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Sep 23 2016

Daily Show Host Accidentally Ridicules Gun Control

Daily Show host Trevor Noah, a moonbat who barks that great men like Christopher Columbus, Cecil Rhodes, and Andrew Jackson were worse than Hitler, would never intentionally argue against something as moronically left-wing as gun-free zones. He thought he was ridiculing the owner of an ice cream shop in St. Cloud, Minnesota (site of a recent Muslim terror attack) for posting a sign reading “MUSLIMS GET OUT.” But his argument applies perfectly to signs declaring gun-free zones:

You know what’s also strange is this man genuinely thought people who go around blowing people up would be stopped by a sign? You realize you’re talking to terrorists, not vampires. They don’t need to be invited in, all right? Or maybe he’s onto something, because if you think about it, we’ve never tried that. We’ve never actually tried to repel terrorists with signs. Yeah, maybe that’s all the airports need is a sign that says “No Terrorists,” yes? Yeah, and then guys are going to be walking going, “Oh, I was going to blow up the airport, but the rules are rules and they said I can’t come in. They said I can’t. They said I can’t come in.”

We have never tried “No Terrorists” signs, but we have tried “Gun-Free Zone” signs many times. They don’t work:

The Sandy Hook massacre? Gun-free zone. Columbine? Gun-free zone. The Aurora movie theater shooting? Gun-free zone. The shooting last year at an Oregon community college? Gun-free zone. The shooting at a movie theater in Lafayette? Gun-free zone. The attack on a military recruiting center in Chattanooga? Gun-free zone. The Ft. Hood shooting? You guessed it: gun-free zone. The San Bernardino attack? Gun-free zone. And the massacre perpetrated by an ISIS enthusiast at an Orlando night club? Gun-free zone.

Noah’s argument applies not only to gun-free zones but to gun laws in general. Neither have much effect on criminals, other than to reassure them that their victims will not be armed.

With the arguable exception of abortion clinics, the entire country is a murder-free zone. That doesn’t stop Islamic terrorism or gun violence by psychos and hoodlums. That’s why law-abiding citizens need to be armed, so as to be able to defend themselves.

Noah stumbles upon his first clue?

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Sep 16 2016

Daily Show Host Begins Rehabilitation of Adolf Hitler

What’s so bad about Adolf Hitler? After all, he was a socialist, who made sure no one in the private sector could either succeed or fail except within parameters determined by the government, thus guarding against inequality. He provided many “free” government services. He protected his people against the potentially dangerous liberties that Americans enshrined in the First and Second Amendments. Just as the Founding Fathers are becoming villains to be eradicated, maybe it’s time for moonbats to rehabilitate Hitler.

Trevor Noah, current host of The Daily Show, seems to think so. He applies the cherished progressive tool of relativism to demonstrate that Hitler wasn’t any worse than many others, including heroes deserving of great respect. Heatstreet shares highlights from his new book Born a Crime.

Americans and Europeans may think Hitler was the worst guy in the world…

But if black South Africans could go back in time and kill one person, Cecil Rhodes would come up before Hitler. If people in the Congo could go back in time and kill one person, Belgium’s King Leopold would come way before Hitler. If Native Americans could go back in time and kill one person, it would probably be Christopher Columbus or Andrew Jackson.

The great philanthropist Cecil Rhodes probably did more to raise the standard of living in Africa than any other person who ever lived. The same might be said for Christopher Columbus and the Western Hemisphere, since he lifted it out of Stone Age savagery; see Apocalypto to get an idea of what life was like here before Columbus arrived. Andrew Jackson was a war hero and a great president whose portrait is featured on the $20 bill for good reason.

Yet all are arguably worse than Hitler according to Trevor Noah, who concludes, “So in Europe and America yes, Hitler is the Greatest Madman in History. In Africa he’s just another strong man from the history books.”

Everything is relative, after all.

Good title, since moonbattery is a crime against sanity.

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Feb 27 2014

Spike Lee Demands Caucasians “Get the F*** Outta” Black Neighborhoods

White liberals have been very good to Spike Lee, pouring money and praise upon him in return for the excruciatingly politically correct movies he directs. Here he returns the favor exactly as we have come to expect:

Spike Lee went on a long-winded rant against gentrification in New York City on Tuesday night when he was asked to argue against the development of poorer neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Harlem. …

Lee pointed the finger at white New Yorkers who have moved into historically black neighborhoods and changed the environment, arguing that those changes have caused the areas to evolve into something completely different.

This avatar of the enlightened liberal establishment shares his sophisticated wisdom:

“Then comes the mother*****’ Christopher Columbus Syndrome. You can’t discover this! We been here. You just can’t come and bogart.”

I’ll bet you didn’t know the New York City area was originally settled by Africans.

“There were brothers playing mother*****’ African drums in Mount Morris Park for 40 years and now they can’t do it anymore because the new inhabitants said the drums are loud.”

