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Aug 07 2013

Open Thread


Via The Looking Spoon, on a tip from Stormfax.

37 Responses to “Open Thread”

  1. Dr. 9 says:

    What time will the protest start Al?

  2. Bo Jangles says:

    Now they’re going to tell you where you can live, and who will be living next door.

  3. johnnosk says:


  4. Sam Adams says:

    Bo Jangles says:
    August 7, 2013 at 9:00 pm

    Now they’re going to tell you where you can live, and who will be living next door.

    These nimrods believe that if you live in a middle class neighborhood, then you will be middle class.

    Here’s the skinny….
    People who don’t have to sacrifice to receive something don’t put the same value on what they have received as someone who does sacrifice.

    A person who hasn’t earned their place in a middle class neighborhood doesn’t place as much importance on cutting the lawn or not putting cars up on blocks in the front yard.

    They actually make sure that their kids don’t bash out the window screens. And they are friendly and interact with their neighbors….because their neighbors have shared values (if they don’t have shared values…like working for a living) then they wouldn’t have earned a place in the neighborhood.

    Why does Detroit look like a war zone? Because the people living there haven’t earned what they have. They don’t place value on having a clean, orderly neighborhood. (Most middle class folks also do things like marry prior to having kids).

  5. Flu-Bird says:

    Jessie Jackson,Al Sharpton attention mongers and troublemakers for the rest of us

  6. Grunt says:


    Seriously…I want to see these made.

  7. Grunt says:

    Really, though…the tail should look more like a coyote’s–or a butt plug.

  8. Berlet98 says:

    De-bunking Climate Change

    Anyone with a rudimentary familiarity with Planet Earth and its 4.54 billion year history is also familiar with the fact the third planet from the sun is, always has been, and always will be in a constant state of flux, perpetually changing, eternally morphing with at least five major ice ages under our belt, the last of which occurred some 10,000 years ago, each of which cold spell was interspersed with either brief or extended periods of the global warming and heating that make our Big Blue Marble habitable.
    All that considered, why the hell are some people always in a lather over some form of climate change?

    Not coincidentally, these are the same types who were terrified of an encroaching New Ice Age that would freeze us all like popsicles just a few decades ago; those are the same types who warned we would be toasted by the sun and inundated with tidal waves only ten years ago; those are the same types who finally settled on the catchphrase “climate change” when they realized that “global cooling” and “global warming” didn’t quite cut it and since they either didn’t understand what was happening with Mother Earth, or understood and lied through their teeth like the United Nations’ IPCC charlatans did in 2010 and were caught.

    Many climatologists have major financial stakes in promoting the climate fraud they and the U.N. cooked up to scare the bejesus out of us simpletons so, to continue padding their wallets, they are hanging tough as are politicians who believe they benefit from scared voters and people such as Al Gore who became a billionaire thanks to his convenient climate fabrications.

    They’re all sticking with the earth-warming as opposed to the earth-cooling charade for now– until they can no longer get away with that version of their grand hoax, at which time they will deftly switch to another version.

    Now, following years of dire warnings to earthlings that mankind was wreaking havoc with our atmosphere by belching carbon dioxide into our air, the same naturally-occurring CO2 gas that protects us from the sun’s harmful rays and keeps vegetation alive, more hopeful news has been hitting the newswires. , . . (Read more at

  9. Bob Roberts says:

    Obama a costly talk-show fixture for taxpayers

    Thanks to Obama & the Democrats, we all have to tighten our belts… that is everyone BUT Obama and the Democrats…

    When it comes to late-night comedy shows, President Obama is a prolific guest, but taxpayers might not be laughing along with him.
    Mr. Obama’s televised chat Tuesday on “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno in Los Angeles was his 10th appearance on a TV talk show while in office, outpacing all other presidents and hosts since the days of John F. Kennedy and Jack Paar in the early 1960s.

