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Jun 22 2016

Open Thread

Via amdenijs7.

38 Responses to “Open Thread”

  1. Open Thread says:

    […] Source link […]

  2. Good Stuff says:

    What’s it like to fire a Atomic Rocket Rifle? It’s an experience I’ll never forget. Everybody knows atomic hand held weapons are scary looking and ought to be banned, but I thought I would try to shoot one without any preconceived notions. What I encountered changed me forever.

    Atomic Hand Held Weapons are Scary

  3. MAS says:

    Republicans to roll over and piss themselves in 3-2-1…

  4. Tom says:

    Great photoshop!
    These clowns are an embarrassment…

  5. Donna M says:

    Just to see Elijah Cummings, Barbara Lee and other Black Caucus members getting paid to sit on their @$$!
    …and this is the “best” they can do.
    Their just doin’ what comes naturally!
    Loud mouthed, do nothings sitting on their “greatest” @$$ets!!!
    Look out, they mean BUSINESS!
    Oh yeah…the earth is “SHAKING” and THE “WORLD” IS TERRIFIED!
    I mean REALLY!

  6. seaoh says:

    I wish I could have seen Hillary’s face during this radio interview. Gutsy reporter needs to double check the last few years of his tax returns and prepare for an audit at a minimum.

  7. Donna M says:

    You’ve heard of, “Straight Out of Compton”?
    Well, this is “Straight Outta’ Buck Rogers, or Jules Verne,”!

  8. Bodhisattva says:

    Anatomy of the terror threat: Files show hundreds of US plots, refugee connection

    (And nothing to do with Global Warming despite repeated attempts by Obama and his ilk to claim otherwise.)

    Newly obtained congressional data shows hundreds of terror plots have been stopped in the U.S. since 9/11 – mostly involving foreign-born suspects, including dozens of refugees.

    The files are sure to inflame the debate over the Obama administration’s push to admit thousands more refugees from Syria and elsewhere, a proposal Donald Trump has vehemently opposed on the 2016 campaign trail.

    “[T]hese data make clear that the United States not only lacks the ability to properly screen individuals prior to their arrival, but also that our nation has an unprecedented assimilation problem,” Sens. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., and Ted Cruz, R-Texas, told President Obama in a June 14 letter, obtained by

    The files also give fresh insight into the true scope of the terror threat and cover a wide range of cases, including:

    A Seattle man plotting to attack a U.S. military facility
    An Atlantic City man using his “Revolution Muslim” site to encourage confrontations with U.S. Jewish leaders “at their homes”
    An Iraq refugee arrested in January, accused of traveling to Syria to “take up arms” with terror groups
    While the June 12 massacre at an Orlando gay nightclub marked the deadliest terror attack on U.S. soil since 2001, the data shows America has been facing a steady stream of plots. For the period September 2001 through 2014, data shows the U.S. successfully prosecuted 580 individuals for terrorism and terror-related cases. Further, since early 2014, at least 131 individuals were identified as being implicated in terror.

    Across both those groups, the senators reported that at least 40 people initially admitted to the U.S. as refugees later were convicted or implicated in terror cases.

    Among the 580 convicted, they said, at least 380 were foreign-born. The top countries of origin were Pakistan, Lebanon and Somalia, as well as the Palestinian territories.

  9. Bodhisattva says:

    State Department staffers wrestled for weeks in December 2010 over a serious technical problem that affected emails from then-Secretary Hillary Clinton’s home email server, causing them to temporarily disable security features on the government’s own systems, according to emails released Wednesday.

  10. Bodhisattva says:

    Donald Rumsfeld says Hillary Clinton isn’t qualified to sit in the Oval Office, and ‘would probably be indicted’ over her emails if she were a junior military grunt.

