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May 26 2023

Sam Brinton and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

With liberals in the driver’s seat, news themes intersect at the point of absolute moonbattery. Take for example the themes of Biden’s comically inappropriate identity-based staffing choices (e.g., Kamala Harris for being a Woman of Color, Pete Buttigieg for being a sexual deviant, Karine Jean-Pierre for being both) and the leftist politicization of professional sports. These stories converge in the personage of the cross-dressing kleptomaniac Sam Brinton:

Joe Biden’s former nuclear waste czar, who in his off-hours liked to steal women’s luggage and then pose for selfies in their clothing, has another underreported entry on his curriculum vitae. Sam Brinton is also a member of the L.A. Dodgers’ favorite anti-Catholic political group, whose members dress up as drag nuns and mock Christ–and whose slogan is “go and sin some more.”

Presenting the guy Creepy Joe gave authority over nuclear waste in his natural — or should I say unnatural — milieu:

Blessedly, Brinton has finally been put in a cage where he belongs. If only we could say the same for Creepy Joe.

Before the Biden Administration named him to be a key contributor at the nuclear waste division at the Department of Energy, Brinton appeared on the show of a drag queen nun of the Boston branch of the Sisters and talked about his life and drag nun persona — Sister Ray Dee O’Active (get it?).

This reflects the type of people we have in charge under Democrat rule.

Even if Sam doesn’t get to stay in the ladies’ jail, at least it should cheer him up that the Los Angeles Dodgers caved to the woke mob so that the ceremony revering the explicitly blasphemous Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence is back on.

On a tip from Franco.

Apr 27 2023

Brace for Biden 2024

Joe Biden has already secured his place in American history as the nation’s worst president, crippling the country both domestically and abroad. Yet the senile, corrupt, incompetent leftist has the arrogance to run for reelection:

Biden’s three-minute launch video touched on the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, anti-abortion sentiment, Trump-aligned Republicans, and reforms to Social Security and Medicare. The president made the case that he needed another term to “finish the job,” although he made virtually no mention of the actual job he’s done so far.

That is, he is running on Reichstag fire hype over a minor riot that occurred years ago, Democrat love of abortion, and hysteria generated over the notion of reforming entitlements before they become insolvent.

See if you can stomach this slimy tyrant pretending to stand for freedom:

Veteran Republican strategist Scott Jennings summarizes the strategy:

“Their entire construct depends upon the Republican Party nominating the one person in this field who is guaranteed to get fewer votes than Joe Biden.”

That would be Donald Trump, who is no friend of conservatives. Trump sides with the Democrats on abortion and entitlements (not to mention LGBTism and even Covid lockdowns), but political ads do not target the sort of people who would follow politics closely enough to know this.

Speaking of political ads, the GOP let artificial intelligence respond to Biden’s video announcement:

A vote for Biden in 2024 is actually a vote for the explicit Affirmative Action hire who would likely take his place well before the end of his term:

“Finish the job!” croaks Biden. In light of what his handlers have been doing to the country — hamstringing the energy industry, humiliating us on the national stage, weakening the military, dividing the country with belligerent radicalism, driving up inflation and the national debt with a never-ending spree of wasteful spending that guarantees eventual economic collapse — it would be hard to come up with a more ominous slogan:

The nation is at fundamental odds about the nature of truth, government, and inherent rights. Biden wants to codify the murder of preborn children into law. He wants to ban private weapons so only the government has them. He wants to punish parents who pray outside abortion clinics or speak up at school board meetings by sending the DOJ and FBI after them. He wants to use the FBI to infiltrate churches to root out “extremism.” He wants to blow out spending and raise taxes while expanding the power of the IRS to collect said taxes. He wants to centralize power. He wants to make sure dissidence is censored under the guise of “disinformation.” He wants to rule by executive fiat instead of congressional lawmaking. He wants to stack the Supreme Court so it can’t check his power grabs.

That’s what finishing the job would mean, and what his handlers will inflict — whether behind him or behind Kamala Harris — if the spent force Trump with his sinking 25% approval cannot be stopped in the primaries.

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Mar 23 2023

Biden Judicial Nominee S. Kato Crews Flunks Law Class 101

Democrats regard merit as racist. They select personnel on the basis of two requirements: (1) left-wing political views and (2) not being a sexually normal white guy. This policy has placed Ketanji Brown Jackson on the Supreme Court and Kamala Harris a heartbeat away from the presidency. It may place Shane Kato Crews on the US District Court for Colorado. But not if Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) can restore some sanity:

During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for several judicial nominations, including U.S. Magistrate Judge S. Kato Crews’ nomination to serve as a U.S. district court judge, Kennedy asked Crews an elementary question about evidentiary discovery.

