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Aug 15 2013

Open Thread


Via Michelle Obama’s Mirror, on a tip from No Bo.

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  1. Bob Roberts says:

    a href=””>Moonbats just can’t seem to clean up their act.

    Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter’s office filed a civil lawsuit in April against (former) Sheriff John Green, who resigned in early 2011 after being accused of running an office full of insider dealing and cronyism, accusing him, five companies and eight other people of diverting millions of dollars from city sheriff sales, violating the city’s contracting procedures and state ethics laws. The suit seeks an accounting for the disposition of more than $115 million that flowed from the Sheriff’s Office to companies run by Green’s friend James Davis, and a return of the money garnered from that.
    When former state representative Jewell Williams became sheriff, the office was supposed to clean up the past problems. But AxisPhilly reported in May that office was still dealing with problems.

    The impact of obamanomics on Chi-town

    Thousands Wait In Line For Subsidized Housing Applications – this is what lunatic liberal moonbats call “signs of an improving economy under Obama and the Demcrats”.

    If only they would put this sort of effort into finding productive jobs!

    It was a desperate attempt for a home: A line of thousands waited on Sheridan Road, north of Foster and around the corner.

    At times, some grew impatient and some jumped the line. Cops were called in.

    One neighbor described the process as, “very, very uncoordinated, unprofessional.”

    Remember Oprah (Orcinus orca) and her complaint about the store in Switzerland?

    Note how REAL PEOPLE handle a situation like this:

    NYC Hotel Kicks Out ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star After Confusing Him For Homeless Man

    “I asked where the bathroom was and he said, ‘Right this way, sir.’ He was very nice,” Robertson explained. “He walked me outside, pointed down the road and said, ‘Good luck.’”

    Robertson continued, “So I circled back around and my wife said, ‘What happened?’ and I just said I just got kicked out.”

    Robertson took it in stride and didn’t blame the employee for the incident. Robertson continued to stay at the hotel despite the incident.

    “Black Skinhead” rapper Kanye West booed at Dodgers/Mets game in LA.

    When West was shown on the jumbotron at Dodgers Stadium & got booed – not everyone in LA is a moonbat, apparently!

    Suggested read: Levin’s “Liberty Amendments”.


    Filner Sexually Harassed Great-Grandmother, 67

    Apparently this is the woman who played Jabba in Star Wars:

    No, not the one on the right, that’s Gloria Allred. I know, you thought Allred was on the left. So did I, at first.

    NOTE, though, what Allred and this “victim” claim. Allred claims she worked part time “to supplement her social security income” but the woman states she was a volunteer.

    See for yourself – in the very opening moments of Allred’s comments she makes the above claim that the woman worked (implying for pay) “to supplement her social security income”, but when the woman starts to speak, pratically the first thing she states (timer counts down, it reads about 2 min 55 sec when she says it, she starts talking with 3 min remaining, so start there) is that she was a volunteer, meaning unpaid.

    Allred isn’t known for her honesty. Quite the opposite. She is a liberal moonbat, after all.

    But this time she’s going against Emperor moonbat, so I’m essentially on her side, except where she’s suing the city – she should be suing the local Democrat machine, who KNEW FILNER WAS A SERIAL HARASSER yet still backed him for Mayor.

  2. Bob Roberts says:

    PeLOUSE attempting to force Governor to turn California into sanctuary for illegal aliens.

    Twenty-eight of California’s congressional representatives are throwing their weight behind state legislation that would make it harder to deport immigrants who are in the country illegally.

    The representatives — all Democrats, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco — sent a letter to Gov. Jerry Brown urging him to sign the bill if it reaches his desk.

    The bill, known as the Trust Act, “establishes a bright line standard between local law enforcement and federal immigration enforcement”.

    Basically it will prevent California law enforcement officials from doing their duty, protecting Californians from illegal aliens and all the crimes they’re responsible for.

    White House apparently embarrassed about Obama’s “Love interest”.

    A YouTube video featuring an interview with former Obama bodyman Reggie Love was removed after his comments surfaced in news reports highlighting some private details from President Obama’s life in the White House.

    The video only shows highlights from the interview, as Love talked about daily life with the president, including the historic day when Osama bin Laden was killed. While advisers huddled in the situation room, Love revealed that he and Obama played cards during part of the day.

    So now we know. Obama killed Osama by playing cards!

    “[President Obama] was like, ‘I’m not, I’m not going to be down there, I can’t watch this entire thing’,” Love said. “We must have played 15 hands-15 games of Spades.”


    Love also joked about the day that Obama “finally found his birth certificate.”

    “I remember when he finally found his birth certificate,” he said with a grin.

    “It took a little too long, by the way,” Newton added, prompting laughter from the crowd.

    Apparently Obama, or someone who remains unnamed, was fiddling around with PHOTOSHOP and accidentally came across his birth certificate!


    Every characterization of Reagan in the film is flawed, some deeply.

    They make a lot of the fact, due to his anti-federalist stance, Reagan was against some civil rights legislation BEFORE HE RAN FOR OFFICE.

