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Jul 20 2019

Visit Los Angeles

What if tourism bureaus told the truth? An ad for Los Angeles might reflect what moonbattery has wrought in the erstwhile City of Angels:

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Jul 20 2019

Expert on Threat Big Tech Poses to Democracy

“Democracy as originally conceived cannot survive Big Tech as currently empowered.” So says Dr Robert Epstein, a research psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology, and an expert on artificial intelligence. In the video below, he explains why and what to do about it to a Senate judiciary subcommittee.

Google is the main villain. The company is fundamentally ideological (as this site has been documenting) and has already used its massive power to shift millions of votes. Ever more energized to impose its extreme political views, Google threatens to reduce democratic elections to a farce.

Epstein clarifies his points under questioning from esteemed countermoonbat Ted Cruz:

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Jul 20 2019

Why Men Dominate STM

Why do men dominate STM fields (i.e., science/technology/math)? If you work for Google, you are required to believe it is due to discrimination by the malicious patriarchy. Otherwise, you will get fired like James Damore. But relentlessly moonbatty Physics World has come up with another politically acceptable explanation. It’s because girls are smarter than boys:

The gender gap in maths-related fields could be determined by girls’ superior reading skills, which leads them to favour humanities-based professions. …

Previous research has shown that while girls and boys have similar abilities in maths at school, a gender gap persists in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects in further education. Women are therefore less likely to pursue STEM careers, especially in maths-intensive subjects such as physics.

A study is unlikely to find that women have better reading skills but men have better math skills, because it would be blasphemous to suggest that men are better at anything. You don’t acquire grants by blaspheming against the liberal religion.

As science becomes less about science than about nurturing the self-esteem of politically favored identity groups, maybe more women will find it appealing.

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Jul 20 2019

Freddy McConnell, Mother of the First Motherless Child

You would have to be psychotic to have a nightmare this depraved, so it can’t be a dream. But it certainly isn’t real. So it must be the news. The Daily Mail reports on a man who has given birth. The name is Freddy McConnell:

By law, although Freddy was born female, he is (and was on the day his child was born) a man. Ten days after he legally became a man, he accessed sperm from a donor and — because he had decided to keep his womb — was in the extraordinary (although not unique, as we will discover) position of being a pregnant man.

By now we are used to the media deceiving us, but why tell such an obvious lie? Freddy is not a man, regardless of whatever Island of Doctor Moreau type procedures she may have inflicted on herself, and regardless of the false pronouns the media uses out of political obsequiousness. Men don’t have babies.

However, in the wonderland of liberal ideology, all things are possible. If they tell you men can have babies, you will believe it or risk ostracization. Delusional psychosis is mandatory.

The War on Reality is not quite over. Mop-up operations continue:

When Freddy, a proud campaigner on transgender issues, went to register [her] child’s birth, [she] requested that [she] be named as the ‘father’ on the legal document, rather than the ‘mother’. The General Register Office, going by the rules established in 1836, refused, pointing out that, legally, a child has to have a mother, at least on the document that confirms their existence.

It apparently is not relevant that as a matter of undeniable objective fact, Freddy is the child’s mother and is biologically incapable of being the father.

Freddy’s objections have led to a High Court battle against the Government, with [her] lawyer arguing that it is a breach of Freddy’s human rights to force [her] to be recognised as the baby’s mother.

The concept of “human rights” has already been reduced to farce. Social engineers are doing the same to the concept of objective reality. In utopia, we will believe whatever they tell us, no matter how patently absurd.

Whatever, the ramifications of this case are huge. If Freddy’s case is successful, [her] child will be the first in Britain to, in the eyes of the law, have no mother.

As mentioned earlier, liberals destroy what they hate by forbidding us the vocabulary to describe it. Here we see a similar phenomenon. They actually believe that by forcibly altering the meaning of words, they can create a child who has no mother.

With just as much validity, they could master space travel by decreeing that hopping up in the air equals traveling through the galaxy.

Miss McConnell, who unsurprisingly works as a multimedia journalist for The Guardian, is the mother in reality, but we don’t live in reality. We live in a contrived fantasy fabricated by academia, propped up by the media, and imposed by the government. The ramifications are huge, all right.

