of formally free people allow themselves to become weak, gullible, sheep.You can tell what a pathetic society we’ve become when we can’t/won’t even protect our own children from being brain washed.

  25. Flu-Bird says:

    Planned Parenthood and its brownshirts and Hitler had his SS goons Obama have the NBPP

  26. Jessie Hymie Town says:

    Math is not part of social justice or hopey changey. Math be rayciss!

  27. Jodie says:

    Pro-Choise. Is that European TED? (Just kidding!)

  28. Chris in N.Va. says:

    Well, the earnest, wholly egalitarian PP folks DO want to prevent “unwanted” multiplication (of certain “unwanted” segments of society, at least {re: Margaret Sanger]), so disrupting a math class could do double duty in the multiplication-prevention department.


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