    Obama’s Economic Approval Slips to 35%

    Was 42% in June; decline mirrors drop in overall approval

    The only places he’s at or above 50% are terrorism (50%) and race relations (51%). Everything else ranges from 49% to 26% with the loest being the federal budge deficit.

    Democrat moonbat and Mingo County Circuit Judge Michael Thornsbury was arrested Thursday after federal authorities allege he targeted his ex-lover’s husband and used his position on the bench to manipulate criminal charges against the man.

    The indictment, returned Wednesday by a federal grand jury in Charleston, charges Thornsbury with conspiring to violate the constitutional rights of his former secretary’s husband. An indictment means that grand jurors have decided that enough evidence exists to warrant a criminal trial.

    Thornsbury, 57, of Williamson, has served as circuit judge since 1997. He allegedly began a relationship with his secretary in early 2008.

    After Kim Woodruff broke off the relationship in June 2008, prosecutors say, Thornsbury asked his friend Jeff Cline to plant drugs underneath Robert Woodruff’s pickup truck. The judge had allegedly made plans for police to pull Woodruff over and conduct a search.

    Cline backed out at the last minute, prosecutors say.

    The indictment also alleges Thornsbury enlisted State Police Trooper Brandon Moore, who worked in the Williamson detachment, to file a criminal complaint against Robert Woodruff, accusing him of stealing scrap metal from his employer.

    Woodruff worked at a coal preparation plant, where mined coal was processed before being shipped. There, he removed scrap metal that had fallen in with the coal.

    When Thornsbury found that Woodruff’s supervisors allowed him to salvage drill bits, among other scraps that could be repurposed, he allegedly persuaded Moore to file a criminal complaint against him.

    Moore — who was named West Virginia State Police “Trooper of the Year” in 2010 — resisted at first because he knew Woodruff’s bosses allowed him to take the metal, according to prosecutors. But the trooper eventually gave in to the judge and filed the complaint, the indictment alleges.

    Then-Magistrate Eugene Crum issued a warrant and Woodruff was arrested and charged with grand larceny in December 2008. Crum eventually dismissed the charge after county prosecutor Michael Sparks disqualified himself from the case — which, according to the indictment, could have led to discovery of Thornsbury’s scheme.

    Prosecutors also identified one of Thornsbury’s business partners as part of the conspiracy.

    Your iPhone uses more energy than a refrigerator

    This reads like typical moonbat journalism. Of course your cell phone doesn’t REALLY use as much power as they say – they include all the power used to make your cell phone’s network – and the entire internet – work.

    The average iPhone uses more energy than a midsize refrigerator, says a new paper by Mark Mills, CEO of Digital Power Group, a tech investment advisory. A midsize refrigerator that qualifies for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star rating uses about 322 kW-h a year, while your iPhone uses about 361 kW-h if you stack up wireless connections, data usage, and battery charging.

    The paper, rather ominously titled “The Cloud Begins With Coal: Big Data, Big Networks, Big Infrastructure, and Big Power,” details how the world’s Information Communication Technology (ITC) ecosystem — which includes smartphones, those high-powered Bloomberg terminals on trading floors, and server farms that span the size of seven football fields — are taking up a larger and larger slice of the world’s energy pie.

    And the ITC ecosystem is expected to require more energy as time goes on. Part of the reason is that unlike a flashlight or an air conditioner, much of the technology we’re wired to never goes to sleep. Think about it: Who actually turns off their cell phones at night?

    On top of that, our devices are requiring more and more power. “As anyone who has ever tried to husband the battery of a dying smartphone knows, transmitting wireless data — whether via 3G or wi-fi — adds significantly to power use. As the cloud grows bigger and bigger, and we put more and more of our devices on wireless networks, we’ll need more and more electricity,” says Bryan Walsh at TIME.

    Don’t Hate On Al Gore For His $30 Million Apple Score

    Just kidding! Go ahead and hate him for that and any other valid reason you can think of! But while the linked article starts out sounding good, it turns into a huge apology for Al Gore, a poster child for “the 1%”:

    I guess that check from Al Jazeera must have cleared, because Al Gore is in the news with another major score.

    Two weeks after pulling down a reported $100 million from the sale of Current TV to the Qatar-based news network, the man so many love to hate is at it again, this time by exercising options entitling him to buy 59,000 Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) shares for the excellent price of $7.475 each.

    So Gore has just spent a little over $440,000 to acquire stock worth nearly $30 million as of Thursday’s close. And what did he do for all that money? Attended a board meeting a few times a year for the last decade. Had Steve Jobs’ back when it counted. That’s all. Not bad for someone who didn’t invent the Internet.

    Do you think this stinks? Some hereditary politician making out like a real tycoon after rubbing shoulders with the hippie high-tech elites? Realizing more wealth in a single day than the average Chinese assembler of iPhones will earn in 100 lifetimes? Does it make you angry to see this sanctimonious do-gooder get filthy rich?

    From that point on it’s all about how we should love Gore, so I skipped the rest.

    And Soros is getting his piece of the apple pie too!

    Soros takes a bite out of Apple after ditching gold

    Billionaire investor George Soros has been busy stocking up on hedge fund favorites as he joined others in dumping gold exchange traded fund (ETF) holdings in the second quarter, SEC regulatory filings revealed.

