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Feb 12 2019

Outrageous NYC Education Pensions

If you were wondering why teachers trend so overwhelmingly left-wing, consider the education pensions paid out in New York City:

Six-figure pensions paid to retired city education professionals [have] more than quadrupled since 2008, according to recent data from Empire Center’s SeeThroughNY, a fiscally conservative think tank.

Encroaching socialism may bleed the rest of us dry, but it works great for some employed by Big Government.

Last year, some 3,416 New York City Teachers’ Retirement System retirees received pensions of $100,000 or more compared to 3,029 in 2019 and 856 in 2008, according to the data.

This also helps explain why taxes are so high.

This year, the top educator to receive a city pension was a retired Queens College professor who earned $561,754.

It used to be that you had to produce wealth to make that kind of money. But those were the bad old days of the capitalist robber barons. Now you can make a fortune spouting moonbattery and stuffing young skulls with corrosive rot.

It isn’t just New York. Education pensions may sink the entire state of Illinois into bankruptcy.

Meanwhile, teachers around the country continue to strike, confident that their increasingly outrageous demands will be met.

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