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Apr 08 2013

Open Thread


Via West Virginia Republican Party, on a tip from G. Fox.

22 Responses to “Open Thread”

  1. berlet98 says:

    America’s Vitriolic Liberal-Leftists

    It’s redundant to refer to America’s liberal-leftists as vitriolic since acrimony is their stock in trade virtually dictated by their skewed view of mankind and belying their facade of sensitivity and tolerance.

    Thus, we are burdened by people such as Bill Maher, Ed Schultz, Louis Farrakhan, Chris Matthews, Al Sharpton, Rachel Maddow, Martin Bashir and others of their ilk known for their outrageously venomous pronouncements, many of which have been detailed in this space and all of which they manage to get away with in our ultra-tolerant society–as long as they spew their venom against conservative targets.

    Sometimes–oftentimes–lib-leftists go beyond Maher who once screamed on HBO “Jesus just f*cked Tebow bad” or even Facebook which permitted ”Kill Mitt Romney” and “Kill Paul Ryan” posts prior to the last election.

    Without suggesting the following were any more offensive or any more intolerant lib-left utterances and only because they are more recent, MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry,’s Joan Walsh, and Alabama’s State Rep. Joe Mitchell have vividly demonstrated that America’s liberal-leftists are at least very disturbed or possibly certifiable psychotics.

    MELISSA HARRIS-PERRY. One of MSNBC’s many resident black racists, Harris-Perry is also becoming known for her contempt for human life.

    As’s Mark Finkelstein observed, “Melissa Harris-Perry is clearly a member of the ‘blob of cells’ brigade when it comes to her disregard for unborn human life. On her MSNBC show this morning, MH-P repeatedly revealed how little respect she has for life in its early forms. At one point, Harris-Perry callously spoke of how much it costs “to have this thing turn into a human.”

    Eleven days later, the divorced, re-married, one-time Master of Divinity student with one child effectively denied responsibility for her daughter by saying, “We have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families, and recognize that kids belong to their communities.”

    Or, as Hillary Clinton’s ghost writer wrote, “a village.”

    Her daughter must feel all warm and fuzzy . . . (Read more at

  2. Barfo says:

    urinal screen

  3. Bob Roberts says:

    Chicago’s Gas Priced Highest in Nation

    The average U.S. price of a gallon of gasoline has dropped six cents over the past two weeks, but despite the decline Chicago’s fuel ranks as the priciest, according to a recent survey. Of the cities surveyed in the lower 48 states, Chicago has the highest rates at $4.05, roughly 40 cents higher per gallon than the nation’s average. The lowest average gas price lies in Billings, Mont. at $3.33.

    Fleabag solar, another company goes under despite receiving over $10 million in “stimulus” from Obama.

    OK so their name is really Flabeg, but I thought “Fleabag” was more suited to the story. Which is:

    A Pittsburgh, Pa. solar energy company has shut its doors four years after receiving nearly $10.2 million in tax credits from the Obama Administration as part of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act.

    Flabeg Solar U.S. Corp., a $30 million solar plant located near the Pittsburgh International Airport, opened its doors in 2009 and was said to provide 300 jobs. Now, just four years later, the plant has shut down and laid off more than 60 workers. In addition to this, 10 of its former employees have petitioned a federal judge for severance pay after they lost their jobs last month, according to PA Independent.

    Robert Lampl, the attorney for Flabeg, said the company would probably seek Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection from the workers who are suing over their severance pay.

    In addition to the $10 million received in stimulus funds, the state and Allegheny County added an additional $9 million in job creation grants, loans, and other financial aid to help launch the plant, bringing the total to $20 million in assistance to the company.

    MSNBC Host: Your Kids Belong to the Collective

    “We have to break through our private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families,” says the professor of political science at Tulane University, where she is founding director of the Anna Julia Cooper Project on Gender, Race, and Politics in the South. Kids belong to whole communities, she insists, and once we realize this we’ll make “better investments” in government indoctrination of children.

