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Jun 13 2013

Open Thread


Via The People’s Cube, on a tip from Oleg.

25 Responses to “Open Thread”

  1. Eleanor in Hell says:

    “Why did God punish me by being white?”

  2. A. Levy says:

    “To conquer a nation without the use of military force, you must first control the minds of their young…” — Karl Marx

  3. born in 76 says:

    Here you go….

    “””Former Wayne County chief of staff eligible for pension that could pay $4M in lifetime

    Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano’s former chief of staff is in line for a $96,000 annual pension — which will pay out an estimated $4 million if he lives to 82 — despite only working for the county for 8½years.

    Matthew Schenk, 41, now works for the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department, where he was hired at $194,000 a year as chief operating officer. He’s applied for a county pension that he could begin collecting later this month, about the time he turns 42.”””

  4. DJ says:

    Demographics is destiny. Whites now comprise less than 64% of Americas population and that number is dropping like a rock. In 2012 more non-white babies than white babies were born. Today more whites are dying than being born, yet the majority of the GOP Senators support S.744 and Boehner wants to push it through the House by August. This turn of events can be attributed to either a perverse ethnomasochistic-suicidal syndrome or treason to one’s own race and country motivated by (fill in the blank)_____________.

    The Bell Tolls for the “New Majority”

    By Patrick J. Buchanan on June 13, 2013

  5. Sam Adams says:

    FBI director didn’t do his homework on the Boston Mosque.

    “Abdurahman Alamoudi, who was convicted and is currently in jail for supporting terrorism, co-founded the mosque that the two Boston bombing suspects attended in Boston, Gohmert lectured.

    “Were you aware that those mosques were started by Alamoudi?” Gohmert pressed.

    “I’ve answered the question,” Mueller said.

    “You didn’t answer the question, were you aware they were started by Alamoudi?”

    “No,” the FBI director finally muttered.

    “You were not, thank you,” Gohmert concluded.

    Louie…you the man.

  6. Sam Adams says:

    Dear Leader doesn’t have time to meet with his jobs council, nor attend his daily intel briefing, but he has time for this:
    ‘We Have Two Moms’: Third-Grade Kids Introduce Obama at White House’s Gay Pride Event

    “We asked the president for his support for gay marriage, because we have two moms and they are just as good as other parents,” Zea added. “They love us a lot.

    Leave it to third graders to decide who is and isn’t a good parent. Thank God they included a plea for gun control. I wonder if their mommies wanted them to carry any other progressive messages to Dear Leader?

    Did they mention that the earth has a fever?

  7. Katya Kakhov says:


    I say they need to lobby for their own windfarm

  8. Spider says:

    It is truly amazing, the amount of damage and destruction that can be done to themselves and their country by a nation of formally-free people, simply by giving them the power of the vote. History will wonder how we could have been so weak, gullible, and stupid.

  9. Mack Hall says:

    All true, but only half of you voted last November.

  10. facebkwallflower says:

    Meet Joni Tang and her part(?) in facebook sabotaging

  11. DavidD says:

    Also: “Guns are bad; guns are scary.”

  12. Son of Taz says: is a collection of short talks, many given by barking moonbats. But, once in a while, a video appears that tells it like it is.

    For those trolls who believe Islam is such a wonderful “religion”, have a listen to this Saudi woman’s talk. It’ll only take 14 minutes, and you might learn just how Muslims will treat us if we let them impose Sharia on us.

  13. Bob Roberts says:

    wingmann says: June 14, 2013 at 8:56 am
    I need this explained to me.

    I got this one:

    Parking is such a precious commodity in some parts of Boston. The record for a single spot is $300,000. The spots were auctioned. Blumenthal lives in a multimillion-dollar home near the parking spaces, didn’t expect the bidding to go quite so high for the spots she says will come in handy for guests and workers.


    Clear enough?

  14. Bob Roberts says:

    A mentally ill woman attempted to murder me with a hammer yesterday. I’m not making this up – she really did, and after I warded off the blow (missed my head by 1/2 inch) she bit me.

    So I guess, according to liberal logic, we need to start hammer buy backs and also outlaw teeth?

  15. Bob Roberts says:

    Michigan Democratic Representative John Conyers says he fears the nation may be “on the verge of becoming a surveillance state.”

    Typical moonbat, he’s a day late and a dollar short. “On the verge”? He hasn’t been paying attention, as usual!

    oh great, trying to use fictional characters to get their way.

