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Oct 02 2013

Open Thread


From The Libtard Show. Hat tip: Sherri Cruz’n w/Ted.

24 Responses to “Open Thread”

  1. Bill T says:

    Need health care coverage? Just dial 1-800-FUCKYO to reach Obamacare’s national hotline
    “Far from being a mistype, that’s the official number that Health and Human Services wants Americans to dial when seeking health care. Obamacare’s national call center really did list its number as 1-800-318-2596

  2. the 2012 electorate says:

    we voted for obama! you lost the election more people voted for democratic congress then republican and gop had to steal that election too! YOU LOST! Obama should arrest all republicans and conservatives for treason and sabotage!

  3. the 2012 electorate says:

    my obama care costs me 40 dollars a month after subsidies!

  4. Momster says:

    Hello, you have reached the Obamacare hotline. However, you have failed to reach anyone who gives a s#!t. If you are calling from a touch-tone phone please hang up now. If you are calling from a rotary phone, please stay on the line to speak with our next available representative. All our representatives are busy at this time. Please continue to hold. The estimated waiting time is 15 hours. If you are calling from an Obamaphone you are already getting free medical care–is there anything else we can get for you?

  5. hiram says:

    Your obamacare is gonna cost you a lot more than that, bub. Treason and sabotage? I have a feeling that sometime in the next decade there will, in fact, be arrests, trials, and convictions for treason and sabotage. It’ll take the complete collapse of the US dollar, and the economy, for that to happen… but at this point, it’s an inevitability.

    Those prosecuted for such crimes, however, may not be whom you think they will be. 🙂

  6. Xavier says:

    my obama care costs me 40 dollars a month after subsidies!

    Well, now we know what demographic you’re in. And exactly where do you think the subsidy money came from?

  7. DJ says:



    Well, at least according to moonbat Professor Anthea Butler He is.

    Government Shutdown Due to the Color of Obama’s Skin, Suggests Ivy League Prof in Twitter Rant, Campus Reform

    Timothy Dionisopoulos, Campus Reform, October 1, 2013

    The government shutdown is partly due to President Obama’s race, University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) associate professor Anthea Butler suggested in a Twitter tirade on Monday night.

    The last government shutdown took place under the “fake black president Clinton” but now they have a “real black president to mess with,” tweeted Butler.

    “you’d have to be blind to think race does not play into this stupidity,” she continued, responding to a separate tweet that inferred the partisan climate was due to both Clinton and Obama being Democrats.

    Butler began the rant with a modified tweet at around 9:22 p.m. EDT, writing that if the ”Republicans would quit trying to regulate vaginas they could practice governance.”


    Moving on, Butler then responded to someone on Twitter who was asking how the government shutdown could happen by tweeting: “dumbasses.”

    Around 1 a.m., on Tuesday, Butler retweeted a statement to U.S. Speaker of the House John Boehner telling him he was “drunk” and should “go home.”


    Butler was recently the center of national media storm this summer after writing a blog-post claiming the verdict in the Trayvon Martin trial was proof that God was a ‘white racist.’


  8. DJ says:

    Obamacare: The Black man chooses and the White man pays

    Ninety-one percent.

    Only nine percent of blacks disapprove of Obamacare, versus only 29 percent of whites who do approve.

    Not just Obama, but the GOP’s plan as well…

    But 91 percent of blacks approve. [Obamacare’s Latino Push May Give Democrats Political Edge,, 9-30-13]:

    About 61 percent of Hispanics approve of the health-care law, compared with 29 percent of whites and 91 percent of blacks, according to a Pew Research Center and USA Today survey conducted Sept. 4-8. Hispanics will outnumber whites in California next year for the first time and will represent almost half of residents by 2060, the state’s Finance Department said in January.</blockquote?

    America in 2060 will look a lot like Newark in 2013.

    Helen M. Stummer published a photo essay of Newark in Society magazine back in 1987 with the title, “Ordinary Miseries.” Here’s what she wrote of life in a world devoid of whiteness:

    I have seen blocks of abandoned and burned-out buildings – blocks of rubble-filled lots shared by children and rats – and people who reflect the effects of despair common to that environment. At times, I have also seen hope and a transcending of the spirit in spite of these surroundings. But mostly, what I have seen reminds me of Dante’s inferno.

