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Nov 17 2016

Open Thread


Passed along by TrojanMan.

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  1. TrojanMan says:

    A job would imply work.

  2. TrojanMan says:

    “Ted Cruz To Friends: I’m Interested In Being Attorney General”

    Don’t do it Ted. I would not trust Trump at all. He would be able to fire you at will. Admiral Akbar said it best…”It’s a trap!!!” If i were Ted i would take SCOTUS or nothing.

  3. TrojanMan says:

    “DUDE! Trump meeting with Romney to discuss CABINET appointment – UPDATE: SEC OF STATE???”

    Romney is obviously no conservative. Do Trumpsters consider him part of the establishment? Not that I expect an honest answer.

  4. Bodhisattva says:

    A surge in border crossings and a lack of immigration jail space have prompted the federal government to start releasing Haitian immigrants who have been entering the country in large numbers in recent months, backtracking on a pledge to jail the migrants.

  5. Bodhisattva says:

    Obama’s (and the democrats’) refusal to secure our border is allowing terrorists in:

    Three Pakistani Men Apprehended in U.S. at Arizona Border

    Three Pakistani men were apprehended after crossing into the U.S. from Mexico in the Tucson Sector. A combination of sources — including official confirmation from Customs and Border Protection (CBP) — revealed the men were in fact apprehended and are currently in U.S. federal custody.
    Breitbart Texas sources first released the information and CBP confirmed via email. CPB responded:

    U.S. Border Patrol agents in Nogales, AZ, apprehended three Pakistani nationals on Nov. 11. As a standard procedure, agents processed the individuals and checked their identities against numerous law enforcement and national security related databases. Record checks revealed no derogatory information about the individuals. The individuals are currently in Federal custody while they await the outcome of their immigration cases.

    Additional information on the individuals was obtained by federal agents working under the umbrella of CBP, but it is important to note that the additional details were not confirmed by CBP.

    “One of them had a shit load of hits from a bunch of places he’s been. He had entered and exited numerous countries that were not in his route to the U.S. This raises red flags because people leaving a foreign country to come here usually take the quickest route, but one of them did not,” said one of the sources.

    The source continued, “One of the men had his hair died blonde to disguise his appearance and all of the men spoke perfect English.”

    Breitbart Texas previously broke the news that five men from Pakistan and one from Afghanistan were caught within 17 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border in the same vicinity as the current apprehensions of Pakistani men. In that case, the FBI later confirmed to other news outlets that the details from Breitbart Texas sources were correct.

  6. Bodhisattva says:

    Aha… this was my thought after considering it:

    Plane that circled over Denver part of a secret mission. Exactly what – may not be revealed, at least not in our lifetime.

  7. Mr. Freemarket says:

    A legal immigrant at that. She is also 1. White, and 2. Attractive, and 3. Hasn’t lost her law licence.

  8. Bodhisattva says:

    NOAA claimed record heat in numerous locations is September, like these ones in Africa and the Middle East.

    This is a remarkable feat, given that they don’t have any actual thermometers in those regions. In fact, NOAA doesn’t have any thermometers on about half of the land surface.

    Satellite temperatures showed that September was close to normal in those regions which NOAA declared to be record hot.

    Not only is the land data fake, but much of the ocean data is fake too.

  9. Mr. Freemarket says:

    So did anyone sit down and ask them “are you terrorists?”

    If they say “no” then they are vetted. Let them go.
    If they say “yes” then ask them if the are Amish. If they say no, then they pose no threat. Let them go.

  10. Mr. Freemarket says:

    “If your satellites don’t show global warming, then what good are they? Indeed, if they show no global warming, why do we have you working, monitoring them. In fact, no global warming, you are out of a job, because we don’t need you.”

    “On the other hand, if your satellites show global warming, we will need to increase your staff, and increase the sensitivity of your instrumentation. You might save us from a crisis.”

  11. Mr. Freemarket says:

    “Ahmed…what does “pound sand” mean? I was talking to Chelsea about getting some of our money back, and she said “pound sand.” I’m not sure but it doesn’t sound all that good.”

  12. Feet2Fire - The Deplorable says:


    (Could explain why she never showed her face on election night…)

    She was in a “psychotic drunken rage” according to my reporter friend. Doctor added sedatives to the mix.”

