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Jan 15 2020

Netflix Show Features Child Corrupted by Drag Culture

Here’s what you are missing if you don’t give money every month to the social engineers at Netflix:

On Friday, January 10, Netflix premiered a new show co-created by drag queen RuPaul, titled AJ and the Queen [… which is] about a 10-year-old child who accompanies Robert (RuPaul), a gay male drag performer who goes by “Ruby Red,” as he travels across the country performing in drag shows at mostly gay bars. …

The child, AJ (Izzy G.), is the daughter of a drug-addicted prostitute. She wants to be a boy “because people leave boys alone.” She hides her long hair under a boyish hat and does her best to look and act like a 10-year-old boy instead of a girl. The show is one long exposure of this child to sexualized adult situations in which she does not belong, all under the guise of the drag queen and the child “bonding” cross-country.

Good old family entertainment, Netflix style:

A “top” is a homosexual who does the molesting, as opposed to a “bottom,” who gets to bite the pillow.

The show is representative of the transgender/drag queen phenomenon, which is obsessed with corrupting the innocence of children. Obvious examples include grooming-oriented drag queen story hours, child drag queens like Desmond Is Amazing and Queen Lactacia, and the horrifying chemotransition of small children into grotesque facsimiles of the opposite sex.

Modern society has willfully descended to depths of sin and depravity not seen since Sodom and Gomorrah.

On a tip from Kate P.

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Jan 15 2020

Star Wars Music Denounced as Racist

A social justice warrior’s work is never done, because racism is everywhere. Consider Star Wars, a franchise that was ruined many films ago by its fanatical devotion to political correctness (see e.g. here, here, here, here, here, and here). You may have to be a Stanford PhD student like Jeffrey Chen to notice it, but even Star Wars is racist.

This was published not in some obscure academic journal but in the Washington Post:

Star Wars is shot with “Orientalizing” stereotypes — patronizing tropes that represent an imagined East, or the Orient, as inferior to the rational, heroic West. Think, for example, of the uniformed conformity of the evil Empire vs. the scrappy (American) individualism of the rebel heroes, the vague Eastern mysticism of the Force and its Shaolin-cum-Samurai practitioners, and the uncomfortable racial stereotypes embodied in the hookah-smoking Jabba and the miserly Watto.

Chen is particularly incensed by the racist score composed by John Williams.

Williams’s music associates the “good guys” with the grand orchestral style of the European Romantics (think of the beautifully hummable melodies for Luke, Leia and Rey), while the themes for the “bad guys” are expressed in the vocabulary of Chinese, Indian and Middle Eastern music.

If Williams were more woke, he would have realized that alien foreign cultures should always be associated with good, and our own culture with bad.

But this music reinforces, even at an unconscious level, the primacy of Western culture against an imagined “other” that reproduces harmful prejudices in pop culture that, given the power of mass media, has larger political consequences.

Perhaps we would have already achieved utopia if not for musical scores that reinforce the primacy of a culture that must be erased.

Worst of all, Williams is Caucasian.

The practice of hiring white composers to imitate non-Western music when it comes time to introduce bad guys, usually with a European-style orchestra, continues to this day.

No worries, moonbats. When utopia has been imposed, thought criminals like John Williams will be too busy breaking rocks in gulags to compose racist music.

In the meantime, expanding the Affirmative Action that so conspicuously determines casting so that composers are also selected by race might help alleviate the racism:

There are plenty of young composers of non-Western descent whose work deserves to be heard and to frame our stories…

It is not hyperbole to observe that liberal intellectuals are explicitly attempting to abolish our culture. They are quite open about this:

The continuous association of the alien with non-Western music is, by implication, an argument that Western music should be the norm against which all other traditions are judged. This reinforces American identity as being distinctly Western European in sound, even if we have moved past this thinking in other areas, especially in matters of race.

Imagine an American in China demanding that Chinese music not be associated with heroes in movies. It wouldn’t fly, because Chinese culture is not in the process of being extirpated.

Piece by piece, all of American civilization will be denounced as racist and eradicated, until it will be as if we had never existed. It’s a big job, but without it, much of academia would have nothing to do.