    Before I take photographs, I always tell people what I am trying to do. I tell them that I want to show others what it is like to live in a ghetto – how hard it is, how harsh it is. Everyone helps me. They all hate the crime, the garbage, the fires, the rats, the crowded conditions. In many ways, it breaks my heart that people look to me as a hope, a hope that my work will stir others and that changes will be made, changes that will directly improve their lives.

    Every time I drive into the ghetto, I ask myself why. Why does this devastation exist? Why are there so many abandoned buildings? Why are the only good roads the ones that are used by suburbanites to get to the downtown area each day?


    There’s your America of 2060, reflected in the present world of Newark of the post-1967 riot.

    Obamacare is nothing more than a white-tax, an investment in the future health of non-whites at the expense of whites today (and their future).

    read more>>

  9. DJ says:

    Just a coincidence?

    Obamacare National Hotline: 1-800-F-ck-You (Seriously!)

    Kathleen Sebelius gave out the national ‘ObamaCare hotline’ on MSNBC earlier today. The phone number is 1-800-318-2596. 1 isn’t assigned a letter, but 3,8,2,5,9 and 6 are. It comes out to 1-800-F-ck-You. SERIOUSLY!

    1-800-3(F) 8(U) 2(C) 5(K) 9(Y) 6(O).

  10. octa bright says:

    @the 2012 electorate
    Be very careful of what you wish for since you might actually get it. For instance, what happens if the next GOP president decides to purge the Democrates? Or another possibiltiy is what happens if the wealthy Soros faction decides that the welfare types are unnecessary?
    Your $40 monthly is paid by others. What happens if they get the clout to avoid paying for you or worse what happens if the government decides that you are not worth the expense of keeping alive?
    Have a nice day.

  11. Bob Roberts says:

    Networks Embrace ‘Catastrophic’ Warnings of Latest IPCC Report

    CBS airs ‘irresponsible’ claim about temperatures rising 212 degrees.

    The UN’s climate panel (IPCC) released its latest warning about “catastrophic” climate change on Sept. 27, garnering the frantic attention of all three broadcast networks that night. CBS even aired a claim about temperatures rising “more than 200 degrees.”

    Predictably, the evening news shows on ABC, CBS and NBC Sept. 27 repeated the IPCC’s dire warnings without including any skeptics and without mentioning past failures such as their inability to accurately predict warming or sea level rise.

    It’s refreshing that despite the continuing full court propaganda press a growing number of people are waking up to the fact this is obviously a fraud.

    All three networks excluded information from their segments regarding the IPCC’s track record. None pointed out the IPCC’s lack of explanation for the “pause” in global warming over the past 15 years, although Scott Pelley mentioned that “the rise in air temperatures has slowed.” The networks also failed to mention embarrassing “mistakes,” such as the inclusion in the 2007 IPCC report of an “unfounded” prediction that the Himalayan glaciers would melt by 2035. They have made predictions time and again that far exceeded actual climate changes, as The Daily Mail (UK) reported on Sept. 14. But ABC, CBS and NBC didn’t consider that worth mentioning to viewers on Sept. 27.

    The Sept. 30 Wall Street Journal was skeptical of the latest IPCC report in its review and outlook section, noting the non-explanation for warming’s recent plateau as well as problems with past predictions.

    “It’s also hard to take any of this as gospel when the IPCC’s climate models haven’t been able to predict past warming. As Canadian economist and longtime climate student Ross McKitrick points out, IPCC models based on CO2 emissions predicted that temperatures should have risen between 0.2 and 0.9 degrees Celsius since 1990. Instead they have increased by about 0.1 degrees,” the Journal said.

    In 2011, James Taylor of the Heartland Institute pointed out that sea levels hadn’t risen as forecast either: “Satellite measurements, however, show global sea level rose merely 0.83 inches during the first decade of the 21st century (a pace of just 8 inches for the entire century), and has barely risen at all since 2006. This puts alarmists in the embarrassing position of defending predictions that are not coming true in the real world.”