    LMAO!! USA narrowly escaped a total catastrophe when we elected Trump instead of the crazed harridan.

    According to our insider, Hillary threw hot coffee on John Podesta and screamed “You and your crimes are going to be exposed for all the world!” Then she literally lunged at him screaming “DIE!!! DIE!!!!” Three people had to restrain her.

    –The best thing I’ve read/encountered in weeks! Enjoying a very therapeutic LAUGHING FIT!!!

  13. Bodhisattva says:


    It appears that increasing government funding on space, science and technology correlates with increased suicides!

    (This is a joke pointed at those who think that just because both atmospheric CO2 is increasing AND so – they claim – is global temperature, the former drives the latter. Although there is growing evidence the latter may drive the former so…)

  14. Bodhisattva says:

    PREDICTION: Pelosi is going down!

    Pelosi Faces Little-Known Opponent as Democrats Rue Election

    Representative Tim Ryan, a little-known Democrat from Ohio, said Thursday he’ll challenge Nancy Pelosi to lead a party that’s reeling from a disappointing Election Day.
    Ryan’s announcement that he’ll run against Pelosi pits him against the only woman to ever serve as House Speaker and comes after more than a half-dozen better-known colleagues in recent years shied away from the challenge. He declared his candidacy hours after she told reporters that she’d had support from more than two-thirds of the House’s roughly 200 Democratic members.

    How sexist of him!

  15. Bodhisattva says:

    You know, a lot of key economic indicators are suddenly moving. And Ford just announced it’s moving truck production FROM Mexico TO Ohio. The dollar is on fire. Unemployment is dropping – probably in anticipation of major changes to obamacare.

  16. Bodhisattva says:

    After Election, the Woman Investigating Clinton Foundation Crimes, FOUND DEAD!

    It has been reported on Reddit that Monica Petersen, working for the Human Trafficking Center, was in Haiti investigating possible human trafficking connections to the Clinton Foundation.

    Peterson previously worked for the Colorado Human Trafficking Council’s Data & Research Task Force. Early in 2016, a friend shared her blog post which was critical of Hillary Clinton’s shady dealings in Haiti.

  17. Bodhisattva says:

    Actually she got extensive plastic surgery, but to look at her, it’s starting to wear off.

  18. 762x51 says:

    HOW DARE YOU?!!?

    Use the words “Pelosi” and “going down” in the same sentence.

    That is soo wrong.

  19. KirklesWorth says:

    That’s a keeper.

  20. KirklesWorth says:

    And what “Trumpster” would be so inclined to give an honest answer to a so-called “conservative” anti-Trumper loser republican party deserter for Hillary?

  21. 762x51 says:

    Apparently, YOU would, TRUMPSTER.

    As a proud member of the RINO party, you have no shame anyway.

    Hey jerkles, did you know that your cult leader actually won only because fewer Democrats voted for Hillary? His “victory” was solely due to her being an evil bitch, not to his being “yuuuuuggeee”!! Good thing the Democrats didn’t run someone else against him, he would have gotten shellacked!


  22. 762x51 says:

    Professional Vacation Taker, I looked in the OPM General Schedule for an Occupational Code of that description but couldn’t find one.

    Doesn’t everyone take multiple multi-million dollar vacations each year? She is just continuing the way she lived before Barry became President.

    It’s good to be Queen.

  23. 762x51 says:

    Hi Twerples, you jerk. Up early for another day of arrogant cowardice I see.

    A Progressive like Romney is probably to your Progressive liking. Maybe he can give us another steaming pile like Obamacare which you will no doubt make plenty of excuses for to maintain your cult fealty. Such a servile little creature, princess jerkleTwerp.

  24. 762x51 says:

    A report out of Colorado showed it broke a 75 year record for warm temps on Wednesday when it hit 78 degrees in Denver. Of course it snowed there yesterday sooooo . . .

  25. KirklesWorth says:

    It’s obvious that you are butt-hurt that your fellow progressives didn’t turn out to elect Hillary to start your “progressive”-killing civil war, but pointing out the obvious definition of an election and insulting the republican party and the 59 million real patriots who saved you from a Clinton tyranny and your own stupidity isn’t going to change that. This “cult” is the voting majority of the people of the United States that you just insulted – how progressive. Any other progressive talking points or Alinsky tactics for me?