On a tip from Rapinhoe.

Jan 15 2020

Sanders Field Organizer Praises Political Violence, Gulags, Reeducation

What will happen if the maniacs who back Bernie Sanders actually manage to get him into the White House and are able to consolidate sufficient power to enact their agenda? Regular Americans who believe in fundamental liberties such as property rights, freedom of speech, and the right of self-defense would be “reeducated” in gulags just as in North Korea or the USSR.

Don’t take my word for it. Project Veritas went undercover to record Kyle Jurek, field organizer for the Sanders campaign. Hear his violent plans in his own words:

According to Jurek, if Sanders doesn’t get the nomination, Milwaukee will burn. If he wins the election, America will be de-Nazified through the brutal communist tactic of reeducation. Billionaires (and presumably quite a few millionaires and thousandaires) will be cured of their privilege by breaking rocks 12 hours a day. Soviet gulags weren’t so bad, because the slaves in them were paid a living wage.

The preferred method of genocide for the Soviets was mass starvation caused by food confiscation, but around 1.7 million died in gulags under Stalin.

An alarming number of people are foolish and/or evil enough to support Bernie Sanders. He is running second behind a terrible establishment candidate with apparent senility issues who excites no one. Sanders could get the nomination.

The media will do anything to stop Trump from being reelected, so expect a heavily hyped October surprise even if they have to fabricate it from whole cloth. The impeachment farce proves that Democrats will stoop to anything at this point. Economic sabotage is not out of the question. Sanders could become president.

This comment on a New York Times article provides insight into the mentality of Bernie supporters:

We Mustn’t stop [with impeaching Trump]. Every Republican voter must be impeached as well. These ignorant racists sought to destroy our Democracy and will continue to pose a clear and present danger to our nation. Senator Sanders campaign advisor Kyle Jurek has some excellent ideas in how to deal with this cancer on our nation. We really must embrace out of the box thinking – we must be pointed and diligent as well as relentless in driving these bigots into the ash bin. The world cannot wait any longer to stop climate change and the right wing terrorists who deny it. We can save the world, we only must do what has to be done without hesitation.

You can see why they want us disarmed.

It happened to Russia in 1917. It happened to China in 1947. It could happen to us. If it does, millions will die, as before.

On tips from Rapinhoe, Frances J, and Sean C.

Jan 15 2020

Bar Association: Investigate Barr for Praising Judeo-Christian Values

If would be difficult to overstate the political extremism, irresponsibility, and outright malice of the liberal legal establishment. The New York City Bar Association actually sent a letter to Congress demanding that Attorney General Bill Barr be investigated for “ethics” violations that consist only of thought crimes — one of which is expressing a positive view of the “Judeo-Christian values” upon which Western Civilization is based.

From the Wall Street Journal:

[T]he organization is incensed that Mr. Barr gave a speech at the University of Notre Dame praising “Judeo-Christian values.” They say he implicitly rejected other religions and therefore disregarded his obligation to appear unbiased.

To be “unbiased” is to hold only biases approved by radical leftists.

Barr’s alleged iniquity does not stop with praising Judeo-Christian values:

The bar continues with a laundry-list of partisan complaints about Mr. Barr, including his vocal opposition to criminal-justice reform, his summary of the Mueller investigation and his interpretation of the Inspector General’s report on the FBI’s conduct in the 2016 election.

These are contested issues that members of the bar are entitled to disagree with or challenge, but it’s laughable to suggest they may constitute “ethics” violations.

Progressives have replaced morality with political correctness. In their world, “ethical” means “compliant with liberal ideology.”

As for actual ethics violations,

Nowhere does the letter point to Mr. Barr bringing unwarranted prosecutions or failing to enforce the law.

But actual ethics violations are irrelevant. A previous Attorney General helped Mexican criminals smuggle guns across the border. Since the probable motive was to generate propaganda against the Second Amendment, it is doubtful that the New York City Bar Association had a problem with it.

On a tip from Varla.