    The goal of these appearances is partly to boost the president’s image and partly to promote his agenda. Taxpayers foot the bill for Mr. Obama’s high-cost travel on Air Force One.
    At $180,000 per flight hour to operate the presidential aircraft, the trip cost taxpayers more than $1.8 million just for the flying time to California and back. That doesn’t include two 50-minute flights in California on Marine One, the presidential helicopter; or the cost of lodging dozens of White House staffers and Secret Service agents overnight, or the cost of 20-vehicle motorcades at the various stops.

    The story suggests “no campaign stops were involved”, yet we all know the entire trip was nothing BUT campaign stops…

    Obama: ‘We Don’t Have a Domestic Spying Program’

    Oh yeah? Really?

    IRS manual detailed DEA’s use of hidden intel evidence

    Details of a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration program that feeds tips to federal agents and then instructs them to alter the investigative trail were published in a manual used by agents of the Internal Revenue Service for two years.

    Non-English Language Use has Tripled

    the number of people speaking a language other than English has nearly tripled over the past three decades, out pacing the population growth.
    While Spanish remains the most widely spoken language after English, other languages, particularly those from South Asia and Africa, have also soared in use, the U.S. Census Bureau said in a report.
    One in five people aged 5 or older spoke a language other than English at home in 2011, compared to 1980 where the number was 1 in 11, an increase of 23 million. The bureau calculates that over three decades there was a 158% rise, while there was only a 38% increase in overall US population.
    Among those who speak a language other than English at home, two-thirds speak Spanish. About 37.6 million people in the United States spoke Spanish at home in 2011, up from about 11 million in 1980, the Census report found.
    Vietnamese, Russian, Persian, Armenian, and Tagalog have more than doubled in the last 30 years. Asian and African languages have also seen significant growth.
    “While increased immigration led to gains for some language groups, other groups experienced aging populations and dwindling migrant flows into the United States,” the report said.

    Oddly enough, the closing sentence of the bit seems to contradict everything that came before it.

    It was supposed to arrest or reverse the rise in health care costs according to moonbats: Get ready to shell out more money for individual health insurance under Obamacare

    Americans in many places could face significant increases if they buy insurance through state-based exchanges next year.

    Under Obamacare, all Americans must have insurance coverage starting in 2014 or face penalties of $95 or 1% of family income, whichever is greater. Enrollment in the exchanges begins October 1, with coverage kicking in in January. Plans will come in four tiers, ranging from bronze to platinum.

    In Florida, for instance, officials constructed a hypothetical silver-level plan based on the offerings available today. Then they looked at how the cost of that plan compares to the average silver plan that will be available on the exchange. Florida found premiums will rise between 7.6% and 58.8%, depending on the insurer. The average increase would be 35%.

    Ohio, meanwhile, said there would be an average increase of 41% by comparing a trade association’s report of premiums for all plans available today with the average premium expected on the exchange.
    Indiana officials said prices would rise an average of 72%. But they were looking at the cost of providing care, not actual premiums.

    More moonbat propaganda – smart women don’t have babies.

    Oddly enough, the opening lines of the story seems to contradict the headline:

    New research is fueling outrage that women who don’t have kids aren’t just selfish losers, but dumb ones as well.

    Didn’t they just assert in the headlines that the ones who aren’t having kids are the smart ones? Doesn’t that sub headline say just the opposite?

    The seeming contradiction is explained like this:

    Research emerging from the London School of Economics examining the links between intelligence and maternal urges in women claims that more of the former means less of the latter. In an ideal world, such findings might be interpreted as smart women making smart choices, but instead it seems that this research is just adding fuel to the argument that women who don’t have children, regardless of the reason, are not just selfish losers but dumb ones as well.