    Obamacare phones offered to obamacare buyers

    In Tennessee, those shopping on the new health insurance co-ops could end up with more than just some health insurance. They might even walk away with a free smartphone.

    The Nashville Business Journal is reporting that Community Health Alliance, Tennessee’s Obamacare health insurance co-op, is using the prospect of a free phone to encourage folks to enroll:

    This belongs on moobat logic 101

    When asked by whether he had read all 10,535 pages of final Obamacare regulations that have so far been published in the Federal Register, Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) asked in return whether it was “important” the he read them, dismissed the inquiry as a “propaganda question,” and did not ultimately anwer.

    Remember, he’s fron the party that believes they need to pass laws to find out what they say.

    Since March 2010, when President Barack Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and its companion Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act (HCERA), various federal agencies have published in the Federal Register 110 final regulations governing how Obamacare will be implemented.

    Those regulations add up to 10,535 pages in the Federal Register. That is more than eight times as many pages as there are in the Gutenberg Bible, which has 642 two-sided leaves or 1,286 pages.


    and yet…

    Many sites see 1% signup rate, apparently in Lousiana ZERO are enrolling.

    Obama and the Democrats are transferring YOUR wealth without your advice or consent.

    Under Obama, U.S Gov’t Debt Held by Public Up 90%

    The $11,976,279,000,000 in U.S. government debt held by the public on Sept. 30, 2013 was $5,668,968,000,000 more than the $6,307,311,000,000 in debt held by the public on Obama’s first inauguration day.

    That is an increase of 89.879 percent—or approximately 90 percent.

    Do you have the money to pay back your share of this? I don’t. I didn’t authorize any of it. Therefore I refuse to be held accountable for it.

    NYT editor fears ‘reporting on the truth will die’

    Just like it did a long time ago at the NYT?

    Democrat immigration bill will reduce wages of working class Americans and will exacerbate illegal immigration problems.

    Pelosi and other Democrats introduced comprehensive immigration reform legislation that included most of the provisions in the Senate’s bill (minus some of the border security provisions).

    She said she would hope that “when we leave the table,” the bill “will have comprehensive immigration reform that will lead to a pathway to citizenship.”

    NO WARMING for 70% of the IPCC’s history

    We are now at AR5 with zero warming since AR4. The last IPCC report which actually experienced any warming was SAR in 1995. In fact, the vast majority of the IPCC’s history has seen zero warming, and prior to that the warming was primarily due to rebound from Mt. Pinatubo cooling.

    This complete lack of warming through most of the IPCC’s history has led them to 95% certainty that humans are heating the world out of control.

    Ross McKitrick Catches IPCC Contradicting Itself “in Full Denial Mode”

    “The IPCC graph shows that climate models [that provided the foundation for its first four Assessment Reports] predicted temperatures should have responded by rising somewhere between about 0.2 and 0.9 degrees C [post-1990]. But the actual temperature change was only about 0.1 degrees, and was within the margin of error around zero. In other words, models significantly over-predicted the warming effect of CO2 emissions for the past 22 years,” wrote Dr. Ross McKitrick, an expert reviewer for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

    “… Judging by the drafts [of its Fifth Assessment Report] circulated this year, [IPCC] is in full denial mode. Its own figure reveals a discrepancy between models and observations, yet its discussion says something entirely different. On page 9 of Chapter 1 it explains where the numbers come from, it talks about the various challenges faced by models, and then it sums up the graph as follows: ‘In summary, the globally-averaged surface temperatures are well within the uncertainty range of all previous IPCC projections, and generally are in the middle of the scenario ranges.’ Later, in Chapter 9, it states with ‘very high confidence’ that models can correctly simulate global surface temperature trends.

    “The IPCC must take everybody for fools. Its own graph shows that observed temperatures are not within the uncertainty range of projections; [observed temperatures] have fallen below the bottom of the entire span [of projections].”

    “As the gap between models and reality has grown wider, so has the number of mainstream scientists gingerly raising the possibility that climate models may soon need a bit of a re-think,” McKitrick wrote. “A recent study by some well-known German climate modelers put the probability that models can currently be reconciled with observations at less than 2%, and they said that if we see another five years without a large warming, the probability will drop to zero.