    Texting While Flying Linked to Commercial Crash

    An emergency medical helicopter pilot flying over Missouri was sending and receiving text messages before crashing in 2011, the first time such distractions have been implicated in a fatal commercial aviation accident.
    The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board, which meets tomorrow to assign a cause for the accident that killed four people including a patient, documented seven texts sent and received by the pilot, according to agency records.

    Obama’s priorities still askew.

    A Manhattan federal judge said it was “extremely troublesome” that the terrorism trial of Osama Bin Laden’s son-in-law could be delayed by across-the-board federal budget cuts.

    Actually it is just legal BS. The cuts have nothing to do with the request for delay. And naturally a moonbat judge is playing along for political points and maybe an invite to the White House, since tours are no longer offered due, of course, to budget cuts!

    French witch hunt begins!

    All members of France’s socialist government have been given a week to publish full details of their wealth as President François Hollande struggles to overcome a damaging scandal over a secret Swiss bank account held by his former budget minister.
    The finance minister has been under sustained fire from the centre-right opposition UMP party since Jérôme Cahuzac, budget minister under Mr Moscovici until mid-March, admitted last week that he had lied about the 20-year existence of his Swiss account.
    Mr Moscovici has denied charges that he did not take strong enough action to uncover the truth after allegations were first made against Mr Cahuzac in December last year.
    The scandal has floored Mr Hollande, already suffering record low approval ratings, and threatens to undermine his efforts to tackle a stalled economy and rising unemployment.

    I joke about France a lot, but you know, with regards to the fact the French woke up and are disapproving of the government they elected shows they’re smarter than the moonbats who kept the Democrats in power in the White House and Senate.

    Moonbat nonsense as man shoots bear in self-defense.

    Or is it true he lured the bear there, baited it, then killed it? I suppose it’s possible. You be the judge.

    Richard Ahlstrand told WBZ-TV he was stocking his bird feeder Friday night when a bear about seven feet tall and 300-to-400 pounds started chasing him. Ahlstrand said he was carrying the shotgun Friday night because he thought he saw the bear in his yard Thursday.

    The next bubble – hyperinflation coming soon.

    U.S. markets, particularly the riskiest areas of investment, are likely to benefit at least near term from the latest entrant to the central bank money-printing arena.

    Following the lead of the Federal Reserve, the Bank of Japan last week announced an even more ambitious project to use created funds to buy assets in the hopes of boosting investment and inflation.

    Considering the U.S. central bank already has pushed its balance sheet past $3 trillion, that’s saying something.

    71 percent of Lady Gaga’s nearly 29 million followers are “fake” or “inactive.” So are 70 percent of President Obama’s nearly 19 million followers.

    No big deal – because it turns out that Obama’s twitter account is fake, too!

    The people who follow Barack Obama’s Twitter account (as opposed to the fake followers purchased by him to make him look popular) might see his picture, see his name, see that little blue verified account badge and think they’re following the President — but it’s not him. All of the president’s named social media accounts, in fact, have been handed over to a non-partisan, not-for-profit group that isn’t overly concerned if you didn’t notice the transition. As the first sitting President with a Twitter account, the murky handover raises questions that didn’t exist ten years ago — can a politician legally hand over his valuable online identity to an outside group? is it ethical? — and makes clear federal regulators are unprepared to answer them.

    This is an unprecedented development. In part because of the novelty of social media, no major candidate for office has transitioned his political campaign’s online communication into an external advocacy organization. The federal regulators who watch campaign and non-profit activity haven’t addressed the practice. Nor has the organization said much about the relationship.

    Here’s how it works. There are three entities involved: the president, his campaign, and the non-profit Organizing for America (OFA). The campaign has always owned and operated the social media accounts, since their instantiation. During the last year’s election, staffers for the campaign, Obama For America, managed the social media presence, under the ultimate direction of the president.

    According to an OFA official who asked not to be identified, that changed in early February. On the sixth of that month, OFA “made arrangements” with the campaign for use of the website and operation of the social media accounts — an agreement that may include “leases or sales” of those assets to OFA, which income would show up in the campaign’s FEC filings.

    North Korea’s Army Is Full of Jumping, Leaping, High-Kicking Martial Artists

    Chuck Norris will handle it.