Jan 15 2020

Open Thread

Women get more unhappy the more they try to liberate themselves. - Brigitte Bardot
Jan 14 2020

Second Chance Denied

Aspiring cosmetologist Courtney Haveman demonstrates how Big Government keeps people down through excessive regulations:

It’s almost as if bureaucrats would prefer to have people out of work, on welfare, and consequently dependent on the government than let them become productive members of society.

Jan 14 2020

Questioning Accusations of Racism Is Racist

How do we know that any criticism of the antics of the godawful Meghan Markle is racist? Because to deny that it is racist is racist. HuffPost contributor Shola Mos-Shogbamimu enlightens us ignorant white people:

On a tip from Henry B.

Jan 14 2020

Transgender Activist Attacks Reporter

Jonathan Yaniv, aka Jessica Yaniv, has a knack for getting public attention. One way to do this is to physically assault reporters:

Reporting for The Rebel, Keean Bexte just wanted to know if Yaniv was pleading guilty to weapons possession violations.

Yaniv is an extremely perverted person, best known for proclaiming to be a woman and demanding that real women handle his genitalia at Brazilian waxing businesses. He continues his legal campaign to force people to pretend he is a woman, despite a setback in court.

Thanks to Yaniv, the transgender movement may experience a setback in the court of public opinion. Ricky Gervais took on Hollyweird at the Golden Globes. Now he is standing up to militant transgenderism by treating Yaniv to the ridicule he so richly deserves. Via LifeSite News:

Gervais [responded] to one trans activist who insisted that those who didn’t want to service all customers should simply stay out of the waxing business entirely.

“Exactly,” Gervais sniped back on Twitter, “And if you don’t want to butter my b**** and put them between two slices of bread, don’t work in a sandwich shop.” …

Gervais has also trolled Yaniv personally, tweeting a close-up photo of Yaniv’s face with the caption: “I was going to dress up as something weird and creepy for my Halloween party, but I’m bucking the trend this year and I’m going as brave female activist Jessica Yaniv. This also means I don’t have to wax my big old hairy b****.”

Yaniv has proclaimed that he will not allow Gervais to perform in Vancouver.

On tips from Frances J and ABC of the ANC.

Jan 14 2020

Iranians Refuse to Walk on US Flag

Old Glory may be offensive to moonbats at home, but abroad it is revered for representing liberty. We saw Hong Kong protesters brandish it as a gesture of defiance against communist tyranny. Now we see Iranians at Shahid Beheshti University refusing to walk on it, despite a 40-year barrage of propaganda from their Islamic government demonizing America:

What would Iranians aspiring to freedom make of American politicians who appear to side with their regime against the USA? Via Breitbart:

Appearing Sunday on ABC’s This Week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) downplayed Iranians’ dissatisfaction with their national leaders, suggesting that protesters were on the streets for diverse reasons, including support for slain terror-military commander Qasem Soleimani.

Taking to the streets in honor of Soleimani was not entirely voluntary. Now people are turning out in defiance of their government, risking violence (as many as 1,000 protesters may have been killed in Iran late last year).

The Ayatollahs are on thin ice. There will be long faces on the Democrat side of the aisle if the Iranian people manage to get free of them while Trump is in office. It won’t reflect well on Obama’s strategy of obsequious appeasement.

On tips from Troy H and Rapinhoe.

Jan 14 2020

California Water Turns to Sewage

Liberals care deeply about the environment — so deeply that they would use it to excuse destroying the economy and imposing an authoritarian form of government through radical programs like the Green New Deal. However, the environment does not benefit when they have achieved the power they demand.

In California, there is effectively no opposition to progressives at the state level. Their policies have reduced the water to sewage.

Via California Healthline:

[S]ome of California’s most prized rivers, beaches and streams are indeed contaminated with levels of fecal bacteria that exceed state limits, threatening kayakers, swimmers — and the state’s reputation as a bastion of environmental protection. …

[T]he source of at least some of the fecal bacteria is California’s growing homeless population…

The usually drug-addled and/or mentally ill derelicts that liberal rule has drawn to California often use buckets as toilets, then dump the buckets into rivers.

