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May 29 2017

Open Thread


On a tip from Anonymous.

64 Responses to “Open Thread”

  1. RKae says:

    And don’t forget: “Refusal to participate is HATE.”

  2. Tracydrowe says:

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    Shitlery wears anti-Seizure glasses to Memorial Day walk under FRENCH umbrellas:

  4. WolfNippleChips says:

    When I see a mob of crypto-fascists, my first though is “am I close enough that I don’t have to adjust for elevation and windage”?

  5. Watchman59 says:

    “Multiculturalism is strength”? Guess they never heard about what happened to the statue with feet of iron mixed with clay. Then again the story is in the Bible, Daniel 2:31-35, a book most radicals wouldn’t touch with a fifty foot pole except for talking points to show how it is full of bigoted hate speech (all quotes taken out of context).

  6. KirklesWorth says:

    Liberal Websites Current Last 5 Articles

    ABC News
    1 dead, 4 injured after Russian military transport plane crashes
    Nighttime, early morning bombings in Baghdad kill 27
    Shares in British Airways’ parent company tumble
    Family says suspect had ‘episodes’ before deadly Mississippi shooting spree
    Suspect in Portland light rail slayings to appear in court

    Cillizza: How does Trump solve a problem like Jared Kushner?
    US intel intercepted Russian conversations about Trump and aides during the campaign, sources say
    Protest, turmoil rock Texas House floor
    Britain’s young voters are angry, not apathetic
    Manuel Noriega, former dictator of Panama, dead at 83

    Daily Kos
    Stephen Colbert presents White House Scandals: the Barack Obama vs. Donald Trump edition
    Here’s what Alabama might have looked like in 2016 without GOP congressional gerrymandering
    The Most District: Which district has the most unmarried women? Pennsylvania’s 2nd
    A dedication: What I learned from my father’s pre-death ‘funeral’
    Can we dump the ‘mistress’ from political scandals?

    Huffington Post
    Minor Leaguer Strikes Out In The Weirdest Way Imaginable
    Stranger Buys Plane Ticket For Army Soldier Struggling To Get Home For Memorial Day
    Dying Portland Train Hero’s Message Of Love After Standing Up To Hate
    WATCH: Mama Elk Fights Off A Bear To Save Her Calf
    Even ‘Doctor Who’ Is Trolling Trump Now

    Mother Jones
    Donald Trump Doesn’t Like Dealing With Peasants
    Democrats Don’t Brag Enough About the Stuff They Do
    Lowering Taxes on the Middle Class Is a Loser for Democrats
    A Vet Turns to Farming to Heal His Wounds
    Los Straitjackets’ New Album Is Goofy and Sparkling

    Trump Delaying Decision on Paris Climate…
    Rep. Green Received Death Threats After…
    Was Kushner Working as a Double Agent?
    Memorial Day 2017
    Eight People Fatally Shot in Misssissippi

    Texas Legislative Session Ends In A Scuffle
    Sen. Al Franken Embraces ‘The Funny’ Again In New Book
    Texas Lawmakers Trade Assault Allegations After One Calls ICE On Protesters
    After Trump’s Visit, Merkel Signals Shift In U.S.-German Relations
    Trump Delivers Memorial Day Address At Arlington National Cemetery

    Down the memory hole: Establishing “1984” for today’s Trump-filled world
    WATCH: MIT professor prescribes solutions for causes of poverty
    David Barton: the fact that there is no mention of God in the Constitution is proof it’s not a secular document
    Louisiana’s public defender system violates the rights of the poor
    GOP vs. CBO: Republicans open fire on budget office (again) after agency’s damning report on Trumpcare

    Putin’s Defender
    Canada Figured Out How to Win the Drug War
    Are Angry Mobs on Facebook Taking Over Academia?
    The Next Ginsburg and Scalia?
    The Return of Gringophobia

    The British Zookeeper Killed by a Tiger Was a ‘Shining Light,’ Her Colleagues Say
    Russia’s Highest Religious Authority Just Compared Gay Marriage to Nazi Germany
    A Guy Stole $2 Million and Spent a Third of It on Tips
    Portland Mayor Wants ‘Trump Free Speech Rally’ Canceled over Fears of ‘Hatred’
    Australia Plans to Ban Pedophiles from Traveling Abroad in a Bid to Protect Asian Children

  7. Eddie_Valiant says:

    I guess this is hate speech in the UK

  8. KirklesWorth says:

    Liberals think they determine what Americans are.

