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Oct 01 2018

One Sector, 1 Year, 650 Illegal Aliens from Bangladesh Arrested

Meanwhile, as supporters of Brett Kavanaugh struggle to defend our system of government from Democrats willing to destroy it along with fundamental concepts of justice, the end game plays out off camera. In fiscal 2018, the Border Patrol arrested at least 650 unlawful invaders just in the Laredo Sector — and that’s only counting the ones from the faraway Islamic hellhole Bangladesh. No one knows how many got in undetected.

Bangladeshis pay up to $27,000 apiece to be smuggled into our country.

“When you have countries like Bangladesh that have had potential ties to terrorism in the past — well, these folks that are coming from that country, what is their intent when they are crossing into the United States illegally?” Laredo Sector Acting Chief Patrol Agent Jason D. Owens told Breitbart Texas during a phone interview earlier this year. “What is their ultimate destination? What is their goal?”

Whatever their goal, we know the goal of the Democrat Party: to open the floodgates even wider while increasing the incentives, so as to culturally and demographically transform America out of existence.

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