    “What’s more, the U.K.’s main climate modeling lab just this summer revised its long-term weather forecasts to show it now expects there to be no warming for at least another five years. Ironically, if its model is right, it will have proven itself and all others like it to be fundamentally wrong.

    “To those of us who have been following the climate debate for decades, the next few years will be electrifying. There is a high probability we will witness the crackup of one of the most influential scientific paradigms of the 20th century, and the implications for policy and global politics could be staggering.”

    A major peer-reviewed paper by four senior researchers has exposed grave errors in an earlier paper in a new and unknown journal that had claimed a 97.1% scientific consensus that Man had caused at least half the 0.7 Cº global warming since 1950.

    The new paper by the leading climatologist Dr David Legates and his colleagues, published in the respected Science and Education journal, now in its 21st year of publication, reveals that Cook had not considered whether scientists and their published papers had said climate change was “dangerous”.

    The consensus Cook considered was the standard definition: that Man had caused most post-1950 warming. Even on this weaker definition the true consensus among published scientific papers is now demonstrated to be not 97.1%, as Cook had claimed, but only 0.3%.

    Only 41 out of the 11,944 published climate papers Cook examined explicitly stated that Man caused most of the warming since 1950. Cook himself had flagged just 64 papers as explicitly supporting that consensus, but 23 of the 64 had not in fact supported it.

    This shock result comes scant weeks before the United Nations’ climate panel, the IPCC, issues its fifth five-yearly climate assessment, claiming “95% confidence” in the imagined – and, as the new paper shows, imaginary – consensus.

    Climate Consensus and ‘Misinformation’: a Rejoinder to ‘Agnotology, Scientific Consensus, and the Teaching and Learning of Climate Change’ decisively rejects suggestions by Cook and others that those who say few scientists explicitly support the supposedly near-unanimous climate consensus are misinforming and misleading the public.

    Dr Legates said: “It is astonishing that any journal could have published a paper claiming a 97% climate consensus when on the authors’ own analysis the true consensus was well below 1%.

  12. Bob Roberts says:

    1100+ Peer-Reviewed Papers Supporting Skeptic Arguments Against ACC/AGW Alarm

    One routine false claim is that there are no peer reviewed papers against the fraud of a looming anthropogenic climate change catastrophe. This site blows that myth to pieces.

    Proposed climate policies doom developing nations

    Worse than any colonialist policies of former imperialist nations.

  13. Bob Roberts says:

    Nat Geo sea level rise fraud exposed

    National Geographic bought wholly into climate change fraud and, predictably, now has egg all over their face.

  14. Bob Roberts says:

    Obama’s priorities

    Commissaries at military bases are closed due to the government shutdown, but Obama’s golf course remains open.

  15. Clingtomyguns says:


    While the majority of Catholics voted to reelect Obama, with a growing Hispanic Catholic percentage voting overwhelmingly for him, their support has given them nothing other than the dubious distinction of being willing accomplices to the intentional destruction of their professed religion:

    “Starting now [Oct. 1], on Obama’s presumed unilateral authority, American Catholics will be prohibited from practicing their faith in the way they live their daily lives. –

    This is an act of tyranny. Yet, many Americans in positions of public authority and influence have greeted it with silence and inaction. I do not use the word tyranny lightly here. Obama is abusing his power as president to unilaterally impose on Catholics — and millions of other Americans who share the Catholic moral view on certain matters — a regulation that forces them to act against their moral convictions and the teachings of their faith. He has declared war on their souls. The Catholic Church teaches that sterilization, artificial contraception and abortion are intrinsically immoral and Catholics cannot be involved in them. Last year, President Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services issued a regulation, under Obamacare, requiring that almost all health care plans in the United States must provide coverage, without any fees or co-pay, for sterilizations, contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs.

    Archbishop Timothy Broglio, leader of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese for the Military Services, succinctly explained the evil of Obama’s regulation in a letter he asked Catholic chaplains to read to U.S. troops attending Mass in January 2012. Obama’s regulation, Archbishop Broglio said, “strikes at the fundamental right to religious liberty for all citizens of any faith.” “It is a blow to a freedom that you have fought to defend and for which you have seen your buddies fall in battle,” the archbishop told the troops. “We cannot — we will not — comply with this unjust law,” he said. Many other bishops said these exact words in letters to their own dioceses: “We cannot — we will not — comply with this unjust law.”