    Breitbart: Marvel Abandons Fan Base: Un-American ‘Captain America’ on 24/7 Anti-Trump Rant

    From actor Chris Evans (Captain America) to director Joss Whedon, the Marvel Comics franchise is committing harikari in the most unbecoming of ways: through unapologetic, partisan bashing of a democratically elected president they can’t stand. Evans has expressed deep contempt for what he considers to be in the ignorant masses of Americans that voted Donald Trump into the White House. These are, however, the very masses that make up the core viewership of Marvel’s superhero movies.

  9. KirklesWorth says:

    Daily Wire: On Memorial Day, Trump Does Something That Would’ve Put Obama on Every Front Page

    resident Trump on Monday marked his first Memorial Day as commander in chief, heading to Arlington National Cemetery through the throngs of motorcycles participating in Rolling Thunder to place a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The large audience packed into the cemetery’s amphitheater cheered when Trump was introduced, and the president delivered a powerful tribute to America’s fallen service members, calling them “angels sent to us by God.”

  10. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    Black is wonderful – White is Hate
    Islam is Peaceful – Christianity is Hate
    Homosexuality is healthy – “Hetero-normative” is hate
    Feminism is wonderful – Masculinity is toxic
    Ethnic Studies is education – European History is propaganda
    All cultures are equal and must be preserved – European Christian people must accept all others cultures and abide by them as Euro-Christian culture is white supremacy

  11. KirklesWorth says:

    Truth Revolt: Chelsea Clinton tweets about ‘World Menstrual Hygiene Day’ – Even Libs Sick of Her Now

    Yes, that happened. Sam J. on Twitchy wrote, “Dear God, make it STOP! We get it, Chelsea feels the need to remain somehow relevant now that her mother was embarrassed in the 2016 presidential election but c’mon, even she must know this is just … gross.” Yes, it is. Frank warned Democrats not to sink too much energy into Chelsea. “Increased Chelsea exposure is tied closely to political despair and, in especially intense cases, the bulk purchasing of MAGA hats.”

  12. KirklesWorth says:

    Daily Wire: Report: WaPo Blows It AGAIN — Kushner Did NOT Request Russia Back Channel

    As the Daily Wire has already documented at great length, over the past year or so the left-wing Washington Post has been nothing less than a pipe organ of disinformation, especially when it comes to President Trump and most especially as it pertains to The Stupidest Scandal In The History Of The World (aka the Russian scandal). According to Fox News, WaPo has once again been found guilty of The Fake Newsing, this time with the BOMBSHELL that consumed our corrupt political media throughout the holiday weekend: the news that during the presidential transition, top Trump aide and favorite son-in-law Jared Kushner requested a secret backchannel with the Russians.

  13. KirklesWorth says:

    Ironic that he is a primary contributor to what is wrong with liberalism in this country.

    Fox News: De Niro: US is tragic comedy

    Robert De Niro warned new college graduates that in movie terms,” America was once “an inspiring uplifting drama” but has now turned into “a tragic dumb–s comedy.” The two-time, Oscar-winning actor spoke to Brown University graduates Sunday at the Ivy League school’s commencement ceremonies. He urged them to “work to stop the insanity” and to strive to make the world better. De Niro received an honorary doctorate of fine arts. The 73-year-old actor spoke out against the “nightmarish” political climate of today and called President Trump an “idiot” the day before his commencement speech.

  14. anomalousprime says:

    Why were all the Pink Pussy hats photoshopped out of the pic? Sure, the pic is much prettier and less hairy w/out them, but still…

  15. KirklesWorth says:

    And liberals suffer from toxic butt-hurt…take that as you will.

    CNS: Professors Claim Marine Corps Suffers from ‘Toxic Masculinity,’ ‘Fraternity’ Culture

    Prof. James Joyner of Marine Command and Staff College blames the problems arising from the introduction of females into the Marines on the Corps’ ‘toxic masculinity culture.” Another professor faults Marines for acting like frat boys: “The corps acts like a fraternity, according to Emerald Archer, an expert on women’s advancement at Mount St. Mary’s University in California. Many Marines, she said, believe that integrating women would ruin that brotherhood.”