    Satoshi Kanazawa, the LSE psychologist behind the research, discussed the findings that maternal urges drop by 25% with every extra 15 IQ points in his book The Intelligence Paradox. In the opening paragraph of the chapter titled “Why intelligent people are the ultimate losers in life”, he makes his feelings about voluntary childlessness very clear:

    If any value is deeply evolutionarily familiar, it is reproductive success. If any value is truly unnatural, if there is one thing that humans (and all other species in nature) are decisively not designed for, it is voluntary childlessness. All living organisms in nature, including humans, are evolutionarily designed to reproduce. Reproductive success is the ultimate end of all biological existence.

  10. Bob Roberts says:


    Hey, he IS “man’s best friend”…

    Shipwrecked man Graham Anley saves dog Rosie before wife Sheryl off coast of South Africa

    Maybe the wife wanted the dog saved first because she felt he could not fend for himself while she could?

    “He first swam Rosie ashore safely before returning for his wife, whose safety line had snagged on the steering gear,” said Mr McGregor.

    Ah, that explains it.

    So the NYT has an anti-Israel slant – is anyone surprised?

    At least they’re beginning to admit it:

    All the Anti-Israel News That’s Fit to Print
    Critics question objectivity, credibility of New York Times’s Israel correspondent.

    The New York Times Jerusalem bureau chief Jodi Rudoren is under renewed criticism from the pro-Israel community for articles critics say slant toward the Palestinian Authority and misrepresent U.S. policy towards Israel.

    Pro-Israel officials have once again questioned Rudoren’s journalistic objectivity following two recent articles that they say favorably portrayed Palestinian stone throwers and falsely claimed that the United States considers Israeli settlements illegal.

    Rudoren has displayed a pro-Palestinian bias since her appointment last year and may have been influenced by one of Israel’s top opponents, these critics say.

    Here’s something else that is NOT surprising: Terry McAuliffe’s company linked to Solyndra

    Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe and three top GreenTech advisers met with the key White House aide responsible for helping bankrupt solar-panel maker Solyndra win federal loans and high-profile presidential support, a Watchdog investigation has revealed.

    What they discussed in the Oct. 12, 2010, meeting with Obama “green energy” aide Greg Nelson is a mystery – the White House visitors log offers no details. But the confab came seven months after a stock transfer made McAuliffe a GreenTech minority owner and company chairman.

    Months before the GreenTech meeting at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., White House officials already knew Solyndra was on the ropes – failing an independent audit and headed toward a predicted default on its federal $535 million loan. Despite warnings from allies and staff, the president visited Solyndra in May 2010, pointing to the company as a model of his new economy.

    Whatever happened in the White House meeting apparently wasn’t enough to stave off some misfortune. Eight months later a GreenTech lawyer was emailing U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Director Alejandro Mayorkas, begging his agency to fast track approval of lagging visa applications for the company’s foreign investors under the federal EB-5 program.

    Switching gears, it’s time to look in on the latest Democratic scandal on the left coast: FILNER FOLLIES!

    In December 1998, while the House debated impeaching President Bill Clinton for alleged perjury relating to his consensual sexual relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, then-Congressman Bob Filner slammed Clinton’s actions as “reckless and indefensible.”

    I’ve lost count on how many women have now come forward with claims about Filner’s own “reckless and indefensible” behaviors – as Filner spends a couple weeks in mani-pedi camp to duck a requirement to testify in ongoing actions against him.

    Obama apparently feels obamacare isn’t good enough for congressional members & their staffers.

    In a ruling issued on Wednesday, U.S. lawmakers and their staffs will continue to receive a federal contribution toward the health insurance that they must purchase through soon-to-open exchanges created by President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare law.

    The decision by the Office of Personnel Management, with Obama’s blessing, will prevent the largely unintended loss of healthcare benefits for 535 members of the Senate and House of Representatives and thousands of Capitol Hill staff.

    When Congress passed the health reform law known as Obamacare in 2010, an amendment required that lawmakers and their staff members purchase health insurance through the online exchanges that the law created. They would lose generous coverage under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program.