    Soros Fund Management picked up 66,800 shares in Apple, the filings showed, just a day after fellow billionaire investor Carl Icahn revealed that he had built up a “large stake” in the tech giant.

    It came after the Soros family office ditched its holdings in the world’s biggest gold ETF, SPDR Gold Trust, which were valued at $82 million at the end of March, and its holdings in Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF, worth $100.9 million.

    Obama Policies Turning Egypt Against U.S.
    Pro-military Egyptians want to shift to Russian alliance

    The Obama administration support for Muslim Brotherhood Islamists in Egypt is driving the powerful military there against the United States and toward Moscow, according to U.S. officials and reports from the region.

    The pro-Muslim Brotherhood stance is undermining decades of U.S. policy toward the Middle East state and prompting concerns that the United States is about to “lose” Egypt as a strategic partner, said officials familiar with intelligence reports.

    Disclosure of the concern over the administration’s policy failure in Egypt comes as a security crackdown on pro-Muslim Brotherhood supporters in Cairo resulted in scores killed.

    “The Obama administration’s blatant Islamist support is risking the decades-long security arrangement with Egypt,” one U.S. official told the Washington Free Beacon.

    “The Egyptians are so upset they might very well give up our support,” the official added, noting the military regime is currently leaning toward seeking backing from Russia, and possibly China in the future.

    Exactly the same mistake Carter made with Iran and look what a mess that turned into!

    Recovery summer? Not hardly, thanks to Obama!

    Roadblocks around Obama’s vacation mansion are choking off business in Martha’s Vineyard towns

    Does Obama care? No, he’s just missing Reggie Love and hating having to spend this much time with Moochelle.

    August is usually the time of year when businesses on Martha’s Vineyard make enough money to see them through the cold, tourist-free winter. But with the president and his family on the Massachusetts island, road closures are detouring visitors – and their dollars – away from towns near the Obamas’ vacation home.
    Writing about the town of West Tisbury, the Vineyard Gazette reported that ‘the traffic change will keep people away from the village center at the very height of summer.’
    ‘August is our make it or break it month,’ Vineyard Artisans Festivals manager Andrea Rogers told the local newspaper, ‘So this is the worst possible time of the year to block access. It impacts a lot of people.’
    ‘We’re really in a bad position at a critical time of year … we’re trying to survive the winter.’
    Obama’s chosen week away from the White House overlaps with some of the Martha’s Vineyard events that attract the most summer tourists, including fireworks nights and an annual agricultural fair.
    Many island businesses rely on those summer-ending celebrations to make ends meet.
    Gas station co-owner Patrick Jenkinson told The Martha’s Vineyard Times that his business has come to ‘really rely on this third week in August, especially Fair week.’
    ‘We do as much business in that one week as we do in three weeks in February. But we’re way down from what we usually get in sales, more than 15 to 20 percent.’
    Jenkinson wrote on the newspaper’s website that ‘this particular visit’ by the Obamas ‘has been extremely intrusive to the Island. … some of these businesses are staffed for a particular flow of customers and now they’re over-staffed with 4 days notice.’
    The owners of Alley’s General Store, the Island’s oldest business, told the Times that ‘the major East-West corridor on the Island has been turned into a dead end. It will be thousands of dollars lost.’
    ‘I think it will mean at least a 25 percent reduction in Alley’s gross sales this week. And August, for almost all Island businesses, represents a very significant percentage, maybe 33 percent, of all gross sales annually.’

    NAACP ripped for demanding federal probe of rodeo clown dressed as Obama

    Calls by the Missouri chapter of the NAACP for a federal investigation into a rodeo clown who donned a President Obama mask at the state fair last week are misguided and hypocritical, a Texas Republican congressman told on Thursday.
    U.S. Rep. Steve Stockman, who has invited the clown who wore the mask to perform in Texas, said the request for probes into the incident by the Justice Department and Secret Service are “silly” and should be ignored.
    “A rodeo clown is really a nominal thing and it hurt no one,” Stockman told “They didn’t speak out when George Bush was being portrayed as a murderer. To become relevant again, they need to become more of an honest broker and not have contrived anger.”
    Stockman said the NAACP would better serve its constituents by focusing on ways to decrease unemployment among the black community. He also noted that the national civil rights group was silent after a July incident on a Florida bus where three black teens beat a fellow white student.
    Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson condemned Florida’s laws in the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting yet remained mum on the bus attack.
    “It’s really patently false that they’re angry at this, but not angry at other issues,” Stockman continued. “There has to be some consistency.”
    “We can’t get the Justice Department to look at Benghazi, so it would be ironic that the Justice Department would investigate a clown,” he said. “They should focus on their member’s needs rather than theatrics.”
    Stockman said widespread reports of Saturday’s bull riding event at the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia was an example of what he calls “pop news,” distractions from serious issues facing the country.
    The performer, meanwhile, has been permanently banned from future state fair events and subsequent performers must undergo sensitivity training.
    Jehmu Greene, a Fox News contributor and Democratic strategist, said she agreed with Stockman’s take that the call for a federal probe was unwarranted. It’s far from the first time a sitting commander-in-chief has been mocked, she said.
    “Absolutely it is misguided,” she said during an appearance on Fox News. “The NAACP has jumped the shark on this one.”