  26. 762x51 says:

    Oh your boy tRump is doing just fine at getting that started. The civil unrest is growing everyday, by January it should be nice and ripe for an explosion. The Inauguration should be a real party, I’m making popcorn. See stupid, it is YOU and your Progressive buddies who are starting it, not me, nice work, A-hole.

    See chicken squat, I don’t need you or anyone else to fight for me, I’m not a sniveling coward like you. Your “republican party” sucks, has for decades as the RINO stench emanating from it and you proves.

    BTW jerkles, do you have any idea how stupid you sound when stating “It’s obvious that you are butt-hurt that your fellow progressives didn’t turn out to elect Hillary to start your “progressive”-killing civil war,” That is a whole complete new level of idiocy. I think we will call it the JerkleTwerp Retardation Gradient. Why would Progressives turn out to start a “progressive killing” civil war? Idiot. But then you get very upset over Progressives being harmed, as an enemy collaborator would.

    Oh, one other thing, GFY, . . . LMAO!!

  27. KirklesWorth says:

    So, you give progressives a pass for starting civil unrest…interesting. And you are making the progressive talking points but calling me a “progressive”…interesting. And you are blaming me for everything…interesting.

    I didn’t ask, nor want, you to fight for me Mongo. You are sniveling all the time, you are a coward for abandoning the republican party and any conservative principles you may have had that somehow permitted you to want to throw the election to Hillary, And your continued insults to the republican party is just fine by me – keep ’em coming to demonstrate what a pushover coward you are.

    Let’s ask the question “are you a progressive?” You capitalize “Progressive” with respect, you lie, attack Trump, attack conservatives, attack republicans, use progressive talking points, make death threats, whine about how unfair things are, use Alinsky tactics, make excuses for Hillary’s loss…etc. Of course you are a progressive! You just want to be considered “conservative” because you love guns and conservatives are the gun-supporting party. Although you were willing to risk your guns for Hillary.

    You see, progressives like you don’t understand freedom, but your version of “progressives” are allowed to live contrary to your warped brain. Your fascist whims don’t give you permission to exterminate those who aren’t part of your pathetic mindset. That’s what being a patriotic American is you phony – defending Americans from those who would impost their fascist violence on innocent citizens. You have admitted you are more of a threat to Americans than the “hajjis you smoked”.

  28. 762x51 says:

    Of course not imbecile, that is a strawman argument which you Progressives love to construct. SO if you think I’ma coward, why are you so afraid to prove it princess?

    You, a patriotic American? ROTFLMAO! Did Alex Jones tell you that? Oh you are sooo brave, going a long with the Progressive flow, supporting a Progressive candidate, running whit the herd, in jerklesRetardWorld, that makes you a rebel AND a patriot, LMFAO!

    I don’t permission, A-hole. Your words, if you had the courage to them a man’s face would cause anyone to de-animate your pathetic, contemptible, sniveling carcass.

    Anyone who disagrees with the cult is a threat, anyone who disagrees with the cult is stupid, anyone who disagrees with the cult is against freedom, anyone who disagrees with the cult is a Hillary supporter, anyone who disagrees with the cult is a coward, blah,blah, blah. What a douche you are. Real American patriots don’t follow cults, pledge their loyalty to a man or a party. We pledge our loyalty to the Constitution, you idolatrous, golden calf worshiping sycophant.

    So jerkles, if I’m this “pushover coward” you claim, why won’t you face me and say that to my face? Seems to me that makes you either a liar or a coward, which is it?

  29. Wilberforce says:

    Hmm. I wonder why public school test scores and reading/math proficiencies are at an all-time low?

    “WATCH: Trump-triggered snowflakes flee for mock safe spaces with #TrumpsComingChallenge.”

  30. KirklesWorth says:

    Still capitalizing “Progressives” – how respectful of you. So, you condemned the civil unrest? All I saw was that you blamed Trump and me and that you were so excited about it that you were making popcorn.