    Last week, Cardinal Sean O’Malley of Boston and Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore wrote a letter to all members of Congress. “We are writing once again, as chairman of the U.S. bishops’ Committee on Pro-Life Activities and Ad Hoc Committee for Religious Liberty, on an increasingly grave concern to our Church and many others: Preserving religious freedom and the right of conscience for all who take part in our health care system,” the bishops said. “A particular threat is the administration’s mandate for covering contraception, sterilization and related education and counseling as ‘preventive services for enrollees and their minor daughters,” said the bishops. “The mandate includes drugs and devices that can act against human life after fertilization, implicating our moral teaching on abortion as well as contraception.” “Nor should individual Catholics or others be told they cannot legally purchase or provide health coverage unless they violate their conscience,” said the bishops. The bishops have endorsed legislation — the Health Care Conscience Rights Act — that says no Obamacare regulation can force an employer, insurer or individual to buy or provide coverage for an item to which they have a moral or religious objection. “As Congress considers a continuing resolution and debt ceiling bill in the days to come,” the bishops said, “we reaffirm the vital importance of incorporating the policy of this bill into such ‘must-pass’ legislation.” The CR the House passed on Sunday did include language that would have created the conscience protection the bishops sought — at least through Jan. 1, 2015. But when the Senate rejected that CR, the Republican leadership stripped the conscience-protection language from the version of the CR the House passed Monday. Now neither party in either the House or Senate is seeking to protect the freedom of conscience from Obama’s tyrannical regulation.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Little girl steals cell phone from hand bag;
    mom watches with approval (VIDEO)

    The crime was caught on CCTV at a restaurant in Norwood, South Africa
    • The identity of the women has not yet been released


    A disturbing video has surfaced of the moment a girl steals a mobile phone out of a woman’s handbag with the consent of a woman presumed to be her mother.

    The crime was caught on CCTV at a restaurant in Norwood, Johannesburg, South Africa and the girl in question is reported to be aged seven.

    In the video posted on YouTube a pair of women are seen…

  17. Clingtomyguns says:


    “Democraps tell us we should respect the Supreme Court’s decision upholding Obamacare, but are they doing so with respect to the decision in Shelby County v. Holder that struck down a part of the 1965 Voting Rights Act (VRA)?

    On September 30, Hot Air reported that the Justice Department “will file a lawsuit to block North Carolina’s voter-ID law.” It already sued Texas on the same thing. That same day Fox News reported that Justice claims the state’s new voter ID rules violate Section 2 of the VRA.

    Perhaps Holder can get his boss to nullify the Court’s decision, as he’s done with other things he doesn’t like, such as ObamaCare’s employer mandate.

    Not having correctible vote counts means that everything involved with an election — from registration, to purging decedents, incarcerated criminals, and those who have moved away, to vote counting –would need to work perfectly in order to intercept and prevent election fraud. That is a pipedream in banana republic America where registrars don’t even verify the very first requirement for voter eligibility (citizenship), where ballot boxes are still being stuffed (as Jack Cashill recently reported), and where none of it is traceable.”

  18. Clingtomyguns says:

    Add to the last post that Americans need not worry that the shutdown will thwart Holder’s continuing efforts to punish George Zimmerman, despite the fact he was found not guilty.

  19. Spurwing Plover says:

    Goverments shut down but you can bet your bottom dollar Obama the Finks going to still be playinga few holes of golf such all tyrants like to play while their people suffer

  20. berlet98 says:

    Abortion through the Eyes of Abortionists–and the Almost-Aborted

    Now that the Office of Personnel Management has decreed that Congresspersons and their staffs will be able to buy health care plans that pay for abortions, even though their premiums will be mainly funded by taxpayers and the decree is a clear violation of federal law, the abortion cat is out of the Obamacare bag–along with the president’s pledges that Americans could keep their current health plans and doctors.

    A notable irony with regard to Barack Hussein Obama’s longstanding commitment to killing the pre-born–and the born if the mother wants her baby dead–is that Americans have been moving in the opposite direction over the past few years.