    Jehmu is incorrect – the NAACP jumped the shark a long, long time ago.

  3. Bob Roberts says:

    And now a long post on how Obamacare was clearly designed for fraud and is being deliberately implemented in ways that ensure that is what will happen:

    Obamacare’s Invitation to Fraud

    When the Obama administration announced last Tuesday that they would be delaying Obamacare’s employer mandate and its associated reporting requirements by a year, many observers (myself included) noted that this could create problems for verifying eligibility for subsidies in the Obamacare exchanges.

    Many if not all of the state exchanges, and presumably also the federally-run exchanges, were planning to use the required employer reports to facilitate the eligibility reconciliation that you have to do at tax filing time when people receive advanceable tax credits like those set to be offered in the exchanges. If employers weren’t required to provide reports for 2014, the process of confirming eligibility (that is, confirming that people receiving subsidies had in fact not been offered affordable insurance coverage at work) would become more difficult to pull off, since it’s not really clear what other data sources the exchanges would have, and the exchange subsidy system would therefore become that much more difficult to manage. On Thursday, Reuters quoted the spokeswoman for the largest and most important of the prospective state-run exchange systems echoing this concern:

    California, said spokeswoman Anne Gonzales, “was planning to tap into information from large employers to verify employee health coverage. The exchange is currently evaluating how the delay in implementation of the large employer mandate will impact enrollment and verification.”

    Other states clearly shared this worry about how they were supposed to confirm eligibility for subsidies. But on Friday, the Obama administration answered their question with what is becoming the familiar refrain of Obamacare implementation: “never mind.”

    Obamacare ‘navigators’ program invites massive fraud

    That identity theft and insurance scams will occur once the Obamacare mandate kicks in on Oct. 1 is one of the few things on which supporters and opponents of the program agree. The reason is simple: Thousands of poorly trained “navigators” — they’re certified after 20 hours of online study — will be assisting people who sign up for Obamacare.

    Paid $58 per application and $25 per annual renewal, these navigators will gain access to Social Security numbers, tax information and other sensitive personal information. They will not have to undergo background checks. The Department of Health and Human Services will not verify their employment histories. Nor will HHS check to see if they have criminal records.

    The opportunity and incentive for fraud have rarely been so inviting.

    “All it takes is a couple of those folks [to] really do damage to someone’s financial or health care information,” said Nancy Kincaid, a spokeswoman for the California Department of Insurance. “Make sure you confirm who they are, that they absolutely are a trained and certified enrollment counselor.” California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones, a Democrat, said that there is no plan for investigating complaints of navigator abuse in the California exchange. So victims of identity theft and other scams will find it difficult to seek relief. “We can have a real disaster on our hands,” Jones said.

    But navigators aren’t the only people consumers have to worry about. “This is the huge, new government program,” said Lois Greisman, associate director for the Federal Trade Commission’s division of marketing practices. “There’s no doubt in my mind that fraudsters view it as an opportunity to rip people off.” One scam has already been reported. A fake telemarketer promises to send an Obamacare card if they are given personal and financial information.

    Fake Obamacare enrollment sites are appearing, too. “We’ve already noticed in paid searches there are websites coming up that have nothing to do with Obamacare,” said Eva Velasquez, CEO of the Identity Theft Resource Center. Elizabeth Abbott, director of administrative advocacy for Health Access California, shares her concern: “There are people licking their chops and saying, ‘a sucker is born every minute.'”

    That’s a frightening thought. The federal government will be providing minimal training to legions of people who bear a striking resemblance to community organizers, and who in their official capacities can demand access to sensitive individual information.

    California isn’t the only state worried about fraud. Florida State Sen. David Simmons, R-Altamonte Springs, chairman of the state legislature’s banking and insurance committee, said “any time you have the government putting out a pot of money, you can be absolutely assured there will be a multitude of schemes to get to it.”


    As launch time approaches for the rickety rocket of ObamaCare, it’s still unclear whether any of its vital systems will function. But there are a few things we know for certain. It makes insurance more expensive, with states like Florida and Ohio bracing for the sticker shock of 35 and 41 percent premium hikes, respectively. As CNN Money notes, it’s the more lightly regulated states – the places that were actually doing health insurance right – that will suffer the worst increases. Moribund blue-state regulatory disaster areas like California and New York have already been punishing consumers with ObamaCare-style regulations for years. So much for the will of the voters. Hope you enjoyed your vibrant markets while they lasted, Florida and Ohio!

    Another thing we know for sure is that choices for consumers will be reduced, which means less competition. Big insurance companies are bailing out of ObamaCare exchanges left and right. Aetna just announced it was pulling out of Maryland after regulators demanded a 29 percent cut to premiums, which would leave the company selling its products below cost. Aetna already withdrew from the exchanges in California, Georgia, and Connecticut. Aetna is based in Connecticut.

