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Nov 06 2018

Payment Processor Dumps Patriot Prayer

With a name like Patriot Prayer, you are bound to come under attack from the liberal establishment. GivingFuel used to process their donations. Not anymore:

When Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler announced that supporters of the right-wing group had posted a security force on the upper levels of a downtown parking garage during one of its regular incursions into the city, the Oregon chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations began urging Patriot Prayer’s critics to contact GivingFuel.

Zakir Khan, a spokesman for the terrorist front group CAIR, says CAIR had been leaning on GivingFuel for months. Other militants joined in, screeching in outrage that GivingFuel was failing to discriminate against Patriot Prayer despite its right-of-center views.

The volume of complaints had gotten to be too much, [Patriot Prayer leader Joey] Gibson said representatives told him.

So they cut him off.

As noted earlier, the brouhaha over the “security force” on the parking garage, which supposedly involved a “cache” of sniper rifles, was a nonevent consisting of three perfectly legal rifles that some guys happened to have their cars, all in their cases, one of them not even assembled. This was hyped into an issue by Wheeler.

The next step on Patriot Prayer’s road to deplatformedhood could be their Facebook page. A fool posted a foolish comment about burning down CAIR offices on the public page. Police are investigating.

On tips from Pork_Soda.

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