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Oct 27 2018

Venezuela: Role Model for South Africa

Zimbabwe isn’t the only country to provide a roadmap to the future for the rainbow utopia South Africa. There is also Venezuela.

Julius Malema, formerly of the African National Congress and now of the even more extreme Economic Freedom Fighters, is to some extent steering the course in South Africa. President Cyril Ramaphosa of the ANC needs to keep pace with him or lose the support of a population that will not tolerate the achievement inequity that is inevitable when whites and blacks live in the same country — thus the ongoing drive to confiscate white property without compensation.

Malema likes the way they do things in Venezuela:

In 2010, Malema led a youth delegation to the country to study its economic model.

Malema, both as an ANC and EFF member, has also stated that Venezuela is a successful example of nationalisation – and South Africa could learn lessons from it.

The nationalization of major industries is a major cause of Venezuela’s economic collapse, which has led to 2.3 million people escaping the country since 2014. Inflation is expected to reach 1 million percent by the end of the year.

But at least that isn’t as bad as Zimbabwe. Before it abandoned its currency, Zimbabwe managed to push the inflation rate to 89.7 sextillion (10^21) percent with race-based socialist policies of the type gathering steam in South Africa.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Sep 26 2018

Four-Day Lines for Gasoline in Oil-Rich but Socialist Venezuela

Countermoonbat economist Milton Friedman is said to have said that if you put Big Government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there would be a shortage of sand, meaning that socialism creates shortages out of abundance. Venezuela, possessor of the world’s largest proven oil reserves, has proven this to be correct after succumbing to socialism.

In Táchira, the regime tried out a scheme to prevent foreigners from exploiting subsidized prices, although it would be hard to imagine many foreigners wanting to venture into Venezuela these days. The result was even longer lines than usual.

Drivers reportedly had to wait between 72 to 96 hours in the searing heat outside service stations for the arrival of gasoline, a product in increasingly short supply amid the country’s dire economic crisis.

Well-prepared drivers showed up at gas stations with pillows, hammocks, board games, et cetera.

Finally, after days of this nonsense,

the scene eventually turned to chaos as drivers began to protest by blocking the streets and covering them with debris. Despite the efforts of police to calm the situation, Maduro eventually suspended the new policy.

Even under a socialist dictatorship, it pays to push back.

But Venezuelans can expect continued difficulty obtaining gasoline, as with all other necessities. Oil production is under the control of military generals rather than people who have the first clue about oil production.

On a tip from Lyle.

Sep 17 2018

A Lesson on Minimum Wage from Venezuela

Thanks go to Hugo Chavez and his successor Nicolas Maduro, for teaching us the sort of economic lessons that our own homegrown socialists have conspicuously failed to learn. For example, here is what minimum wage laws accomplish when there are no conservatives in a position to keep them relatively restrained:

Nearly 40 percent of all Venezuelan stores have closed —some of them perhaps permanently —after the government of President Nicolas Maduro increased the minimum salary by nearly 3,500 percent in one fell swoop, according the National Council of Commerce and Services of Venezuela.

Minimum wage laws are invariably part of a larger package of pernicious leftist lunacy.

Many of the companies, which had been barely surviving the gradual collapse of the economy, saw the salary increase and other changes announced last month as the fatal blow in a series of policies that have been gradually strangling their businesses.

Every government decree creates problems that are addressed with more government decrees. In this case, business owners were forbidden to raise prices in an attempt to pay the artificially inflated wage. For many, this made it impossible to stay in business while complying with the law.

Government policies have also created hyperinflation. The bolivar lost two-thirds of its value in August. The fix: retailers are required to sell at prices that no longer make sense economically. This is another reason many are closing up shop.

About four in 10 stores have not opened since Maduro announced the salary increase two weeks ago. And some of the stores that did open are liquidating their merchandise and plan to close definitively when that’s done.

