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Dec 11 2016

OSHA in the Ladies’ Room: Yet Another Reason Not to Give Feds Power

Any power over us that we bequeath to Big Government will be used however Big Government sees fit. For example, we have allowed the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration the power to dictate various aspects of work environment for the purpose of enhancing worker safety. But the government is more interested in imposing cultural decay than in worker safety, so the power is used like this:

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Soon running a business that does not permit male perverts to intrude into the ladies’ room will be a violation of federal law, because “worker safety.”

The solution is simple. The less power we allow to the government, the less it will abuse that power.

On a tip from Greg O.

6 Responses to “OSHA in the Ladies’ Room: Yet Another Reason Not to Give Feds Power”

  1. Tsquare says:

    Many years ago there was something called “wall-to-wall” counseling that would help straiten this out. Politicians/Govt workers pushing the “Transgendered” agenda are the ones that need the “wall-to-wall” counseling. The person with external plumbing goes to the bathroom with urinals and the the person with the internal plumbing goes to the other; any crossing the line is unacceptable.

  2. Angel says:

    Big government begets big corruption.

  3. rambler says:

    While the lib public cries out for justice, equality and tolerance, the gov sees it as power to control the minions. The gov will use any excuse to implement the tyranny and control that the political elites what. Instead of giving the gov control is doesn’t belong having, the public needs to grow up.

  4. Vic Kelley says:

    Is there a gender identity choice of being a man who lives his life as far off the grid and outside the abuse of authority as possible? I want to be that guy.

  5. Steve2 says:

    I think the real issue is that no one wants to be caught doing their business when some absolute freak comes barging in. Normal people in the work place are probably like “Uh, it says it’s a woman, it goes in your bathroom”. “No way! It has a beard it goes in the mens room!”

  6. rex freeway says:

    I will never understand why Gender was allowed to wander away from the biological definition. Anything , ANYTHING other than that is illogical. And should be treated as a mental disorder

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