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Jul 20 2019

High Burn Rates for Faltering Democrat Campaigns

Democrats are running their campaigns the same way they would run the government — by throwing money to the four winds, heedless of the consequences. Just like the country may do if any of them is elected, their campaigns are going broke:

In the last fundraising quarter, nearly half of the Democratic presidential candidates spent more than they raised in donations.

Campaigns with the highest burn rates include lame joke candidates Kirsten Gillibrand, Robert Francis O’Rourke, and Cory Booker.

They may call campaign deficits “burn rates” because the schmucks who donated to these doomed campaigns got burned.

The profligate spenders will have to get their campaigns into gear quickly to keep from going under. Watch for them to spout still more outrageous moonbattery at the next debate opportunity.

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Jul 19 2019

Open Thread

Youth should learn to think and act as a mass. It is criminal to think as individuals! - Che Guevara
Jul 19 2019

Countermoonbattery Costs Kathy Zhu Beauty Crown

All must kiss the ring of political correctness or face destruction. That’s why Miss World America has stripped Kathy Zhu of her crown:

Zhu is a Chinese immigrant who moved to the United States at age five; she became popular in conservative circles for both her support for Donald Trump during the 2016 election and for fighting off students attempting to get her expelled from the University of Central Florida for refusing to try on a hijab — an event that allegedly helped get the conservative stripped of her beauty pageant accomplishments.

According to Newsweek, Zhu was named as an Indiana and Michigan 2019 national finalist earlier this week in a bid to move on to the Miss Teen World America preliminary and finals set for October.

She had her sash and crown rescinded for having refused to don the hijab, for tweeting about black on black violence, and for allegedly insensitive statistical tweets — i.e., for referencing facts that liberals would prefer to leave unacknowledged.

Miss World America Michigan State Director Laurie DeJack singled out the following as an intolerable thought crime. Zhu had tweeted:

“Did you know the majority of black deaths are caused by other blacks? Fix problems within your own community first before blaming others.”

Did you ever think you would live in an America where people are not permitted to state facts and express commonsense reactions to them? How about an America where women are punished for refusing to wear a hijab?

This is how consensus is achieved. It is made clear that whatever it is that you want, you won’t get it if you are considered to be ideologically intransigent. Zhu’s dreams have been dashed because she failed to conform. Weaker women will get the prize by toeing the line.

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Jul 19 2019

NYC Council Speaker Corey Johnson Promises Less Parking

Corey Johnson, City Council Speaker, proud Person of Politically Preferred Perverted Proclivities, and 2021 mayoral frontrunner, has figured out the main problem plaguing New York as it degenerates into a hellhole that even Snake Plissken would find hard to escape. It has too many parking places.

No worries; Johnson can fix it:

“I do think that there are too many parking spaces in New York City,” Johnson said bluntly. “We have over 3 million [on-street] parking spaces in New York City … and we should reclaim that space and use it for the public.”

For example, NYC could follow the example of Los Angeles and San Francisco by covering every spare inch with drug-addicted bums passed out in drifts of garbage.

“We need to break the car culture. It is choking our streets. It is literally killing people,” he said.

He may be referring not only to traffic accidents but to the bizarre liberal belief that automobiles make the weather too warm by emitting harmless carbon dioxide, and that people are actually dying from this.

Johnson earlier this year proposed a five-year plan aimed at getting people out of their cars, including legislation that would require the city to build 150 miles of dedicated bus lanes and 250 mile of protected bike lanes.

That is, a 5-year plan to deliberately make driving in New York even more hellish than it is already. If “5-year plan” sounds familiar, you may be thinking of the Soviet Union, which continues to serve as an inspiration for progressives even decades after its collapse.

When asked … if he planned to use his clout to allocate “a lot more money” in next year’s city budget toward building protected bike lanes, Johnson said he’s all in.

His campaign promise is to spend other people’s money on denying them a place to park. New Yorkers may elect him Mayor anyway. They elected Bill de Blasio, didn’t they?

In utopia, there won’t be any private automobiles, just those used to chauffeur government officials like Johnson. So we won’t need much parking anyway.