  11. Bodhisattva says:

    Russia to reveal location of US military satellites in free space database

    Russia’s own data on near-Earth objects – including military satellites not covered by the open catalog of the North-American warning system NORAD – could soon be made publicly available as a comprehensive database, Russian media report.
    Russia is planning to set up a free database on thousands of near-Earth objects, including those not publicly listed in open catalogs of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), Izvestia newspaper reported on Tuesday.

    NORAD doesn’t only track Santa at Christmas – its database also provides details on thousands of satellites launched, destroyed or still functioning. While the catalog does not disclose data on America’s own military or dual-use satellites (or those of allies – Japan, France, Germany and Israel among them), as Izvestia says, it does feature Russia’s defense satellites.

    At a Vienna meeting of the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space in mid-June, Russia proposed to create a similar UN-run database “collecting, systemizing, sharing and analyzing information on objects and events in outer space.” Such an international database would be available to any country that has capabilities in the areas of human spaceflight, launches or satellites.

    Russia’s written proposal presented at the meeting encouraged governments to share their own data banks on “scheduled and performed space launches” as well as “functioning space objects and in-orbit operations.”

    Russia’s proposal to create the UN-run database reportedly encountered US resistance, with a diplomatic source explaining to Izvestia: “The Americans want to keep their monopoly on regulating outer space traffic… Plus, the US military is not keen on disclosing information on a number of defense-related objects.”

    Meanwhile, Russia’s own space objects database will go online “at any rate,” as the country already has enough telescopes, radars and observation stations to detect any human-made body orbiting Earth, the report claimed.

    “Our network spots approximately 40 percent more [space] objects than you can find in open American databases,” Igor Molotov, senior research fellow of the Russian Academy of Sciences, told the newspaper.

    “We have several times more telescopes … than NORAD,” he said, adding that Russian observation stations are able of covering larger areas of space because of better weather conditions.

  12. Bodhisattva says:

    In the wake of the horrific attack on an Orlando nightclub by a man espousing allegiance to ISIS, it didn’t take long for the Big Three networks (ABC, NBC, CBS) to advance the preferred political line of the Democrats, in this election year, to push for more gun control. Beginning on the evening following the shooting, NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt on June 12, sounded the clarion call for gun control: “Today’s terror attack brings national security and the debate over gun control to forefront of the presidential campaigns once again.”

    And for the next week, an MRC study shows the broadcast network news programs flooded their shows with statements favoring gun control over gun rights by a ratio of 8 to 1.

    MRC analysts reviewed all 47 gun policy stories (41 full segments, 6 anchor read briefs), plus 10 other stories that mentioned gun policy on the Big Three networks’ evening (ABC’s World News Tonight, CBS Evening News, NBC Nightly News) and morning show programs (ABC’s Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, NBC’s Today), beginning with the evening (June 12) after the shooting through Friday evening, June 17.

    The study found a huge disparity in the airtime devoted to advancing more gun control versus arguments in favor of gun rights.

    Time spent arguing in favor of more gun control overwhelmed time devoted to opposing gun rights by 65 minutes and 12 seconds, to just eight minutes and 12 seconds.

    CBS was the most stridently anti-gun rights network. By a whopping 10 to 1 ratio, CBS devoted more time to arguing in favor of gun control (30 minutes, 40 seconds) to time that supported gun rights (2 minutes, 56 seconds).

    NBC devoted nine times as much airtime to anti-gun rights arguments (23 minutes, 20 seconds), while matching CBS with airtime for pro-gun rights statements (2 minutes, 56 seconds.)

    ABC, which seemed far less interested in serious policy discussions, still devoted more airtime to arguments in favor of gun control (11 minutes, 12 seconds) to those favoring Second Amendment rights (2 minutes, 20 seconds), a 4 to 1 ratio.

    So determined to agitate their viewers into restricting gun rights, CBS may have even broken the law to achieve that end. In an anti-gun story warning about how easy it is to get dangerous weapons, aired on the June 16 edition of CBS This Morning, one of their producers participated in an undercover sting to show how, in the words of one of the talking heads aired in the piece, “Throughout most of America you can go into a store and buy an AR-15 just like you would go into Starbucks and buy a cup of coffee.”

