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Jan 21 2020

Outrage: Naked Woman in Changing Room

If Europeans are going to submit to demographic conquest, they will have to change their customs. For example, Austrian women cannot just change into a swimsuit in a public pool dressing room as if they still lived in a Western country. It might offend a burkini-clad Islamic colonist.

From PolitikStube, translation compliments of Allah’s Willing Executioners:

In the capital Vienna a woman in a burkini is said to have complained about a naked person in the changing room of a swimming pool. The media are already talking about the “swimming pool affair” – there are also initial reactions from politicians, reports the Zurich press.

The Muslima came into the dressing room already wearing a burkini, with her son in tow.

She felt offended by the nakedness of the woman while changing her clothes and is said to have confronted the naked woman as well.

Good thing she wasn’t carrying a scimitar or wearing a suicide vest at the time.

On a tip from Fred Alan Medforth.

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