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May 14 2019

Moonbats Start Purging Classic Movies

Given that there is no sector of society more rigidly controlled by leftist Jacobins than entertainment, it is only a matter of time until the War on History turns its attention from tearing down statues of Robert E. Lee and Christopher Columbus to purge our cultural history of classic movies.

Anything filmed earlier than last week probably violates some aspect of ever-evolving political correctness. Christian Toto notes that the movie purge is already getting started:

Two years ago, a Memphis theater nixed a screening of the 1939 classic “Gone with the Wind” because of its “insensitive” content.

Disney’s Oscar-winning “Song of the South” won’t be seen on the company’s forthcoming streaming platform. The 1946 film’s antiquated, and some say racist, portrayal of black life turned the movie into cultural poison. It’s never made it to home video, and that’s unlikely to change in the near future.

Once an actor has been unpersoned, anything he appeared in may be subject to erasure. For example, Bounce TV has pulled reruns of The Cosby Show, HBO disappeared all programming including Louis C.K., and Amazon declined to release Woody Allen’s A Rainy Day in New York due to sexual shenanigans, which constitute political crimes in the #MeToo era.

A purge would be bad news for fans of classic westerns, considering that moonbats have already demanded that John Wayne Airport be renamed because the Duke was supposedly racist.

If you want to watch classic movies on cable, you will probably end up at Turner Classic Movies. Consider the rabidly left-wing politics of hosts like Ben Mankiewicz, Eddie Muller, and Alec Baldwin, and that TCM was founded by demented leftist Ted Turner. Not exactly a trustworthy guardian of our cultural heritage.

People used to collect DVDs. Increasingly, movies we buy live somewhere off in the cloud. It isn’t hard to imagine John Wayne movies simply vanishing overnight. Then they would erase the next retroactive thought criminal, then the next and the next.

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May 03 2019

Antifa Vandalizes, Conspires With Cartel, Earns Liberal Praise

It looks like we will never agree on anything, if we can’t even agree that Antifa are the bad guys. Recent Antifa news includes vandalism in an attempt to undermine US border defense with soft terrorism and an alleged plot to work with a foreign cartel to attack Border Patrol agents.

From Portland, where Antifa has waged war against ICE with the backing of local government (see here and here):

Sometime over the weekend, anonymous vandals stuck a garden hose through the front-door mail slot of lawyer Sean Riddell’s Northeast Portland office and left the water running.

Who would do such a thing and why? A Willamette Week reporter learned the answer by email.

The email, signed “some anarchists,” claims responsibility and says the authors hoped to “cause maximum economic damage” to Riddell because he provides legal representation to the National ICE Council, the union for local employees of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Damage was extensive. Apparently, insurance will cover it. That means everyone who buys insurance gets to pay. Thanks Antifa!

Antifa appears to be escalating from juvenile pranks, Occupy antics, and street brawl violence in the direction of genuine terrorism. This story could be a milestone:

The FBI is unraveling an alleged plot, where Antifa members planned to provoke an armed rebellion at the U.S. border. …

The scheme involves left-wing activists buying guns and receiving militia training from cartel members in order to attack U.S. Border Patrol agents, and to disrupt their operations.

If that doesn’t qualify as treason, we may as well throw the word out of the legal code.

The paper trail appears to point to a plot hatched between Antifa activist Evan Duke III and a Mexican-based cartel associate known as “Cobra Commander.” …

While the men say they have never met, both were flagged by U.S. Customs and Border Protection for their involvement at the Tijuana border when violence broke out between November of 2018 and January of this year. Hundreds of migrants rushed the border, some throwing rocks, forcing Border Patrol agents to respond with tear gas.

That was a big opportunity for the media, which struck this mighty blow against the USA’s territorial sovereignty:

Speaking of the media,

By “neo-Nazis,” Cuomo is referring to anyone who does not want Robert E. Lee perp-walked to the Memory Hole.

It isn’t just the media wing; the political wing of Leftism Inc likes Antifa too:

Biden launched his campaign for president by praising the group. He referred to a group of protesters who gathered in Charlottesville, VA, and violently confronted white nationalists “a courageous group of Americans.”

The “white nationalists” include everyone there who was lawfully protesting the tearing down of a Robert E. Lee statue. The other people there had come explicitly to pick a fight. Authorities stood by and let it happen.

If America succumbs to moonbattery, Antifa will be our answer to the Brownshirts — hard as it has been to take these clowns seriously.

