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May 04 2020

Oregon Governor Kate Brown Extends Lockdown to After 4th of July

The Wuhan coronavirus has not been a significant problem in Oregon. But it has been a major opportunity for Governor Kate Brown to prove she can be just as much a dictator as Gretchen Whitmer, Janet Mills, and Gavin Newsom. Bizarrely, and at an unfathomable cost to the people of her state, she has extended her state’s pointless lockdown to July 6.

The symbolism of maintaining the lockdown until after the 4th of July, this far in advance, is as subtle as burning a flag. It would be inconvenient to have people celebrating their freedom while freedom is being repealed.

At least there has been pushback:

Hundreds of protesters in Oregon rallied Saturday against Gov. Kate Brown’s stay-at-home order meant to curb the spread of coronavirus, joining the ranks of Americans across the country calling to reopen the economy.

Oregon has been under lockdown since March 23, shuttering most businesses and imposing strict social distancing measures. The effective pause on the economy has impacted the livelihoods of many Americans, with 330,000 Oregonians filing for unemployment since mid-March.

At this point, no pushback that doesn’t push people like Kate Brown out of office will suffice.

Oregon reported 57 new coronavirus cases on Saturday for a statewide total of 2,635, while five new deaths brought the death toll to 109, according to state health department data.

This is out of a population of well over 4 million. More Oregonians are probably dying by choking on hot dogs or slipping in the bathtub. COVID-19 is a thin pretext for flexing government muscle.

Democracy is not an end in itself, but a means to an end. The end is liberty, otherwise known as limited government. A constitutional democratic republic has been a mostly effective safeguard of American liberty due to our culture. As that culture is eroded by moonbattery, democracy will no more guarantee liberty here than it does in the Gaza Strip or South Africa. The people of Oregon being ruled over by a tyrant elected by the leftists infesting Portland could foreshadow a grim future.

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