    The California exchange also lost UnitedHealth and Anthem Blue Cross, which was the state’s largest small-business insurance provider. Barack Obama is famous for the biggest lie in recent political history: “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your plan.” But he also claimed the exchanges would increase competition. Instead, companies are heading for the hills and taking their plans with them.

    Another absolute certainty about ObamaCare is that it will be an epic bonanza of fraud, perhaps unequaled in the history of the welfare state (and that’s really saying something.) If you thought the ObamaPhone ripoff was bad – you’re paying a surcharge on your cell phone bill so scam artists can walk away with half a dozen “free” phones – just wait until billions of dollars begin surging through the leaky pipes of ObamaCare’s monster subsidy network. This is going to be little more than an overpriced bureaucracy throwing bags of taxpayer loot on the table and shouting “Come and get it!” to the people who are already rooking the welfare state for billions.

    For one thing, when Obama violated the law to move the employer mandate back a year, he also disabled the anti-fraud protections on ObamaCare’s subsidy stream, which relied heavily upon data collected from employers for security. This leaves a $600 billion subsidy system – designed to reach far into what we used to call “the middle class,” back when it had meaningful independence from government – running on the honor system, just like ObamaPhones.

    There are a great many things wrong with Obamacare…

    …but the biggest is perhaps one that neither party is paying any attention to: It is one huge entrapment scheme that will turn patients and providers into criminals.

    The most blatant example of this is in the “doc fix” that Congress passed with major bipartisan support earlier this month, saving doctors from a nearly 23 percent cut in Medicare reimbursement that they would have otherwise faced this year. Congress has been passing this fix every year since 1997, but this time, in an effort to offset its $20 billion price tag, it has included a little twist to squeeze working families called “exchange recapture subsidy.” Under this provision, the government will go after low-wage families to return any excess subsidies they get under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

    When the government hands out subsidies, it will use a household’s income in the previous year as the basis for guessing what the household is qualified to get in the current year. But if the household’s income grows midyear, the subsidy recapture provision will require it to repay anywhere from $600 to $3,500, compared to the $450 that the law originally called for.

    This will make it very hazardous for poor working families to get ahead. In the original law, the loss of subsidy with rising income already meant absurdly high effective marginal tax rates—the implicit tax on every additional dollar of income earned. How high? The Cato Institute’s Michael Cannon puts them at 229 percent for families of four who increase their earnings by an amount equal to 5 percent of the federal poverty level or $1,100. In other words, a family that added this amount to an income of $44,700 would actually see its total income fall by $1,419 due to the loss of subsidies.

    The subsidy recapture provision—essentially a tax collection scheme—means that low-wage, cash-strapped families will have no escape from these perverse tax rates. Many of them will find themselves owing the government thousands of dollars in back taxes. Since it is unlikely that they will have this kind of money sitting around, they will face a massive incentive to either fudge their returns or work for cash to avoid reporting additional income. Either way, Uncle Sam will come after them, just as it does with recipients of the Earned Income Tax Credit, the negative income tax scheme that is the inspiration behind Obamacare’s subsidies.

    But just because Obamacare sticks it to families doesn’t mean that physicians will have it good. They’ll face their own—even more draconian—crackdown. Indeed, just as Obamacare goes after working-class families to pay doctors, it goes after doctors to pay working-class families, putting everyone at war with everyone else.

    No Debt for Obamacare Fraud

    Obamacare creates a new, trillion-dollar entitlement to health-insurance subsidies. As one might hope, Congress created an eligibility-verification system to prevent fraudsters and others who don’t qualify for these subsidies from scamming taxpayers. But even before it was enacted, supporters called this system “administratively horrendously complex as well as quite intrusive” and possibly “just a dream.”

    Unsurprisingly, the eligibility-verification system proved too complex to implement by 2014. At that point, the president should have proposed delaying the entitlement spending. Instead, he repealed the verification system, unilaterally and unlawfully, for one year (so far). In so doing, he effectively expanded eligibility for this entitlement, without so much as a cost estimate or a heads-up to Congress. Millions of ineligible Americans can now claim those subsidies without fear of reprisal, because for millions there will be no enforcement of the eligibility rules in 2014 (and maybe beyond). House Republicans have requested a cost estimate of the change from the Congressional Budget Office; no doubt it will be in the billions of dollars.

    This new spending is doubly illegal. Congress never authorized it, and the president had no authority to rescind the protections designed to prevent it. It produces the very sort of fraudulent and improper health-care spending the president promised in 2009 that Obamacare would reduce.

    The president also repealed the employer mandate for 2014, again unilaterally and unlawfully. This will further increase the federal debt by reducing federal revenues. And he may do it again in 2015, and possibly beyond.

    In response, House Republicans will hold separate votes next week on bills to delay the employer mandate and the individual mandate until 2015. The purpose is to embarrass House Democrats by forcing them either to support relief for employers but not families or to break ranks with their president on Obamacare. That shouldn’t satisfy those who want to repeal Obamacare, because if that’s all House Republicans do, they will be seriously underplaying their hand.

  4. Sam Adams says:

    Nobody does the high kick like Dear Leader.