Crews was given the opportunity to prove he made it through the first year of law school by explaining how he would analyze a Brady motion, by which a defendant compels prosecutors to turn over potentially exculpatory evidence. An example would be the video footage proving that political prisoner Jacob Chansley was not rioting much less trying to overthrow the government on January 6, but rather was escorted around the People’s House by friendly Capitol Police.

Crews was unable to answer the [softball] question.

“How I analyze a Brady motion? Senator, in my four and a half years on the bench, I don’t believe I’ve had the occasion to address a Brady motion in my career,” he said.

Kennedy forced Crews to admit that he does not even know what a Brady motion is. The concept does not relate to his historical oppressedness, so it never came up.

Ted Cruz weighs in:

“Wow. This is basic criminal procedure. If a [first-year law student] gave this answer, he or she would flunk criminal law,” Cruz reacted. “But the Biden White House would then try to make you a federal judge …”

The Affirmative Action mentality allows people like Crews to get into law school and even to graduate. Then Democrats grant them power over us, bestowing upon them the authority to dismantle the society our ancestors required many generations to build.

On a tip from Varla.

Mar 22 2023

What “Authentic” Means in Liberalese

Translating Liberalese into English is easy. Everything means its diametric opposite. For example, “authentic” in Liberalese means “fake” in English. Kamala Harris demonstrates how to use “authentically” in a sentence in this Liberalese letter to Dylan Mulvaney, who has been embraced by the White House for his gut-churningly repulsive female impersonation shtick:

Now we know what our Affirmative Action VP does with her time other than secure the border.

On a tip from Mr. Freemarket.

Mar 12 2023

Climate Mental Health

Whereas most will agree that the climate fluctuates, belief in the global warming hoax is a psychiatric condition. Kamala “Heartbeat Away” Harris confirms it while jabbering about “climate mental health”:

We can’t count on the kooks at CNBC for investment advice, but moonbattery is their area of expertise, so let’s hear what they say:

It’s called climate anxiety, and it’s a real mental health condition that can take time to address, according to Portland, Oregon-based environmental psychologist Thomas Doherty. At the Aspen Ideas Festival in Aspen, Colorado … Doherty spoke about the “learning curve” it takes to combat the anxiety, or even despair, stemming from climate change.

The guy is getting paid to be an “environmental psychologist.” I was going to say, “Only in Portland and Aspen,” but that would be wishful thinking.

Both the United Nations and the American Psychological Association (APA) have found that humans are increasingly at risk of climate change-induced mental health issues.

The UN and APA are likewise expert in the field of moonbattery.

In 2021, a global study found that 45% of people between the ages of 16 and 25 said climate anxiety was affecting their daily lives.

The percentage of people whose daily lives are affected by climate change itself is more like zero. But those who enjoy wallowing in neurosis can still seize on it to make themselves miserable.

Too bad they make others miserable too. Small children do not know better than to take enviromoonbattery seriously. Inflicting distress by submersing them in politically motivated gloom is not healthy, as we saw when Rep Katie Porter (D-CA) used global warming doctrine to instill in her daughter an affective disorder.

Nonetheless, schools are required by law to indoctrinate children with this toxic ideology in Connecticut and soon Oregon.

On tips from Mr. Freemarket, Ed McAninch, and Jack D.

Feb 16 2023

Biden Named Best Communicator in White House

Hapless identity group box-checker Karine Jean-Pierre is clearly not the best communicator even in the White House, despite being the official spokesmoonbat. (She is, however, a historic lesbian of Haitian descent.) Who is the best communicator? Let’s ask Karine:

After being questioned by a reporter about whether Biden is viewed by his team as “equally adept in all settings in terms of communications,” Jean-Pierre insisted that the president’s communication skills are the best in his administration.

That’s right, this guy:

Joe Biden’s communication skills are so impressive, some of his characteristically lucid utterances have been set to music:

At least we can all agree that the best communicator is not Ms. Heartbeat Away:

Kamala Harris’s tenure as vice president has been marked by redundant word salads to the point that even left-leaning “The Daily Show” tweeted a video comparing her statements to the fake politician from the “Veep” political satire series.

Jean-Pair — who calls the country to our north “Canadia” and who can hardly formulate a complete sentence without referring to prepared notes — is not far wrong. Conspicuously inarticulate as Biden is, the subnormal kooks around him are comparably awful. This is especially appalling when you consider that these are political players; communication skills are the only skills they have.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Feb 08 2023

Farcical State of the Union

I couldn’t bring myself to sit through the State of the Union. The actual state of our collapsing country under liberal rule is obvious. Even ABC News admits that record numbers of Americans are worse off since Biden et al. took power. Who has the patience to watch the vermin who are destroying the USA stand and clap for 5 minutes for every incoherent lie mumbled by a senile corruptocrat?

