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Jun 24 2019

Online Knitting Community Bans Support for POTUS

Wherever you can find moonbats, you can find the repressive tolerance that characterizes their mentality. Even an online knitting community has banned support for the POTUS.

Here’s how Ravelry describes itself:

Ravelry is a place for knitters, crocheters, designers, spinners, weavers and dyers to keep track of their yarn, tools, project and pattern information, and look to others for ideas and inspiration. The content here is all user- driven; we as a community make the site what it is.

However, the community is forbidden for making the site a place where you might say something nice about the President. From yesterday’s official policy announcement:

We are banning support of Donald Trump and his administration on Ravelry.

This includes support in the form of forum posts, projects, patterns, profiles, and all other content.

Hold on, the hypocrisy here could knock you off your chair:

We cannot provide a space that is inclusive of all and also allow support for open white supremacy.

They cannot be inclusive without repressing the large percentage of the population that does not share their political outlook.

Support of the Trump administration is undeniably support for white supremacy.

The oft-shrieked claim that Trump personifies “white supremacy” remains to be substantiated. Maybe we should stop taking this term at face value and instead define it as meaning nothing more specific than “what moonbats don’t like.”

The policy statement encourages Ravelry readers to rat out thought criminals among their fellow knitters if they see any “unacceptable” projects or patterns.

A knitting community has become a microcosm of a world under liberal control.

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