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Aug 13 2012

Paul Ryan Versus Barack Obama

So much for the adage that there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference:

My only regret regarding the VP pick is that Ryan will only be able to run circles around Joke Biden in the debates, instead of pounding the tar out of the Moonbat Messiah himself.

Compliments of Granny Jan.

12 Responses to “Paul Ryan Versus Barack Obama”

  1. Granny Jan says:

    Thanks. I get a kick out of it. Most of the pictures are on my Facebook page if you want any of them. under photos.

  2. Granny Jan says:

    I saw this photo of Paul Ryan doing his workout and would have used it in the video but I thought it was a photoshop.
    I guess not:

  3. Dr. 9 says:

    With the Muslim-in-Chief and his leftist Demoncrats running the country, crime does pay if you’re an illegal alien.

  4. Jimbo says:

    Comparing a man to a pussy is like comparing…

    Never mind.

  5. Bloodless Coup says:

    InfoWars.Com Reports

    DHS To Purchase Another 750 Million Rounds Of Ammo

    What the hell for?

  6. Sinister66 says:

    Granny Jan says:

    P90X is a great work out program.
    I have been doing it for almost a year in the mornings and lifting weights in the evening.
    Went from 280lbs to a lean 225.
    Hard to believe the guy(tony horton) next to ryan, is 53 years old.

  7. Ummah Gummah says:

    Dr. 9 says:
    August 13, 2012 at 8:51 pm
    With the Muslim-in-Chief and his leftist Demoncrats running the country, crime does pay if you’re an illegal alien.

    Well, why would the RATs want to return all these voters to their home countries?


  8. Lauran says:

    Of Mice and Men.

  9. Nangleator says:

    Ryan is your man! If you want your taxes raised, the deficit to remain the same, and all government functions you’ve paid for all your working life slashed away:

  10. octa bright says:

    There are 3 basic solutions for the debt problem:
    1. Cut services and expenses
    2. Raise taxes.
    3. Inflation
    The current system is not sustainable so some combination of the above will be done. The longer the day of judgement is put off the worse the pain will be. Ryan will hurt but there will be and end. Another term of Obama will hurt much more.
    With the inflation option I refer you to Karl Marx who stated that a combination of inflation and the graduated income tax will destroy the middle class. And I say without a middle class there will be no democracy.

  11. Nangleator says:

    octa bright, I’d be with you if the Ryan plan actually raised taxes on the rich and corporations, instead of just on us. In fact, serious looks by economists at his plan reveal that we don’t get the reduction in the deficit — we just get the pain.

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