Daily Wire provides a SparkNotes summary:

The economy is booming, the border is secure, Ukraine is winning the war (they just need one more round of billions), climate change will kill us all, and Republicans are the divisive ones — not the guy who called 75 million Americans “ultra MAGA extremists” threatening democracy. Oh also, they think men can be women and that abortion is a gift from God to be protected. …

It was a campaign speech, not even pretending to be a State of the Union. He trotted out the same tired lines that we have all heard before. He even regurgitated lines from last year’s State of the Union.

The lowest point was probably when Biden attempted to exploit the killing of a black guy by five black cops under a black police chief in mostly black Memphis by implying that white racists were responsible. He even referred to The Talk “that so many Black and Brown families have had with their children” in an attempt to convince blacks and even the Hispanics pouring into the country that whites are somehow oppressing them. If anyone needs “The Talk,” it is white kids, who are vastly more likely to be subjected to racial violence, thanks to the cultural Marxism spread by reprehensible moonbats like Joe Biden.

This was alarming:

This was even more alarming:

Time to evoke the 25th Amendment and get Kamala Harris over with.

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Feb 01 2023

A Heartbeat Away

Kamala Harris missed her calling as a preschool teacher for special education classes:

A country run by people of this caliber would never make it to the moon.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Jan 26 2023

Shocking Undercover Pfizer Interview

At first, it seemed Pfizer was our savior, providing a vaccine to a deadly disease. But as the Covid saga continues to unfold, a different picture emerges. Presenting Jordon Trishton Walker, Pfizer Director of Research and Development–Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning, who explains how “directed evolution” could allow Pfizer to capitalize on preemptive vaccines to diseases that will not exist until Pfizer creates them, Wuhan Institute of Virology style:


Covid certainly will be a “cash cow” for some for the foreseeable future. As Walker states, there is a “revolving door” between Big Pharma and Big Government. This provides the people on both sides of the door with what they want: money and power, respectively.

Walker doesn’t come off like someone who would hold such an important position, but if Kamala Harris can climb to VP and Ketanji Brown Jackson can serve on the Supreme Court, anything is possible in the age of Affirmative Action run amok. The reckless pursuit of “diversity” could have resulted in Pfizer hiring someone dumb enough to spill the secret recipe.

Big Pharma and Big Government are not the only crucial components of the corrupt establishment. Big Media will be called upon to play an important part by suppressing this bombshell story:

Whether this can be suppressed remains to be seen.

On tips from Eddie_Valiant and KirklesWorth.


That Google’s YouTube censored the video above underscores that our ruling class is corrupt, integrated, and hostile to free speech. Here is the video that Big Pharma, Big Media, and Big Tech do not want you to see, compliments of Bitchute:

On a tip from StephaneDumas.

Jan 23 2023

Right to Life Deleted From Declaration of Independence

Sometimes what you don’t say comes out louder than what you do, as when Kamala Harris quotes the Declaration of Independence but conspicuously leaves out the most essential right — the right to life.

Harris spoke yesterday on the 50-year anniversary of the absurd Roe v. Wade ruling that is celebrated by leftists for killing tens of millions of Americans and that has finally been struck down. It also followed shortly after the National March for Life march, but liberals ignore that, despite the excellent signs on display.

Via Fox News:

“We collectively believe and know, America is a promise … It is a promise of freedom and liberty,” Harris said. “Not just some, but for all. A promise we made in the Declaration of Independence, that we are each endowed with the right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

She was referring to these timeless words:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Now that life has been deleted, liberty is up next.

If the devil can cite Scripture, you would think Democrats could quote the Charters of Freedom. But no:

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Dec 24 2022

Good and Bad Places for Presenting a Foreign Flag

The Babylon Bee story is parody…

“This is a dark day for the country,” said Representative Thomas Massie, watching in disbelief as the events unfolded on TV. “Not only did these lunatics make it all the way into the sacred House Chamber — they waved the flag of a hopelessly corrupt foreign nation and made off with $50 billion.”

…but the picture is for real:

Neocon John Podhoretz loved the spectacle:

At the climax of [Zelensky’s pitch for still more of our money], he handed the flag to Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris, who were in their respective positions as speaker of the House and president of the Senate directly behind him.

Two minutes later, Pelosi returned the favor by presenting him with the flag that was flown over the Capitol in his honor. She said someone would carry it out for him. “I can take,” Zelensky said.

So you can call it stagy. You can call it theater. You can cast it in negative terms if you choose. Go ahead. It’s a free country. Be a jerk.

Thanks for the permission, John.

This desecration of the Capitol is more alarming than anything that happened on 1/6/21, because it is emblematic of a government that puts another country’s interests ahead of ours.

Our rulers shovel tens of $billions that we cannot afford at a country that has nothing to do with us, risking nuclear war, while our own border is being overrun in an invasion that will change America for the worse forever, if not obliterate it altogether.

This event from last February represents a more appropriate response to the display of a foreign flag before the legislature:

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Nov 13 2022

Will Business Decisions Be Based on Race?