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Feb 15 2019

USC’s Totalitarian Task Force on University Nomenclature

The liberal War on History that went into high gear with the campaign to rid America of references to the Confederacy did not stop with erasing prominent historical figures like Robert E. Lee. Everyone who has a building named after him must be tried before the court of current leftist orthodoxy. Those who fail to pass muster are consigned to the Memory Hole. The University of Southern California has created a task force for this very purpose:

In a memo Monday, Provost Michael Quick said the community is “having important conversations about the names of certain buildings, monuments, and symbols” that “may evoke views and practices that we no longer support.”

These elements of campus also “may cause pain for members of our community,” interfering in the private university’s quest to be “a national leader in equity and inclusion” and create a “safe, welcoming, and supportive campus,” Quick wrote.

Quick proclaimed the formation of the Task Force on University Nomenclature.

When a society succumbs to totalitarianism, fame is no antidote to mortality. No matter how mainstream your views are in the present, if they pass through a period of political incorrectness in the future, you will be condemned as “problematic” and erased. No one escapes from the Thought Police, least of all great figures of history, because those who control the present control the past.

On a tip from Lyle.

Nov 29 2018

Ben Carson Consigned to Memory Hole

We knew from the beginning that the purge would not stop with great historical figures of the South like Robert E. Lee. Encountering little resistance, the jihad quickly moved on to figures representing America (George Washington) or Western Civilization in general (Christopher Columbus). Already moonbats are beginning to consign black conservatives like Ben Carson to the Memory Hole:

The Benjamin Carson High School of Science and Medicine near the Detroit Medical Center has an ambitious program of preparing its mostly African-American students for careers in medicine.

In a sane world, Ben Carson would be a role model for blacks, having worked his way from the Detroit ghetto to the top of society as a famous brain surgeon, presidential candidate, and current Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. In a world addled by moonbattery, he is an embarrassment, who undermines the narrative that it is no use exerting yourself because you can’t achieve anything unless Big Government steals it from Whitey and hands it to you.

The Detroit school board voted to rename the school under guidelines that say a school can be renamed when it doesn’t reflect the student population or when “information newly discovered about the current name of the school is negative in nature.”

LaMar Lemmons, a Democrat, was the leading advocate for removing Ben Carson’s name from the school.

Lemmons spells out Carson’s specific crime:

“Quite frankly, it is a political thing,” he admitted. “We named a school after an individual who is in the Trump administration.”

Any Republican is subject to erasure. That is probably why Obama decreed that we must now call Mount McKinley (named for a Republican president) “Mount Denali.”

“When you align yourself with Trump, that is a direct affront to the city of Detroit and the students of Detroit,” [Lemmons] insisted.

Black unemployment has fallen to record lows under Trump. But blacks are told to hate all things Trump because he is racist against them as evidenced by… as evidenced by nothing whatsoever. Actually, they are told to hate him because he is now a Republican.

Carson isn’t the only black conservative leftists want forgotten even before he has left office:

Last month, a petition to change the name of Savannah College of Art and Design’s Clarence Thomas Center for Historic Preservation received favorable media coverage.

When demographics allow Democrats to achieve sufficient power, everything named after someone associated with their opposition will be renamed.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

Oct 09 2018

Astronaut Scott Kelly Issues Shameful Apology

It takes courage to be an astronaut. Apparently, it takes more courage to stand up to the leftist mob. In the context of bellyaching about Brett Kavanaugh having survived Democrat smear tactics, astronaut Scott Kelly (twin brother of the odious Mark Kelly) sent out a tweet quoting a giant of modern history, Winston Churchill:

As we know from the War on Statues that started with Robert E. Lee and quickly moved on to other great men including Christopher Columbus, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington himself, Cultural Marxists have been attempting to erase Western culture by demonizing and then unpersoning the heroes who define our heritage. Winston Churchill is too worthy of admiration to escape the hatred of progressives. They turned their ire on Kelly — who less than heroically responded with a cringing apology for quoting the thought criminal:

Using the phrase “educate myself” is the equivalent of crawling on your hands and knees in self-abasement before the depraved gods of political correctness.

There is only one thing more terrifying than the totalitarian mentality of liberals: the pusillanimity of the invertebrates who cower in the face of their bullying. If the nation Churchill led during the Battle of Britain had been made of the same soupy stuff as Kelly, their grandchildren would be speaking German now.

Even anti–self-defense zealot Piers Morgan is disgusted. He doesn’t think much of Taylor Swift allowing herself to be bullied into siding against the admirable Marsha Blackburn in the Tennessee Senate race either:

On a tip from Stormfax.