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Jul 19 2019

Transsexual Tyranny Crushes Immigrant Business

Working hard gets you nowhere when your business has been crushed by transsexual tyranny. The latest example comes from Canada, which is degenerating into a totalitarian dystopia under the rule of demented “human rights tribunals.” These perverted Star Chambers resemble a cross between the Spanish Inquisition and a John Waters movie on acid.

Last fall, we gasped in dismay at this story:

A transgender “woman” began calling spas in British Columbia, asking that they give him a “Manzillian” wax, and then taking careful note of those who refused. He then filed 16 human rights complaints against sixteen women who refused to handle his penis, claiming that he had been discriminated against. …

Identifying himself only as J.Y., the claims of discrimination and bullying are ironic considering what this fellow is doing to actual women. One of the estheticians, a single mom who works out of her home, already paid J.Y. $2,500 to withdraw his complaint so she could simply get on with her life. Two and a half grand, it turns out, is the amount of money that a single mom, seeing her livelihood threatened, has to pay to a man for not touching his genitals.

Looks like J.Y. stands for either Jonathan or Jessica Yaniv. LGBT bullying has paid off well for him; few will be surprised that he is still at it. Via The Post Millennial:

A mother and business owner was forced to end her Brazilian waxing business after being taken to the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal for refusing to wax a transgender woman’s male genitalia.

Marcia Da Silva, who is an immigrant from Brazil operated the business out of her home where her small children also live. Da Silva claims she refused to perform the procedure on the claimant, Jessica Yaniv, due to safety concerns raised by her husband and alleged harassment on Yaniv’s part and not because of the claimant’s identity.

Yaniv’s conspicuously fake “identity” is that of a female. But don’t call him a pervert; he likes girls:

Being a “proud lesbian” may explain why he wants to force women to handle his genitals. Liberal ideology, greed, and simple malice are also likely motives.

Yaniv, who was formerly known as Jonathan Yaniv, has taken fifteen other B.C. women to the tribunal for refusing to wax her male genitalia citing discrimination based on gender identity and is seeking financial compensation.

Only in a world reduced to gibbering insanity by moonbattery could you read the words “her male genitalia” and know it is not a typo.

Many of the woman are of East Asian ethnicity and have English as their second language.

Imagine coming from Brazil or East Asia, slogging away at your business, and suddenly some slob waddles in dressed in woman’s clothes and demands that you handle his genitals. Roughly 100 out of 100 would say no. It must be incomprehensible to them that in North America at this point in our decline, that makes them enemies of society. Jonathan Yaniv knows how to pick his victims.

“The people that discriminated against me are forcing their beliefs on society,” said Yaniv, who is representing [himself], while cross-examining [his] own mother who [he] called as a witness to the tribunal.

In contrast, Yaniv’s conviction that his genitalia are female because he says so is not belief, but fact. To dispute this would be transphobic.

What a wonderful time to be a freak and a bully.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair. Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

Jul 19 2019

University of Michigan Noose Is Not a Noose

To judge by prevailing rhetoric, nooses were only ever used to oppress innocent Persons of Politically Preferred Pigmentation. That means whenever you see a noose, you have witnessed a hate crime

University of Michigan police are investigating after a noose was found on an employee’s desk at a university hospital.

The university has “taken immediate action” to investigate the incident that occurred Thursday as an act of discrimination and criminal ethnic intimidation, said Dr. Marschall S. Runge, the dean of the University of Michigan Medical School.

…or more likely, a hate hoax. After much tearing of hair and rending of garments, with CNN and the FBI being made aware of the crisis, we read this from U of M’s Division of Public Safety and Security:

Based on multiple witness interviews and other evidence, DPSS does not believe that the incident involving the rope was a hate crime. If relevant new information comes forward, the case will be reopened.

During the investigation, it was learned that a spool of rope utilized for medical procedures was being used by a person on a break to practice tying a “Uni Knot,” which is a type of knot used for fishing.

However, it remains a possibility that the knot was tied by a racist practicing to catch blackfish so as to oppress them.

Although there does not appear to be intent to deceive in this case, hyping a piece of rope that vaguely resembles a noose into a hate crime is so irresponsible as to qualify as a hoax.

The level of delusional hysteria required to produce incidents like this was last seen at the Salem witch trials.

Hat tip: Legal Insurrection.