    Check out the videos:

    First, we get a glimpse of the very organized, in sync, North Korean military doing what appear to be dance steps. Their form is strong and they’re clearly working as a unit. This looks like they’ve put in a lot of time at rehearsals, and it’s paying off. They might make sectionals next year. Here’s a much closer look of their furious dance moves. Their high kicks and are impressively high, though that one guy needs to remember to keep his leg straight. Form is important, guys. The judges are watching. Their punches pack a lot of, well, punch, so they have that going for them. They have a lot of flair. 27 pieces, by my count. (Cultural Reference)

    The North Korean military is also very excited for Wrestlemania this weekend. Here, we see four soldiers demonstrating their wrestling prowess. On the left, one soldier performs a fireman’s carry suplex and appears to kill his victim. He then jumps backward and takes a “bump” himself for good measure. Maybe he was trying to do a “People’s Elbow” like his idol and this weekend’s headliner, The Rock. We have watched this GIF probably 50 times and cannot figure out why he jumps backwards. It will keep us up at night. Because it’s hilarious. (He was trying to do a complete flip and land on his feet, but he missed, obviously.)

    On the right, one soldier ducks a punch to perform a belly-to-back suplex. Any collegiate wrestler would tell you his form needs work, though. Ge gets an assisst from his dance partner jumping into it. It looks like the jumper lands on his head, which isn’t safe, and would be called a “botch” if performed in the ring.

    We cannot figure out a practical application for this flipping manoeuvre on the battlefield but it is undeniably fierce. That roll out is so smooth, so well executed. You can’t hate on this.

    “OK, this is the part where you play dead. Ready, set, go.” They almost invoke memories of the putty patrol from Might Morphin’ Power Rangers.

  4. Bob Roberts says:

    What are you paying for in a gallon of gas?

    Taxes = $0.39 average, as high as $0.60 in some states.

    So how much does the government make on a gallon of gas?

    In this example, retailers collected state and federal gasoline taxes of 39 cents per gallon on average. Total gas taxes per gallon range by state – from lows of less than 30 cents per gallon to highs of more than 60 cents per gallon in places like New York and California.

    How does this compare to what a company like ExxonMobil makes on a gallon of gasoline? As we saw earlier, sometimes a company or an operation may lose money. Other times, it may make money. A competitive market just provides an opportunity, not a guaranteed profit. In the first two quarters of 2011, for example, ExxonMobil made 7 cents and 8 cents a gallon , respectively, on the gasoline, diesel and other petroleum products it refined and sold in the United States.

    Government, which gives you NOTHING in a gallon of gas, except higher prices due to regulations preventing us from becoming energy independent, takes up to 60 cents per gallon.

  5. Flu-Bird says:

    As the INCAN DOVE would say NO HOPE,NO HOPE,NO HOPE I think we need to listen to that bird rather then the reptiles running us

  6. Bob Roberts says:

    Court sentences man to jail for tweeting about islamist trial.

    The Abu Dhabi court of first instance jailed Abdullah al-Hadidi for posting “with malicious intent” details about the trials of the Islamists in the Gulf state’s top court, the activist said in a statement.

    Hadidi was arrested on March 21 on charges of publishing “in bad faith false details of the public trial session via the Internet,” Amnesty International said earlier this month.

    A father who was trying to eat with his family at Burger King was able to defeat an armed robber by pulling his own weapon and shooting at him, Miami police said.

    It was at the height of lunch time, about 1 p.m., when a would-be robber walked into a Burger King, flashed his gun at one of the family diners, and demanded the diner fork over money and valuables, police said in a CBS report. The robber was exiting when the father, who feared for his and his family’s life, CBS said, took out his own gun and shot the suspect in the leg. The suspect then fled in his Ford F-150. Police later found him — 36-year-old Travis Harris — and the driver of the truck, 38-year-old Ramon Smalls, at a gas station down the road, CBS said.
    The pair was linked to another robbery of a woman that took place earlier that day, CBS said. Mr. Harris was taken to the hospital for treatment and was charged with three counts of armed robbery, police said.