Sep 17 2018

Joe Biden Calls Republicans “Dregs of Society”

Most people who follow politics understand that it was not a wise move when Hillary Clinton, while running for president, denounced half of the American population as a “basket of deplorables.” But Joe Biden is not most people.

Despite his advanced age and general unsuitability for the office, Biden is likely to run for president in 2020. Yet while pandering to the militant LGBT galère Human Rights Campaign, he barked that supporters of the current president include “the dregs of society.”

“Forces of intolerance remain determined to undermine and roll back the progress you have made,” the former vice president warned his audience.

“This time they–not you–have an ally in the White House,” he said.

“They’re a small percentage of the American people, virulent people. Some of them, the dregs of society,” Biden said.

The “forces of intolerance” are those not on board with the LBGT agenda. What a relief to hear that only some of us are the dregs of society according to a top Democrat.

But actually, by “some,” he means “all,” as he soon makes clear in a reference to the August 2017 event in Charlottesville that saw leftist counterprotesters descend upon a demonstration by defenders of a targeted Civil War statue. Regrettably, one of the moonbats was run over by a maniac, providing ammunition to demagogues like Joe Biden, who yaps,

“We have leaders who at the time when that occurred, when these guys were accompanied by white supremacists and Ku Klux Klan…making a comparison saying there are good people in both groups.”

Trump should know better than try to be even-handed. As Biden enlightens us, there are no good people who oppose the leftist agenda. Such people are accompanied by white supremacists and the Ku Klux Klan. Every last person who doesn’t want statues of Robert E. Lee torn down is rotten to the core, and Trump is rotten for suggesting otherwise. The whole lot are the dregs of society.

You can see why Joe Biden is so enthused about the idea of a new America in which Caucasians are a minority. America as it always has been is full of people he hates.

On a tip from Byron.

Apr 17 2018

Offensive Songs That Wouldn’t Be Allowed Now

Social justice warriors must be unable to find anything in today’s world that doesn’t cringingly conform to their bullying ideology, because they have been digging into history in search of thought crimes. Paul Joseph Watson has a laugh at moonbats who clutch their pearls over allegedly offensive songs of the past:

If historical figures like Robert E. Lee and even the Founding Fathers can be banished to the Memory Hole for not complying with the up-to-the-minute dictates of political correctness after all context has been stripped away, why not songs? Just to play it safe, maybe we should ban any song written more than a year ago.

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Mar 30 2018

Fight to Save Thomas Jefferson at Hofstra University

Too few stood to defend Robert E. Lee, so now we have to defend Thomas Jefferson:

JaLoni Owens, a Hofstra student and Black Lives Matter activist, released a petition calling for the statue’s removal on March 17, proclaiming that Jefferson has been embraced as an “icon” by “white supremacist and neo-nazi organizations,” like the Ku Klux Klan.

Shortly thereafter, more than ten Hofstra student organizations, including the Democrats of Hofstra University, Queer and Trans People of Color Coalition, The Gender Identity Federation, and Young Democratic Socialists of Hofstra, jointly planned a “Jefferson Has Gotta Go!” protest for March 30, demanding the statue’s removal.

Now that our backs are to the abyss, people are finally putting up resistance:

Hofstra student Richard Caldwell released a counter-petition titled, “KEEP The Jefferson Statue at Hofstra University,” voicing support for keeping the statue on campus.

As the counterpetition notes, tyranny was the normal state of affairs for the human race prior to Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence, which gave birth to a nation that has pushed back tyranny for over 2 centuries. To the extent any human anywhere lives without someone else’s boot on their face, this key Founding Father deserves a large share of the thanks.

If progressives can subject even Thomas Jefferson to the demonize-then-erase treatment, they can do it to anyone. They can erase America itself, which is their intention.

Mar 06 2018

Patrick Henry Denounced as Thought Criminal

You didn’t think they would stop at Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson did you? Or even with George Washington and Thomas Jefferson? The campaign to erase all the “racists” in American history is a campaign to erase American history, period. Without it, we won’t know who we are. That way progressive social engineers will have an easier time transforming this into a very different country. Every great person in American history must be discredited and destroyed — including Patrick Henry. From New Mogadishu, formerly known as Minneapolis:

Students at Patrick Henry High School are organizing to change the name of their school.

“#ChangeTheName” is picking up steam, and now alumni and members of the community are joining the movement.

Like many prominent Virginians of his time, Henry owned slaves. Ergo, he is bad and must be erased.

