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Mar 20 2019

Palestinian Authority Pays Terrorists More Than Doctors

An economy that runs not on productivity but on handouts from fools in the West can provide monetary incentives that would be hard to find elsewhere. Under the Palestinian Authority, terrorists are reportedly paid more than doctors and judges:

According to [a Palestinian Media Watch (PMW)] report, which is based on translations of articles in the PA’s official daily paper Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, among other sources, the salaries are enough to cultivate in members of the Hamas terror group admiration for its bitter rival the PA and its umbrella organization the PLO.

Terrorist Marwan Abu Shariah praises the generous PLO:

“I’m in favor of the PLO because I discovered that all of the prisoners, and prime among them the prisoners from Hamas and Islamic Jihad, receive their salaries from the PLO, and that sometimes they are higher than salaries of judges and doctors. This is while their factions did not give them and their families even a tenth of what the PLO gave them, despite the difficulties and harassment that the PLO is dealing with on this matter. If not for these salaries, their families would have been abandoned to their fate. The same is true about the martyrs and the wounded.”

Now you know what American and European tax dollars do after bureaucrats shower them down upon Palestinians.

This isn’t a secret. It is actual law:

Under the PA’s 2004 Law of Prisoners and Released Prisoners, both prisoners and ex-convicts have a right to receive a payments from the PA, which admitted that in 2018 it paid more than $134.2 million in salaries and other benefits to terrorists and released prisoners.

Palestinians have admitted to carrying out terrorist attacks for the money. Any government or other agency that provides aid to the Palestinian Authority is guilty of financing terrorism.

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