The constant sophomoric use of obscene language is so that other liberals can identify him as genuine.

Lee told a story about how a party in Fort Greene park was proposed in honor of [homosexual child molester] Michael Jackson when the singer died but the plan got nixed after residents complained that there would be too much garbage.

‘Garbage? Have you seen Fort Greene Park in the morning? It’s like the mother*****’ Westminster Dog Show. There’s 20,000 dogs running around. Whoa. So we had to move it to Prospect Park!’ Lee said. …

‘You can’t just come in when people have a culture that’s been laid down for generations and you come in and now s*** gotta change because you’re here? Get the f*** outta here. Can’t do that!’

Send in your welfare money, white oppressor, but you stay out of our culturally enriched, racially homogeneous slums!

By the way, Lee has lived on the Upper East Side with his wealthy white admirers since 2000. If anyone could be phonier than his fans, it could only be Spike Lee himself.

Spike Lee
Liberal elite phoniness incarnate.

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Aug 14 2013

Howard Zinn Continues His Assault on America From Beyond the Grave

The most effective weapon of destruction ever leveled against the USA is not the soldier, the tank, the submarine, or even the nuclear-armed ICBM. It is the moonbat. A devastating example is Howard Zinn, who was a far worse enemy to America than any hostile leader from King George to Osama bin Laden — and not only because he hated it more. Even dead he continues to destroy the country he so loathed:

Zinn’s most influential work, “A People’s History of the United States,” was published in 1980 with an initial print run of 4,000 copies. His story line appealed to young and old alike, with the unshaded good-guy, bad-guy narrative capturing youthful imaginations, and his spirited takedown of “the Man” reminding middle-aged hippies of happier days. Hollywood’s love for Zinn and a movie tribute to his work has made him even more mainstream. As his acolytes have climbed the rungs of power, still seeking revolution, “A People’s History” has increased in popularity. To date, it has sold 2.2 million volumes, with more than half of those sales in the past decade.

In Zinn’s telling, America is synonymous with brute domination that goes back to Christopher Columbus. “The American system,” he writes in “A People’s History,” is “the most ingenious system of control in world history.” The founding fathers were self-serving elitists defined by “guns and greed.”

Zinn joined the Stalin-controlled CPUSA in 1949, the year the Soviet Union detonated its first nuclear weapon. His views can be summed up in three words: America is evil. Not even a nuclear strike could be as annihilative as implanting this diseased opinion in the minds of impressionable students, effectively programming them to destroy their own country from within.

Yet despite the lack of hard evidence in three-plus decades that using “A People’s History” produces positive classroom results, a number of well-coordinated groups recently have been set up to train teachers in the art of Zinn. Founded five years ago out of a partnership between Rethinking Schools and Teaching for Change, the Zinn Education Project offers more than 100 lesson plans and teachers’ guides to Zinn’s books, among a variety of other materials, including “Beyond Heroes and Holidays: A Practice Guide to K-12 Anti-Racist, Multicultural Education and Staff Development.” Already, the project claims to have enlisted 20,000 teachers in its efforts.

The Age of Obama — for which Zinn laid the groundwork by helping in the amazing task of conditioning us to accept a fundamentally anti-American leader — is fertile soil for the bad seeds he left growing. His anti-American diatribe “A People’s History” can be found on syllabuses across the country. It was even mandated in a US Coast Guard Academy class on “Leaders in America.”

Only Hollywood could compete with academia for cancerous anti-Americanism. Unsurprisingly, it has played a major role in spreading Zinn’s poison.

Thanks in part to an endorsement from the character played by Matt Damon in 1997’s “Good Will Hunting,” Zinn’s magnum opus has also turned into a multimedia juggernaut. Actor Ben Affleck (like Mr. Damon, a family friend of Zinn’s), and musicians Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Eddie Vedder and John Legend all have publicly praised Zinn. A History Channel documentary produced by Mr. Damon, “The People Speak,” featured Hollywood A-listers Morgan Freeman, Viggo Mortensen, Kerry Washington and others reading from Zinn’s books.

Where brave, well-trained warriors from the British Empire and the Third Reich failed, the scrawny little rat Howard Zinn is succeeding — with assistance from fellow moonbats like those listed above. Despite his hatred of America’s proud history, he must have heeded the words of Abraham Lincoln:

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

Lincoln meant this as a warning. America’s worst enemies have taken it as a strategy.

howard zinn
Howard Zinn: More devastating than any army or arsenal.

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Dec 08 2018

Nazi Symbols Nixed from Sound of Music Production

What made Nazis so scary is that they were totalitarians who would go to any length to stamp out the last trace of what they wanted to eradicate. In this respect, they had a lot in common with today’s liberal educrats:

Students at famed LaGuardia HS in Manhattan revolted this week after Nazi props were prohibited from a new production of “The Sound of Music,” sources said.

The Rodgers and Hammerstein classic, made famous by a 1959 stage debut and a 1965 film, tells of the Austrian von Trapp family fleeing the Third Reich.

