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Nov 12 2019

Parenting in the Age of Moonbattery

Someone summed up parenting in the Age of Moonbattery in a single image. Via Daily Political Newswire:

Note that this was not posted by some random lunatic with a degree in gender studies and lots of facial piercings, but by Parents magazine.

From the caption:

I told him [Eli, the kid in the picture] that SOME women, SOME non binary people and SOME men have periods. It was easy for him to accept as he hadn’t had to unlearn the engrained societal norm but if a 4 year old can grasp it I’m sure most of us can have a crack at unlearning transphobic/misinformed norms and open our minds… ya think?

Little Eli must have only the vaguest idea what a period is, but he knows that men can have them. How convenient that he doesn’t have to unlearn the “transphobic/misinformed norms” previously known as biology.

On a tip from Kate P.

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