Even as we watch this tragedy unfold, many Americans express a desire to follow in Venezuela’s footsteps by supporting Bernie Sanders and the radicalized Democrat Party.

On tips from Lyle, Steve A, and 1-Bodhisattva.

Aug 20 2018

Applied Socialism: Venezuela Lops Five Zeroes Off Currency

One nice thing about allowing the government to take control of the economy the way Elizabeth Warren wants is that it allows a simple solution to every problem. Not enough revenue because little wealth is produced under socialism, even in the country with the world’s largest proven oil reserves? Then just print more money. Hyperinflation makes the money worthless? Just chop off a few zeroes:

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced Friday that his socialist administration would issue new banknotes after lopping five zeroes off the beleaguered bolivar.

The move effectively devalues Venezuela’s currency by around 96 percent, with the bolivar set to go from about 285,000 per dollar to 6 million. Other measures announced in Maduro’s speech to the nation last week included highly-subsidized gas prices, a higher corporate tax rate and a massive minimum wage increase.

Imagine trying to run a business under the conditions that prevail in Venezuela. No matter; capitalist exploiters deserve the worst. Just ask Elizabeth Warren.

On tips from Chuck A and 1-Bodhisattva.

Jul 29 2018

Socialism Reduces Venezuelans to Eating Donkeys

Democrats don’t appear concerned about the results in Venezuela of imposing the policies championed by Bernie Sander, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, et al. Maybe this will change when they learn that socialism has reduced Venezuelans to eating donkeys:

A few years ago, there were so many donkeys, or burros, in the Venezuelan state of Falcón that they were a problem — herds everywhere, causing highway crashes and blocking airport runways.

But over the past three years, the herds have shrunk dramatically as thousands of burros have been slaughtered for their meat by Venezuelans suffering through a near-famine.

Due to its opulent resources, Venezuela was the wealthiest country in Latin America. Then came socialism.

Burros have been declared a protective species. So at least they have the government that caused the crisis on their side.

Burro meat was not liked because it’s tough and smells, even from far away, according to residents who have eaten it. But it has become a necessity for many people.

The idea of eating burro meat reportedly “was introduced by Cuban medical personnel.”

The leftist slogan “Eat the rich” could take on a new meaning in light of Venezuelans eating donkeys. The wealthy socialists of the Democratic Party could find themselves on the menu.

On a tip from R F.

May 24 2018

John McDonnell: Collapsing Socialist Venezuela Is Not Socialist

Millennials may embrace socialism because they are too inexperienced to resist their brainwashing, but how is it that political veterans like the British Labour Party Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer John McDonnell glean nothing from the tragic consequences of imposing socialism, both past and present? Rather than learn, they stick their fingers in their ears, close their eyes, and shout ludicrous lies:

When asked if Venezuela was a failed socialist economic model, McDonnell said: “It went wrong. I don’t think it is a socialist country.

“I think it took a wrong turn when Chávez went and I think unfortunately since then, I don’t think they have been following the socialist policies that Chávez developed. And as a result of that they’re experiencing problems.”

If it doesn’t work, it must not be true socialism. Not much of an argument, but it’s the only counterpoint socialists have against the deafening roar of history as it continues to unfold.

If only it were true that Venezuela is no longer socialist. Then the rebuilding could begin. The country’s abundant resources could be exploited, and people would once again have food, medicine, toilet paper, jobs, safety, and freedom.

If it is up to McDonnell, we will soon be saying the same about Britain.

On tips from Steve T and Chuck A.

May 09 2018

AIDS Explodes as Venezuela Collapses Under Socialism

When you succumb to moonbattery, you get the whole package — not just poverty and tyranny, but also AIDS, as demonstrated by socialist Venezuela:

H.I.V. has spread rapidly throughout the Orinoco Delta and is believed to have killed hundreds of the Warao indigenous people who live in settlements like Jobure de Guayo…

[T]he government has ignored the issue, medical specialists and Warao community leaders say, leaving the population to face a profound existential threat alone. Already, deaths and the flight of survivors have gutted at least one village.