Jul 19 2019

Moonbat Calls for Banning Campfires

If Big Government had been around in caveman days, the conquest of fire never would have been permitted. Fire results in people getting burned. Unequal access to flammable material results in inequality. Fire produces CO2 emissions, and even warms the air directly, possibly worsening the plight of the sacred man-eating polar bears. Maybe it is not too late to ban fire. A California writer wants to start with campfires, and provides a variety of arguments for forbidding them:


Wood smoke contains fine particles of unburnt wood.

Unburnt wood is toxic.

Health Problems

Alleged effects of wood smoke include:

irritated eyes, throat, sinus, and lungs; headaches; reduced lung function; lung inflammation and swelling; increased risk of respiratory disease; more severe and frequent symptoms from existing lung diseases; increased risk of heart attack and stroke; chronic bronchitis and emphysema; cancer.

Surprisingly, halitosis, epilepsy, and rectal prolapse did not make the list.


Campfires leave behind charred wood, piles of ash, and blackened rocks.

No doubt this often requires that a hazmat team be dispatched. Too bad charred wood and ash are not biodegradable.

Tree Damage

Just because a tree is dead doesn’t mean you are not causing damage to living things:

Dead logs and other wood may be essential habitat for insects, birds, reptiles, and small mammals.

Never mind that refusal by moonbats to allow dead wood to be cleared is a major cause of wildfires getting out of control.

Invasive Species

Firewood that you harvest or buy can be home to invasive species…

Yet you have to bring firewood into the forest from elsewhere, lest you destroy critical habitat for termites.


There’s no national tally of campfire-related injuries, but a study in Oklahoma found that 57 people were injured and one person was killed due to campfires in a ten-year period.

Practically a holocaust.

Moonbats have already cracked down on beach bonfires on behalf of the climate and piping plovers.

Why not cut to the chase and ban fire altogether? Then we can move on to banning the wheel.

On a tip from Fabio J.

Jul 19 2019

Colorado State University Erases the Word “America”

Not even denouncing the patriotic Gadsden Flag as politically unclean will be the end of their purging. By the time progressives are through progressing, the very word “America” will be struck from the Newspeak Dictionary. Academia is already there:

Colorado State University claims that “American” is a non-inclusive word that should be avoided.

CSU’s online Inclusive Language Guide, compiled by the school’s Inclusive Communications Task Force, lists certain words and phrases to avoid while providing replacements in an effort to help “communicators practice inclusive language and [help] everyone on [its] campus feel welcomed, respected, and valued.”

Too bad that Americans who love their country and think it should continue to exist are not welcomed, respected, or valued on college campuses.

CSU lists both “American” and “America” as non-inclusive words “to avoid,” due to the fact that America encompasses more than just the U.S. By referring to the U.S. as America, the guide claims that one “erases other cultures and depicts the United States as the dominant American country.”

If social engineers succeed with their manipulation, there will be no such thing as the American people or American culture. There won’t be words to express such forbidden concepts. There will only be people who happen to live, legally or otherwise, within the borders of the United States. These people will have no shared heritage and no meaningful connection to each other.

Other words CSU has struck from the Newspeak Dictionary for the purpose of imposing liberal ideology include “straight,” “male,” “female,” “ladies,” and “gentlemen.” Even the feminist invention “Ms.” is forbidden, along with “Mr.” and “Mrs.”

Since liberals attempt to erase whole classes of things by erasing the words for them, “normal person” can also be found on the forbidden vocabulary list. No substitute term is provided for this, because it is never politically correct to acknowledge the existence of normal people. The whole purpose of Cultural Marxism is to marginalize and then eradicate normal people.

CSU doesn’t even want you to say “handicap parking,” “cake walk,” “freshman,” or “policeman.” These terms are regarded as noninclusive. That is, they are thought crimes.

A character describes the purpose of inclusive language guides in George Orwell’s 1984:

“Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it. Every concept that can ever be needed, will be expressed by exactly one word, with its meaning rigidly defined and all its subsidiary meanings rubbed out and forgotten. … Every year fewer and fewer words, and the range of consciousness always a little smaller.”

Before liberals are finished imposing their inclusiveness, the only words that have not been excluded from the language will be those required to chant leftist talking points. These mandatory phrases will have no more meaning than the inarticulate noises emitted by animals.

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