    According to the gun store in question, the CBS producer may have broken federal law: “Ms. Paula Reid came into the shop with cash, claiming she wished to purchase an AR-15 to ‘undergo training.’ She refused basic, free instruction of firearms safety under the pretense that she was using the firearm for training with a NRA certified instructor. Due to the information provided in the CBS News report filed today, I suspect Ms. Reid committed a straw purchase and procurement of a firearm under false pretenses.”

  13. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Maybe someone should inform these folks that gun control laws from the beginning were intended to keep guns out of the hands of black men.

  14. Mr. Freemarket says:



    The dude would, by know, be convicted and sitting in a prison cell in the basement of the prison.

  15. Mr. Freemarket says:

    “…. adding that Russian observation stations are able of covering larger areas of space because of better weather conditions.”

    It is too cold in many parts of Siberia for clouds. Makes for great night-time viewing of the sky….and the snow…and the polar bears…..and the political malcontents.

  16. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Question….how will more strict gun control laws keep guns out of the hands of a security guard who works for a DHS contractor? Seriously….his job required him to carry a gun.

    Maybe if we prohibited either gays or Muslims from owning guns or working as security guards?

  17. Jodie says:

    Uh oh; I’ve seen that look before. I think the big baby on the left needs a diaper change.

  18. MAS says:

    There you go with that logic stuff again. Babies don’t hear logic and neither do useful idiot Marxists. The proof is these these jackasses sitting on the floor of the house like petulant children throwing a fit in the supermarket aisle.

  19. Rotohammer says:

    So amend the constitution. Draw up the amendment, pass it through congress and send it out to the states for ratification. No need for all the drama.

    That whole “living, breathing document” BS can’t get around the second amendment and it pisses them off.

  20. Donna M says:

    or, “clean up on congressional aisle 7”!
    …and of course, they must follow all the OSHA protocols…
    Which may end up costing the taxpayers, exhorbitant time, money and effort.

  21. Buffalobob says:

    In the years to come, new junior Dem congressmen will be taken to the house floor and shown the pee stains of their elders.

  22. Bodhisattva says:

    You win some, you lose some:


    WIN! – Deadlock on Obama’s deliberate flaunting of immigration laws leaves lower court ruling, AGAINST OBAMA, in place:

    And, of course, Obama blames the Republicans:

    LOSE! – In a major victory for affirmative action, a divided Supreme Court on Thursday upheld the University of Texas admissions program that takes account of race. Kagan sat out the case because she worked on it while serving in the Justice Department. The court’s three more conservative justices dissented, and Justice Samuel Alito read portions of his dissent from the bench. In a separate dissent, Justice Clarence Thomas repeated his view that the Constitution outlaws any use of race in higher education admissions. Eight states prohibit the use of race in public college admissions: Arizona, California (!), Florida, Michigan, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Oklahoma and Washington.

    WIN? – I haven’t really thought this one through and, since I rarely drink and NEVER drink and drive, it doesn’t affect me personally:


    The Supreme Court on Thursday placed new limits on state laws that make it a crime for motorists suspected of drunken driving to refuse alcohol tests.

    The justices ruled that police must obtain a search warrant before requiring drivers to take blood alcohol tests, but not breath tests, which the court considers less intrusive.

    That seems reasonable to me at first glance.

    LOSE? – Again I am not fully up on this one, but my first impression is as stated.

    The Supreme Court is making it tougher for federal prosecutors to seek longer prison terms for people convicted of repeated violent crimes.

    The justices ruled 5-3 Thursday that lower courts are limited in how they can consider prior state crimes for purposes of increasing sentences under the federal Armed Career Criminal Act.

  23. Bodhisattva says:

    And another typical liberal dog and pony show fails miserably to achieve their desired goal:

    Freddie Gray Van Driver Found Not Guilty On All Charges

    Too bad they put him and the rest of us through their nonsense to reach this appropriate end.