The problem affects the Left Coast in general:

In Seattle, homeless people living in RVs are accused of dumping raw sewage straight into storm drains, which flows directly to local waterways. In Oregon, workers cleaning up homeless camps along the Willamette River in Eugene routinely find feces and needles.

The liberal political climate in Seattle and Portland encourages vagrancy, as in California.

[H]uman fecal contamination is particularly dangerous because it can transmit diseases that affect people, including hepatitis A and cholera.

Some recreational areas, including Tiscornia Beach [in Sacramento], where families picnic, BBQ and wade in the river, had E. coli levels so high in the past year that they hit the upper limits of what the water board’s laboratories could measure…

When in California, stay out of the water. Better still, avoid the Left Coast until sanity has been restored — unless it’s too late for that.

On tips from Byron, Ellen O, R F, and Dragon’s Lair.

Jan 14 2020

Saving the Planet From Cafeteria Trays

Those woke to the anthropogenic global warming crisis know that anything made by humans might imperil the planet — even cafeteria trays. Good thing we have student government to keep the planet safe. From Michigan State University:

In an attempt to make dining at MSU more eco-friendly, trays in dining halls will not be an available option unless specifically requested once entering the cafeteria. …

According to the Associated Students of Michigan State University’s (ASMSU) Bill 56-30, doing away with trays will decrease food waste, energy waste, and water usage.

How can students waste food if they have no way to carry it? You find some smart cookies at universities.

The energy allegedly saved means few carbon emissions. According to current liberal dogma, that improves the weather by making it colder.

If only there were some way to get the word to the sacred man-eating polar bears, so they would know that they don’t need to worry anymore, now that the climate will no longer fluctuate thanks to the ecorighteous gestures of MSU’s student government.

Social engineering also plays a roll. The lack of trays will make students eat less by “encouraging conscious portion sizes.”

However, this introduces a complication. Complains graduate Kelsie Luokkala,

“No one should have to go through the embarrassment of having to ask for a tray and then having to explain themselves…there shouldn’t be a stigma around having a tray, but there will be.”

Stigma over cafeteria trays could lead to fatphobia, an acknowledged thought crime.

MSU’s student government must pass a bill to stamp out stigma once and for all. Otherwise, who knows where it might end? One day there could be a stigma over collecting welfare, or indulging in sexual perversions, or even having children out of wedlock.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair. Hat tip: Legal Insurrection.

Jan 14 2020

Australia to Kill 10,000 Camels for Causing Global Warming

During the days of hippies and the Vietnam War, moonbats used to display posters reading, “War Is Not Healthy for Children and Other Living Things.” That should be updated for the current age by replacing the word “War” with “Global Warming Ideology.” We have seen what it does to children. Here is what it can do to other living things:

Nearly 10 years after Australian camels (and their methane emissions) were identified as a factor in climate change, 10,000 of the country’s wild dromedaries now face a slaughter.

The cull, which was scheduled to start Wednesday, comes as part of an effort to help conditions in fire-ravaged Australia.

Instead of dealing with bushfires by overcoming the objections of environmentalists and clearing deadwood so that the work of arsonists does not get out of hand, moonbats have opted instead to blame global warming, which they hold responsible for all bad things that can’t be blamed on racism/sexism/Islamophobia/transphobia/etc. According to leftist dogma, climate change is mainly caused by greenhouse gases like methane and CO2.

Camels are getting scapegoated for drinking too much water and worse still, for making it be too hot out by farting and belching, in accordance with global warming ideology.

According to an NPR report from the faraway year of 2011, a single camel can produce greenhouse gasses equivalent to over a ton of carbon dioxide.

Why a ton? Why not make it a hundred tons? That would be even more impressive.

Meanwhile, they have yet to prove that carbon dioxide is a dominant factor in global temperatures, much less that killing every camel on earth would make any difference regarding the severity of Australian bushfires.

Culling the camels may be a good idea for other reasons, but killing them by the thousands for causing global warming is alarming in the extreme. When killing camels fails to make the climate stop fluctuating for the first time in world history, what or who will the true believers want to sacrifice next?

On a tip from Jack S.