    You prove yourself a coward, no need for me to do anything except keep re-posting what you’ve said.

    See, you are so stupid you try and change what I’ve said where I can so easily school you. I didn’t inject myself into the patriotic comment, I said: “That’s what being a patriotic American is you phony – defending Americans from those who would impost their fascist violence on innocent citizens.” Now it just so happens that I do that and you don’t. Draw your own (usually wrong) conclusions.

    You are so demonstrably idiotic that you would keep up this Alinsky meme. The progressive is you. You walk the walk, talk the talk, spew the spew. The closest you’ve been able to tie me to being a progressive is that I support Trump. Complete intellectual vapidity and Alinsky tactic. I however have demonstrated how your comments match progressive literary diarrhea practically word-for-word and you wanted the same outcome from this election as the progressives. So progressive, kill thyself (if you are so inclined – I would never suggest this type of progressive tactic).

    Just keep insulting the “cult” of Trump voters – you must know better than the 59 million republicans, conservatives, independents, and probably progressives who knew the obvious – that Hillary couldn’t be president and didn’t try to offer up the presidency on a golden platter to her like you did. You mean there is a “pledge to the Constitution”? Where is it? I’d probably like it. Have you read the Constitution? I need to know where it says “murder ‘progressives'”…

    In case I haven’t made this perfectly clear (which I have), nobody here takes orders, demands, requests, invites, etc. from you contrary to your violent fascist fantasies. Furthermore, nobody has any intention of getting within your firing range of your lying, loser, unintelligent, dishonorable, wannabe “progressive”-killing, Hillary-helping, wannabe “civil war” fighting, republican party defecting, progressive-helping, republican candidate hating, latent-homosexual, sadomasochistic, integrity-lacking, wife-insulting, so-called “conservative” face.

  31. Fiberal says:

    The Electoral College was implemented to prevent any one group from obtaining too much power.

    Dimocrats, the relentlessly ignorant and probably now the never-trumpers, by a large majority, want to abolish the Electoral College.

    This happens every time a Republican wins a national election but this time, since America is as close as it has ever been to a communistic form of government, and bc D Trump has become a rage focus for the pseudo egalitarian, the mindless and the emotionally-haunted, the sentiment has a stronger push this time.

    The battle cry of the Completely Stupid is that Cowlary won the popular vote. This is based loosely on numbers like these.

    Trump Cowliary
    – CNN 60,948,836 61,993,136
    – NYT 60,913,096 61,917,919
    – Politico 60,526,852 61,342,576

    And if you believe anything these Professional Lie Organizations (PLO) tell you, even that water is wet, you need to have your head examined.

    Again, as I have been trying to explain here against some resistance, if the vote due to cheating in the election were accounted for, Cowliary did not even win the popular vote.

    I previously estimated dimocrat fraud at 6%, based loosely on the recorded proportion of illegal aliens that actually vote in the national (but woefully low as an estimate of the total amount of cheating) that if removed, would then give Trump the popular advantage at 50.3%.

    Some other sites are also now starting to kick in on this

    – Long-time Clinton crony and appartatchick (crook), Terry McAuliffe now Goveronor of VA, pardoned 60,000 convicted felons and restored their voting rights, swinging the state for Cowliary.
    (BTW this also means that McAuliffe put 60,000 felons back into circulation with the right to buy guns and sit on jury trials: let’s see how that works out)

    -Governor Moonbeam of CA issued driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, allowing them to vote resulting in several million illegal alien, non-citizens to vote for Cowliary.

    (Which also means that they voted to take money out of your pocket and put it into their own).

    Illinois, NY and CA alone turned out at least 1.8 million dead voters for Cowliary.

    -No one yet knows how many Soros-owned voting machines changed into how many Trump votes

    As we go along, I suspect that we will start to see harder numbers, but suffice it to say that the fraud vote is almost assuredly in excess of 2 Million, which if subtracted from Cowliary’s total vote count, would give Trump the popular vote.

    Not that it should matter.

  32. TrojanMan says:

    Before the election he proudly showed this graph stating while Trump was more “conservative” than Clinton, Trump was still to the left of mittens. We know mittens is no conservative so what would that make Trump being to the left of mittens?