    Officer Caesar Goodson [WHO IS BLACK HIMSELF], who was driving the police van inside which Freddie Gray suffered his fatal neck injury last April, has been found not guilty of second-degree “depraved heart” murder by Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Barry Williams.

    Goodson, 46, has also been found not guilty on charges of manslaughter, assault, misconduct in office and reckless endangerment.

    Goodson waived his right to a trial by jury. His bench trial began June 9 and final arguments were heard Monday.

    Gray, a 25-year-old black man from the Sandtown area of Baltimore, died of his injury on April 19, 2015. A week earlier, Baltimore City police officers put him in the back of Goodson’s van, handcuffed and shackled, but unrestrained by a seat belt.

    His death set off more than a week of protests followed by looting, rioting and arson that prompted a citywide curfew.

    After the verdict was read, protesters began chanting “Murderer!” over and over again outside the courthouse.

  24. Bodhisattva says:

    And people are speaking out about the malicious prosecutions of police by liberals:

    Baltimore Police union president calls on Mosby to reconsider ‘malicious prosecution’

    The president of a union representing Baltimore Police Officers held a briefing Thursday, after Officer Caesar Goodson was cleared of charges in the Freddie Gray case. [see my previous post]

    Lt. Gene Ryan said he was very pleased and “extremely grateful” for Judge Barry William’s ruling and called on Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby to drop the cases against the remaining four officers facing trial.

    “While we agree with the verdict in this case against Officer Goodson we also suggest that Mrs. Mosby reconsider her malicious prosecution against the remaining four officers,” said Ryan. “We are more than certain that they too will be found to be without guilt. To continue this travesty is an insult to the tax-paying citizens of Baltimore who, at the end of the day, bear the full burden of the enormous costs of these trials that have no merit and continue to divide our city.”

    Goodson was facing the most serious charges of the six officers involved with Gray’s arrest, including second-degree murder. Brian Rice is the next officer scheduled to stand trial, on July 5.

  25. Bodhisattva says:

    California’s skyrocketing housing costs, taxes prompt exodus of residents

    Living in San Jose, Kathleen Eaton seemingly had it all: a well-paying job, a home in a gated community, even the Bay Area’s temperate weather.

    But enduring a daily grind that made her feel like a “gerbil on a wheel,” Eaton reached her limit.

    Skyrocketing costs for housing, food and gasoline, along with the area’s insufferable gridlock, prompted the four-decade Bay Area resident to seek greener pastures — 2,000 miles away in Ohio.

    “It was a struggle in California,” Eaton said. “It was a very difficult place to live. … It’s a vicious circle.”

    Eaton is far from alone.

    A growing number of Bay Area residents — besieged by home prices, worsening traffic, high taxes [thanks to liberal moonbats] and a generally more expensive cost of living [again thanks to liberal moonbats, made worse now by the mandatory increases in minimum wage] — believe life would be better just about anywhere else but here.

    And the kicker is I would not be surprised if Kathleen Eaton is the cause of this problem – a liberal moonbat who now is admitting that she’s been wrong all along. Now moonbats are leaving the sinking ship they’ve created like the democRATS they are, very likely coming to YOUR STATE to start ruining it as well!

  26. Bodhisattva says:

    Obama and the Democrats finally figured out how to destroy America once and for all:

    White Americans no longer account for the majority in hundreds of counties across the U.S.

    Now note this isn’t a “racial” issue because Hispanics are actually often considered to be Caucasians, i.e. just “brown” whites.

    And yet:

    White Americans no longer account for the majority in hundreds of counties across the U.S., a trend transforming America’s social and political landscape as Latinos, Asians and blacks outpace white population growth, according to census figures out Thursday.

    In 370 counties across 36 states and the District of Columbia, non-Hispanic whites accounted for less than half the population as of July 2015. That includes 31 additional counties since 2010, such as those encompassing Fort Worth and Austin in Texas; Charlotte, N.C.; Savannah, Ga.; and parts of suburban Atlanta and Sacramento, Calif.