    According to a 2012 Gallup poll, more Americans now identify themselves as pro-life rather than pro-choice, the first time that has happened since 1995 and, adding to that welcome news, abortion “clinics” in America are closing their doors at unprecedented rates with at least 44 abandoning their grisly business this year. Also, the CDC reported that the rate of abortions in the United States fell by 5% in 2009, the largest single-year decrease in a decade.

    In “The Pro-Lifing of America” on, Teresa Mull helps explain the current anti-abortion phenomenon by pointing out that the overused, pro-choice subterfuge of questioning, “Is it a life or not?” has been exposed as a charade in light of scientific and technological evidence showing that abortionists can no longer play the “blob of tissue” card, at least not ethically and honestly.

    Of course, no one has ever suggested the Abortion Lobby is either ethical or honest in advocating killing defenseless human beings in the womb.

    Mull also cites’s Mary Elizabeth Williams who recently wrote, “So what if it’s a life?” as a prime exemplar of all that’s deficient and disturbing with pro-choicers’ minds and fundamental humanity.

    Unfortunately, Ms. Williams is far from unique, in any respect.

    A 26 second clip featuring an unidentified student at Indiana University approaching a pro-life group because he was upset over a display they had erected on the campus substantiates her lack of distinction. The lunatic accosted the secular pro-lifers and irrationally ranted, “You’re in conflict with the world that I want which is a world where all your churches burn. And if we are ever strong enough, we are going to stop you.” (

    (Methinks that nutcase would greatly benefit from anger management classes or, preferably, incarceration as a menace to civilized society.)

    Other abortion-related news . . . (

  21. Reagan Conservative says:


    Being gay is “about the worst thing you can be in black culture,” said Don Lemon, a gay, black news anchor at CNN.

    Sometimes you see can see the antipathy in hip hop videos. Other times at the ballot box. Still other times black hostility towards gay people is expressed in the dozens and dozens of hyper-violent episodes of black mob violence against gay people. Some on video.

    These crimes are a perfect storm of silence: Predators do not want to get caught. Victims do not want to identify themselves as gay. And newspapers loathe reporting black mob violence.

    Jared Fox is a Brooklyn teacher who returned earlier this month to his native Cleveland to visit family and friends — and a gay bar called Cocktails Cleveland located in a black neighborhood.

    Police reports indicate that groups of black people had been hanging around the parking lot earlier that evening. And on other occasions.

    They charged and surrounded me. They asked what’s in my pockets. I said nothing. I’m broke.

    They said, ‘You are one of those broke faggots.’ Then I knew why they picked me. That I was an easy target.

    Then they just started beating me. Ruptured my ear drum. Punched my glasses into my face. Stomped on me when I was on the ground. My ribs. My back.

    They said ‘Give me your phone. Your wallet.’

    I got up and started running. They tackled me again. This time they were stomping on my head. Calling me a faggot. And queer. They started to kick my face.

    One of them said Do you want to die? Do you want to die?

    I threw my phone And my wallet. ‘I told them my credit cards are in the back. My pin is 1234. Take it please its all I got.’

    News accounts in straight and gay media were full of outrage and sympathy and calls for justice. And stories about how this had happened before.

    Full of everything except one piece of truth. For that, we have to turn to the police reports for something local media would not say: The predators were black.

    Some were wearing hoodies. Some even had masks. And this was not their only attack that night. A few weeks after the crime, local media published a video of the attack.

    It is not uncommon for victims of racial violence, like Fox, to hesitate to describe the race of their attackers. Having been victimized once by an assault, many are reluctant to become victims again by being accused of racism. Some say identifying their attackers as black would be “too divisive.”

    Cleveland media may be too squeamish to report the alleged perpetrators were black. But people who leave on-line comments are not.

    This raises the ire of those who believe — despite exponentially higher rates of violence and crime among black people — this crime had nothing to do with race: Said one poster at a New York Daily News account of the beat down: “I see a lot of you racist humps couldn’t wait to write your garbage About black ppl. OMG White folks have centuries of none sense killing and rape dating back 100 of years.”

    Another pointed out that white people from the suburbs come to the neighborhood to buy drugs. Since they are guilty of crime as well, it is not fair to single out black people.