    Trump only won because more people hated Clinton than Trump in swing states. Both their unfavorable rating were in the toilet.

  33. TrojanMan says:

    Most importantly not an American hating racist.

  34. TrojanMan says:

    Remember, Obama said that NASA is no longer for the exploration of space but is now for moosephlem outreach.

  35. KirklesWorth says:

    Yes, and apparently you haven’t learned since then. Let’s see, I posted this one:

    And I posted this one:

    What’s so hard for you to comprehend? Can’t grasp the political spectrum? I thought it was pretty obvious myself.

  36. JackisBack says:

    Merkel’s boy-toys.

  37. Kevin R. says:

    Exactly. The discovery process in a trial of Clinton would uncover all kinds of things.

  38. Torcer says:

    The ‘pendulum’ swings to growth!!! Can the nation survive? /sarc.

    Opinion: Beleaguered bank and biotech stocks may soar as political ‘pendulum’ swings to growth
    Those two industries will be freed up from political pressure, says Larry Rosenthal of Rosenthal Wealth Management
    Banking and biotechnology may be among the two biggest beneficiaries of a pro-business administration in the White House.

    While stocks from many sectors have rallied following Donald Trump’s election, the more important opportunity for investors is a changing political climate in which certain U.S. companies will be actively supported.

    Larry Rosenthal, the president of Manassas, Va.-based Rosenthal Wealth Management and a financial planner, is “pretty optimistic” that Trump’s initiatives will be favorable for the U.S. economy, stocks in general and certain sectors in particular.

  39. The Trumpening says:

    It’s also high time to admit your sick cuck fetishes too. No wonder you have all this spare time to post lame, uninteresting bullshit on this cuck website. Your “significant other” spends all her spare time with her black lover you arranged.

    Cuckolding fetish relationships: Men wanting partners to sleep with other men reaches new high

  40. The Trumpening says:

    And where exactly is your “significant other” while you spend tens of hours each day in the Moonbattery Circle Jerk?

    see below.

  41. MAS says:

    The 2nd law of thermodynamics at work…

  42. MAS says:

    Any more plastic surgery/botox and ol’ Nancy will have to stand on her head to urinate.

  43. MAS says:

    Oh dang, tea all over the monitor again…

  44. TED says:


  45. TED says:

    NEVER have, NEVER will!!

  46. TED says:


  47. TED says:

    A Blanket Party would be more appropriate!! (anyone that has ever been in the military KNOWS what that is!)

  48. TED says:

    The TROLL Dave has yet to REMOVE!

  49. TED says: AND as long as the BLACKS remain bought off by trinkets from the LEFT and ON THE PLANTATION IT WILL REMAIN SO!!!

  50. KirklesWorth says:

    Sure Ted. I saw it when you posted it earlier. Good thing you voted for him.

  51. KirklesWorth says:

    Looks like Meg Griffin.

  52. KirklesWorth says:


  53. TED says:
    This IS the SAME dumbass that didn’t know what a tRUMP Brownshirt was!! ROTFLMAO!!!

  54. TED says:
    Neither a Dem or Rep, HE’S a Saviourist, Guess WHO he voted for last election!!

  55. KirklesWorth says:

    Uh huh…but you are one of us now. Voting for Trump puts you into a “Trump cult”…didn’t you know?

  56. KirklesWorth says:

    Odd, I thought everybody knew when Godwin’s Law was invoked when people couldn’t debate…?

  57. Torcer says:

    I’ll readily admit I laughed at that out loud..

  58. Torcer says:

    Keep it up, Snowflakes – You’re Doing the Impossible.
    Congrats, special snowflakes. You are well on your way to doing what more than a generation of conservative activists haven’t been able to accomplish – uniting the various factions within the party.

    During the 2016 election cycle (which seems like it started five years ago) conservatives have been destroying each other while the Democrats sat smugly and quietly to the side, enjoying the warmth from the dumpster fire. Sure, they ultimately had their own issues this summer between Bernie and Hillary (sheesh Bernie, didn’t you get the MEMO that this year was HILLARY?), but mostly they’ve been content that they’d win this year, even after nominating one of the most polarizing and unliked candidates ever.

    Until about 9 pm Pacific time on November 8, 2016. That’s when they learned how to defeat themselves.