    Of the nation’s 3,142 counties, the so-called minority majority ones—12% of the total—represent an outsize chunk of the U.S. population since they are home to almost one-third of Americans.

    The new figures point to a widening racial generation gap. While three-quarters of Americans age 55 and older are white, just 56% of those 18 to 34 are white, and only slightly more than half of minors are white, according to William Frey, a Brookings Institution demographer.

    These shifts will shape who wins this year’s elections, with Democrats benefiting from the growth of minorities since Latinos, blacks and Asians are more likely to vote Democratic. In several battleground states, including Florida, Nevada and New Mexico, the racial generation gap is even wider than in the rest of the country.

  27. Bodhisattva says:

    Billboard goes nuts, blames guns, not those misusing them, for gun deaths:

    I can actually agree with this bit:


    However, not by usurping our 2nd Amendment rights. A good start would be to start deporting anyone with any ties to terrorists or with any hint of radical Islamic sentiment. And of course STOP IMPORTING TERRORISTS, as Obama is hell-bent to do.

  28. Bodhisattva says:

    New STAR TREK series to make a major move towards smut, apparently:

    The upcoming Star Trek TV series will be unlike any previous small-screen incarnation of the franchise in at least one key respect, showrunner Bryan Fuller points out: It won’t be bound by broadcast content standards.

    Gratuitous nudity, sex and probably also violence can be expected.

    Oddly enough, the say they’re going to limit the profanity. Gee, thanks for that, at least!

    And GET THIS:

    Casting is underway, and Fuller says he’s considering actors for his roles in “a colorblind prism and a gender-blind prism.”

    Which basically means white males need not bother – they don’t want you.

  29. Bodhisattva says:

    And of course the liberal response to your perfectly reasonable question is “YOU RACIST BABY KILLER!” or some variant of same.

  30. Bodhisattva says:

    And apparently nobody died but the gunman.

    The Masked Gunman Who Attacked A German Theater Was The Only Casualty

    A special weapons and tactics police unit, the SEK, killed him to end the siege and free any potential hostages.

    QUESTION: Are the Germans howling for more restrictive gun laws?

    By the way, it’s been widely reported that the Aurora theater shooter used an AR-15 but I understand he actually had a Smith & Wesson M&P15.


    The left is trying to spin the story that the Orlando shooter was gay and actually did what he did because he was upset because his gay lover insisted on a threesome or some such nonsense.

    The FBI calls shenanigans on that moonbat tale:

    FBI investigators say they have found no evidence that Orlando shooter had gay lovers

    The FBI has found no evidence so far to support claims by those who say the Orlando shooter had gay lovers or communicated on gay dating apps, several law enforcement officials said.

    The shooter, on the other hand, claimed the shooting was carried out in allegiance to the militant group Islamic State, as a message to halt U.S. bombing in Iraq and Syria.

    I have seen reports that there was no gay porn on his computer – rather it was full of ISIS videos, particularly of their videos where they killed people various ways.

  31. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Indeed. We MUST pass a law. We HAVE to do something!!!

  32. Bodhisattva says:

    It’s just so frustrating that criminals, by definition, disregard laws. But THIS ONE… THIS ONE!

  33. Mr. Freemarket says:

    I triple dog dare ya not to bring a gun into this facility!!!

  34. Bodhisattva says:

    So nice of them to set up guaranteed gun-free shooting galleries all over the country for every militant Muslim and nutcase liberal moonbat, eh?

  35. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Workplace violence is a real problem in many parts of the country for would-be Muslim terrorists. In my neck of the woods, three in one hundred citizens are carrying at any one time. That means in a Horlando nightclub, probably ten armed people could put down those who are engaged in a little innocent jihad.

    Democrats just want to keep jihadists safe. If we show them love, maybe they will just go away.

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