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May 10 2019

Parents Sue School Over Transsexual Indoctrination

Finally, a little pushback from parents regarding the depraved transsexual indoctrination taking place in public schools. In Oregon, parents are suing the Woodburn School District for targeting their son on behalf of the LGBT agenda:

The student was 8 years old when his teacher, after noticing the boy used the staff bathroom, pulled him aside, kept him from recess and showed him videos and books “in an effort to promote (him) becoming transgender,” according to the complaint.

Actually, the boy was using the staff restroom at Nellie Muir Elementary School due to an arrangement that had been made because of a digestive issue. But these days it is no surprise that the teacher leapt to a warped conclusion and pounced on a potential new recruit. She repeatedly held him from recess to indoctrinate him with propaganda meant to encourage children to pretend to be the opposite sex.

These lessons included episodes of the reality television series “I Am Jazz” about a transgender girl named Jazz Jennings, books “I Am Jazz” and “Who are You? The Kid’s Guide to Gender Identity” and discussions on the difference between male and female body parts.

The books and show, which were recommended by an “unknown non-school employee transgender individual,” exposed the boy to sexual topics and sexual discussions, according to the lawsuit.

Not long ago, this sickness would have been recognized as a sex crime. It unsurprisingly messed with the second-grader’s head, resulting in emotional problems. The parents want $79,000 to pay for psychiatric treatment and $920,000 for “non-economic damages.”

The parents filed a complaint with the school but said school officials minimized what has occurred, telling them “If this happened in Portland, it would not be a big deal.”

True enough. Pushback is long overdue. If it isn’t effective, the whole country could turn into Portland.

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