Principal Lisa Mars apparently nixed the symbols on the grounds that Nazis were bad. Context doesn’t count for much in the absolutist world of militant moonbats.

“You can’t be offended by history,” said a member of the production team at the city’s top performing-arts school.

That will come as news to the progressives who have been tearing down or defacing statues of historical figures deemed to be insufficiently politically correct.

Despite being a Person of Politically Preferred Pigmentation, it looks like Ms Mars was overruled by the Department of Education. A compromise allows some Nazi symbols to remain, tempered by a program insert reminding the audience what to think and how to feel.

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Sep 09 2018

Educrats: Forget the Alamo

The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history. - George Orwell

Progressives understand that when they destroy the pride we take in our history, they have destroyed Americans as a people. That is the motive behind the War on Statues, which started with heroes of the South and quickly expanded to Columbus and the Founding Fathers. Our heroes must be discredited, then forgotten — even the heroes of the Alamo.

At the Alamo, a handful of giants revered to this day chose to fight to the death against insuperable odds rather than surrender or escape. Their sacrifice bought time for Sam Houston, who soon afterward turned the tide in the Texan war of independence. Cries of “Remember the Alamo!” motivated Texans at the decisive battle of San Jacinto. To this day, “Remember the Alamo” resonates with Americans and with anyone else who honors fortitude.

Almost 2 centuries later, the Alamo is under attack once again:

The Alamo has been compared to the ancient Battle of Thermopylae, in which an outnumbered Greek army fended off a much larger Persian army for several days before being annihilated. But a committee streamlining the state’s history curriculum standards has removed the word “heroic” from a proposed revision of the curriculum because it is “a value-charged word.”

Calling heroes like Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, and William Travis “heroes” implies that they were the good guys. Some would prefer future generations to see them as the bad guys and then forget them altogether.

The Texas State Board of Education Social Studies TEKS Streamlining Work Groups not only do not want the heroic defenders referred to as “heroic defenders,” they also want to consign Travis’s “Victory or Death” letter to the Memory Hole. Teachers are expected to “spend less time on the analysis of the letter.”

There are fewer than 250 words in that letter, but they go to the heart of what Texans think about themselves and about this state.

The letter also goes to the heart of what Americans think about themselves and about this country.

Before it gets erased altogether, maybe we should memorize it, like in Fahrenheit 451. Here it is, dated February 24, 1836:

To the People of Texas & All Americans in the World—

Fellow Citizens & compatriots—

I am besieged, by a thousand or more of the Mexicans under Santa Anna — I have sustained a continual Bombardment & cannonade for 24 hours & have not lost a man — The enemy has demanded a surrender at discretion, otherwise, the garrison are to be put to the sword, if the fort is taken — I have answered the demand with a cannon shot, & our flag still waves proudly from the walls — I shall never surrender or retreat. Then, I call on you in the name of Liberty, of patriotism & everything dear to the American character, to come to our aid, with all dispatch — The enemy is receiving reinforcements daily & will no doubt increase to three or four thousand in four or five days. If this call is neglected, I am determined to sustain myself as long as possible & die like a soldier who never forgets what is due to his own honor & that of his country — Victory or Death.

William Barrett Travis.

Lt. Col. comdt.

P. S. The Lord is on our side — When the enemy appeared in sight we had not three bushels of corn — We have since found in deserted houses 80 or 90 bushels and got into the walls 20 or 30 head of Beeves.


That’s how this country was built — not with the sniveling of self-proclaimed victims but with the resilience of heroes who refused to yield.

Governor Greg Abbott gets it:

If America is to survive political correctness, we need to remember Travis’s letter. We need to remember the Alamo.

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Jul 03 2018

Crap Art

The piece of modern art in Brooklyn’s McGolrick Park that closely resembles a giant dung ball may be part of a crap art trend.

Statues that glorify Western Civilization, which we are expected to revile, are far more likely to be torn down than erected these days. This was true even back in 1994, when San Jose put up a bronze statue of the Aztec serpent god Quetzalcoatl in Plaza de Cesar Chavez in the middle of downtown. Write “park god” backward and what does it spell? This.

From the Mercury News last summer:

What San Jose got was … a squat, coiled snake of concrete … that bore an uncanny resemblance to a massive dog dropping.

A memorial to fallen firefighters was moved to make way for the giant dog turd with a snake head on top.

The dog crap statute may offer insight into a more recent story from nearby San Francisco:

A foul odor permeated from a massive bag of human excrement sludge left on a street corner in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district Saturday.

The deposit at the corner of Cedar and Polk was described on San Francisco’s Citizen app as “twenty pounds of feces dumped onto sidewalk.”

Maybe this is just an example of San Francisco continuing along its trajectory. But just in case the bag is a work of art, they ought to deposit it at a museum. It would be a shame for it to go to waste if an NEA grant paid for it.

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