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Oct 02 2018

Our Progressive Future: Folsom Street Fair

By now we all know that progressives will never stop pushing the envelope. The question is: push it to where? The ultimate end would be too depraved for a sane mind to even conceive of. But we can catch a glimpse of the next stage of decay by looking to San Francisco, home of the Folsom Street Fair, which was held on Sunday (expected attendance: 250,000):

For poet Maryann Leilani Wood, 42, “the playground,” a fenced-off area for women as well as transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals, was invaluable. Everyone was welcome in the zone except cis-men, or those who were assigned the male gender at birth and still identify that way.

Inclusion is very important to moonbats, but there is no need to go overboard and be inclusive even toward men who admit they are men.

At the playground, people entering a canopy “dungeon” had to sign a 13-rule waiver form. Among them: no alcohol and keep conversation to a minimum. Also: “Use a drop cloth when waxing. No smoking (cigars), scat, water sports, sharps (knives/needles), blood or fire play.”

The nice thing about having limits is that progressives can continue to progress by incrementally discarding them.

“Scat” refers to perverts deriving sexual pleasure from defecating on each other. Such people, who were no doubt born that way, are still oppressed by scattophobes in these benighted times.

Vomiting on each other is already accepted though:

Michelle, 30, who was in charge of the playground and declined to give her last name … said her main hope and request to those entering the dungeon would be: “Please don’t make a mess. Unless it’s puke and it’s consensual.”

Not far from the playground was a bondage exhibit, which one Stefanos Tiziano was involved in arranging.

The exhibit featured several suspension frames from which people could be tied up and dangled, spanking benches and a few X-shaped equipment pieces called Saint Andrew’s Crosses. Carts were filled with floggers, blindfolds, whips and props. Tiziano pointed out the items in between taking photos of his wife, who was hanging from a suspension contraption.

Family activities, San Francisco style.

A few feet away, a man in a kilt and dog mask was hitting the backside of a topless woman, chained to one of the crosses, with a purple “booty bat.”

Ever wonder where people like Dianne Feinstein come from? She used to be Mayor of San Francisco.

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