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Nov 06 2018

Open Borders + Welfare + Migrant Caravans

What do you get when you combine largely open borders with largely socialized medicine? A feeding frenzy that we may not survive. The current migrant caravans are only a foretaste. From a tear-jerker AP piece intended to emotionally manipulate us into allowing our country to be invaded by a foreign army:

Cesar Rodas, 24, had pushed a friend’s wheelchair for 24 days across three countries. But he couldn’t lift his friend and the chair onto a truck bed crammed with 150 people. Rodas was trying to get Sergio Cazares, a 40-year-old paraplegic from Honduras, to the U.S. for an operation that Cazares hopes will allow him to walk again.

In his luggage, Sergio is carrying dozens of gold bars to pay for the lifetime of expensive medical care he requires. Just kidding. He is counting on American taxpayers picking up the stratospheric cost.

It is wonderful that charities exist to help people like Sergio. What is not so wonderful is that he is not coming here for charity. He is coming to enslave us, on the assumption that we will be forced to finance his needs.

This isn’t about one Sergio. This is about an infinite number of Sergios.

As soon as Democrats have the leverage, they will open the border and socialize medicine the rest of the way, while providing any number of other coercively financed benefits to the rest of the world.

The army of Sergios will eat us alive.

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