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May 02 2019

Paul Joseph Watson Banned From Facebook and Instagram

Hats off to Paul Joseph Watson. He has been expressing a right-of-center point of view so effectively that Facebook/Instagram felt the need to ban him:

Regarding the WaPo headline in the video:

So black supremacist Lewis Farrakhan, rabid hater of white people (e.g., here, here, here) and ally of many a Democrat, is far-right. You learn something new every day in the Washington Post.

In reality, Farrakhan was thrown in with a bunch of conservatives to create an illusion of evenhandedness. However, Farrakhan really does spew hate speech; others on the execution list including PJW do not.

WaPo apparently wanted to exploit Farrakhan to taint his ideological opposition by lumping him in with them. However, spinning Farrakhan as right-wing was such a preposterous lie that WaPo had to back down a step, rewriting the headline from “Facebook bans far-right leaders including Louis Farrakhan…” to “Facebook bans extremist leaders including Louis Farrakhan…”

We knew it wouldn’t stop with Alex Jones. It won’t stop with PJW either. All thought criminals are subject to eventual purging, even as the definition of thought crime constantly expands. As we learned from the fate of Right Wing News, do not rely on Facebook.

On tips from Varla and Lyle.

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