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May 23 2018

Owners Propose Lame Solution to Kaepernick Syndrome

Kaepernick syndrome entails pampered Black Lives Matter types among NFL players refusing to stand for the national anthem because the criminally prone zillionaires think America oppresses them for being persons of politically preferred pigmentation. Despite the full-throated support of the moonbat propagandists at ESPN, this despicable behavior has driven away fans. No worries; the owners propose a solution:

It would be up to the home team on whether both teams come out of the locker room for the anthem, and, should teams come out, 15-yard penalties could be assessed for kneeling.

Players who drop their pants and moon Old Glory during the anthem might be in for a really serious punishment, like no seconds on dessert.

Such harsh measures are balanced by the NFL’s $89 million social justice partnership and a social justice bootcamp. If you so much as buy a Dallas Cowboys t-shirt, you are financing hardcore left-wing activism.

Reader KirklesWorth has a better suggestion regarding how to deal with Kaepernick syndrome:

I think they should hold up the game until they stand. If they kneel during the anthem, stop it and restart it when they stand. If they continue to refuse to stand, their team forfeits.

Or if the NFL really wants to prove itself worthy of its fans, it could banish the kneelers from the league. In the meantime, a continued boycott is well advised.

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