  16. KirklesWorth says:

    Townhall: Can Your Universities Be Saved?

    Where is the one place in America where free speech is commonly suppressed, where there is often as much indoctrination as education, and where radical-left ideologies reign almost unchallenged? It is our college and university campuses. Many of them have become so biased and extreme that even CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, hardly a conservative, excoriated their intolerance. Can our universities be saved?

    We’re not just talking about the occasional educational faux pas, such as the embarrassing incident that occurred in 1989 when heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson received an honorary doctorate from Central State University in Ohio. Speaking at the graduation ceremony in cap and gown, Tyson remarked, “I wasn’t sure what kind of doctor I was, but looking at all the lovely sisters here, I think I’ll be a doctor of gynecology.”

  17. KirklesWorth says:

    Truth Revolt: Prager: Why Conservatives Still Attack Trump

    That is why, after vigorously opposing Trump’s candidacy during the Republican primaries, I vigorously supported him once he won the nomination. I believed then, as I do now, that America was doomed if a Democrat had been elected president. With the Supreme Court and hundreds of additional federal judgeships in the balance; with the Democrats’ relentless push toward European-style socialism — completely undoing the unique American value of limited government; the misuse of the government to suppress conservative speech; the continuing degradation of our universities and high schools; the weakening of the American military; and so much more, America, as envisioned by the Founders, would have been lost, perhaps irreversibly. The “fundamental transformation” that candidate Barack Obama promised in 2008 would have been completed by Hillary Clinton in 2016.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Chris Evans– Shut Up Wesley: The Next Generation!

  19. TED says:

    The PUSSY isn’t photoshopped out, I blocked his STUPID ASS!!! 😎 ROTFLMAO!!!

  20. StephaneDumas says:

    Let’s wait for the unintended consequences for Ontario who raised the minimum wage to 15$.

  21. StephaneDumas says:

    I guess that video from Paul Joseph Watson might be classified hate speech by trigglypuffs.


  23. KirklesWorth says:

    You are a real tough guy TED. Blocking those who said Hillary shouldn’t become president while you hypocritically said the same thing:

    TED►KirklesWorth: (09/10/2016) YEP, I don’t have a choice, I’m not voting for the FELON COMMIE BITCH and anything else would be worthless, SO. BUT, I DON’T HAVE TO LIKE IT!

    You should probably stick to posting other peoples’ cartoons because your comments can be hysterical and liberal-sounding:

    TED►KirklesWorth: (08/04/2016) Take your pick brownshirt!
    TED►KirklesWorth: (08/18/2016) WHENEVER you get your SHIT together and can make an understandable comment let me know and I will answer you. AND, there isn’t a REAL conservative on this site that thinks STUMP is OUR champion dim wit! You fucking left wing stains ARE TOTAL morons!!
    TED►KirklesWorth: (08/26/2016) ENJOY lefty TROLLS!
    TED►KirklesWorth: (08/26/2016) MORE?! YOU are the hungry one lefty asswipe! 8-)!
    TED►KirklesWorth: (11/18/2016) This IS the SAME dumbass that didn’t know what a tRUMP Brownshirt was!! ROTFLMAO!!!

  24. TED says:

  25. TED says:

    We finally have proof of inappropriate financial dealings with Russia

  26. Bodhisattva says:

    The transformation has been an ongoing process. It made great strides during the Roosevelt years but it goes back well before that – Wilson did a lot to push it forward, for instance.

  27. Bodhisattva says:

    Let’s see if this one turns out to be a hoax, too:

    The alleged victim, Steven Greyeyes-Clouse, said he was filling in an adult coloring book at Tahoe Park on Friday afternoon when four men approached and exposed themselves to him. Greyeyes-Clouse said he tried to get away by fleeing into the bathroom, but an older man followed him in and threatened him with a knife. All five men then joined in and forced themselves on him, choking and beating him until he blacked out, Greyeyes-Clouse said. Greyeyes-Clouse lives with his husband not far from the park. Greyeyes-Clouse said the alleged assailants might live in the area. Prior to going into the bathroom, one of the men, whom Greyeyes-Clouse described as a Hispanic man in his 50s, said he knew him from the area.