    Hillary was already done.

    Hillary was done because working-class America is done being lectured to, done being judged, done being told they’re inherently bad because of the color of their skin, their sexual orientation, or their religious beliefs. They’re sick of being referred to as simpletons, and of the ruling class assuming they know best how to run everyone else’s lives. They’re sick of progressives extending more understanding and compassion to ISIS than to their fellow Americans.
    So, cupcakes, here’s the point. When you need to take a “mental health” day to recover from the election, when you continue using the phrases “trigger warning” and “safe space” when conservatives speak, when you create silly “safety pin” campaigns, when people die because your “protest” blocked an ambulance route to the hospital, when you continue to label any speech that disagrees with your worldview as hate speech, you are patching the gaping holes in the foundation of GOP HQ.

    Keep it up, please. If you do, by Inauguration Day the Trump administration will have the support of an united party and, with a GOP-led Congress, roll back the destructive policies of the Obama administration.

  59. Torcer says:

    It’s already too late for gun control to work
    Few measures make any difference
    It seems obvious: Restrict gun access, and people will be safer.

    Indeed, in all four presidential debates, Hillary Clinton and running mate Tim Kaine have pushed for background checks on private transfers of guns. Clinton says this will “keep guns out of the hands of those who will do harm.” But theory and practice don’t always match. Too often, gun bans or background checks don’t stop criminals and instead disarm law-abiding citizens, particularly poor minorities. This only makes life easier for criminals.

    There are already 300 million guns in circulation, and more than 12 million enter the market each year. With 3-D metal printers, more people will be able to make weapons that are indistinguishable from those purchased in stores. It would be almost impossible to remove those weapons from circulation. Getting rid of these weapons would require a door-to-door campaign by law enforcement officials, and even that would be of only limited effectiveness.

    It’s also not clear that it would help. When countries like England, Wales, Ireland and Jamaica banned guns and handguns, they saw a subsequent increase in murder rates. Even these island nations, which have relatively easily monitored and defendable borders, have faced fivefold or sixfold increases in murder rates after guns were banned. Some of the biggest spikes in murder rates corresponded with increases in drug gang violence.

    Some think that background checks are the answer. Indeed, after each mass public shooting, President Obama calls for background checks on the selling of guns through private transfers. But these new rules wouldn’t have stopped the attackers. Since at least 2000, all of America’s mass shooters obtained guns without going through private transfers. Some of the attacks occurred in states that already have these background check laws.

  60. Torcer says:


  61. Torcer says:

    A Cashless Society Enslaves You to the System

  62. Torcer says:

    Schadenfreude alert! This Harry Reid brag from 2013 is backfiring BIG TIME via @twitchyteam

  63. Bodhisattva says:

    Apparently some left wing liberal moonbats have been threatening some of the electors who are bound by the election to vote for Trump:

    Michael Banerian has been selected as one of those to cast electoral votes for Michigan. For that he has had abusive emails, pleas and outright death threats… all because he is casting his vote for President-elect Donald Trump. These people want Michael to flip and vote for Hillary Clinton or else. People have threatened to blow his brains out over this. Every one of them should be tracked down and charged with terroristic threats.

    Other Electors are being threatened as well. This should be stopped before someone carries through on their thuggish threats. Kenneth Crider has received over three hundred emails trying to change his vote. That’s from people in other states, not where he is casting his vote. The 51 year-old heating and air conditioning professional from Livonia said many of the emails were from teachers and professors trying to explain to him the gravity of the situation, urging him to change his mind. Others were much nastier.

  64. Bodhisattva says:

    Only Losers Whine About “White Privilege” That Doesn’t Exist

    I can tell you that I directly was harmed by black privilege and other forms of minority privilege when plum jobs, promotions and awards went to others less deserving because I was a white male. That’s my “white privilege story – I had the privilege of being passed over though I was most deserving.

  65. Bodhisattva says:

    That… and plain old gravity. Look at her, trying in vain to shove it back up. Reminds me of Sisyphus.

    “Good luck with that!”

