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Apr 19 2019

Paper Towel Propaganda

There is no such thing as gender. It is an imaginary social construct imposed by the patriarchy for sinister sexist purposes. No physical differences between the sexes exist. Any know-it-all scientist who says otherwise is a sexist who ought to have his grants revoked. This is why it is bigotry to say that men and women cannot switch genders at will.

Some people cling bitterly to outdated views. They must be brought into conformity with the new way of thinking. Otherwise, their recalcitrance could undermine the engineering of utopia. Therefore, it is necessary to bombard people with the correct way of thinking at every opportunity, until each person believes he or she is the last one left who still doubts liberal dogma. Reeducation must be so ubiquitous that you cannot even buy a role of paper towel without being told how to think:

This Kelen McBreen thought criminal misses the point. There are three women, in contrast to the single male lumberjack on the old packaging, so as to subtly remind white people that this isn’t their country anymore because they now comprise only one-third of the population. Those who object that, despite the best efforts of the Democrat Party, whites for now still comprise over 72% of the population forget that in the realm of politics, perception is reality.

On a tip from Varla.

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