  5. Bob Roberts says:

    Where’s the clown outfit – though those shoes are almost as funny as clown shoes… almost.

  6. ThisObamaNation says:

    In the end people wind up with the governments they deserve.

  7. Bob Roberts says:

    Sam Adams says:
    August 15, 2013 at 8:35 pm
    Nobody does the high kick like Dear Leader.


  8. Bob Roberts says:

    ThisObamaNation says: August 15, 2013 at 8:36 pm
    In the end people wind up with the governments they deserve.
    Well, something around 1/2 the people did… the rest of us are along for the ride!

  9. St. Gilbert says:

    Key promoter of Canada’s sordid sex-ed curriculum (and close friend of Ontario’s lesbian Premier, Kathleen Wynn) arrested for child pornography.

  10. Flu-Bird says:

    El Geeko Obama in a one man band wait for the riping sound of his pants

  11. Jodie says:

    Bob Roberts says:
    August 15, 2013 at 8:32 pm

    “‘Black Skinhead’ rapper Kanye West booed at Dodgers/Mets game in LA.”

    I spent about an hour reading the comments after that article earlier today. It was so much fun! There wasn’t one positive word about Kanye (or Kim K.) Everyone is on to what an arrogant creep really he is.

  12. Bill T says:

    Looks like they’ve located Doctors willing to accept obamacare! Just doing jobs Americans wont o.

  13. Berlet98 says:

    Of Rodeo Clowns, Black Education, Voting, bin Laden, and Babies

    As far back as George Washington, critics and satirists have been poking critical and satirical jibes at America’s presidents. I doubt many of America’s chief executives appreciated the silliness and I very much doubt that many, if any, reacted to the extremes to which President Barack Hussein Obama’s rabid supporters reacted to the skit performed by Tuffy Gessling, the rodeo clown at the Missouri State Fair who wore an Obama mask last Saturday. Another clown drew wild cheers when he asked if the audience if they wanted to see “Obama run down by a bull.”
    To no avail, Gessling responded to the uproar over his mask by saying, “nothing racist was ever implied. Comedians all over the country have used political figures to make fun of current events, it’s nothing new.” (Gessling didn’t mention that liberal-leftists often depicted President George W. Bush as a murderer, a war criminal, a Nazi and worse with no protests from the mainstream media or anyone else.) Gessling was punished with a lifetime ban from the State Fair and the rodeo announcer, Mark Ficken, who played no part in the incident, was forced to resign from the Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association and is in jeopardy of losing his position as superintendent of the Boonville School District.

    As usual, the NAACP and other black organizations played the race card by demanding a federal investigation into the clowning on the basis it showed racist disrespect toward Obama. Reflecting his contempt for that “silly” allegation, Rep. Steve Stockman invited Gessling to perform his act in Texas.


    Irrationally acting in the face of widespread evidence that young blacks are frequently unruly in our public schools, on July 26th, 2012, conveniently less than four months before the general election, our president signed an executive order titled the “African American Education Initiative” which essentially gives black students a free ride to act up and act out in classrooms without disciplinary restrictions for whatever they do.

    The executive order, use of which serves to by-pass Congress, requires schools to limit disciplinary action against black kids, The order specifically calls on schools to “not rely on methods that result in disparate use of disciplinary tools,” a requirement necessitating a racial quota system for discipline in America’s public school systems.

    What Obama actually did with his executive order was to mandate that black students be judged by the color of their skin and not by the content of their character. If he really thinks that an executive order will improve poor black performance and high dropout rates, he has another think coming. All he accomplished was giving black students amnesty and a sense of entitlement which can only exacerbate the already-existing chaos in innercity schools.


    Democrats oppose voter-ID laws with as much passion as they defend abortion rights. They claim, without any substantive proof, that such laws are discriminatory and expend extraordinary efforts opposing state voter-identification laws even though polls show that 75% of voters approve of them.

    What the so-called “Party of the People” avoids referencing . . . (Read more at

  14. Laurie says:


    During the Osama bin Laden raid Obama played cards – he didn’t stay to watch the entire thing.

    He’s the Commandeer in Chief. That’s his JOB to watch the whole thing, like it or not.

    This is dereliction of duty, plain and simple. He should be relieved of duty for failing to fulfill his duties.

    But where’s the GOP on this? Where’s Boo Hoo Boehner? Where’s Mitch “the mouse” McConnell? Why aren’t they raising hell about this?? Oh…they’re too busy cowering under their desks.

    Relieve Obama of duty immediately, imprison him, and put him on trial for treason. Also arrest Boo Hoo, Mitch, and all the other RINOs and charge them with assisting in treason by NOT speaking out and doing something about this.

    All I can say is: the next couple of election cycles had damn well better be a blood bath in which all RINOs and Democrats are thrown out. If not, this country is no longer land of the free. It’s a banana republic.

  15. Xavier says:

    Obamacare Provision: “Forced” Home Inspections

  16. Momster says:

    Disgustingly inaccurate photoshop! An insult to drum majors everywhere.

    REAL drum majors know where they are going and can actually LEAD people. When people see a real drum major, they know that they are going to like what happens next. Also, the people following the real drum major know what they are doing. They add their own level of expertise to the matter at hand and the drum major leads them and points out the direction they are supposed to be going in.