  66. Bodhisattva says:

    Oh of course – I show them a satellite photo of the entire U.K. blanketed in snow decades after several of their ilk claimed snow would be a thing of the past, or a satellite photo of most of the U.S. (the accompanying headline said something like “snow in all 50 states” and all of Canada covered in snow) and their stock answer is “BUT… BUT.. BUT… that’s WEATHER not CLIMATE!

    Then, as per your example, they claim every heat wave or record high, also weather, not climate, is proof of global warming. And sure, I point out to them that I don’t deny the world warms. It also cools. And with all the falsification of records going on (see some of my recent posts, like the one you responded to I believe) the simple fact is they’re setting climate science back at least 100 years, if not 200, by screwing up the data. We don’t know the temperature of the Earth, have never measured it once, and cannot. For to do so would require is to simultaneously measure the temperature of every molecule in the ocean, every molecule in the atmosphere, every molecule in the crust down to some level… IMPOSSIBLE! Our estimates are wrong. it’s that simple. Wrong in part because those making them tend to be the type who consider it’s more important to achieve your political and ideological goals than to be honest or accurate.

  67. Bodhisattva says:

    Oh GOD!

    I didn’t think of it that way.

    And I cannot un-form the mental image your post just gave me.

    So I think we’re even?

  68. Bodhisattva says:

    It is my impression that some of the people involved in at least one of the satellite data interpretation efforts are reasonable and their interpretation, which I tend to believe, but which I don’t insist is correct (who knows, really?) is that we’re seeing, generally, a very slow, certainly reasonable warming signal one would hope to see during an interglacial.

    Now others have stated that the data gave them a long term slow decline that suggests we’re already moving towards the next ice age – and it may be a “little” one or it may be a major one.

    What I tell the idiots is that no person with any valid reason or logic needed to do so has decided we’re already at or above optimum temperature. The evidence I give that falsifies this hypothesis is that there are significant portions of the Earth where there is not only persistent snow and ice adverse to most life functions, but also that even in the more temperate regions there are many places where it gets cold enough (frosts and freezes) to be averse to life.

    I point out that the hot places are, for the most part, as hot as they can get due to known laws of physics – this is something they don’t get. The people who use fear to motivate them (since they know they don’t have facts, truth and logic on their side and they don’t want them to think, they want them to react) know this. They know that the equator can’t get significantly hotter, they know that the deserts can’t, they know that the warming we experience that they’re so supposedly afraid of has primarily happened in the places WHERE MORE WARMING IS NEEDED and at times – at night, when there were killer frosts and freezes before it happened – such that the warming is actually GOOD! It’s a fact – ANYONE can look it up, but few do!

    My take on this – global warming, at least now, is good! BRING IT! So things will change. They always have. You cannot stop climate change or the inevitable changes that come with it!

    And the thought I leave them with is that the only way to significantly reduce the human footprint is mass genocide, so if they want to work to get all those who are dedicated to doing so to report for extermination, I would back that idea, if and only if they will agree to leave me and mine out of it completely. You know, a real Jim Jones type movement (See 1978 People’s Temple Jonestown, Guyana if you don’t know the reference.) I don’t want to know about it, hear about it, see it, just do it and get it over with so the rest of us can live our lives in peace and harmony. With a smaller carbon footprint.

  69. Bodhisattva says:

    So the best the left wing news can do is cite some “Trump Supporter” who has cited the internment of the Japanese (Roosevelt authorized the deportation and incarceration with Executive Order 9066, issued February 19, 1942) as a precedent for forcing Muslims to register – this as an attack against Trump, supposedly.

  70. Bodhisattva says:

    Managed to get myself banned there. Not sure which comment did it.

    Maybe it was that I kept including dares to delete my comments.