    A group supporting an open-borders policy on immigration is trying to use the nationwide release of Man of Steel to further its cause.
    We Are the American Way, a project from Define American, has a new site dubbed “Superman Is an Immigrant” meant to piggyback on the cultural conversation around the superhero film.

    Even if Superman were a real character, it would only underline the point. Superman has something to offer – he’s not on welfare, food stamps, housing assistance, etc. He’s making a valuable, unique contribution in exchange for anything he HAS received, which I understand was only an adoption by loving foster parents. He is in fact a legal citizen in his Clark Kent alter ego, not an illegal and as Superman he’s not hiding in the shadows with fake ID (additional crimes) and on the government gravy train.










  16. Bob Roberts says:

    OOPS hit “post” by accident before that last one was done! Ignore the “TEXT” links, they’re broken.

    Funny they’re working so hard to get to the bottom of this they haven’t even contacted a single victim yet!

    There is no evidence that the FBI has contacted a single tea party group in its criminal investigation of the Internal Revenue Service, according to the groups the IRS abused.

    Who didn’t see this coming!

    No, that 3:00 phone call came and Hillary, like Obama, was asleep at the switch when it did. Her own commercial proves she’s unfit.

    Time for a woman in the White House? Perhaps, but not Hillary!

    I wonder what chromosomes “intersex” has that makes them a valid 3rd category?

    The Australian government has announced new guidelines on gender recognition which state that individuals should be given the option of selecting “male”, “female” or “intersex” on their personal documents.

    Officially supporting & encouraging mental illness is not a good idea.

    Although employers face penalties in 2014 if they fail to offer affordable coverage, this decline in spending on health benefits shows that they’re finding ways to shift some of ObamaCare’s looming costs back to the government.

    Apparently the “Affordable Care Act” is making sure care is even more unaffordable for taxpayers.

    So much for cutting back on government waste.

    Presidential trips are expensive, and President Obama’s journey to Africa this month will in no way be an exception.

    The Washington Post estimates that Obama’s Africa trip could cost up to $100 million (maybe more), citing a person familiar with the details who cited previous presidential missions to Africa.

    IN fact many of the costs are hidden and never properly revealed, meaning it’s probably more like 2x that!

    Oh puh-LEESE!

    This just in from lunatic leftist lyin’ moonbats. Conservatives are born that way and can’t help it. Just like liberals. That’s their latest excuse for lunatic lyin’ liberal moonbat nonsense.

    But if you actually read the article you find the headline is misleading and not at all supported by what the article says. Apparently hormones CAN help determine if you will vote, or not, but not HOW you vote.

    Obama Tells Keystone Foes He Will Unveil Climate Measures in July

    At closed-door fundraisers held over the past few weeks, the president has been telling Democratic party donors that he will unveil new climate proposals in July, according to people who have attended the events or been briefed.
    Obama’s promise frequently comes in response to pleas from donors to reject TransCanada Corp (TRP).’s proposed Keystone XL project, a $5.3 billion pipeline that would carry tar-sands oil from Canada to U.S. refineries. Opponents of the pipeline say it would increase greenhouse-gas emissions by encouraging use of the tar sands.

    Man Wearing Obama T-Shirt Exposed Self To Female Shopper

    A man wearing an “Obama 2008” t-shirt is being sought by Virginia police after allegedly exposing himself to a female shopper

    Detroit defaults

    Inevitable result of runaway socialism.

    Syrian rebels executed a 14 year old boy for insulting islam!

    Merkel’s advice for Europe’s unemployed is the same as my advice for illegal aliens.

    MOVE! (Back where you came from!)

  17. DJ says:

    Bob Roberts says:

    Detroit defaults

    Inevitable result of runaway socialism.


    I grew up in Detroit. Went to Detroit Public Schools K-12. Then worked within the city limits for 30 years and I can attest to the fact that “socialism” isn’t the primary cause of Detroit’s decline then ultimate demise. “Runaway socialism” isn’t even in the top three on the list of causes. Only political correctness would lead one to beleive Detroit declined into third world status due to “runaway socialism”. Let’s get real, aye?

  18. DJ says:

    Friday, June 14, 2013

    Detroit — America’s Zimbabwe Defaults


    “One of the key factors left out in the discussion of Detroit’s demise is that the city is nothing more than America’s Zimbabwe, a former Rhodesian paradise remade in the image of its new powers-that-be once the white majority was pushed out and a black majority took power.”


    “Detroit — built by whites, destroyed by blacks (in only forty years). The same thing happened in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe”



  19. Flu-Bird says:

    A lightning bolt destroys the UN and WHITEHOUSE

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