    City bills cyclist $1,200 for damage to police car that struck him

    The city added a thousand-dollar insult to an already painful injury when it demanded that a Brooklyn cyclist pay for damage to the police car that struck and sent him flying.

    “I think it’s preposterous,” said Justin Johnsen, 31, who received the $1,263.01 bill from the city last month for the Nov. 5 accident on Flushing Avenue that left him with deep cuts that required stitches.

    “I was upset. I was in kind of disbelief that they were going to send this letter after four months or so and ask me to pay damages for their vehicle, when they hit me when I was on a bicycle,” added Johnsen, who was not ticketed for the crash. The case is at least the third in recent months in which the city has billed people for damages to police cars that hit people.

    And after The Post made inquiries about Johnsen’s case, it became at least the third time the city abruptly dropped such a stunning demand for money.

    Well, maybe Jews and Moslems might not think it’s such a minor issue…

    Ikea’s having trouble with their meat products again. Months after pulling the product from their stores, the company admitting this weekend that a batch of its moose lasagna contained trace amounts of pork. The company pulled 17,600 lasangas that were 1.4 percent pork — they’re not supposed to contain any pork — and blamed the suppliers sloppy cleaning practices for the contamination.

    “It is the latest in a series of meat contamination scandals across Europe.” Ikea halted the sale of its famous meatballs after the discovery, and while the horse meat wasn’t hazardous either, the whole situation was pretty gross.

    Serves them right for buying meat from a furniture store!

    She married him for green card – then killed him

    A Jamaican nurse married one of her patients to get a green card — then hastened his death to get his $1.5 million Brooklyn properties, the man’s family charges in a stunning lawsuit.

    Relatives of Garth Lewis, 67, claim that his marriage to caregiver Janet Lloyd was nothing but a sham — and that she “was directly responsible” for the diabetes-stricken man’s death because she didn’t care for him properly, according to court papers.

    Lloyd “never acted as, nor was, a wife in reality to [Lewis],” the relatives claim.

    The marriage was real, Lloyd insisted — even showing a Post staffer a photo of her and Lewis engaged in a sex act to prove it.

    “They said our relationship wasn’t intimate. Does this look intimate to you?” she fumed.

  7. Bob Roberts says:

    Brute who allegedly killed mom, raped girl, 10, removed monitor in 1 min. – too quick for cops to be told

    Federal authorities say a man charged with killing a woman and raping her 10-year-old daughter after a carjacking at a New York mall last week was able to remove and reassemble his court-ordered electronic monitoring bracelet in about a minute before carrying out the attacks.

    Local media report that a US probation officer says 29-year-old David Renz managed to cut the device from his ankle and put it back together so quickly that it didn’t prompt the company in Colorado that makes the monitors to notify court officers in Syracuse.

    The official says the officers had told the company not to notify them when the ankle monitor’s signal was interrupted for a short period of time because the officers were getting tampering alerts every time the devices were knocked against bathtubs or walls.

    Got what they deserved?

    The two men whose mutilated bodies were found in a Howard Beach fire last week were killed trying to rob a group of drug dealers, cops said.

    Rudy Superville, 22, and Gary Lopez, 25, both of Brooklyn, were both brutally killed after the dealers learned that the pair was planning stick them up in their Bushwick home, police said.

    Amanda Bynes was asked to leave a gymnastics class after further episodes of bizarre behavior

    The former Nickelodeon child star stunned fellow athletes at the Adult Gymnastics class at Chelsea Piers when she “showed up in fishnets and a leotard that looked like lingerie.”

    Onlookers said the staff became concerned about Bynes, who was “muttering to herself” and then “burst into tears when she attempted a cartwheel and her dark-colored wig fell off.”

    She also told Us Weekly in February, “I moved to New York City, and I love it! I lost four pounds since I moved. I’m 121 pounds — my goal is 100 pounds.”

    That would be unhealthy for Bynes, who stands 5-foot-7.

  8. ThisObamaNation says:

    Leaked Military Document FM 3-39.40 Outlines Very Specific Plans For Internment Camps For Political Dissidents In The USA. This Is NOT A Hoax! Forwarned Is Forearmed.