    There is no way that Obama could ever be portrayed as a drum major.

  17. Gunny Pink says:

    Come along and sing our song, and join the family…M ~ I ~ C ~ K ~ E ~ Y ~~~~~~M ~ O ~ U ~ S ~ E!

  18. Sam Adams says:

    Momster says:
    August 16, 2013 at 4:31 am

    Disgustingly inaccurate photoshop! An insult to drum majors everywhere.

    REAL drum majors know where they are going and can actually LEAD people.

    Note that Dear Leader isn’t in front of a parade of followers. He is essentially by himself.

  19. DJ says:

    Bob Roberts wrote: “When [Kanye] West was shown on the jumbotron at Dodgers Stadium & got booed – not everyone in LA is a moonbat, apparently!”

    Is that the same Kanye West that made the mighty George W. Bush moan and snivel? ….and continues to haunt him?

    Yes indeed. Thug rapper Kanye West accused Dubya of not caring for black people. That little insignificant incident affected Dubya SO profoundly that he regards it as “the WORST MOMENT of his presidency.”

    What are we to make of that???

  20. sally forth says:

    I’d say “we got trouble, trouble right here in River City.”

  21. modd kenwood says:

    I said somewhere on FB last week that he looked like a drum major for a gay marching band and here he is…

  22. ThisObamaNation says:

    A picture is worth a thousand words.

    Who does he think he is, the LGBT Pied Piper?

  23. Flu-Bird says:

    Wait for him to fall into a open manhole KER-SPLASH

  24. whotothewhat says:

    Lock the doors bar the windows hide your sons and daughters and guns, ammo, beer, Doritos.

    Obamacare troops planning home visits

  25. Das Kapital says:

    SCOAMF, SCOAMF, he’s our man if he can’t make a solid gold bar no one can!

  26. SCOAMF is the Messiah! says:

    @whotothewhat are those for the mandatory AIDS tests for every person aged 15-75?

  27. Tuffy the Clown (Thoughtcriminal) says:

    Those evul waycissts bee att it again:

  28. Fiberal says:

    DJ, Blue,

    It seems that we are in agreement here: Right….the American people were conned, forced, cajoled and tricked or whatever, by the left. (From whenever; pick the date).

    Now that we have that settled, how then do we take the country back with the jellyfish right that, since conquest by the left, have gotten even more apathetic, lazy, coarse, indifferent, scared, entertainment-driven, cowardly, stupid and lazy?

    Or possibly, to use your parlance: stunned.

    That answer is– no chance.

    Not until and unless the right——–

    develops an understanding of captialism and free-market enterprise.

    eliminates socialism.

    acquires an understanding of the way taxes destroy everything.

    recognizes that the U.S. is a sovereign country and closes the borders and kicks out its boarders (heh).

    restricting the vote only to citizens that pay taxes.

    gets rid of its inverse-racism; including its:

    a. negrophilia
    b. creeping islamophilia
    c. newfound latinophila

    >requires that a president have an American birth certificate.

    >requires that a president not be guilty of forgery

    >requires that a president not steal his SS#.

    >requires that a president make public his passport history, his educational history, his medical history, and renounces any affinity for international, foreign associations.

    …and develops an admiration of a Constitutional Republic.

    Oh, and develops a spine.

    Right. And if you think just one of those things can happen, then I need some of whatever it is you’re smoking.


    But hey, I’m glad that we are in agreement on the problem if perhaps, not the solution.


    (Hey Blue…notice that on Moonbattery paragraphs are free and easy to use.)

  29. DJ says:


    As long as we have to labor under the two party duopoly, we will continue down the path we’re on. The dialectical process between The Stupid Party and The Evil Party has synthesised in one direction – leftward.

    We need mass defection from the duopoly into a third party. The Constitution party has a great platform. Now all it needs are a bunch of billionaires and multi millionaires willing to fund their campaigns……

  30. Fiberal says:

    Oh, I almost forgot…willfully blind.

    As from: As He Guts Military, Obama Is Militarizing Domestic Force.

    (see MB below)



    I am sympathetic to a third party.

    But unfortunately, I think it would be a loser in elections for many, many years. There just aren’t enough to defect and to be sufficiently conservative.

    But what the Constitutional Party would do is to galvanize people as the Republican party continually hemorrhages voters, common sense and elections.

    Correct: The CP needs $$$$. The key is the destruction of unions and turning illegal immigration around.

    And you hit the target bullseye regarding big donors:

    If Soros is any indication, success for the CP would be proportionate to such donations.


    Dammit! Look at this. You almost made me get my checkbook out.

  31. Bob Roberts says:

    In the summer, when we set new high temperature records, moobats go crazy about “global warming”. Then again, during the summer when we set significant COLD records, we don’t hear a peep from them.

    Atlanta’s high temperature on Thursday was only 73 degrees which is the coolest high temperature on record for August 15.

    The previous record was a high of only 77 degrees from 1908.

    The average high temperature for this time of year is 88 degrees, putting Thursday’s high 15 degrees below average.