    The amendment’s author, Republican Senator Charles Grassley, argued that if Obamacare plans were good enough for the American public, they were good enough for Congress. Democrats, eager to pass the reforms, went along with it.

    But it soon became apparent the provision contained no language that allowed federal contributions toward their health plans that cover about 75 percent of the premium costs.

    This caused fears that staff would suddenly face sharply higher healthcare costs and leave federal service, causing a “brain drain” on Capitol Hill.

    But Wednesday’s proposed rule from the OPM, the federal government’s human resources agency, means that Congress will escape the most onerous impact of law as it was written.

    And Obama lobbied hard to get that changed – unfortunately he made no such efforts on OUR behalf, only for Congress and their staff.

    Thousands of San Francisco residents were briefly left in the dark after the power went out in a series of outages across The City early Wednesday.

    Gay community quickly disavows any responsibility.

    Scientists to make mutant forms of new bird flu to assess risk

    Captain Trips!

    Scientists are to create mutant forms of the H7N9 bird flu virus that has emerged in China so they can gauge the risk of it becoming a lethal human pandemic.
    The genetic modification work will to result in highly transmissible and deadly forms of H7N9 being made in several high security laboratories around the world.

    And if one of them manages to get out… say is deliberately smuggled out by some genocidal anti-human moonbat lunatic lib-tard who believes humans are a cancer on the planet and Gaia needs help solving this problem?

    If we’re worried about a virus gaining the ability to spread, why give it that ability? Who’s idea was this?

    Another Obama vacation.

    Some of the local newspapers on Martha’s Vineyard report that island goers “can expect extraordinary and lengthy up-Island detours, after President Barack Obama and his family arrive Saturday.”

    Only abutters and emergency vehicles will be allowed to pass through security check points between Meeting House Road to the east and Wooton Bassett Road to the west, for the duration of the Obamas’ vacation, from August 10 to 18.

    One commenter responds, “He really needs to find another place to go. He treats people here terribly.”

    Hey, you folks voted for him! Don’t blame us!

  11. TED says:


    The coach had put together the perfect team for the Chicago Bears. The only thing that was missing was a good quarterback. He had scouted all the colleges and even the Canadian and European Leagues, but he couldn’t find a ringer who could ensure a Super Bowl win.
    Then one night while watching CNN he saw a war-zone scene in the West Bank . In one corner of the background, he spotted a young Israeli soldier with a truly incredible arm. He threw a hand-grenade straight into a 15th story window 100 yards away.

    He threw another hand-grenade 75 yards away, right into a chimney.


    Then he threw another at a passing car going 90 mph.


    “I’ve got to get this guy!” Coach said to himself. “He has the perfect arm!”

    So, he brings him to the States and teaches him the great game of football. And the Bears go on to win the Super Bowl.

    The young man is hailed as the great hero of football, and when the coach asks him what he wants, all the young man wants is to call his mother.

    “Mom,” he says into the phone, “I just won the Super Bowl!”

    “I don’t want to talk to you, the old woman says.”You are not my son!”

    “I don’t think you understand, Mother,” the young man pleads. “I’ve won the greatest sporting event in the world. I’m here among thousands of my adoring fans.”

    “No! Let me tell you!” his mother retorts. “At this very moment, there are gunshots all around us. The neighborhood is a pile of rubble. Your two brothers were beaten within an inch of their lives last week, and I have to keep your sister in the house so she doesn’t get raped!” The old lady pauses, and then tearfully says,……….

    “I will never forgive you for making us move to Chicago !!!!

  12. TED says:

    Difference between Democracy and Racism

    A kid asks his mother, “Mama, what’s Democracy?” “Well, son, dat’s when white folks goes to work every day so we can gets all our benefits: free stuff like cell phones for each family member, free rent, food stamps, WIC, free healthcare, utility subsidy, plus loads of other free stuff.”