  9. Dr. 9 says:

    So, what do you do if you’re a black hip-hop “star” and you want to violate US law and go hangout in Cuba, maybe get you some fancy cigars? Well, you call your boy in the Oval Office and the dude will clear the way for you.

  10. Bo Jangles says:

    The Marxist-in-Chief and his fat-ass wife are throwing another BIG party at the WH, and guess who’s paying for it. That’s right, this Nation of Fools. And, since the party is to celebrate “Memphis Soul” music, Whites need not attend.

  11. Wilberforce says:

    Genius liberals at work. Hilarious.

    “How horrified CHER fans thought their idol was dead after Thatcher critics started #nowthatcherisdead hashtag on Twitter.”

  12. dan says:

    I needed time to grieve,
    but from the grave ,the Iron Lady reveals:
    “The Mexicans will be the ruin of America.”

  13. Bill T says:

    School: Americans Don’t Have Right to Bear Arms

    The father of a Connecticut child is furious after discovering that his son’s school is teaching students that Americans don’t have a Second Amendment right to bear arms.

  14. Unicorn Fewmets says:

    2007BB (Before Barrry) Darkness was across the land as the immaculate messiah had not risen yet from the anus of the earth known as shitcago in the glorious socialist utopia, the people’s republik of illinois. (no caps for commies.)

  15. Wiaard45 says:

    Bob Roberts says: North Korea’s Army Is Full of Jumping, Leaping, High-Kicking Martial Artists

    Bob: As a matter of fact, so is the South Korean Army.
    Many years ago(1968)when I was sharing quarters with the guys from “Pacific Stars & Stripes” in Saigon they had a Korean Army Sgt assigned to them to cover the Korean units in Vietnam. He was DAMN proficient in martial arts and told us that all members of the Korean Army had extensive martial arts training.

  16. Bill T says:

    Bloomberg’s Gun Group to Even Score With Lawmakers .v1/comments/context/aa77d226-dbcb-3e13-8618-2e3de767da9b/comment/1365534001122-bb3a22df-14a0-48c0-8c5e-10402c018ed8
    382users liked this commentPlease sign in to rate a Thumb UpPlease sign in to rate a Thumb Down10users disliked this commentObamanation • 2 hrs 38 mins ago Report Abuse
    A little history on anti gun Bloomberg and his “Posse” of Mayors against the 2nd amendment rights of Americans:
    1] Sheila Dixon, Baltimore, Md- Convicted of perjury and embezzling funds meant for charity!
    2] Richard Corkley, Coaldale, Pa- Convicted of child pornography and bail violations!
    3] Frank Melton, Jackson, Ms- Convicted of violating his own cities gun possession law!
    4] Larry Langford, Birmingham, Al- convicted of 60 counts of bribery, fraud & tax evasion!
    5] Gary Becker, Racine, Wi- Convicted of attempted child molestation and luring a child for
    illicit purposes!
    6] David Donna, Guttenberg, Nj- Convicted of extortion and tax fraud!
    7] Kwame Kilpatrick, Detroit, Mi- Convicted of assault on a police officer and perjury!
    8] Pat M. Ahumada Jr, Brownsville, Tx- Arrested 3 times for driving while intoxicated!
    9] Roosevelt Dorn, Inglewood, Ca- Pled guilty to public corruption and embezzlement
    10] Tony Mack, Trenton, Nj- Recently charged for accepting $119,000 in bribes!
    11] Adam Bradley, White plains, Ny- Convicted of domestic violence charges!
    12] Buddy Cianci, Providence, Ri- Convicted of assault and racketeering!
    13] Gordon Jenkins, Monticello, Ny- Pled guilty on 5 counts of trademark counterfeiting!
    14] April Almond, East Haven, Ct- Arrested and charged with interfering with a police officer!
    15] Eddie Perez, Hartford, Ct- Convicted of bribery and extortion!
    16] Will Wynn, Austin, Tx- Convicted of assault!
    17] Samuel Rivera, Passdale, Nj- Convicted of extortion and accepting bribes!
    18] Jeremiah Healy, Jersey City, Nj- Convicted of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest!

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