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Sep 11 2019

Papa John’s Pizza Still Unholy Due to Incidental Blasphemy

If a totalitarian society becomes sufficiently fanatical, it is not enough to erase thought criminals. Anything associated with them must also be erased. An example is John Schnatter, former CEO of Papa John’s.

From State College, Pennsylvania:

For the second consecutive year, pizza from a local Papa John’s franchise won’t be on the menu in State College Area schools following the use of a racial slur in 2018 by the national corporation’s founder and former CEO John Schnatter.

The school board voted 6-3 on Monday night to reject the bid from Bajco Global Management, which operates the State College Papa John’s franchises, to be the vendor for elementary and middle school pizza days, a role it previously held for 15 years.

The author is careful not to mention what the “slur” was, probably for fear that he might get unpersoned like Papa John. The forbidden word is the ultimate blasphemy in the liberal religion; even the daring reference it only obliquely as the “n-word.” However, persons of politically preferred pigmentation are allowed to use the word in its entirety, as some do in nearly every sentence.

Schnatter resigned from the company in July 2018. He retained Papa John’s stock but has been selling it off this year and is now estimated to have a 19 percent stake in the company.

Schnatter did not call anyone the n-word. On the contrary, he accused other people of using the word. But in denouncing them, he spoke the word himself, thereby committing blasphemy. This is why all ground where Schnatter has stepped must be regarded as unholy and sown with salt.

Context counts for nothing with the thought police. When Mary Beth Maxwell of the ultra-PC Human Rights Campaign spoke the blasphemous n-word while “describing an external situation that [she] found horrifying, in which racial and homophobic slurs were used,” she lost her job. A true moonbat, she accepted the absurd punishment as just.

When we inevitably transition from a soft to a hard tyranny, unauthorized incidental utterers of the forbidden n-word like Papa John will be executed, along with anyone reckless enough to say, “Hey wait a minute…”

Dominoes got the State College contract last year and probably will again, even though Papa John’s beat their bid by $1 per pizza. Those footing the bill can consider $1 per pizza a small price to pay for political purity. Schnatter and Papa John stockholders are paying a much higher price — as is anyone who values living in a free and sane society.

On a tip from Heckrules.

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