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Jan 19 2017

Open Thread


Passed along by Bodhisattva.

39 Responses to “Open Thread”

  1. Exit Only says:

    Pray for rain. A hard, cold heavy rain, that will discourage the progressive marchers who cannot abide discomfort. Pray for a deluge from heaven above, to discourage the enemies of the Constitution and who have trampled upon the graves of those who suffered and died to keep us free.

  2. ScrewyPuppy says:

    A review of the Obama presidency.

  3. 762x51 says:

    Good Riddance Comrade Cockroach!

    Civil War II – Update Protests already underway in Washington ahead of Trump’s inauguration.

    Content warning for our delicate viewers. Bad language – oh the horror!

    As reliable as ever, the Progressives, driven to madness because of the shift in power, have already started their bid to disrupt the inauguration of tRump. Check out the video in the link above. The Marxist LA Times can’t help but point the popular vote shortfall of the tRump campaign in the election, as if it were relevant to the outcome. It is simply further proof that the D flavored Progressives will not let this go without violence and the media is continuing to whip up that violence among the low information crowd.

    It will be interesting to see how any actually show up to protest and how long it lasts as an indicator of how committed they are to fomenting the coming conflict.

  4. JackisBack says:

    Never in my years on this planet have I seen a President favor an enemy ideology with the intensity that this traitor favored Islam. Nor has a first lady been so open in her hatred of another race. Good riddance.

  5. Jodie says:

    I wish I could celebrate, but I have a feeling that he is going to continue his campaign of destruction for as long as he is breathing.

  6. Jack Bauer says:

    I think you’re right Jodie…

    As the old saying goes: “Old habits die hard”.
    The former narcissist-in-chief is going to find it tough sledding without being surrounded on a daily basis, by bum-kissing sycophants– particularly in the big media.

    Likewise, the big media is going to find it so hard to part with their proudest creation, that I would expect they’ll be running to him constantly for his ego-driven, smarmy “pearls of wisdom” for quite some time. This will serve as a form of therapy for them, to help them deal with the fact that they moved Heaven and Earth in every conceivable way to carry Hillary, and notwithstanding, a campaign that was fueled by well over $1 Billion, all of which still makes it inconceivable to them, that THEY lost.

    In terms of their handling of Trump, if they can’t produce a negative story, op-ed, or report, then they won’t issue anything at all. Anything positive that happens over the next four years will be strictly “verboten”.

  7. StephaneDumas says:

    Speaking of Civil War II, I spotted that documentary via Before it’s news titled “Civil War II” who have a lengh of 22:36

  8. jtm371 says:

    Praise God for we have been delivered from this evil halfbreed and his fatass hildabeast. By far the two most evil people of power in my 54 yrs. 9.5 trillion in 8 yrs and not a damn thing to show for it but a bill. One last time FUBO!

  9. Saxon Warrior says:

    It is said that the exceptionally heavy downpours that occurred on Brexit Referendum day, and that hit London hard in particular, greatly reduced the voter turn out.
    A large proportion of ‘remain’ voters were to be found living in London. What was unusual about the heavy rains is that most meteorologists did not predict their appearance.

  10. Saxon Warrior says:

    Then perhaps it is best that he no longer continues breathing. Nooses are pretty good at stopping that.

  11. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Bye, bye, Barack. Since your approval rating is so high and the people love you, you won’t actually be needing to live in a walled compound.

    BTW, I understand that Iran is lovely this time of year. Perhaps they would welcome you.

  12. TrojanMan says:

    Out with one tyrant… in with another.

  13. Exit Only says:

    Just think, Obama will now have plenty of free time to spend with his wife….

    …Maybe there is justice in the universe after all.

  14. Kevin R. says:

    Thank goodness!

  15. Jodie says:

    I picture it more like a mortal head wound, followed by a casting into the Lake of Fire, but nooses are good to – in the name of justice, of course.

  16. TED says: Thanks to the LEFT that doesn’t pay taxes!!!

  17. TED says: Might as well, the left have made AWARDS WORTHLESS, always their intention (because THEY never got any before).

  18. OkeyDoke says:

    And you think Trump won’t reverse this?? Still a bunch of haters here. I noe remember why I stopped coming to this site.

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