By the same logic, the entire Roman Empire needs to go down the Memory Hole.

[Students] Janaan Ahmed and Farhiyo Hassan [say] change comes by educating their peers about the damaging effects of upholding what they call oppressive figures, like Patrick Henry.

The Founding Fathers who created the country that has been synonymous with liberty for 2½ centuries are now “oppressive figures.” Cultural Marxism works amazing transformations.

“Patrick Henry and this institution was [sic] created at a time where integration was not allowed and segregation was promoted so if you look at the history and the demographics of people who are living in these neighborhoods, then you would understand the context to us, and why it is so important to us today,” student Farhiyo Hassan said.

Many of the people this young tool is referring to arrived from Somalia within the past 20 years as welfare colonists. Those who are taxed to charge up their EBT cards, who must watch their own cities deliberately reduced to ghettoes, and who must suffer the miserable indignity of seeing their proud history desecrated and erased are the ones who are oppressed, even if we are oppressing ourselves.

Henry is best known for proclaiming, “Give me liberty or give me death.” The modern equivalent would be “Give me countermoonbattery or give me oblivion.” With moonbats calling the shots, he will get oblivion.

BTW, Patrick Henry wanted to end slavery, calling its abolition “the furthest advance we can make toward justice” — as if that matters to teenage social engineers in hijabs like Janaan Ahmed and Farhiyo Hassan, or to the liberals pulling their strings.

Careful you don’t grind your teeth down to the gums while watching this:

On a tip from TCS III.

Mar 02 2018

Pushback Against Political Correctness Saves Racist Gorilla

Now an entire species has been denounced as racist:

A statue of a gorilla, and prime attraction for kids at the Community Park playground in Corsicana [Texas] was removed by the city.

A spokesperson for the city said some community members found the gorilla offensive – racially insensitive — in some form, and requested its removal from the park.

“We can understand this, because we have an obligation to listen to all our citizens, to determine what is offensive and not, especially in public places,” said Corsicana Mayor Don Denbow.

At least the gorilla is in good company, considering all the statues of important historical figures that have been torn down because moonbats regard them as racist.

What’s this? Finally some pushback:

The empty cage where the gorilla previously resided became a makeshift memorial on Wednesday where residents left balloons, flowers, stuffed toys, and signs that read “Park Monkey for City Mayor Corsicana Texas.”

One man even camped out inside the cage and said he would stay for as long as it takes to make the point that they want their gorilla back.

“We never knew that it would cause such a ruckus,” Denbow told KDFW.

And a Facebook page called “In Memory of Dobby” popped up after the gorilla was gone.

A local bureauweenie now says Dobby the Gorilla will be returned to his rightful place. It would be nice to see similar decisions taken regarding great figures in Southern history like Robert E. Lee.

On a tip from Chronos Z. Wonderpig.

Feb 26 2018

The Corporations That Are Punishing the NRA on Behalf of a Lunatic Lynch Mob

Their shamelessness has allowed liberals to divert horror and grief over the Parkland killings into an assault on the Constitution. Regardless of whether any legislature is passed further infringing on our right to bear arms, authoritarians have already won this battle by making guns the issue, rather than the mental health crisis, the virtual absence of school security, Broward County’s incompetent sheriff and cowardly deputies, et cetera.

The media has whipped up a lynch mob and sicced it on the NRA to punish it for defending the Constitution. Suddenly, this venerable institution is as politically leprous as Confederate flags have been since the killings in Charleston in 2015. Ever ready to pander to left-wing extremism, corporations have been cutting their ties with the NRA. Companies aggressively siding with an insane mob against the Constitution include (from here and here):

Alamo Rent a Car
Allied Van Lines/North American Van Lines
Best Western
Chubb Insurance
Delta Airlines
Enterprise Rent-a-Car
First National Bank of Omaha
National Rent a Car
North American Van Lines
Paramount Rx
Starkey Hearing Technologies
United Airlines
Wyndham Hotel Group

These days, we can’t boycott every company that deserves it, but whenever you have an alternative to giving business to a company that opposes your constitutional rights, take it. Corporations almost invariably side with the Left, but probably more out of fear than ideological depravity. After all, if the Left prevails, there will be no corporations, just one giant Government ruling a nation of slaves. Corporate cowards will stop putting the screws to regular Americans when it starts affecting the bottom line.


In response to the NRA boycott, thousands of people are posting on social media they have decided to join the NRA because they believe in freedom, the Second Amendment and stand opposed to the liberal outrage mob unfairly placing responsibility on the NRA for the Florida shooting.

