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Aug 10 2018

Oumou Kanoute, Smith College Hate Hoaxer

Like the government says, if you see something, say something. But not if you see someone acting suspiciously who is a Person of Politically Preferred Pigmentation (PPPP). In that case, even the most trivial incident is likely to be inflated into a major brouhaha, landing you in big trouble. Consider the example of Oumou Kanoute, a student at Smith College.

An employee saw her lying on a couch in a nearly empty dining hall, thought she was a guy (Smith is a women’s college), and thinking this person looked out of place, called the police. An officer came, determined that nothing was amiss, and politely left Ms. Kanoute to her business, which apparently consists of public loafing and screechingThat’s racist!” on social media:

She took to Facebook to denounce the unknown “racist punk who called the police on me.” In a follow-up post the next day, she urged followers “to put pressure on the [Smith College] administration” to name the employee who called the campus police. By Day 3, she was demanding that Smith address “this racist incident,” and raising the issue of “punishment for this outrageous and racist act.”

Everyone knows how educrats respond to outlandishly unreasonable bullies who are PPPPs: with eagerly cringing submission. Per the usual script, the media shrieks in strident triumph that racism is real, and a victim is thrown into a volcano to appease the vicious gods of cultural Marxism.

Kanoute’s story has become the latest racial uproar, a caldron of angry outrage and mistrust, complete with intense media coverage and an elaborate apology from Smith’s president. Meanwhile, the worker who called the police has been suspended pending an “external investigation.”

If any group was discriminated against, it was the men whom Ms. Kanoute evidently resembles. But men are not politically privileged, so it was twisted into a racial incident, despite the lack of evidence that race had anything to do with it. This is why Oumou Kanoute belongs on the Hate Hoax List.

Bullies of Blackness behave like Ms. Kanoute because they know that racism is not real in 2018 America. If it were, endlessly antagonizing the majority population would not be wise. Maybe they are hoping to make racism real, so as to validate the bogus ideology that grants them such a position of privilege as sacred “victims.” But that would not be wise either. Be careful what you wish for.

On a tip from Steve A.

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