    And when Atlanta and that region was in a drought, they blamed global warming. Now the explanation for the cool temps is a lot more rain that is normal and, of course, that’s because of global warming too! So there you have it – global warming causes drought, deluge, heat waves and cold snaps! Liberal logic 101!

  32. Bob Roberts says:

    Kerry, representing Obama, secures the release of Palestinian who killed an American (ex) Marine.

    Among those released Tuesday as an inducement to the Palestinian Authority to return to peace negotiations was Al-Haaj Othman Amar Mustafa, a Palestinian convicted in 1991 of killing Frederick Steven Rosenfeld, who the Philadelphia Inquirer at the time of his death reported was a former U.S. Marine and U.S. citizen.

    “As I understand the facts, there are only two possibilities,” said Elliott Abrams, a deputy national security adviser in the George W. Bush administration and a scholar at the Council on Foreign Relations. “It was a very bad screwup by the State Department not to demand that he remain incarcerated or it is a silent change of policy. I believe the policy has always been that we oppose the release of anyone who has committed terrorism against Americans.”

    Abrams pointed to U.S. public statements in 2005 after Germany freed Mohammed Ali Hammadi, a member of Hezbollah who participated in the murder of U.S. Navy diver Robert Stethem during the 1985 hijacking of TWA Flight 847. When Hammadi was released in 2005, a State Department spokesman said, “We’re going to make every effort to see that he stands trial in the United States for what he did and face justice.”
    Hammadi remains at large. You can bet Mustafa will too.

    Or maybe we can get a few of those drones targeted on them perhaps?

  33. Bob Roberts says:

    Talk about moonbats!

    Scientology’s ‘alien space cathedral and spaceship landing pad’ built in the New Mexico desert for the ‘return of followers after Armageddon on Earth’

    European moonbattery

    They look like shelters for hikers in a national park, but these wooden sheds in Switzerland have a rather less innocent purpose – they provide a discreet location for men to have sex with prostitutes.

    The nine garage-style structures, located in a former industrial zone in the west of the city, have been organised with typically Swiss precision.
    Drivers will have to follow a clearly marked route along which up to 40 prostitutes will be stationed.
    Once they have chosen one of the women and negotiated a fee, they will drive into one of the wooden sheds, which are hung with posters advocating the use of condoms and warning of the risk of Aids.
    The sex boxes are equipped with alarms which the prostitutes can activate if they feel in danger from a client.

    A state judge on Friday barred enforcement of Pennsylvania’s strict voter-identification law in the Nov. 5 general election.

    Moonbats, continuing to ensure our elections are flawed & fraud ridden.

    Democrat Terry McAuliffe, struggling to create a positive image for himself in Virginia’s governor race, is setting the stage to shift the dirty work of negative advertising this fall to others.

    Mr. McAuliffe, a prolific former Clinton fundraiser who is far outpacing his Republican rival, has shifted millions of his campaign dollars to the Virginia Democratic Party, where it can be spent on attack ads against Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II and get-out-the-vote efforts.
    The tactic allows him to keep his own advertising and message positive, polishing an image that still suffers with voters in a race in which both candidates with high negatives are vying to be the least unpopular.
    “Basically, he’s using the DPVA to do all the negative campaigning,” said Bob Holsworth, a former professor at Virginia Commonwealth University and longtime analyst of state politics. The party “is a whole subsidy of the McAuliffe campaign.”

    And moonbats STILL think allowing government into medical care will make it better/cheaper.

    How they figure adding extra people and layers to the process will make it cheaper I still haven’t figured out.

    The Homeland Security Department spent $600,000 apiece to build houses in Arizona that would have gone for less than $100,000, according to a report in the Arizona Republic that’s raising questions in Congress.
    “This type of spending is irresponsible as our nation faces significant budget deficits and the men and women in the Border Patrol face cuts in overtime that are essential to their mission,” Rep. Ron Barber, the Arizona Democrat in whose district the homes were built, said in a statement Friday.
    The Republic said Homeland Security built 21 homes and bought 20 other mobile homes for $15 million. Comparable homes go for between $70,000 and $100,000, the paper said. The homes were build to be rented to border agents and officers.

  34. Bob Roberts says:

    If we are fair we would ban everyone who wears Obama masks in comedic situations for life


    A man showed up wearing a Barack Obama mask who turned out to be Barack Obama himself. “I have nothing to hide,” Obama said, “I enjoy being myself. I’m not going to change who I am just because it’s Halloween.”

  35. Bob Roberts says:

    Nothing to hide… which is why it took so long for him to come up with ‘his birth certificate’ and why we still have no access to his college records and other key documents about his past life.

  36. Mark V says:

    I am finished with this site, after several fiascos of no research shown for the opinions put out. Take for instance the China fetus soup article. You cannot trust anything reported here. Some are ok, some though are way out there, and do not bear the facts.
    Every one is so incredibly biased to the point that there is no credibility.

  37. Jodie says:

    Mark V,

    Because you don’t believe Obama is a drum major?

  38. Jimdandy says:

    Theventy-thix twombones wed the big pawade, with 110 golf wounds wight to hand . . .

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