Once again, you can thank socialism:

During the presidency of Nicolás Maduro, which began in 2013, Venezuela’s economy has crumbled, causing crippling shortages of medicine and diagnostic tests, and compelling many of the country’s best doctors to emigrate. …

AIDS activists and specialists say that H.I.V. infection rates and the number of AIDS-related deaths have skyrocketed. So, too, has the number of once stable H.I.V. patients whose health has collapsed for lack of a regular supply of antiretroviral drugs and medicines to treat opportunistic diseases.

On the bright side, even if there is hardly any healthcare in Venezuela, at least someone else pays for it.

You can’t blame socialism for all of Venezuela’s problems. Sometimes other aspects of moonbattery are to blame:

[Armando Beria] believes he may have contracted [HIV] through having sex with other men when he was younger — a common practice among young Warao, especially before they are married. Researchers believe that men having sex with men was an important means of early dissemination of H.I.V. among the Warao.

Now that it has become firmly established through depravity, the virus is spreading by heterosexual activity and through breast milk. Big Government isn’t going to help the Warao. Christian-type morals would have.

On a tip from R F.

May 01 2018

More Progress in Venezuela

As liberals praise Karl Marx and prepare to impose his ideology on the USA, let’s check in to see how it has been working out in Venezuela:

When Yolanda Abreu got her check for severance pay after five years working as a cardiologist, she let out a laugh of sheer disbelief: it was barely enough for a cup of coffee.

Like her, millions of Venezuelans have seen their salaries decimated by rampant hyperinflation that is expected to drive prices up by 13,000 percent this year, IMF figures show.

Her story hit the headlines after she tweeted a photo of the check for 156,584.29 bolivars, which equates to about $0.20 on the black market.

You can get a coffee for 20¢ in Venezuela? Not at Starbucks, you can’t. Then again, Starbucks may have to lower its prices after its new racial pandering policies reduce it to a homeless shelter. That’s the March of Progress.

Don’t worry about the inflation in Venezuela. The Workers’ President can fix it by raising the minimum wage some more.

On the eve of International Workers Day, Venezuela’s embattled President Nicolas Maduro moved to double the monthly minimum wage, raising it by 95.4 percent to 2,555,500 bolivars — or $37 (30 euros), according to the central bank’s official DICOM rate.

No doubt similar measures will be taken in the USA, after Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, et al. have imposed a $15/hour make-work job as an entitlement.

On a tip from Sean C.

Apr 04 2018

Official: Venezuelan Shelves Would Not Be Empty if People Would Stop Eating the Food

No need to be terrified into turning away from Democrats’ agenda by its application in other countries; officials assure us that Venezuelan shelves are empty not because socialism has been imposed but due to the traditional capitalist sin of gluttony:

Venezuela’s former Vice President turned Minister of Education Elías Jaua claimed in remarks this weekend that the country’s depleted supermarkets would be full of food if people did not eat so much.

Jaua praised the socialist Bolivarian Revolution for bestowing upon the People the “right to eat meat, chicken, milk, that they did not have ten, 14 years ago.” Back then it was the other way around; they had the food, but allegedly no right to eat it. Now they have the right, but no food.

Bellows Jaua:

“If the Venezuelan people did not eat, surely the shelves would be full.”

Not even Bernie Sanders could top this logic.

Fortunately, the government’s subjects are learning not to eat so much, thanks to the Maduro Diet, which resulted in the average Venezuelan losing 24 pounds last year. If they get peckish, they can always snack on some zoo animals.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

Jan 19 2018

The Death of Money in Socialist Venezuela

Money is good — not just for the goods that it buys, but for what it represents: a standard of value. It is an essential tool in any functioning society. Socialist Venezuela demonstrates what happens when coercive meddling in economic matters destroys money. Francisco Toro of Caracas Chronicles reports in WaPo on a photo a friend sent him from Venezuela:

It’s not a very good picture, really, just a blurry cellphone shot of trash: some wrapping material, an old CD — the detritus left behind after a store was looted last week in San Felix, a city in the country’s southeast.