  28. Bodhisattva says:

    Brooklyn teen arrested in Ocean Drive parking space argument that left two people dead

    On Monday evening, police identified one of the suspects as 19-year-old Jeffery Alexander from Brooklyn, who was accused of killing 30-year-old Ladarian Tyrell Phillips of Homestead. Alexander has been charged with second-degree murder with a deadly weapon and second-degree attempted murder with a deadly weapon/firearm.

    The initial altercation began around 10:35 p.m. Sunday at Second Street and Ocean Drive. Police say Alexander and three friends were trying to parallel park a white BMW with a New York tag along the northbound curb of Ocean Drive. Alexander was in the passenger seat. After the first attempt to park the car, the driver hit a gold Buick Regal parked on Ocean Drive. The driver inched forward and tried to park the BMW again, striking the vehicle “a couple more times,” according to Alexander’s arrest affidavit.

    When the BMW couldn’t fit into the parking space, the driver “began force pushing the Buick back in an attempt to move the Buick,’’ according to the affidavit. An argument ensued.

    That’s when Phillips and a friend walked across Ocean Drive and asked the BMW driver how many times he was going to hit his car. Shots were fired…

    Here’s the shooter – could you have guessed?:

  29. Bodhisattva says:

    Hillary Clinton participated in the Chappaqua Memorial Day Parade wearing what appears to be the same model sunglasses worn when she fainted during the 9/11 memorial last year.

    Donny Gold at Liberty Writers News added:

    Blue lenses are frequently used to reduce the light intake of epileptics to prevent seizures. I myself used to use them frequently when I would go to concerts to stop strobe lights from triggering me.

    Epileptic patients often wear Zeiss Z1 blue lenses in particular because they are effective at treating photosensitive epilepsy.

    “The Z1 lens is highly effective in controlling photoparoxysmal response in a very large number of photosensitive epilepsy patients irrespective of their epilepsy or antiepileptic drug treatment,” according to a 2006 study published in Epilepsia. “The lens might become a valid resource in the daily activity of any clinician who cares for patients with epilepsy.”

    Hillary experiences seizures from flashing lights, such as camera flashes at public events, according to sources inside the Secret Service.

  30. Bodhisattva says:


    Joint Base San Antonio Is On Lockdown, Having ‘Security Incident’

  31. Bodhisattva says:

    The proper way to deal with militant moslems:

    Philippine authorities on Tuesday warned Islamist militants occupying parts of a southern city to surrender or die, as attack helicopters pounded the gunmen’s strongholds.

  32. KirklesWorth says:

    The irony is palpable.

    Wash. Free Beacon: Dem Portland Mayor Asks Federal Government to Shut Down ‘Trump Free Speech Rally’

    Portland, Oregon’s Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler has asked the federal government to revoke its permit for a pro-President Donald Trump, pro-“free speech” rally. A man shouting anti-Muslim slurs on Friday attacked three people with a knife on a Portland commuter train, killing two and wounding a third. The suspect, 35-year-old Jeremy Joseph Christian, has a history of making bigoted statements online and was once pictured making a Nazi salute.

    Wheeler responded by setting his sights on shutting down a “Trump Free Speech Rally” and a “March Against Sharia” scheduled in downtown Portland the next two weeks, the Washington Post reported. Both demonstrations were organized by Trump supporter Joey Gibson, leader of the group Patriot Prayer.

  33. Bodhisattva says:

    More wacky desperate Democrat candidates:

    Democrats are pushing an unlikely source — Jerry Springer — to run for governor in Ohio

    I can hear his campaign slogans now:

    Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

  34. Bodhisattva says:

    Psychologists say everyone is keeping 13 secrets

    But there’re wrong, because I only have 3.

  35. Bodhisattva says:

    Not content with making a fool of herself attacking Trump, Mad Maxine attacks a constituent!

    Maxine Waters meltdown: ‘You can’t impeach a woman of Congress!’

    Actually yes, you can…

  36. Bodhisattva says:

    Life imitates art:


    Researchers in a New York cabbage patch are planning the first release on American soil of insects genetically engineered to die before they can reproduce.