  71. Bodhisattva says:

    There are five key steps in the federal budget process:

    The President submits a budget request to Congress
    The House and Senate pass budget resolutions
    House and Senate Appropriations subcommittees “markup” appropriations bills
    The House and Senate vote on appropriations bills and reconcile differences
    The President signs each appropriations bill and the budget becomes law

    Congress is supposed to decide how to spend the taxpayers’ money. They are mandated to pass a budget; and presumably to stick to it… but that’s a whole other story. Yet efforts to pass a budget have stalled in the House because Democrats can’t agree on what and how much to cut. See, it’s an election year – can’t be seen cutting things in an election year.
    Rep. Kelly (R-PA) says he is not speaking as a Republican, but rather as someone who has been in the private sector his entire life and is very upset that the party who refused to create a budget because of an election is trashing Paul Ryan’s budget.
    House Democrats will not pass a budget blueprint in 2010, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) will confirm in a speech on Tuesday.
    And Hoyer kept THAT promise, but not the one to “crack down on spending”.
    Obama to Submit Budget 65 Days Late
    And the excuse, actually an admission of deliberate failure to comply with the law:
    Obama’s Late Budget Submission A Strategic Move
    President Obama missed the Monday deadline for submitting a budget to Congress, marking the fourth time in five years he has been late
    The Democrat-controlled Senate passed its first formal budget proposal in four years
    Senate Democrats Won’t Submit A Budget In 2014
    Senate Democrats Don’t Plan To Pass Their Own Budget In 2014
    U.S. Senate Democrats do not plan to pass budget this year: Murray

    The budget resolution brought to Congress by the Democrats for 2011 languished – due to their deliberate, carefully planned and implemented failure to bring it to a vote. It never went up for a vote, and Democrats chose to continue to fail to submit any more such bills as long as they held control, despite legal requirements that they do so. Senate Democrats took only limited action on budget resolutions as they were forced to do so they could keep open the possibility of forcing a shutdown. And, as we know, that is exactly what they did.

    The Cause of Government Shutdowns

    The U.S. Constitution requires that all expenditures of federal funds be authorized by Congress with the approval of the President of the United States. The U.S. federal government and the federal budget process operate on a fiscal year cycle running from October 1 to midnight September 30. If Congress fails to pass all of the spending bills comprising the annual federal budget or “continuing resolutions” extending spending beyond the end of the fiscal year; or if the president fails to sign or vetoes any of the individual spending bills, certain non-essential functions of the government may be forced to cease due to a lack of congressionally-authorized funding.

    The result is a government shutdown. The Democrats have been doing this, engineering shutdowns, for some time. Here are some discussions of past events:

  72. Bodhisattva says:

    I feel the same way about Obama. Any source where he comes on goes off – immediately.

  73. Mr. Freemarket says:

    This morning we had 18 degrees of global warming, after we had two inches of global warming fall on the grass.

    The leftists believe the safest approach to dealing with the earth is “don’t do anything….and they are willing to fly to conferences in their private jets to discuss how they can possibly reduce carbon emission by the little people.

    And then there was that French guy LaChatelier or something like that. He said “whenever you do something, Mother Nature will force things in the opposite direction.

  74. Bodhisattva says:

    That people actually believe humans have the capacity to overwhelm nature and direct the course of natural events belies a complete ignorance of physics, atmospheric science, oceanic science, meteorology, climate science and a host of other disciplines. That is not to say humans don’t have SOME effect on their surroundings – THEY MUST. Let me make this clear. Even a rock has some effect on it’s surroundings – newly exposed rocks in fact tend to help scrub CO2 from the atmosphere or, if they’re in the intertidal zone, the ocean as well. No organism can exist without influencing it’s environment. To claim we even should be talking about “stopping climate change” is insanity. Climate change isn’t anthropogenic, it is INEVITABLE!

  75. Mr. Freemarket says:

    I just changed the climate again. I adjusted the thermostat, setting off a cascade of events that changed the climate. When I go to bed tonight, I’m planning on changing the climate again.

    And….truth be told, I’m OK with changing the climate. I’m paying for it, I get to change it.

    Of course when I was a kid I remember my dad yelling at us “shut the door; what do you think, I’m trying to change the climate of the whole earth???”

  76. Bodhisattva says:

    I swear – if the price of gas out here weren’t approaching $3 a gallon again (THANKS MOONBAT DEMOCRATS!) I’d go start my car and let it run for a bit. Winter is setting in – a good time for a little anthropogenic warming – wouldn’t you agree?

  77. Mr. Freemarket says:

    I warm myself with the thought that the democrats pushed cars that use less gas. The result is that less gallons of gas are bought, producing less tax revenue.

    And now they would like a direct tax on the number of miles you drive (in addition).

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