And yet I can’t stop thinking about it, because strewn about in the trash are at least a dozen 20-bolivar bills, small-denomination currency now so worthless even looters didn’t think it was worth their time to stop and pick them up.

According to the official exchange rate, each of those bills is worth $2. But everything official is a lie where Big Government lacks any restraint. In real life, these bills would only be valuable as toilet paper.

Prices are rising by over 80% per month. Money must be spent immediately, even indiscriminately, before it loses its value.

It sounds like it’s about prices rising fast, but it really isn’t. It’s about money breaking down. Under hyperinflation, money no longer works. It doesn’t store value. It just stops doing the basic things people expect money to do. It stops being something you want to have and turns into something you’ll do anything to avoid having: something so worthless you won’t even bend down and scoop it up off the floor while you’re looting.

Since most Venezuelans can no longer use money to acquire food, they have to resort to other means — e.g., looting.

Of course, few stores will think of restocking after they’ve been looted, and virtually none can find the capital to do so. So it looks as though we’re coming to the end of the line: Every last avenue for people to put a meal on the table has been exhausted. A video that went viral recently showed Venezuelans literally running into a cow pasture to stone a calf to death to try to get a meal.

Money is civilization. Socialism destroys money. Therefore, socialism destroys civilization.

Not long ago, Venezuela was the richest country in Latin America. It sits on the world’s largest proven oil reserves. Yet hunger has reduced the population to savagery.

What Hugo Chavez types did there, Bernie Sanders types could do here.

On a tip from J.

Jan 17 2018

Holiday in Venezuela

The Bernie Sanders types running Venezuela are so corrupt and incompetent that they cannot even make money off the sea of oil the country is floating on. So socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro says it will turn to tourism for revenue. Good luck with that.

Due to the inevitable shortages, some hotels ration toilet paper. TVs often don’t work because there are no affordable parts for repairs. The lights don’t always come on. Only native Venezuelans use the hotels, and they tend to steal everything they can get their hands on, including appliance parts and light bulbs.

Societal collapse has produced an exploding crime rate. That alone is reason enough for tourists to steer clear, although a hotel owner reports that a Belgian fellow actually did book a room last year…

But he was spotted in town, the hotelier said, and one day after he checked in, six masked gunmen barged into the hotel lobby. They forced a front-desk clerk to take them to the man’s room.

“It was horrible. They stole everything,” the hotel owner said. “His iPhone, his clothes. Everything.”

Getting to Venezuela is also a problem.

Only 15 international airlines are still flying to Venezuela. More than 15 others have pulled out in the past two years, citing economic concerns and security troubles, including stolen luggage at airports. …

Airlines say the government has withheld hundreds of millions of dollars in proceeds from local ticket sales.

Then there is the 3,000% inflation rate, thanks to which a hotel room can end up costing hundreds of dollars per night.

Venezuela will make a great tourist destination, once it gets out from under socialist rule. In the meantime, someone should do an updated version of the Dead Kennedys’ punk rock classic “Holiday in Cambodia,” changing the country to Venezuela.

Jan 03 2018

Venezuela Hikes Minimum Wage

Great news for the workers of Venezuela: the minimum wage is going up by a whopping 40%!

Of course, there is a slight downside. Inflation has spiraled out of control (possibly topping 2,000% in 2017), and the minimum wage hike will make it even worse, so wages will still be insufficient to buy anything, even if there were anything in Venezuela to buy, with so many shops looted or gone out of business. Also, hardly anyone has a job anyway.

But 40% is a lot! The Democrat Party ought to adopt this as part of its platform.

On a tip from J.

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