    Shelton is doing field tests of gene-altered moths at Cornell’s Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, 160 miles west of Albany.

    The moths have a synthetic “self-limiting” gene that makes their female larvae die before they mature. Lab-bred males are released to breed with wild females, reducing the population over time by suppressing reproduction.

    “The key is to reduce the number of reproductive females in the next generation,” Oxitec scientist Neil Morrison said.

    The plot line of various movies was that humans were no longer able to reproduce.

  37. KirklesWorth says:

    Leftists comediennes have to dig for the lowest of the low in an attempt to be “relevant”.

    Gateway Pundit: DISGUSTING: Washed Up Comedian Kathy Griffin Beheads Trump for Laughs

    The only humor the left appreciates is violent, vulgar threats against Conservatives. That isn’t humor. That’s fascism.

  38. KirklesWorth says:

    Leftists comediennes have to dig for the lowest of the low in an attempt to be “relevant”.

    Gateway Pundit: DISGUSTING: Washed Up Comedian Kathy Griffin Beheads Trump for Laughs

    The only humor the left appreciates is violent, vulgar threats against Conservatives. That isn’t humor. That’s fascism.

  39. KirklesWorth says:

    NewsBusters: Wow: The View Actually Claims That Hillary Emails Were ‘Fake News’

    BILA: I didn’t.
    WHOOPI: You believed that there were — e-mails, you believed the e-mail thing.
    BILA: Only what was found.
    WHOOPI: I’m sorry? No, not just what we found. You know, I never want to point fingers but I will say that a lot of people occasionally said it at this very table, you know, her e-mails, she’s been dishonest, she’s been this, so —
    BILA: That was proven, Whoopi. That was proven.
    WHOOPI: No. As it turns out–
    BEHAR: It was fake.
    WHOOPI: It was fake.
    BEHAR: Fake news.
    BILA: No, the fact that she — what I said was proven.

  40. KirklesWorth says:

    The Ninth Circus spanked again.

    Red State: SCOTUS Overturns 9th Circuit 8-0

    The District Court found in favor of Mendez and Garcia on the warrantless entry and knock-and-announce claims and then, on the excessive force claim, found the deputies’ use of force reasonable under the Supreme Court case of Graham v. Connor, but employed the “provocation rule” crafted by the Ninth Circuit to find the officers liable for excessive force, as well. Without getting too far into the weeds, the “provocation rule*” provides that an otherwise reasonable use of force by an officer becomes unreasonable if 1) the officer “intentionally or recklessly provokes a violent confrontation” and 2) “the provocation is an independent Fourth Amendment violation.”

    The Supreme Court begged to differ, noting that the provocation rule “is an unwarranted and illogical expansion of Graham.” The Ninth Circuit is somewhat notorious for being reversed by SCOTUS, but this ruling addressing the appellate court’s inappropriate expansion of Supreme Court precedent caught my attention in light of speculation as to what the Court will do with the Trump Administration’s travel ban.

  41. KirklesWorth says:

    The anti-American civil liberties destroyer.

    Daily Caller: ACLU Opposes Maine Bill Criminalizing Female Genital Mutilation

    However, the Maine ACLU staunchly opposes the protection. ACLU spokesman Oamshri Amarasingham said that the risk of mutilation isn’t worth expanding Maine’s criminal code. The Maine Coalition Against Sexual Assault also supported the ACLU, arguing that FGM is not happening in Maine. (RELATED: Husband And Wife Arrested For Performing Female Genital Mutilation At Detroit-Area Clinic)

    Sirocki, however, pointed to a 2012 report from the Center for Disease Control, which found 500,000 victims of FGM in the US. Furthermore, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement found that 400 individuals have been arrested and 785 deported for FGM violations nationwide since 2003.

  42. StephaneDumas says:

    I think we should ask Sabo, who did the “Impeach Maxine Waters” signs to do a beheaded version of Katie Griffin. Katie wants to stay relevant but she had to receive the ransom of glory that come with it. 😉

  43. StephaneDumas says:

    I saw this one via Aaron Clarey aka Captain Capitalist blog post.

    Artist Alex Gardega puts his own “pissing pug” next to the “fearless girl” statue.

  44. Connielbenson says:

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