Others posted they had upgraded their memberships to higher levels.

Every time there is a shooting, progressives exploit it to take part of our country away from us. After Charleston, they targeted Confederate flags and the memory of Robert E. Lee. This time, they target the NRA. Who knows what they will take next if they do not encounter meaningful resistance.

On tips from Stormfax and J.

Feb 01 2018

San Jose Banishes Christopher Columbus to the Memory Hole

They started with Robert E. Lee, because even though he was a great man and an important figure in American history, being a Virginian he fought for the South, and the Southerners were the bad guys, since they lost and didn’t get to write the history books. In no time at all, transgression worthy of banishment to the Memory Hole escalated from being from Virginia to being from Europe:

[T]he San Jose City Council late Tuesday night voted to remove a controversial Christopher Columbus statue from the City Hall lobby.

San Jose is the third largest city in California.

The marble statue, hand carved in Italy, was a gift to the city of San Jose from Italian-American groups in 1958.

Italian immigrants assimilated and became successful; therefore, they are denied cherished “marginalized” status, and their heroes are kicked to the curb.

Columbus is a hero not only to Italians but to everyone who treasures Western Civilization, which he played a key role in helping to expand. That makes him a villain to progressives.

[O]ver the decades, the statue has become a focal point in San Jose culture wars.

While some view Columbus as a brave explorer, others see him as a ruthless colonizer.

The statue has been attacked and pieced back together twice.

This isn’t the first time San Jose employed the Memory Hole to prevent regular Americans from taking pride in their culture:

A statue of Thomas Fallon raising the American flag over San Jose during the war with Mexico was kept in crates for years because it offended Mexican Americans.

Having been found guilty of bringing the Western Hemisphere into the West from out of Stone Age savagery, Christopher Columbus will be punished by vilification and then erasure. As progressives progress, he will eventually be followed by every other great man in history.

On a tip from Bodhisattva.

Jan 30 2018

P.C. Bullies Claim Chief Wahoo’s Scalp

Another little piece of our culture is gone, erased because no one had the guts to stand up to progressive bullies. Based on the absurd claim that naming teams after Indians is somehow offensive, the militant liberals who run MLB have coerced Cleveland into dropping its beloved mascot Chief Wahoo. Hot Air quotes the victorious New York Times:

The Cleveland Indians will stop using the Chief Wahoo logo on their uniforms beginning in 2019, according to Major League Baseball, which said the popular symbol was no longer appropriate for use on the field. …

Chief Wahoo, a cartoonish caricature of a Native American that has assumed several forms over the years, first appeared on the Indians’ uniforms in 1948. In recent decades various groups across North America have appealed to the team to renounce the logo, to no avail. But over the past year the commissioner of baseball, Rob Manfred, has pressured Paul Dolan, Cleveland’s chairman and chief executive, to make a change.

Robert Conquest’s Second Law of Politics is that any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing. Although usually not as aggressively ultra-left as the NFL, MLB is no exception.

At least the Indians resisted for a little while. But they didn’t want to lose hosting the All-Star Game next year, so they caved.

Maybe they think that the bullies will leave them alone, now that they have forked over their lunch money. Fat chance. The team is still named the Indians, after all, and even to call an Indian an Indian is considered a thought crime nowadays.

Give an inch to cultural Marxists and the crybully minority groups they exploit and you only encourage them. They won’t be satisfied with Chief Wahoo’s scalp any more than they were satisfied to tear down statues of Robert E. Lee. Just as SJWs soon moved on to Christopher Columbus and the Founding Fathers, before long the Indians will be forced to adopt a name as inoffensively boring as the block C logo replacing Chief Wahoo. How about the Cleveland Bobcats?

Chief Wahoo has been around for generations. Tearing down a culture is quicker than building one.

On tips from J, Heckrules, and TCS III.

Nov 21 2017

Why Eddie Murphy Must Be Erased From Our Cultural History

Social justice warriors have moved on from historical giants like Robert E. Lee, the Founding Fathers, Abraham Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt to attack figures from more recent times for not complying with the standards of political correctness currently in vogue on college campuses. Steve Martin’s “King Tut” has been denounced as thought crime. They ought to widen their racial scope and go after Eddie Murphy:

More Eddie Murphy:

Clearly such racist stereotyping cannot be allowed to exist in the present, the future, or the past. Like Robert E. Lee and the others, Eddie Murphy must be erased.

On tips from Anonymous.

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