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Dec 04 2018

Oregon May Legalize Magic Mushrooms

When utopia is achieved, Big Government will keep us safe not only from cigarettes, but from salt, trans fats, large cups of soda, et cetera. But being liberal, it will leave us free to destroy ourselves with heroin, cocaine, fentanyl, or whatever other degenerate poison comes to hand. Already the craze to legalize and normalize marijuana has moved on to magic mushrooms:

Oregon’s Secretary of State has just approved language for a potential ballot initiative that would legalize psychedelic mushrooms.

Now organizers need to get 117,578 signatures to actually put their initiative on the ballot. If they get the requisite number of signatures, Oregonians could vote on the decriminalization of psilocybins, or magic mushrooms, in the 2020 general election.


In the United States, possession of psilocybins is a felony, as they are classified as a Schedule I substance.

But then, possession, cultivation, and distribution of marijuana violates federal law too. It is also a Schedule I substance. That didn’t stop pols from legalizing its recreation use in Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, Washington, and even the federal capital, the District of Columbia.

No one cares about federal law anymore except when they do. That’s why nothing is done about sanctuary cities. We have reached the stage of decay where laws are enforced only when certain people want them enforced.

Hold on, LSD is coming up next on the slippery slope.

Legalized recreational drugs are like open borders. They might work in theory, from a libertarian point of view. But combined with the welfare state, they could never work from any sane point of view. It would be hard to imagine a more degrading and unjust form of slavery than to find yourself working so that the government can confiscate the wealth you produce and use it to buy votes from useless people who lay around zoned out on drugs while you slog.

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