    They did it again. Same place. One week later. This time to the manager, Rick Scardino. The police report describes the scene: Scardino was on the patio of Cocktails Cleveland when “10 young B/M (black males)” arrived on the other side of the fence.

    They “began yelling ‘you faggots better get out of here. We don’t want you faggots around here’.”

    They were “throwing rocks over the fence at the victim and other patrons sitting on the patio.” Scardino and others chased the mob away. But they came back. This time with sticks and a broom handle. They found Scardino outside and threatened to sodomize him with the broom and “beat his faggot ass with this.”

    Then they assaulted him. “I reached in my pockets for a can of Mace. A boy in a white shirt yelled, ’Faggot’s got a gun!’ and they scattered,” Scardino told

    Police arrested one suspect: a 13-year-old black person. The manager of the bar says there were at least three other cases of mob violence prior to the attack on Fox.

    All the suspects in all of the attacks are black. That was never reported in any daily paper or gay media outlet.

    Cleveland is hardly alone. In the Chicago gay neighborhood of Streeterville, residents describe black mob on gay violence as an everyday fact of life. And as hard as the local papers try to not let people know the victims are gay and perpetrators are mobs of black people, sometimes the information gets out anyway. Even if by accident.

    After a series of attacks on gay people in Streeterville in 2011 — including a black mob stabbing a gay man on video — Chicago Alderman Tom Tunney belled the cat when he spoke with the local ABC news affiliate:

    There tends to be large groups of minority youths on Halsted. Whether they are patronizing the businesses or not, it’s an area where they feel safe. It’s a balancing act that we’re tying to make it safe for everyone.

    If anything it has gotten worse since then. At least one group has a Facebook page to fight the violence. But more and more people are saying it has been happening too often, for too long, for them to stay in that neighborhood any more.

    One gay, black video blogger summed it up on YouTube:

    A rash of violent crime by black youth in Chicago’s predominately gay and white Lakeview neighborhood (aka, Boystown) has residents on edge, and sparking age old tensions between Blacks and the White GBLT community. It’s been going on for a couple of years. People are getting very, very frightened.

    The blogger says white people are afraid to mention the race of their attackers, for fear of being labeled a racist. “But if it’s true, it’s true,” he said.

    Examples of black mob on gay violence is also easy to find in Atlanta, New York, Washington, D.C. Seattle and dozens of other cities around the country.

    In Atlanta, mobs of black people attacked dozens of gay people at an annual film festival called Screen on the Green. This went on for several years until the event was cancelled in 2011.

    Also in Atlanta, a video of a group of black people taunting and beating a gay person went viral last year, leading to their arrests.

    In Washington, D.C., gays are a frequent target for black mob violence. Not just in the streets surrounding the clubs and cafes, but also on bike paths.

    In June of last year, three black people were accused of hurling anti-gay slurs at a gay teenager, then holding him down while they stabbed him. Then it got really strange in the reader comments section: “I can’t understand why they are angry – did the guy ask them for sex?,” said black commenter Debra Winfield. “Stupid people do stupid things.”

    Other readers excoriated her for blaming the victim. Winfield doubled down, saying they were stupid. Over at the Washington Post in a report on the same story, one gay commenter summed it up and said what the paper would not:

    The level of homophobia within the black community is overwhelming, and in a most calculated way, they spin it to blame gays, when they themselves are voting against LGBT rights at best, and ATTACKING gays at worse. Time to confront the elephant in the room and stop being so politically correct. Black homophobia is celebrated in the black community and no longer does the LGBT community have to stand for it.

    A few months later, not too far away, five black people beat up a gay guy. But first they called him a lot of names. The gay media occasionally identifies the alleged perpetrators by race. The Washington Post and other local media? Never.

    The gay papers are strangely silent on this black-on-gay violence as well. But every once in a while, someone speaks out. After exit polls revealed black people voted overwhelmingly against gay rights initiatives in California and New York, gay activist and writer Dan Savage could not hold it in any longer:

    I’m done pretending that the handful of racist gay white men out there … are a bigger problem for African Americans, gay and straight, than the huge numbers of homophobic African Americans are for gay Americans, whatever their color.

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