    “But mama, don’t the white people get pissed off about that?” “Sure de do, and dat’s whats called racism!”

    (Never more clearly explained)

  13. DJ says:

    Was this unpredictable or just a logical progression of events?

    “Today’s Pew Research poll paints a clear picture of the Obama defectors. They’re almost exclusively white voters without a college degree. Obama’s standing among minorities, college educated whites, and affluent whites has actually improved since the final Pew Research poll before last November’s presidential election. Instead, Obama’s support among white working-class voters has taken a huge hit, opening an unprecedented 41 point education gap among white voters. Incredibly, the poll now even shows Obama with a stronger approval rating among affluent whites than downscale whites—something that’s never happened for a Democrat in a presidential election.”

  14. Lauran says:

    Unfortunately, we can’t presently defund the phony but we can defund his baloney–250,000+ signatures so far:

  15. Sam Adams says:

    Obama apparently feels obamacare isn’t good enough for congressional members & their staffers.

    In a ruling issued on Wednesday, U.S. lawmakers and their staffs will continue to receive a federal contribution toward the health insurance that they must purchase through soon-to-open exchanges created by President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare law.

    The decision by the Office of Personnel Management, with Obama’s blessing, will prevent the largely unintended loss of healthcare benefits for 535 members of the Senate and House of Representatives and thousands of Capitol Hill staff.

    As memory serves, a law was passed in 1995 that made congress subject to the same laws that they impose upon the rest of us.

    And yet the dumb dems don’t recognize that the elites they vote for ignore any law when they want to. After all…they got a free phone.

  16. Winston Smith says:

    Will Al Sharpton and Jesse Jerkson show up for these trials in te Peoples Republic of PittsBORG? If they do it will be to defend the killers of 2 white college athletes. Will they make national news? I would be shocked.

    Case 1 – kicked and beaten to death – allegedly for money.

    Case 2 – shot in the back while running away.

    Pittsburghs Johnnie Cochran wannabe Blaine Jones says it was self defense.

  17. Winston Smith says:

    Article for case 2 ,shot in the back, they did decide to finally file charges for murder a day later. Police said they needed a formal arrest warrant first.

  18. Winston Smith says:

    Updated article with photo of shooter who shot the white football player in the back, and his lawyer. If Obama had 2 sons….

  19. Anonymous says:

    “Why does Detroit look like a war zone? Because the people living there haven’t earned what they have.”

    Many folks in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Gothenburg, Oslo, etc., haven’t earned what they have either and those cities don’t “…look like a war zone”

    In fact those people DO “…place value on having a clean, orderly neighborhood.”

    OK, boys and girls, here’s the answer to the little riddle: The people in all those socialist Scandinavian cities are White.

    Wow,but honey… that’s raaaacist!!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Obama wants to ban criminal background checks

    Not wanting to employ a criminal makes you a racist. At least that is what the Obama administration has determined to be law with a regulation made without congressional approval. Businesses are fighting the charge that not wanting ex-cons on the payroll is illegal discrimination.

    Slouching towards South Africa…

  21. DJ says:

    Another unlike twist of events is unfolding in The Big D.

    In a rare moment of lucidity, a majority of Detroit’s voters chose a white candidate in Detroit’s mayoral primary. Receiving 53% of the vote, Mike Duggan was by far the top vote getter. He was followed by Benny Napoleon at 28%. Thus, in the general election, Mike Duggan will square off against Benny Napoleon, the business-as-usual black candidate.

  22. Ummah Gummah says:


    demonRAT do as I say, not as I do 101:

    UPDATE 1-U.S. Congress wins relief on Obamacare health plan subsidies


  23. Bill T says:

    Colorado apartment complex attempts to bans guns, leaving ex-Marine tenant up in arms

  24. TED says:

    A bit of comedy from LIBERALLAND…

    Actual Bank Robbery In Detroit

  25. Momster says:

    My Little Brony practices his Prancercize.

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