Jan 14 2020

Open Thread

I can imagine no man who will look with more horror on the End than a conscientious revolutionary who has, in a sense sincerely, been justifying cruelties and injustices inflicted on millions of his contemporaries by the benefits which he hopes to confer on future generations: generations who, as one terrible moment now reveals to him, were never going to exist. Then he will see the massacres, the faked trials, the deportations, to be all ineffaceably real, an essential part, his part, in the drama that has just ended: while the future Utopia had never been anything but a fantasy. - C. S. Lewis
Jan 13 2020

Fatphobia Is Thoughtcrime

Cultural Marxism requires that ever more “marginalized” groups be discovered or created to be arrayed against the shrinking minority of normal people. Even people who are overweight now qualify as aggrieved. Consequently, Jillian Michaels of the weight loss TV show The Biggest Loser is a thought criminal for failing to celebrate the body positivity of an obese exhibitionist named Lizzo.

Lest you too fall into thoughtcrime, be mindful that exerting the effort to keep yourself fit makes you guilty of “thin privilege.” According to liberal ideology, achieving anything through effort or discipline is wrong, because it undermines equity and leads to privilege. You can only deserve what the government has forcibly confiscated from someone else and bestowed upon you in honor of your status as a victim.

Now that the obese have joined the exalted ranks of the marginalized, normal chairs are regarded as a microaggression against them. As we draw closer to utopia, such chairs will be phased out, along with physical fitness and everything else liberal social engineers regard as problematic.

Mark Dice sounds the alarm on fatphobic thoughtcrime:

On tips from Kate P and KirklesWorth.

Jan 13 2020

Enviromoonbattery Is Harmful to Children

Despite their unhinged fanaticism, authoritarian politics, and antihuman outlook, militant advocates of the global warming hoax may seem as harmless as the carbon emissions they denounce. However, their tactics are not good for kids.

Ecoanxiety is real even if anthropogenic climate change isn’t. Among adults, countermoonbats dismiss leftist global warming rhetoric as malevolent malarkey. Moonbats employ doublethink to believe in it even while knowing that it isn’t true; that’s why liberals do not move away from the coasts and seek safety in colder parts of the country, as they surely would do if they took their own balderdash seriously. In contrast, children often accept hysterical prognostications of doom at face value. Psychiatric drugs are prescribed to treat the resulting anxiety.

Leftists know they cannot make a utopian omelet without breaking a few underaged eggs. Prominent among the eggs they are cracking is Greta Thunberg, a teenager with multiple diagnosed psychiatric ailments who has been exploited as a human shield to defend hardcore envirofascism from criticism.

Last week, Fakebook accidently allowed the public to see who is actually posting under famous accounts. This resulted in the following revelation:

[S]ome 3 million followers of teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg have been reading posts written by her father, Svante Thunberg, and a climate activist in India who serves as a delegate at the UN’s Climate Change organization, Adarsh Prathap. Thunberg, Inc. claims Greta is still the one writing the content.

Tony Heller of Real Climate Science pulls back the curtain on what cynical and callous envirofascists do to kids:

On tips from ABC of the ANC, KirklesWorth, and R F.

Jan 13 2020

Ordered by Court to Call His Daughter “Him”

Formerly, we were asked to accept insanity for the sake of open-mindedness. We are far past that now. At this point, insanity is literally mandatory:

The British Columbia court of appeal ruled Friday that a 13-year-old girl was old enough to consent to testosterone shots despite her father’s objections that his troubled daughter had been influenced by transgender advocates and did not understand the long-term consequences of her decision.

Some of these consequences will be irreversible, forever closing the door on a normal life.

The appeal ruling released January 10 also placed the father under a “conduct order” effective until April that directs him to acknowledge his now 15-year-old daughter as a male, to use male pronouns when referring to her, and to call her by her chosen male name.

No earthly power can turn a girl into a boy, any more than it can make 2 + 2 equal something other than 4. But earthly powers can force you to lie on behalf of deranged ideologies.

So much for freedom of speech, which entails freedom from forced speech. In utopia, there will be only one right: the right to do what you are told is politically correct.

On a tip from Kate P.

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