The US government bases personnel decisions on identity politics. This is the explicit reason the conspicuously unqualified Vice President Kamala Harris and Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson hold their current positions. What if businesses were forced to make decisions on the same basis? In Boston, they already are, as Walgreen’s discovered when it decided to close three locations for financial reasons:

[T]he Boston city council has responded to complaints from local residents by attempting to bully Walgreens into keeping the three locations open, whether they are profitable or not. Two members of the Boston City Council have filed a resolution that would block Walgreens from opening any new locations in the city anywhere unless they halt the closure of these three stores.

This could force Walgreens to keep open zombie stores to be allowed to do business. Given the explosion in shoplifting that has occurred under liberal rule, the shelves of stores that have few customers anyway might be left bare.

As usual, the thuggery is couched in Cultural Marxist rhetoric:

The city council also sent a letter detailing their threats and demands to Walgreens headquarters. In a statement, city council member Tania Fernandes Anderson said, “For too long, corporate businesses have treated Black, Brown and working class communities essentially as though we are second class citizens, and what is occurring here seems to be a present day manifestation of the embedded economic inequality that we still suffer from.”

They are oppressed, so you must do what they say, or else get hurt.

Walgreens making a profit so that it can stay in business is irrelevant. All that matters to the moonbats in charge is race-based politics. If the company goes broke, it can always lobby for a taxpayer bailout, so long as it is in compliance with state ideology.

When “private” businesses are micromanaged by government goons, free market capitalism has been replaced by what we used to call fascism.

On a tip from Mr. Freemarket.

Nov 03 2022

Joy Behar Claims Crime Is Falling Under Biden

The only way to maintain belief in the Democratic Party is to remain hermetically sealed from information that deviates from party propaganda. This results in such appalling ignorance that even media people whose job it is to inform others apparently have no clue what is going on around them — unless of course they are cynically misleading their audience on purpose:

Joy Behar told her co-hosts on Tuesday on ABC’s “The View” that crime was not “on the rise” in the United States but going down under President Joe Biden.

In reality, the crime rate shot up in 2020 due to the Black Lives Matter phenomenon, which was so aggressively supported by the liberal establishment in general and the Democratic Party in particular that Kamala Harris actually raised funds to bail rioters out of jail so they could go back to looting stores and burning down neighborhoods. Biden taking power did not improve the situation:

Under the Biden administration, violent crime continues to rise across the country, particularly in cities controlled by Democrats, such as Baltimore and Chicago. Regardless of this alarming trend, neither President Biden nor the leaders of his Democratic Party have taken significant steps to combat increasing crime, or even shown serious concern about the uptick.

Even the moonbats at Time admit that violent crime “remains dramatically higher than it was before the pandemic” (i.e., before Democrat-endorsed Black Lives Matter).

Horrifyingly, there are people who have their opinions installed by Behar and the other cretinous harpies on the view, and then go on to vote.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Oct 29 2022

Biden et al. Blame GOP for Paul Pelosi Attack

At this point, January 6 is all Democrats have. Consequently, everything is about January 6 — even a lunatic in his underwear breaking into Nancy Pelosi’s house and assaulting her husband. Watch in amazement as Joe Biden manages to hit yet another new low:

Quoth the Great Uniter:

“You know, it’s reported that the same chant was used by this guy they have in custody that was used on January 6 in the attack on the US Capitol. I’m not making this up. This has just been reported. I can’t guarantee it. I can tell you what’s been reported. The chant was, ‘Where’s Nancy? Where’s Nancy? Where’s Nancy?’

“This is despicable. There’s no place in America! There’s too much violence, political violence. Too much hatred. Too much vitriol. And what makes us think that one party can talk about stolen elections [quack quack quack…]?”

He goes on to explain that Republicans caused the nudist hemp jewelry maker from Berkeley David DePape to attack Paul Pelosi because they “corrode the political climate.”

As noted at BizPac Review,

The hypocrisy in the accusation over Paul Pelosi’s attack is rich and many have noted it. No such condemnation was forthcoming over the attempted murder of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Vice President Kamala Harris also engaged in the disingenuous attempt to link the Pelosi attack to Jan. 6, according to the Daily Mail.

Unsurprisingly, leftist congresscritters Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are on the same page.

Dishonorary Democrat Adam Kinzinger confirms that the crazy guy in his underwear brandishing a hammer is somehow part of the January 6 conspiracy to overthrow Our Democracy, which proves that Stalinist show trials are not a waste of time:

Non-Democrats, rather than making fools of themselves by attempting to link the incident to a relatively minor (by BLM era standards) riot that occurred on the opposite side of the country nearly 2 years ago, will attribute it to the rampant mental health crisis, as well as to characteristic Democrat incompetence where the Speaker of the House’s security is concerned.

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